Breaking: Major earthquake in Aleutians felt as far as Anchorage


Alaskans in Nikiski said their houses swayed for several minutes after an 8.2 earthquake struck near Perryville, in the middle of the Aleutian Island chain.

The magnitude estimate has changed at least twice since the quake struck at about 10:15:47 pm on Wednesday night. It was centered 60 miles east of Chignik, about 11 miles deep.

Tsunami sirens were heard in Kenai and Kodiak, but the main concern was Samalga Pass, 30 miles SW of Nikolski, and Hinchenbrook entrance, 90 mies east of Seward.

People in Seward reported they were in a long line of traffic trying to get out of town on the one road. The scanner feed from the Seward Fire Department advised people “seek high ground or come to station for standby.” Seward High School is open for emergency sheltering and many people have parked there for the night.

Seward was reported to be “packed with travelers,” at the height of fishing season on the Kenai Peninsula.

People along the lower beach areas of Homer and along Kachemak Bay were also moving to higher ground. Homer is 362 miles from the epicenter.

The tsunami warning also applied to Soldotna and Soldovia.

A tsunami watch was in effect for all of Hawaii, and assessments are underway for the west coast. Watch was canceled for Hawaii at about midnight Alaska time.

11:20 pm Update from Kenai Peninsula Borough:

Citizens should evacuate to higher ground NOW if you are currently in a coastal area. The tsunami warning, resulting from the 8.2 magnitude earthquake 7/28/21 is being monitored for possible wave arrivals. Wave arrival times are estimated 01:15AM for Homer and Kachemak Bay communities. Wave arrival times are estimated at 12:20AM for Seward and Resurrection Bay communities. 

This warning does NOT include any communities north of Anchor Point or inland communities of the Kenai Peninsula.

22:45 The coastal areas of Seward, Homer, and Kachemak Bay are currently under a tsunami warning. Evacuate low lying areas immediately. Check here for updates or tune to local radio. 

A tsunami warning has been issued for many areas in Alaska due to earthquake. The Emergency operations center is activations to assess information. Stand by for updates. This warning area does not include the central peninsula area.

11:25 pm Update: There is no current tsunami danger for Anchorage. For information, check

11:45 pm Update: The State of Alaska, State Emergency Operations Center has been activated and is calling communities in the tsunami warning area.

Sand Point, Chignik Bay, Chignik Lagoon, Nelson Lagoon, False Pass, King Cove, Old Harbor, Homer, and Kodiak report evacuation.

To report to the Alaska Earthquake Center where you were and if you felt the earthquake, use this link.

This story will be updated. Check back.


  1. Felt nothing in Soldotna. We’re also several miles inland so that would have to be one heckuva tsunami to affect us.

  2. There is never any tsunami risk in Anchorage. Absent a wave generated by a landslide in the Arm itself, waves from the ocean cannot propagate up the Inlet due to its depth and shape. Plus, of course, most of Anchorage residents live almost 100′ above sea level.

  3. How many people waiting in that long seward line were reading the biblical scriptures? Or a short devotional reading.
    Probably not many turned into the scriptures while they fleeing to protect their lives.
    Your car and feet can only take you to safety so far.

  4. Here we go again…remembering last year’s. I was with friends in Homer.. what an experience.. Luckily there were no problems, just an experience to remember

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