Seldovia has breakthrough Covid cases


The Seldovia Village Tribe and the City of Seldovia say two more cases of Covid-19 were reported in fully vaccinated individuals in the community.

That brings the total number of positive test results received in the community to 17. The tribe said that 11 of those cases — or 65 percent — are individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

The tribe is encouraging people to wear masks, physically distance, and wash their hands frequently.

Although not common, breakthrough cases are increasingly being reported nationally as more people get vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to AARP, when it comes to older adults, vaccinated individuals ages 65 and up are 94 percent less likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 than people of the same age who are not vaccinated.

Seldovia is in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, and had a population of 255 in the 2010 U.S. census.


  1. Seldovia is special in more ways than one. The Linwood is the social center and the end of the counter nearest the front door (just across from the juke box) is likely ground zero for any diseases transmitted socially within miles.

  2. I’m 72 and l will not take the shot! More people that take the jab are getting sick versus those that haven’t drank the kool aid

  3. Unpossible!
    St. Fauci, patron saint of the pharmaceutical industry, has declared that any suggestion that people receiving the experimental and unproven gene therapy treatment, er, “vaccine” for the Wuhan Flu might actually contract the disease is simply “misinformation” and a “conspiracy theory”, and that they are 100% categorically safe from the virus (as well as from Capitol insurrectionists, white supremacists, and any and all racists). I mean, I heard it on CNN, so it must be true!

    • Billions upon billions in Pharma research, and really, the best they have is “wear a homemade bedazzled face covering.” #yeahwegotthis #offtomichaelsbeforetheycloseitagain

  4. The 2010 population of Seldovia and the adjacent CID to the North and East was 420 persons.

    At least 267 (64% or higher of the population) of these persons have been vaccinated.

    11 VB (65% of the total cases) cases represents 4.1% of the vaccinated population.

    This is in line with expectations based on early vaccine clinical trials.

    That said, the delta variant is spreading like wind driven fire. The next variant, or the next … may spread even more rapidly AND be more deadly, perhaps in line with the virulence of the MERS virus of the early century (38% case fatality rate).

    Now THAT will be “exciting!”

    • And those are facts and not swirling mis information. Thank you Sandy. Getting the vaccine is a personal decision. Regardless of the origin of the virus or how it is being used politically, it is real and it is not simply a cold.

      • Frank, it is very clear that you and the other Branch Covidians have no understanding and no conception of what “science” actually is.
        One thing that it most adamantly is NOT, however, is blind and kneejerk conformity and compliance to the pronouncements and orders from so-called “experts”, without any questioning or critical examination. But that is exactly what all you Branch Covidians are doing when you ignorantly and gullibly try invoking “the science”.

  5. How many more of these people are out there that got this ridiculous vaccine and have gotten sick?? I knew this was bs… The vaccine is not doing anything, that is clear.. Obviously the CDC has no idea what they are doing… Now they say even vaccinated folks need to wear a mask if a spike happens.. Completely flip flopping. That is a failure folks… All the way around.

    • Well the “vaccine” is killing people so it’s doing something. I have a long list of family and friends adversely affected by this bioweapon garbage of a jab and I have know numerous people who are now dead after taking these experimental gene therapeutics. The rest will be dead soon enough, it’s so sad and highly criminal. It’s like WWII eugenics on steroids. But the news won’t tell you that because they wouldn’t want to negatively report on their sponsors. Welcome to medical fascism. Ever notice how many pharmaceutical commercials air on these news channels? Why would anyone agree to put that poison in their bodies, especially for a virus you have a 99.8% chance of surviving? As of date I know more people who have died from the vaccine or has been adversely affected and I still don’t know a single person who died of COVID. It’s like I am living in the twilight zone. Avoid the vaccinated at all costs. They are walking vectors of bio soup concoctions, don’t let them in your homes or cars. I made the mistake of being around them and they messed me up pretty bad. Stay as far away from these walking lab rats as you can. They are killing innocent people and themselves!

      • The chances that you know more people who have died from the covid vaccine while not knowing anyone who has died from covid are astronomically small, I am sorry for your loss(es). The fact is far, far, far more have died from covid than from the vaccine. With about 640,000 dead Americans out of the roughly 36,000,000 confirmed cases of covid while maybe, maybe at the top end a few thousand dead out of the almost 160,000,000 vaccinated…it would be a horribly amazing statistic, if true. It’s so improbable it almost strains credulity.

        • Steve, it is a flat-out lie that 640,000 Americans have died from the Wuhan Virus. That number is grossly inflated for propaganda purposes, to keep pumping fear in an ignorant population to further the control agenda of our overlords.
          The fact is that most of those who have “died from COVID-19” only died WITH COVID-19, not directly from it — this is by the CDC’s own admission. Further, many of those who died “with” COVID-19 were only determined to have done so based on the grossly flawed use of the PCR ‘test’, which is actually not a test at all and has been proven to give a high percentage of false positives, to determine their COVID status in the first place. By all traditionally used metrics and standards, this disease is about as bad as a bad seasonal flu, and NO worse than that.
          Please stop believing the misinformation and lies from the political establishment and the corporate media. You are being propagandized and fearmongered.

          • Jeff,

            If you actually believe that “By all traditionally used metrics and standards, this disease is about as bad as a bad seasonal flu, and NO worse than that.” then it is you who has been brain washed, propagandized, and fearmongered.
            Some people can view all the data for what it is, others cannot. Some people like to have the shades drawn and I have no problem with that, but some people like to see the whole picture. Open your eyes Jeff. Talking points do not think for you, think for yourself.

  6. Fauci is like the arsonist that’s returned to the scene of the fire selling fire extinguishers filled with gasoline.

    • Fauci knows a lot more than we’ll ever be privy to, he’s in panic mode, all due to his complicity. His marching orders are simple, “get ahead of it and fix it.” He’ll eventually get royally Fauci’d and thrown under the bus, he knows this, hence his headless chicken routine.

  7. Not surprised, the plandemic vaccines are the variant they are touting as the un vaccinated are spreading. You get the jab you take your life into your own hands. No jab for me, but you can have mine.

  8. The devil is deep in the details.

    Are they badly ill?
    Are they ill at all?
    General health before?
    Were they living in a crowded place with poor air circulation?
    Did they get out much?

    The trick, lost in all this is how bad are they? Really? Do they tick a box for a positive test, or are they actually ill?

    Makes one wonder if there are problems with the vaccine they are forcing on us.

    • Well I personally know two people right now in the hospital with the Covid pneumonia, both from the current delta variant. One is on a ventilator and hanging on. The other holding her own with oxygen assist. Regardless of the vocabulary, it is a real virus that is indeed potentially dangerous.

      Still, no one should be forced to get a vaccine, any vaccine. It is a personal choice and healthy people outside of the risk parameters likely will just be miserable but will be fine. Keep up on your D3, zinc, vitamin C, echinacea also for added boost.

    • All very good questions and all very difficult to answer – unfortunately. I can tell you there were several hundred unmasked visitors in the town on July 4th, and again at an “impromptu” airshow and “Tugnuts” about ten days later. Folks from all over the state – many from Anchorage and the “Valley” where masks and vaccinations are frowned upon. Tour boats from Homer bring crowds in daily and the state ferry too does so three times a week. No masks to be seen. There have been several beach parties, anniversary parties etc. As so many comments on this article and others SD has put up clearly show, this thing is not over. There will be an ample pool of susceptible (Non-infected or vaccinated) people available to sustain it in the country for a long time. This virus produces mutations unusually rapidly for a corona virus. The next major successful variant could present a further improvement (from the viruses point of view) in transmission and/or an increase in virulence – how about a lethality comparable to the related corona viruses, MERS (~30% case fatality rate) or SARS (10%). Wouldn’t that be exciting?

      • Keep pumping that fearporn, Jere!
        You have learned your lesson well from the corporate media.
        The fact is, the actual SCIENCE tells us that COVID-19 is no worse than a bad seasonal flu, all political establishment and corporate media fearmongering and propaganda to the contrary. You and the world have been played for fools, and in your unwillingness and/or inability to exercise any independent judgement or critical thinking ability, you have demonstrated yourselves to indeed be fools.

  9. How can they anywhere be claiming positive or negative tests, when the test they have been and are still using is inaccurate and flawed. Now they’re calling for the known to be useless bad for your health face masks to be used as well. What a complete stupid joke this all is, and yet there are still believers out there, and that’s even scarier.

        • Yes, I agree. This is a subject we’ve been discussing here . Possible factors to think about. 1. Large population of under 12 yo kids (at least 50) who behave differently than adults wrt exposure to the virus in the unvaccinated population (153). This would raise the percent of unvaccinated who tested positive to 6% from 3.9% – still seems low. 2. Vaccinated folks probably behaved differently than they had before getting vaccinated (difficult to quantify?) both with respect to avoiding exposure and being more likely to seek testing at the slightest hint of symptoms. 3. The delta variant (we know some of the positives were delta variant) is proving to be able to evade the mRNA vaccines to a greater extent than the earlier variants (88% efficacy vs 95+-%) and J&J (38% vs 66% ) – (Evolving science – numbers likely to change before stabilizing). You can probably think of other factors.

  10. Ok trolls, go out to the airport and touch ever surface. Then lick your fingers. Then pick your nose. Don’t sanitize. Now go ride a bus and use as many stop requested cords as you can and then rub your eye. Now, go to the c street WalMart and touch as much as you can on the shopping carts while they are still outside. Again, lick and repeat. 2 to 14 days later, come back on here and give us a report.i don’t want anyone to die, but I do want all the neysayers out there to get sicker than a dog so they will know what covid is capable of. The shots I took in April kept me out of the morgue. They are still keeping me out of the hospital as I enter day 10 since symptoms showed up. You people don’t know what you are talking about. Do what I ask or don’t and keep trolling.

  11. I have nothing against vaccines, but I do have something against vaccines that have not been tested, or gone through MANY clinical trials first. Common sense would say that a vaccine produced within less than a years time has not been proven safe and effective for the general public. As for me, I will not take the vaccine. I will not be bullied, slandered and blamed for my decision. I am the caretaker of my body and nobody has the right to tell me what I should do with it. If vaccinated people are getting sick with Covid, then obviously the vaccine has its flaws.

    • And again, TB, this jab that the political establishment and the corporate media keep increasingly bullying us to receive (if it’s so good and safe, why the need for all the bullying?) is NOT a vaccine. IT IS NOT A VACCINE! It is simply a treatment, an untested mRNA gene therapy treatment at that, which has a terrible record of KILLING most of the recipients in prior animal testing. The jab is NOT made from an active or inactive virus, and does NOT provide immunity to the virus, not to any degree, merely (and supposedly) ameliorating the symptoms instead. By all standard definitions and understandings of the word, it is NOT a vaccine.

      • The J&J Jansen vaccine is by any definition, even yours, a vaccine.
        The J&J vaccine is what is known as a non-replicating viral vector vaccine, using a common cold virus called adenovirus 26.
        Scientists made this vaccine by taking a small amount of genetic material that codes for a piece of the novel coronavirus and integrating it with a weakened version of adenovirus 26. J&J scientists altered this adenovirus so it can enter cells, but it cannot replicate and make people sick.

        • Disingenuous response, Steve-O.
          The J&J is not the jab that most people have received. And you know damned well that the Pfizer and Modena jabs are NOT vaccines by any accepted definition, as I stated earlier.

          • Jeff,
            It’s likely that the 13,370,000 who’ve had the J&J vaccine in the US don’t find my response disingenuous.
            Also you might want to look up the definition of vaccine. You’re the one claiming that the covid vaccine isn’t a vaccine, it might behoove you to know what a vaccine is, since you didn’t know the J&J vaccine was one. I didn’t get the the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for a number of reasons, chiefly being that this is the first time that mRNA technology is being used as a vaccine in humans.

  12. The world health organizations have so badly handled the Covid crisis that they cannot, and will not , change course on their failed vaccines for fear of massive lawsuits. This is malpractice on a monumental scale.

  13. Why should productive Alaskans believe -anything- from public-health officials?
    Put another way, if there was no chance of unelected officials controlling people or getting more money, would this tidbit be newsworthy?
    Wonder what’ll happen when the China flu finally runs out of “variants” and Americans run out of patience.

  14. According to the CDC’s website for the past 7-days, there has been 1 death reported out of 1,008 cases in the state of Alaska. Do the math and you can see that it’s not as bad as the MSM wants you to believe it is.

    By the way…..whatever happened to the common flu anyways? Miracle it just disappeared from the face of the Earth.

  15. “Although not common, breakthrough cases are increasingly being reported nationally as more people get vaccinated against Covid-19.”
    Well, I would say it is becoming quite common, isn’t it? It would appear that the jab is NOT giving us our freedom from the plandemic of the Wu-Flu is it, and is therefore quite useless. Also, if you are a woman of child-bearing age and are on birth-control, you have a very high chance of getting blood clots after receiving the vaccine. (Told this by nurses).

  16. A positive test is not necessarily a “case.”
    How many of the people testing positive got symptoms?
    How many of those positive tests are false positive?
    The CDC just recently issued guidance for front line medical workers to use a rapid antigen test, not a PCR test because the PCR test has too high a probability of mistaking the seasonal flu for COVID.
    The news and the politicians (sorry to repeat myself) are not reporting hospitalizations or deaths from COVID for a reason. They are sticking to “cases” (positive tests). Why? Because people with too low of a viral load to show symptoms (or spread the disease) can test positive. Keep the fear high in the population, control the population.

        • When confronted by the truth that contradicts their lies and disinformation, the pro-establishment sheep will always demand “credible sources” and “credible citations” as a way to try to shut down discussion. Well, I am not your research assistant, and even if I acted as such, you would surely, in your corporate-media-brainwashed state, instantly dismiss them all anyway, since they would fly in the face of your cult-like programming.

    • Jere, you go do your own research for yourself, instead of lazily and blindly listening to and trusting the increasingly hysterical propaganda emanating from the corporate media. Hint: do NOT use the corporate media for your research! Try looking into and reading some independent journalism and sources of information (REAL information) instead.
      Everything I stated is backed up by all the actual science (as opposed to fearmongering and self-serving establishment propaganda). You only have to open your eyes, and your mind, to realize and accept it. But sadly, like so many others, you will probably choose to blindly believe the divorced-from-reality official narratives instead of seeking the truth.

  17. Jefferson, Don’t lecture me on where to do my research. I already know where to go, but I doubt you do. Please provide your references to the actual SCIENCE. (That is peer reviewed published papers in reputable scientific journals. I read it weekly at the least)

    To your point : “The fact is, the actual SCIENCE tells us that COVID-19 is no worse than a bad seasonal flu, ”

    From Journal of Thoracic Imaging
    April 7, 2020
    Integrated Radiologic Algorithm for COVID-19 Pandemic
    Nicola Sverzellati, MD, PhD,corresponding author* Gianluca Milanese, MD,* Francesca Milone, MD,* Maurizio Balbi, MD,† Roberta E. Ledda, MD,* and Mario Silva, MD, PhD*

    *Unit of Radiological Sciences, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, Parma
    †Department of Radiology, Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital Bergamo, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy
    corresponding authorCorresponding author.
    Correspondence to: Nicola Sverzellati, MD, PhD, Unit of Radiological Sciences, Department of Medicine and Surgery, University of Parma, Parma, Padiglione Barbieri, V. Gramsci 14, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Parma, Parma 43126, Italy

    “A new coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2) is contaminating the world; it has originated from China and has been infecting people since December 2019.1 Like other viruses, SARS-CoV-2 harbors in human cells and results in different degrees of cellular damage. The rapid diffusion and brutal effect of this virus have caused it to be rapidly ranked as a global threat, currently known as SARS-CoV-2 disease (COVID-19)2 and defined as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.

    “The clinical presentation of COVID-19 might mimic seasonal flu,3 but it is nothing like that. COVID-19 has a much greater potential for diffuse alveolar damage (DAD), the therapy of which demands advanced respiratory assistance including artificial ventilation. Median age of COVID-19 is around 60 years, and its outcome strictly depends on the preparedness to appropriate clinical management, ranging from 1.4% to 15% mortality in China.3,4 Mortality in Italy is 8.1% (March 14, 2020).5 …”

    If you want to talk about the science, go for it. If you want to push out conspiracy theories w/o evidence – find someone else to bother.

    • Jere, your reference is both pathetic refutable and irrelevant, as not only is it woefully dated and from the very early stages of the panicdemic (March 14, 2020), but the mortality rates it quotes are laughably high in light of subsequent worldwide data, even accepting the official (and inflated) numbers of so-called cases and deaths.
      Strike two.

      • Jefferson, read “How the coronavirus infects cells — and why Delta is so dangerous” in the July 28, 2021 issue of “Nature.” I suspect you and your independent journalists have a different take and that’s just fine. Stranger things have happened in science – but expecting you may win out over the work of hundreds of professionally trained and experienced virologists, molecular biologists, epidemiologists, etc. is a real long shot. But, hey, everyone has the right to do it the way he feels most comfortable. Go ahead and write up your rebuttal and send it in for publication. That’s the way real science works.

  18. “65 percent” “Although not common” Maybe it’s something in Seldovia’s water heh heh heh lol lol lol.

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