Democrats testify in droves for a different redistricting map that would strengthen their party in Anchorage


Of the over 80 written and verbal comments to the Alaska Redistricting Board regarding the Senate pairings in Anchorage, 75 have come from the Democratic Party machine, while only five can be characterized as coming from right-of-center Alaskans.

Saturday was the first day for the redistricting board to meet, after the Supreme Court advised that there needed to be more testimony heard and more consideration given to whatever testimony was taken regarding the Eagle River Senate seat and its paired House districts. In other words, the judge advised that whichever side got the most comments on the record should win, making redistricting a hyper-partisan exercise.

Anchorage Assemblyman Chris Constant, from the extreme Left, testified verbally. Attorney-for-Democrat-causes Scott Kendall testified in writing. The president of the AFL-CIO testified. Democrat Rep. Matt Claman testified. They all advocated for what they call the “Bahnke Pairings,” a plan pushed by redistricting board member Melanie Bahnke, with attorney Kendall and Sen. Tom Begich advising her in secret as shadow members of the Alaska Redistricting Board. That plan would strip Anchorage of three of its Republican-leaning Senate seats, leaving only two Senate seats in Anchorage that lean right, and four Senate seats solidly Democrat.

Every 10 years, political boundaries are redrawn after the U.S. Census completes its work. The maps that result often renumber House districts and create new pairings for Senate districts. It is a political process that is almost always litigated by the side that has the most to lose. Democrats this year are most concerned about a Senate seat in Eagle River that reaches into a portion of Muldoon to get enough population for the political balancing.

The board will meet again starting at 8 am Monday, and will meet again Tuesday and Wednesday, with possible meetings on Thursday and Friday.

Democrat activists are heavily advocating for political boundaries that give them more solid Democrat Senate seats in Anchorage and two toss-ups.

The toss-up seats would be:

  • The Senate seat made up of House Districts 10 and 15, the Bayshore, Klatt, and Jewel Lake area. President Trump won that area by 2 percent in 2020.
  • The Senate seat made up of House Districts 12 and 13, the Abbott Loop area and the Taku-Campbell area. Trump lost that by 3 percent in 2020.

One solid Democrat Senate seat the Democrats want is one that combines House District 14 and 16, which is midtown, Spenard, and the airport area. Trump lost that by 18 points in 2020.

The Democrats are advocating for a district that has downtown liberal voters overwhelming and obliterating the military vote, by combining House Districts 17 and 23 — downtown and JBER — into a Senate seat.

Another solid Democrat pairing the Democrats area advocating for is a Senate map that combines U-Med and Mountain View/Airport Heights. Trump lost that area by 17 percent.

The Senate seat that puts North Muldoon and South Muldoon together would be solidly Democrat under the Bahnke Pairings plan.

Those wishing to give the redistricting board a perspective on the proposed maps can click on the “contact us” button at the Alaska Redistricting website. The Superior Court judge (Matthews) said that written comment is not as valid as verbal comment.

Written comment from mainly Democrat operatives can be read at this link.

Comment on the maps at this link.

The schedule for this week’s meetings:

Board Meeting Scheduled for Apr 4

The Board will meet via Zoom on Mon, April 4 at 8am. Public testimony will be taken by teleconference or in-person at the Anchorage LIO, 1500 West Benson Blvd, Anchorage.  See Public Notice >

Board Meeting Scheduled for Apr 5

The Board will meet via Zoom on Tues, April 5 at 10am. Public testimony will be taken by teleconference or in-person at the Anchorage LIO, 1500 West Benson Blvd, Anchorage.  See Public Notice >

Board Meeting Scheduled for Apr 6

The Board will meet via Zoom on Wed, April 6 at 10am. Public testimony will be taken by teleconference or in-person at the Anchorage LIO, 1500 West Benson Blvd, Anchorage.  See Public Notice >


  1. This is why Democrats win. They work harder. Conservatives whine and “Republicans” roll over.

    Please don’t offer up the BS conservatives are too busy. I heard that crap the other day on Porcaro’s show. People make the time to do what’s important to them.

    In the length of time conservatives take to whine about being busy, they could have filled out the ballot that came to their house or written and sent a short response to the Board. But that takes time from whining.

  2. Anchorage conservatives need to get out and voice their opinions on this or they will lose their city for a long time and the left knows. I pray the conservatives will overload the next few meetings!

    • Will the last conservative to leave LosAnchorage please turn out the lights? They won’t be needed.

  3. We turned out in droves to testify against the mask mandates. It made no difference whatsoever. It didn’t change a single mind. The Assembly just ignored us and rammed it through anyway.

    Testifying doesn’t do anything. The policy makers need to be replaced.

  4. Democrats got something cognitively wrong with them for their continued firm belief democrat democracy works well, while democrats have ruined States to prove this ideology does not work.
    Something mentally hasn’t ‘clicked’ for every democrat voter. We look at the democrat-controlled states and blue cities in red states putting one and one together. Even someone like me sees democrat ideology do not make great states and towns. The only people running into a blue states and blue cities are illegals. But! Then this crowd are running into all states.

  5. 80 whiners don’t make a flock. We have over 300000 people so 80 is not enough to doing anything for.

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