How will Lisa vote on Ketanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s pick for court, who has no opinion on natural rights?


It’s certain now that the nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court backs critical race theory in schools and has given many, many light sentences. She even advocated for releasing felons from prison during the Covid pandemic. Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t define a woman because, she says, she is not a biologist. She described pro-life activists as “hostile, noisy crowd of ‘in-your-face’ protesters.”

Now, Judge Jackson has no opinion on the God-given rights stated in the Declaration of Independence, known as natural rights.

“I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights,” she said response to written questions by the Senate Judiciary Committee (Page 79).

The Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights….” These are known as God-given natural rights. They are the entire basis for the U.S. Constitution, which would come later in U.S. history.

Jackson also won’t answer whether men who identify as women can be held in women’s prisons. She says that is a hypothetical question.

Jackson’s nomination vote is expected this week in the U.S. Senate.

Unknown as oft this writing is how Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Utah Sen. Mitt Romney will vote on Jackson, who if confirmed would become another leftist activist on the Supreme Court. President Biden nominated her to replace Justice Stephen Breyer, who is retiring at the end of this judicial calendar year. Maine Sen. Susan Collins, another swing Republican, has said she will vote in favor of the judge, almost guaranteeing that Jackson will slip by with just enough votes from the Senate.


  1. Lisa Murkowski would much rather attempt to stun us all with whatever “brilliant rationale” she can come up with for WHY she supported a communist nominee to the Supreme Court than to stand up for Americans and protecting their Constitution. She has stood for gutting our rights as outlined in the Constitution before, and she will do it again.

    But when it all gets distilled down, the question IS: Why on earth would she vote FOR a judge whose judgements have consistently shown leniency toward PEDOPHILES. Why would that be Lisa?

  2. Lisa is a “Yes” vote on Brown Jackson. She told me this after Confessionals on Sunday morning. Then we prayed like hell together, hoping Alaskans wouldn’t notice.

    • If this is true, you will be held responsible for murkowski burning in hell, by not warning her, ‘if you say to the wicked, you shall surely die, and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I AM will require at your hand. Ezk 3:18
      You were placed there to pray with our senator she’d had the strength to start living right and influence other senators in start living rightly. Not pray alaskans will be pulled into the senator’s deception.

      • Pretty sure House Husband has a better grasp on satire than do you..certainly praying for leaders is a duty for believers but, per Christian Gospel, the ONLY person responsible for LM “burning in hell”, or not, would be LM, not House Husband..however, there is also a responsibility for believers to NOT twist scripture as you just did…according to info widely available, LM is a “continuing Catholic” and, as such has received plenty of warning..I don’t know how she justifies her “continuing Catholic” status yet defies over 2000 years of Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life in so many of her votes…

  3. I suspect most gamblers would favor the odds that Lisa will vote in lockstep with the Dems on this..she’s our Susan Collins of the North…

      • Give her her walking papers! Hopefully, conservatives in Los Anchorage will actually receive their mail-out ballots, unlike the current MOA ballots…

      • Put Lisa in the Anchorage zoo in the polar bear den. Give her a three second head start for the fence.

  4. If you do not know how the nation’s top two RINOS will vote then you haven’t been paying attention.
    Pray that I am wrong!

  5. Kelly Tshibaka is hoping, praying, and begging Lisa Murkowski to vote to approve Kentanji Brown Jackson’s nomination. It would be horrible for the US Supreme court, but great for Tshibaka’s election bid. Lisa would have to defend this terrible decision in the upcoming election. Besides, we have had terrible supreme court justices before. One more, who is replacing an already leftist demagog won’t impact the outcome of court decisions.

  6. Lisa should take a midnight walk down Mountain View drive before deciding confirm soft on crime judge Jackson!

  7. Mitt is under extreme pressure in Utah for his 2024 election. Lots of talk about him being primaryed. If he plans on retiring, he may not care. If Lisa thinks she can vote for Judge Jackson, I expect to see her as a commentator in February 2023.

  8. Voting for liberal judges that continually violate our constitutional rights, and liberal Interior secretaries that do the same, is a great reason to replace our congressional delegation. Voting for someone that you know will ruin the state’s ability to move toward independence from federal dollars, and then whining because the do what you knew they would, is hypocritical, at best.

  9. One more reason to get her out. I am trying to talk to as many people as I can telling them to vote her out.

  10. One expects the senator to vote for Jackson, because those who give money to the senator to pass on to Alaskan sponsors desire it.
    In other words a “no” vote could mean no money… can’t have that, can we?

  11. Understand that a Supreme Justice does NOT per the constitution serve for life but can be removed.

    The Constitution states that Justices “shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour.” This means that the Justices hold office as long as they choose and can only be removed from office by impeachment.

  12. Those with communist leanings do not believe in the natural rights of the individual. This woman was chosen by Biden’s handlers because she is a radical/black/woman. There is no real surprise that Murkie approves of her.

  13. The US Constitution is WAY on the side of natural rights. If one doesn’t concur with primary natural rights there is nothing left for you in the constitution and those persons will work lawlessly to jettison it probably for CCP style living in lieu.

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