Daniel Smith: An optimist hopes Anchorage Assembly will vote down mask decree



I like to think I am an optimist. Based on the overwhelming testimony I have heard against the proposed Anchorage Assembly ordinance AO 2021-91, I am optimistic that it will fail, as there are many things more dangerous than the Covid-19 virus, which has a 1.6% mortality rate for the entire population. For those under the age of 19, their Covid virus survival rate is 99.997% if untreated.

I want to believe the authors of the ordinance are just misinformed or unaware of these statistics. I’m clinging to the remote possibility that the writer of the ordinance will withdraw it before she rips this city to pieces, leaving a permanent scar on the history books that will be written about how Anchorage reacted to the Covid virus.

I am optimistic that there will be some acknowledgement of the physical and mental damage that has been done to our children who suffer through every day at Anchorage School District schools, wearing masks 6 to 7 hours a day. Perhaps they just need to be reminded of Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anne Zink’s position on mask problems when she summarized the ill effects of breathing through a warm moist mask for hours on end day after day.

I would like to think that the passing of this ordinance won’t eventually lead to mandatory vaccines when the masks don’t work, as we have seen in this community and around the world.

I would like to think that hospitals and employers in general will stop using coercion and threat of termination to compel doctors, nurses and everyone to accept an injection that does not stop the spread of infection.

I’m optimistic that mandatory vaccines won’t lead to vaccine passports required to travel, like is being done in Canada and many other places ,or to enjoy the things like dining out or going to any public space as New York or to put our children in public schools, like they are doing in Los Angeles.

I’m hopeful that lockdowns will not be reinstated when the mask mandate proves ineffective. I’m optimistic that our freedom will not be restricted as it has been in Australia, and that our police force will not use rubber bullets tear gas and mace in the name of health and to keep us from gathering in public, moving about freely and venturing more than three miles from our homes.

I’m extremely optimistic that science will prevail and the ineffectiveness of a mask to stop a virus will be recognized and that Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine will return to our pharmacies in Anchorage, as they are both proven therapies that keep Covid patients out of the hospital.

I’m really optimistic that natural immunity will be recognized for the superior protection that it provides against infection compared to current so called vaccinations and endless booster shots.

Being a generally positive person, I’m bothered a bit by the pessimism of this ordinance. This mask mandate has revealed an inherent distrust and dislike of the citizens of Anchorage by its authors. The authors might amend out the provisions that would turn neighbor against neighbor, but it is too late. In case there was any doubt, they have now been exposed for the pessimistic tyrants that they are. The authors are convinced that they know what’s best for the people who elected them to serve. I’m reluctantly optimistic that they will listen to the contrary view points expressed by their constituents.

If this was the only example of their behavior I would be more positive about the expected outcome of these assembly hearings and their intentions. But there are other measures and ordinances they put forth to transfer power from the executive branch to the legislative. They would vote themselves even more power than that, if they thought they could. I am unable to express much optimism that their thirst for power will be quenched any time soon. Ultimately however, I am optimistic that the security, integrity and faith in our election system will be restored and they will be replaced. I am optimistic because the majority of people in Anchorage elected Dave Bronson as our mayor!

The mask mandate is the first step down the slippery slope of tyranny. I would like to think that the Covid virus will someday go away and that elected officials and bureaucrats will stop using it as an opportunity for political gain. I continue to hold out hope that it will not lead to an irredeemable amount of authoritarianism.

Even if this ordinance passes, I am optimistic that the negativity behind its creation will fail. As I listened to the vast majority of testimony from the people of Anchorage against this ordinance, I am certain that this run at tyranny will fail, freedom will prevail and I am extremely confident the people of Anchorage will not comply with a medical device mandate issued by the tyrants who wrote it and those that might vote for it.

There are two kinds of people in the world, pessimists and optimists. The pessimist says “It can’t get any worse!” And the optimist replies. “Oh yes it can!” I guess by that definition I am indeed an optimist. I am sure that others are as well. Let’s stop the Anchorage authoritarians’ efforts right here and right now.

Dan Smith is a lifelong Alaskan and Anchorage resident. Public hearings on the mask decree continues at the Loussac Library on Monday, Oct. 4, at 6 pm.


  1. I am filled with hope and determination as I hear my fellow patriots standing up for freedom. There are a lot of good souls in this city. I am proud to be a fellow Alaskan and American.

  2. I do love your closing optimism!

    Although, there is really only one way to stop this and that is decentralize the Municipality of Anchorage. Unfortunately, there are those even in the Anchorage conservative realm who not realizing their tendencies to support colonialism think this is a bad idea.

    I would counter and say it is a tremendous idea, because it creates community competition on every municipal level including police, fire, road maintenance, parks and rec as most importantly, education.

    Eaglexit, baby.

    • I totally agree, but selfishly I don’t want to see you go because without you we probably wouldn’t have elected Bronson. But I hear what you are saying. If Eagle River is way better than Anchorage, then maybe the people of Anchorage will be envious and learn, but I doubt it. But you guys absolutely deserve better. And the Anchorage School District is waaaay too big any way.

    • If Eaglexit is such a great boon to Eagle River taxpayers why is Michael T asking the MOA taxpayers to fund his scheme? Why is not AFP, or another right wing organization funding this effort?

      • As usual, Frank, you are lying and/or making no sense.
        But that is just par for the course when trying to converse intelligently with radical authoritarian extremists such as yourself.

  3. These Assembly people are Marxists.
    They have an agenda.
    What the people of Anchorage say or think doesn’t matter to them.
    The US Constitution is abhorrent to them.
    They think they have to step on a few bodies to get where they want to go.
    They will pass this reprehensible, bad science bill and plunge Anchorage into the Dark Ages.

    • I am a Republican and support the Assembly on public health mandates. We have elections that establish the Assembly members. Using pseudonyms with false statements does not move the needle much on public opinion

      • You are no republican.
        The Assembly members are elected to represent the residents and taxpayers of the city. Not to lord over them.
        If there is massive opposition to a measure under consideration, the Assembly should not approve it, as that is negligence in their duty to represent the people.

    • The only point on which I have to argue with Mr. Smith is his erroneous statistic that the Wuhan Virus has a 1..6% mortality rate. I don’t know where he got that number, but it is incorrect — the true rate is more like 0.3%.

      • 700,000 Americans which CDC says is an undercount have died from Covid 19. In statistics percentages depend on what population is being sampled, which is why we are seeing different percentages

        • Frank, that 700,000 number is also false, as well as being a GROSS overestimate, as by the CDC’s own (quiet, and silenced by the corporate media) admission, only 6% of the claimed 660,000 deaths were due DIRECTLY to the Wuhan Virus, with all the others counted therein merely having died WITH the Wuhan Virus. Furthermore, even that count is certainly an overcount, as most if not all of those COVID+ determinations were made using the flawed PCR method, which produces many false positives, and increasingly so depending on how many cycles (sometimes up to 45) that are used in the determination. Its own inventor strenuously argued for years that PCR is NOT valid as a medical diagnostic test.

        • Its also dependent on how much they get away with inflating the numbers. They’ve already admitted they have counted car crash, gunshot victims, and suicides as “covid cases with and without testing for antibodies (doctors discretion). This coupled by massive $$$ incentives from the FEDs paints a clear picture.
          They have also recalled the PCR test for too many false positives, but have allowed the continuation of its use until Dec 31st.

  4. It is time to recognize Providence Healthcare as being behind all this. The assembly let the cat out of the bag the other night. Avoid Providence like the plague, they want you sick and dead.

    • “They want you sick and dead”. You’ve proven yourself an ignorant fool. If you believe what you say, and when you have Covid, will you ask the paramedics to bypass Providence and instead drop you off at Alaska Mill and Feed?

      • Ivermectin’s role in human medicine started in 1978 and the FDA ultimately approved it for human use in 1996. In 2015, it won the Nobel Prize for being a miracle drug. You can get a prescription of human use Ivermectin at many pharmacies, including here in Anchorage. No one needs to be dropped off at Mill & Feed.
        COVID has been around for more than 18 months now. Why are you so sure Mongo Likes Candy hasn’t already had COVID and recovered? Why do you think that every case of COVID ends in hospitalization and extreme measures such as ventilation? Most cases of COVID do not require hospitalization, and frankly if Providence or any other medical facility wanted to attack a global pandemic with the best chance at positive outcomes, they would have prescribed things like the Zelenko protocol, Ivermectin, and other theraputics that have been successful in early treatment of COVID. Instead, they blocked HCQ, Ivermectin and banned people who discussed Zelenko protocol outcomes. Doctors weren’t even allowed to suggest those drugs for fear of being fired. If they wanted people to survive COVID, they would have used every available course of treatment. They chose instead to withhold early intervention and ultimately ventilate them which, in many cases, made things worse.
        And why is it that, when you have nothing to offer the conversation, you and your ilk revert to wishing sickness and death on those with whom you disagree?

        • I DO NOT wish sickness and death. On anyone. Geezus, how irresponsible of you.

          Your list of meds are failed treatments, but you are welcome to use them, no one is stopping you (though many will try to dissuade you).

          THEE best approach is the vaccine. It rides a wave of evidence. It’s not perfect, but is light years ahead of any other approach.

    • Actaully Providence makes more money off of elective procedures which can not be performed right now because they are swamped with Covid patients which require far more labor and cost per bed that other procedures liek a hip replacement. Mel Brooks would be proud of your comical statement

  5. “There are two kinds of people in the world, pessimists and optimists.”
    You have a glass with piss up to the halfway mark.
    Pessimists: “That’s a glass half of piss!” or…….”They’ll slam us with the mandate!”
    Optimists: “That’s a glass half empty of piss!” or……”They wont slam us with the mandate!”
    There’s the realist: “That’s piss in that glass! Dump it out!” or…….”They have no damn right to be considering any such mandate, period.”

  6. Lol at thinking the Assembly is motivated by reason and has good will. They are wrathful power-mad lunatics. They care more about hewing to the orthodoxy of their fellow travelers than the well being of the people of Anchorage and it’s economy.

    • ????? Apparently you do not understand that the Assembly is elected by taxpayers and not appointed by the Mayor

      • You mean elected by way of fraudulent mail in ballots…like the ones we recently had to babysit to make sure our Mayor became just that.

      • ????? Apparently you do not understand the Assembly is elected to REPRESENT the best interests of the people. Not to lord over them and ignore their opposition to a meaningless political ploy.

  7. Just take a walk around COSTCO, the maskers outnumber the un-masked. No aggravation, everyone content. Job done.
    Put in the mandate, and watch the aggravation start. Maybe that’s the end goal, who knows.

  8. I’m an optimist too. But even if we do convince them to vote against their own mandates, look at the lengths the public had to go through just to change their minds on this topic. Would we have to do this every time we disagree on something? Look at all the time people have spent away from their families just to wait in line and speak. These assembly members live and die for this stuff. The average person just wants to live in peace and doesn’t have the time. Either way, we have serious differences that need to be addressed and somehow reconciled.

    • My heart is filled with hope. For I have found the power within myself to be free of fear and manipulation.

      It is my understanding that this world is a school and our experience is a class room. The fact that we are standing up for ourselves against a heavily funded narrative is the test we have to take to graduate.

      When the bell rings, I know in my heart that I have passed.

  9. The left wing Socialist Assembly is so Angry that Mr. Dunbar is not their Mayor that they will do anything, anything to not be motivated by reason and good will. My message to them is this: Keep it up as Anger only destroys the container it is in.

  10. Only the meek and submissive vote to re-elect present assembly members.
    Remember the role model you’ve provided your children when they come to you tearfully whining about the bully who took their toy. Tell them to live as you have shown them: Lie down. Cower. Submit.

    Oh, and o it with PRIDE!

  11. Essentially every group you mentioned in the article either doesn’t acknowledge you, and that other freeborn Alaskan citizens exist, or if they do they despise you. These aren’t the elites, these are the elites lackeys, so they are even worse. They hate you because they know they’ll never have what you have. They’ll never have free will. Self confidence. Integrity. You are all a mirror held up to them every day, to show them just how petty, weak, and depraved they are. They have to put a mask on you. If only they could block out your gaze… which sees right through them.

  12. We the people need to do a VOTER REFERENDUM to stop this communism when it inevitably becomes law. The Dominion flippers allowed us to elect Bronson (though they reduced his landslide victory) so they might allow us to squeak through a NO referendum

  13. Contact the assembly members via email. I actually received emails back from them. They do read them. Perhaps they are more effective then public testimony. Why not do both?

    • Good on you, I do not get any responses from one of my Assembly members, and the other one just feeds me lines of BS. That is when he responds.
      The Assembly is negligent in their duty to represent the people of Anchorage. These attempts to delay testimony until the opposition gives up is just one more method of ignoring the residents.

  14. I will see if these nine Assembly members depth of shallowness, selfishness, and lack of self awareness if they vote yes. If they arent selfish and conceited to see the public beyond their social circle they will postpone indefinitely and that it’ll be the end of that. If they vote yes, then all we the majority can do is sit back, wait patiently, until we see these nine fall into the pit they thought they dug out for Bronson and their enemies.

  15. It is not possible to comply your way out of tyranny.
    These fascists, at all levels must be resisted, ignored, ridiculed and laughed at without compliance to anything they demand.
    Subverting constitutional based law has broken the compact between citizen and representative government by the elected officials themselves. They are nullifying the authority they claim to have.
    It is a very dangerous power move being made across the nation by officials and corporations destabilizing a once cohesive nation.

  16. Too bad the mask mandate is not about Covid. It is about the Assembly trying to assert power and authority over the Mayor. It is there for one reason only, to draw a veto. And then to override it.
    The assembly wants to stick it to the Mayor, and this mandate is one of a string of AOs to do that.

      • Again, as usual, the OP is entirely correct, and you are wrong and/or lying. This was your same pattern while posting in the ADN comments section, Frank, and it is just as repellent and obvious here as it was there.
        If I were you, I would be embarrassed to be posting such trash and lies under my real name, presuming you are using your real name here.

      • Try wearing a Trump hat in public…just as an experiment. See if your freedom of speech buys you a new car window or slashed tires.

      • What BS?
        Please, tell me what the Assembly has done since Mayor Bronson was sworn in that indicates they want to work together for the benefit of the taxpayers and residents of the city?
        Nope, did not think so.

  17. ? for a few minutes I thought I was on the Babylon Bee website…….Ok I also lean Optimist but I do back that with serious prayer. I will be praying for the outcome here. If the assembly passes this travesty despite all the opposing testimony, one can only hope voters are paying attention and will remember. The Anchorage assembly needs a serious reset at the ballot box.

  18. I will play the optimist:
    Maybe those that voted for the dumbest assembly people Anchorage has ever seen really didn’t know what they were doing? Perhaps a change can occur next voting cycle.

  19. To Anchorage Assembly members advocating for compulsory masking:
    Preston Simmons’ compulsory masking demand to the Mayor avoids crucial, fact-based issues which Assembly members have not asked Mr. Simmons or Providence Alaska employees who testify on behalf of their organization to clarify.
    Thus we believe the most obvious reason for compulsory masking is not medical but political.
    Author Alex Berenson said it succinctly: “The good reason is masks are a visible totem that we are all working together against the corona virus. We cannot all be physicians or nurses, but as they work to save lives we can all sacrifice in this small way.
    The not-so-good reason is that making people wear masks frightens them. Masks are warnings that none of us can escape. This virus is different. This virus is dangerous. This virus is not the flu. We had better hunker down until a vaccine is ready to save us all.
    But the worst reason of all is that mask mandates appear to be an effort by governments to find out what restrictions on their civil liberties people will accept on the thinnest possible evidence.”
    We fervently hope Assembly members set aside ideological differences long enough to ask themselves and each other exactly what good thing will be accomplished by forcing compulsory masking on an entire, already restive population, especially in the absence of peer-reviewed scientific evidence supporting compulsory masking.
    Cooler Assembly heads know Anchorage’s political fault lines are already deep and rumbling. They know vigorous public support for Eaglexit, the Zalatel recall vote, anger over an easily corruptible vote system, festering resentment over lives and livelihoods disrupted unnecessarily in the name of Covid-19 are just some indications that the city they represent appears to be falling apart and that forcing compulsory city-wide masking into the mix might be all it takes to reach a tipping point which won’t end well for anyone.
    So they’ll have to choose: pour gasoline on the political fires by forcing compulsory masking on an entire population or let the compulsory masking issue die a merciful death.
    May we thank Assembly members in advance for choosing the latter option.

  20. 20 Alaskan health care facilities are in crisis mode, including the Mat-Su Regional hospital. This requires physicians to make difficult decisions on who gets what treatment. Alaska does NOT have unlimited health resources.
    Over 700,000 Americans have died nationally.
    And yet, many of you remain in your selfish, authority-contesting bubble while spewing insults (Commies, Nazis, Irma Griese, tyrants, etc) and spreading misinformation.
    I thought Alaskans were a better bunch of citizens. Grow up, people!

    • IVERMECTIN, one dollar per dose. Go search this term exactly, read the top search result:
      Ivermectin use in India and Worldwide
      That’s why you’re hearing on NPR that Alaska is in crisis mode, we cannot get Ivermectin, even from our physician when prescribed. But there’s no science to support your claims Eric, yep, that’s correct, ZERO have been done in the US, or by the manufactures (who’re about to release their oral COVID medication at 70 time the price). Coincidence, mmmm……….
      Follow the science Catherine, almost half a billion people world-wide have seen success with Ivermectin, but like Hunter’s laptop, according to your echo-chamber media, nothing to see here, more disinformation and conspiracy theories, move along people.
      Grow-up Catherine, half a billion recovered Indian’s, that a pretty decent scientific control group.

    • You hadn’t even been watching the Assembly Meetings onYouTube this week. If you were watching, then you could never write such a misinformed comment after hearing the testimonies of people inside and knowing people in the hospitals, and what is really happening. Your news hasn’t a clue what is REALLY happening in the hospitals.

    • If that is the case, why is the Assembly not reviving the Emergency Declaration (EO 2020-1) that was put in place last year?
      That EO was enacted when the projections were bad. Now, those projections are actually happening (according to this masking mandate), the crisis is actually here.
      But, for some reason the Assembly is pushing for a three month mandatory masking? Instead of giving the Mayor the exact same power and authority that Berkowitz had?
      Let’s see. Situation is significant more dire. Response by the Assembly is significantly less.
      No, this is not about COVID.

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