New Yorker arrested in the case of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, and she’s not Alaska woman whose Homer home was raided by FBI


A case of mistaken identity earlier this year led law enforcement officers to search and damage the home of Marilyn and Paul Hueper in Homer.

The couple was shocked and mystified that the federal agents left with their electronics, such as laptops, phones and tablets. Federal agents were convinced that Marilyn was the person who stole House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the Jan. 6 incursion into the U.S. Capitol by protesters of the Electoral College certification. They even told her so.

In the botched raid, the FBI broke through their door and, along with Capitol Police and other law enforcement, held them at gunpoint for hours before telling them what they were searching for: The Pelosi laptop. They took the Heuper’s copy of the U.S. Constitution with them as evidence against Marilyn Hueper.

The photo of Marilyn Hueper in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, on the left, and Maryann Mooney-Rondon, inside the Capitol, on the right.

Now, the Justice Department has unsealed charges against a New York mother and son, who is also accused of stealing an escape hood from the Senate Chamber and entering House Speaker Pelosi’s conference room on January 6.

Maryann Mooney-Rondon, 55, and her son Rafael Rondon, 23, were arrested Friday and appeared in Syracuse, New York before a judge, charged with helping to steal Pelosi’s laptop. Agents reportedly seized a sawed-off shotgun in the dwelling of Rafael Rondon during their arrest of the two. The two were released on pre-trial conditions.

The Watertown, N.Y. mother has admitted to helping steal the laptop by giving gloves and a scarf to a man who actually stole it, according to reports from Syracuse news media, whose source material were unsealed court documents. The son is also charged with stealing an “escape hood” from Pelosi’s office. Escape hoods have respiratory filters that give members of Congress about 30 minutes of protection from certain contaminants.

The most serious charge is obstructing an official proceedings. The six other charges are misdemeanors: theft of government property, entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, illegally entering and remaining in the Gallery of Congress, illegally entering and remaining in areas of the Capitol Building; and disorderly conduct in a Capitol Building.

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Since the federal raid of her home in Homer, Marilyn Hueper has been added to the TSA no-fly list and has said she feels targeted by law enforcement in her own home town, where she was stopped and accused of driving under the influence this summer, a charge she said was motivated.


  1. I’m sure ole’ dementia Joe will issue an apology for the incompetent and over zealous FBI actions very soon, and probably write a check for the damages himself… oh wait… no…. I’m mistaken they aren’t here illegally and don’t fit into the liberal biased agenda… so nothing will be done to rectify the complete mistreatment and violation of their rights as legal citizens of this country. If they were from Haiti though… and a little further south….

  2. There is a reason that more Americans are not protesting the fascist vaccine mandates (like is occurring throughout Europe) b/c Americans know we are already one of the most fascist countries in the Western Hemisphere and “anything” you do or say can be used against you at anytime.
    The surveillance state is growing bigger & bigger everyday & the Liberties that we all lost under the Patriot Act & Covid Mandates will not be return anytime soon to this great land.

    • Steve Stine/ I too have wondered about the actions of the Patriots in the U.K., France and Australia. My brother thinks it is because that these countries have a collective memory of Fascism, while this may be true of France, I think that in Australia there may be a different dynamic at play. Recall that many Aussies are descendants of so called former ” criminals”… banished, beaten and starved and sent to Australia to essentially be slaves for a period of time. I think the current specter in Australia of House Arrest and other abhorrent policies have caused a re-awakening of the collective memory of the Aussie people.
      In this nation we have a rich history replete with hero’s who defied tyranny. Perhaps we need to enlighten our fellow citizens of this heritage?

  3. Keep a record Marilyn, and sue them for harassment and make them pay for the damage. A regrettable mistake is one thing, continued harassment takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

  4. The justice dept has put more effort into this then the botched election, toxic vaccines, Epstien and Hunter Bidens laptop all put together.

    • Right! When is Joe Biden going to tell us about Hunter’s laptop and all of the child porno movies that he kept on it? Will Hunter’s brother’s widow (the lady Hunter was sleeping with for two years) have anything to say, or is she muzzled? How about the hooker who gave birth to Hunter’s baby? Or the meth dealers who supplied Hunter? Barissma dealings? Or, how about the Chinese money that went to Joe through Hunter? How come none of that is ever reported by the neutral, fair, and balanced mainstream media? If Trump’s kids had any dirt of any kind, it would be front page news. But Trump raised good kids and the media just hates that.

    • That’s because there’s no there there in the so-called botched election, toxic vaccines, Hunter laptops, etc., etc.
      Sounds like this lady from Homer might have been misbehaving on a flight, which got her bumped to the list.

      • Right! There’s nothing to see, so no reason to ever investigate anything from Progressives because we know that they’re always uber honest about everything. Oh, and those tens of thousands of mysterious untraceable ballots in many states-nothing to see here, just move along and watch Wheel Of Fortune.

        • Exactly; there MO is always NOTHING to see here folks and they make their own rules – and rules for the peasants to follow. Anyone that says there was NOT any electoral fraud by the DNC or affiliates is part of the problem. Wake up Patriots; while liberty is still an option & the republic still stands

  5. Why in the world hasn’t everyone involved in that botched raid in Homer been fired??? Why have they not publicly admitted they did wrong and take her off the no-fly list? OMG, can the alphabet agencies be more obviously STUPID???

  6. The FBI protects men who sexually abuse child gymnast and sends a gang to investigate garage door pull ropes. What more should we expect from this organization?

  7. It’s not about crime or justice any more. They are the political enforcement arm of the DNC. That’s it.

  8. So! Did the F.B.I (Fry Bread Inspector) actually find the missing Pelosi lapbook, or is this another case of mistaken identity?

  9. These alphabet agencies are corporations under the US corporation. They may experience funding questions. Lavish, frivolous spending may need to be curtailed and reorganized hopefully for the better in accordance with our republic which still stands and the US Constitution still in effect.

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