Alaska Airlines to require injections for all employees


Alaska Airlines will require all employees to take injections of Covid-19 vaccine in order to keep their jobs.

The Seattle-based airlines has not set a firm date for when the requirement will be in effect, but said in an email to employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air that they must either take the injection or receive an exemption from the company.

Those with an exemption granted may be required to be tested weekly for Covid or may be assigned different work environments, such as being segregated from other workers. Those who are not willing to take the injection will likely be given unpaid leaves of absence before being “not scheduled” for duty.

The company blames the new rule on the Biden Covid-19 vaccine mandate and says that it has numerous contracts with the federal government, which makes the mandate applicable to the company.


  1. Good. No more ChinaPlague carriers on airplanes please! And can you take off the Fauci Muzzles while you are at it? Masks do next to nothing

    • Jon, what science do you have that indicates the venom shot prevents the carrying of the China Plague? The venom shot does next to nothing.

      • The science is that almost everyone in the hospital is UN vaccinated. I don’t get why so many people screech about the vaccine but then dutifully “mask up” whenever the health fuhrer tells them to. The vaccine takes ONE SECOND and does not disrupt normal life!

        • Stay with one subject to argue. Your first claim was “ Good. No more ChinaPlague carriers on airplanes please!” my point t was, “what science do you have that indicates the venom shot prevents the carrying of the China Plague?” CARRYING being the initial debate before you changed it to, “ The science is that almost everyone in the hospital is UN vaccinated”, which has nothing to do with your initial statement.
          The vaccine does NOT prevent carrying nor spreading the Vid.
          Almost 60% of those infected in the hospital are there for other reasons, not related to COVID, that just happened to be tested while at the hospital because of protocol. Numbers are surely skewed for exaggeration when hospitals receive federal money for each confirmed COVID case.
          If you don’t understand why people won’t vaccinate, then you neither want to educate yourself nor respect other’s freedoms.

    • Wrong! I know someone that works at Providence and someone who works at Mat Su Regional and they both have said over 50% of their COVID patients are fully vaccinated. Furthermore fully vaccinated are contracting, spreading, and dying from the virus. The so-called vaccine doesnt do anything to stop the virus. Furthermore, there are thousands of people who are experiencing blood clots, DVTs, heart attacks, and numerous muscular and neurological problems following their full vaccination that mainstream media and our government arent telling you about. Sorry but a person who has natural immunity has far superior protection against the virus then someone who took the shot

      • Science does not agree with your anecdote. But you’re free to believe what you want. Just don’t pretend it’s true.

        • Wrong, John. “The Science” DOES agree with Anne here, just not “the science” that the corporate media and the political establishment are spouting and using in all their propaganda to further their control agenda.
          You obviously are a person who blindly trusts in authority and those in power, and who has no ability to think and judge independently and for yourself. You have my contempt, but not my pity.

      • I agree, Natural immunity is basically the same as getting vaccinated. That said, it is much better if you don’t get the virus in the first place, hence the vaccine. But vaccine mandates MUST account for natural immunity

    • Hopefully soon. Recovering from COVID will take all hands on deck. Eventually those who refuse to get vaccinated with be relegated to plague status and no one will allow them in their homes, their businesses, or public arenas. It’s always been this way.

      • No, John, it has NOT “always been this way”. Your authoritarian, unscientific and irrational mentality only serves to demonstrate the hatred, intolerance, servility, rigidity, dogmatism, and conformity that seems to fester in you and so many others like you.

      • This time it IS different…I am staying as far from jabbed people as I can…..several recent studies (i.e., “science” for you to chew on)…

        Medrxiv San Francisco study: Fully vaccinated were more likely than unvaccinated persons to be infected by variants carrying mutations associated with decreased antibody neutralization.

        […] These findings suggest that vaccine breakthrough cases are preferentially caused by circulating antibody-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants, and that symptomatic breakthrough infections may potentially transmit COVID-19 as efficiently as unvaccinated infections.

        Be careful around vaccinated people, because they can carry a more resistant form of COVID-19. Additionally, the highly specialized antibodies in the vaccine create a need for a booster for each antibody resistant variant. Israel is already on booster #2.

        The long term impacts of antibody dependency are unknown. Some doctors and scientists are already worried that normal cancer fighting antibodies will become dormant and we could see an explosion of unusual cancer clusters due to antibody suppression caused by the COVID vaccines.

        Remember, no one knows exactly what this targeted vaccine will do to the overall human immune system as it responds to other viruses or infections. The vaccinated population are the human trial subjects, and the unvaccinated population are the control group.

        In the U.K. data study there were:

        157,400 Delta variant cases amid the fully vaccinated (26.52% of total cases), and 257,357 Delta variant cases amid the unvaccinated (43.36% of total cases). However, when it came to severe outcomes 63.5% of deaths were from the fully vaccinated group.

  2. Time to bring the Ferries back! Maybe Alaskans will increase their travel and use of the Ferries after realizing they been duped and wasted their money all the years supporting Alaska Air travel. Being an Air passenger you get nothing during your travel. The plane goes too fast that you can’t even hover and take in the scenery, plus the discomfort being strapped into a seat next to someone who doesn’t make a very good neighbor. Hahaha.

  3. Only if more employees are willing to stand together and force the company to change their mandate. It’s definitely going to be hard but don’t be like the
    99% of employees at United airlines who choose the jab for a paycheck instead of forcing a mass layoff. If the 99% was the one who decided they didn’t want the jab then the employer would have reconsidered. How you think the USPS got their exemption? I’m sure these companies forcing the jab were working with Biden for this mandate that way they can force their employees to get the jab while using the excuse our hands are tied because it’s Biden’s order. So let me ask y’all “vaccinated” folks something, Remember Joe Biden said before it was vax-ed or masked. Now it’s vax and masked. If the “vaccine”work why isn’t it working? We should get the jab to protect the “vaccinated”? Make any sense? Aren’t you protected? The “vaccinated” can still catch and spread the virus but if the “vaccinated” catches Covid it’ll be less severe on the “vaccinated” So why does it bother you if I’m not jabbed? You’ll catch it from me the unvaccinated or your coworker the “vaccinated”? Either way you’ll have less symptoms according to the “science” while it’ll be my choice that I have to deal with more symptoms. So why does that bother you? And if I’m not vaccinated and was able to opt in to a weekly test at least every week I’ll know I’m working without Covid, while my vaccinated coworker could be positive for Covid with no symptoms and without a weekly test could be working and spreading covid without knowing it. Just some example of how this mandate and Covid is driving a**backward thinking.

    • Kfinh, true the power is with the masses. Too bad the masses are either scared or so comfortable with their materialistic lifestyle that they fail to realize that a few months of suffering will result in the collapse of tyranny. Instead of suffering we will end up fighting and dying which is where all tyrannical takeovers end up.

      • Exactly.
        How many people are willing to default on their mortgages and car loans in order to stand up for a point? How many are willing to risk their retirements, or their cushy paychecks?

      • I agree with everything you are saying, except you are missing the real point. They are using MASKS, not vaccines, to control the masses. Masks are a visual symbol of slavery and submission which keep people apart and indoctrinate us to avoid human contact. Vaccines are completely invisible and do almost nothing to our society. Unless you seriously think there is some kind of poison in the vaccines (obviously not, since you would see people dropping like flies) I don’t understand why vaccines are at the top of your mind

        • I’m harping at the vaccine on this particular post only because this article is about the vaccine and peoples livelihood. I’m definitely not against a legit vaccine, but I’m against the forcing of individuals to choose the jab or loose their jobs. Also I’m highly suspect of this particular shot because of how hard the government and ceos are pushing it on the population and how quick they are to shut down dissenting views. There are many “conspiracy” if you will out there about whether the shot is good or not. It could all just come down to a money thing but I rather play it safe, don’t know if there’s any long term effects. Personally I see no difference from folks being vaccinated and folks who aren’t. Both are still susceptible to catching Covid. And I totally agree about the mask. It’s a conditioning of society.

  4. Who didn’t see that coming? Show of hands.

    Worse than one of the biggest airlines embracing fascism is the amount of people who will cheer it.

    Your rights and ability to travel as you wish are being slowly eliminated right in front of our eyes.

    Happy America? You got scared and let the government do what they wanted since Bush 41. Run your lives.

  5. It would be nice if our federal representatives spoke up about this, but look at who we’ve got.

    Crazy Don, Swampy Dan, Princess Lisa.

    Be lucky if they don’t lead the charge.

  6. That airline really does need to remove our name and repaint their planes. They are sullying the name of this state.

  7. Since the COVID so-called “vaccines” confer absolutely NO immunity against the virus, allowing those who have been jabbed to spread the virus just as easily as others — more so, in fact, as some of them will show few or no symptoms while being contagious — this policy, like all the other jab mandates, is irrational and illogical, and so therefore part of a deeper agenda that has utterly nothing to do with public health.

    • Of course when you say these vaccines “confer absolutely NO immunity” we all know that you do not accept the standard definitions for the words vaccine or immunity…it remains to be seen if you accept the standard definition of the words absolutely and NO.
      When you simply make up whatever nonsense to support your beliefs but provide absolutely NO evidence to support your beliefs, how is anyone to believe you?

      • Try learning something about the ACTUAL science behind these injections, Steve, and not just blindly swallowing the blatant lies and propaganda of the corporate media and the political establishment, for once.
        The data out of Israel, Iceland and the UK, among other places, is showing conclusively that the rate of contraction of the virus is little or no better among the “vaccinated” than among the unvaccinated. I know that you are not willing to accept that, as it goes against your coercive political agenda, but facts are facts whether you like them or not.

        • Jeff,
          On the contrary, I am willing to accepts facts. I do not argue against the meanings of words the way you repeatedly do. You continue to claim that these vaccines are not vaccines because they meet no standard definition of the word vaccine, this is demonstrably untrue. You continue to claim that these vaccines are not vaccines because they do not confer immunity because the immunity they provided does not meet any standard definition of the word immunity, this is demonstrably untrue.
          You have even admitted these vaccines ameliorate and alleviate symptoms, that means these vaccines provide a measure of immunity…so should I believe you when you say these vaccines provide no immunity or when they ameliorate and alleviate symptoms?

        • akchual shcience? Always love the science deniers throwing the 4 letter word “science” around. Which is it, Jefferson? Either you accept the science, and the fact the vaccine is extremely effective. Or you don’t.

      • Steve-O, Perhaps you should educate yourself about what really offers immunity. Turns out that natural immunity is the best. Studies have clearly proven this. In fact the jab offers little or no immunity in comparison. Having beaten this Chi-Com Flu myself, I can tell you that the Health authorities have been after me to GIVE BLOOD. Why? They explain that I now have Anti-Bodies in my blood that can help others beat back this virus.

        • Natural immunity is great, but it’s certainly not the best. It is inconsistent, and dependent on multiple factors, one of which being the severity of the infection. So unless you want to submit yourself and others who claim to be naturally immune to rigorous testing to prove natural immunity exists, then you will be expected to get the jab so it’s confirmed.

          • Again, John, “the science” refutes every one of your unsupported and untruthful assertions.
            Do you comment here simply to ignore and deny reality at every turn? It would appear so.

          • Study: Natural immunity ‘stronger, longer’ than vaccine immunity
            New Israeli study shows recovered patients tended to have better outcomes than vaccine alone – though vaccine can enhance natural immunity.
            A new Israeli study on coronavirus immunity suggests that people who were previously infected with the virus benefit from significantly stronger and longer-lasting immunity than the immunity provided by vaccination alone.


            The study, a retrospective observational study conducted by Maccabi Healthcare Services, Tel Aviv University, Ashdod University Hospital, compared Israelis from three groups: people who had received vaccine and were never infected (SARS-CoV-2 naïve), people who were previously infected and did not receive the vaccine, and people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2 and then vaccinated after recovering.


            Researchers found that natural immunity is stronger and longer-lasting than vaccination, but also noted that a single-dose of vaccine likely can offer additional protection from the Delta Variant to those who recovered from SARS-CoV-2.


            For the study, researchers analyzed anonymized Electronic Health Records, a database which covers records for 2.5 million people in Israeli, spanning March 1st 2020 to August 14th 2021.


            The study grouped the subjects into categories based on vaccination status and previous infection, correcting for demographic factors including age, sex, location of residence, as well as the timing of infection or vaccination.


            In the first analysis, which only compared natural immunity to vaccinated immunity among the SARS-CoV-2 naïve, two cohorts of 16,215 people each were studied, with equal representation of age, sex, location, and time of infection or vaccination.


            This model showed 256 total cases of infection, 238 were ‘breakthrough infections’ of the vaccinated and COVID naive, while 19 were reinfections among the unvaccinated, previously infected group. Adjusting for comorbidities, vaccinated COVID-naïve people had 13 times greater risk for infection than did the previously infected.


            Of 199 symptomatic cases, 191 were among the vaccinated, just 8 were among the previously infected. After adjusting for comorbidities, researchers found the vaccinated were 27 times more likely to suffer a symptomatic case of the virus in comparison to the risk previously infected people had of having symptomatic reinfection case.


            A total of nine hospitalizations were reported, eight of them among the vaccinated COVID-naïve group, with one among the previously infected. No deaths were reported in either cohort.


            The researchers also compared two groups – each including 14,029 people – one in which the subjects had been previously infected but never vaccinated, and one in which they were infected and then later vaccinated with a single dose.


            This model found that vaccination with a single dose of the vaccine cut the risk of reinfection nearly in half, with the previously infected vaccinated group having a 0.53 risk factor compared to the unvaccinated recovered group.


            The vaccine appeared to make slightly less of an impact in cutting the risk factor for symptomatic illness, however.


            Sixteen of the recovered-and-vaccinated cohort reported symptomatic reinfection, compared to 23 subjects in the unvaccinated cohort. One unvaccinated patient was hospitalized, while none of the recovered-and-vaccinated patients were hospitalized.


            Taking comorbidities into account, the study found that recovered-and-vaccinated subjects had a 0.65 risk factor, or 65% the risk of the unvaccinated recovered subjects, for developing a symptomatic case of the virus.


            The authors concluded that when studying the effects of the Delta Variant, “natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”


            But, they added, a single dose of the vaccine appears to boost the protection enjoyed by the previously infected.


            “Notably, individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant. The long-term protection provided by a third dose, recently administered in Israel, is still unknown.”


            The researchers suggested that the stronger and longer-lasting protection enjoyed by the previously infected “could be explained by the more extensive immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 proteins than that generated by the anti-spike protein immune activation conferred by the vaccine,” while adding “this remains a hypothesis.”.


            But, they added, a single dose of the vaccine appears to boost the protection enjoyed by the previously infected.


            “Notably, individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the BNT162b2 vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant. The long-term protection provided by a third dose, recently administered in Israel, is still unknown.”


            The researchers suggested that the stronger and longer-lasting protection enjoyed by the previously infected “could be explained by the more extensive immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 proteins than that generated by the anti-spike protein immune activation conferred by the vaccine,” while adding “this remains a hypothesis.”

            The study appears to corroborate the data collected by Israel’s Health Ministry earlier this year which compared the likelihood of reinfection during the fourth wave of the pandemic to the likelihood of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated.
            According to Channel 13, the data presented to the Health Ministry in July found that the vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely than the previously infected to be diagnosed with the virus, though no distinction was made between vaccinated patients who were COVID-naïve or previously infected, nor were comorbidities accounted for.

          • Brian,
            So what you’re saying is that science has proven these are indeed by definition vaccines and these vaccines absolutely confer some level immunity. Thanks for clearing that up for those who refuse to accept reality.

          • Steve0, how do you read something and just pull out the things you want and disregard the rest?My argument has never been whether this is a vaccine or not, period. My argument has and always will be, whether this vaccines is 1. more effective than your immune system and 2. the experimentation process to which validates a technologically new vaccine of this degree has not been met, but instead forced on a population by unlawful mandates and fear mongering while exonerating the makers of all liabilities if the experiment should go wrong, all while the potency of such vaccine has proven to be weak at best.

          • Brian,
            It’s a long circuitous and some times times torturous route, I know, but fairly easy to follow if you scroll back up you can read all of the comments that have been spawned off of the original comment. Along this long circuitous route, and in the original comment itself, you will find that some claim that these vaccines are not in fact vaccines and that these vaccines confer no or limited immunity. I’m not arguing against any of the other points in the study you provided, do you want me to breakdown every point and say if I agree or disagree with them?

          • Steve0, this response was all aim at a statement made by John Seymour, who stated, “Natural immunity is great, but it’s certainly not the best”.
            You were carrying on the circuitous argument with Jefferson about the definition of a vaccine. My response had ZERO to do with that argument when you decided to smear your conversion onto my response to Seymour’s statement. Please keep your responses addressed to the subject response rather than the entirety of the thread.
            And aside from my point, I think at this point you and Jefferson can put aside your argument about defining vaccine. We are essentially using the word for a lack of better terminology and brevity. Defining it is obvious futile and solves no problems.

  8. Alaska Air is busily making the case for an aviation version of Uber / Lyft in the charter world. Not being content with only making war on its customers, they bring the same sort of gleeful ugliness to their employees who have been busily warring against their customers onboard. Nicely done. Cheers –

    • Yep. Definitely interested in charter flight sharing. Should not be too hard to find a market from Anchorage-contiguous Pacific Northwest. Hopefully, the flights will go somewhere like Idaho or Montana on the other end thereby completely withdrawing our dollars from the states that basically hate freedom-loving people.

    • HAHAHAHA, yeah, that’s a great idea. Except uber and lyft are working on vaccine mandates themselves. Because intelligent people do not want to be stuck in a confined space with people who are afraid of vaccines.

  9. You can be sure AA will be one of the first airlines to accept/ demand the jab passports
    On a population that is more dependent than others due to our geographic location

    When the current flu runs it course there will be others – this madness will not end soon

    Crazy town we have arrived

    • Are private business allowed to make private business decisions or are they subjected to your decisions?

      • Steve, you know that corporations are not private businesses — they are anything but! Corporations are creations of the state and are creatures of the state, which is why they are organized along fascistic lines and invariably do the bidding of the state.

        • I did not know that, as a shareholder of multiple private businesses including AK Air, that’s news to me. Perhaps this is just more of your made up definitions or is this more of the sovereign citizen nonsense?

          • Steve, I guess when you cannot muster a sound and logical rebuttal, it is convenient for you to label the arguments against you as “ranting”. I have seen you do that here again and again. It only further demonstrates your fundamentally irrational, authoritarian and malicious agenda.

          • Jeff,
            It has more to do with “corporations are not private businesses” and “Corporations are creations of the state and are creatures of the state” and “organized along fascistic lines” and “invariably do the bidding of the state” and “de jure from de facto” than anything else. There’s nothing logical about what you’ve said. It is sovereign citizen ranting and raving.

          • Jeff, thank you again for clearly displaying your dishonesty, your disinegenuouness, your cowardice, and above all your abiding loathing of freedom and liberty, and your loathing those of us who value those principles.

          • “Jeff, thank you again for clearly displaying your dishonesty, your disinegenuouness, your cowardice, and above all your abiding loathing of freedom and liberty, and your loathing those of us who value those principles.”
            Indeed, thanks Jeff.

  10. Shelving conspiracy theories, my only logical conclusion I can come up with about these forced jab mandates is that the health insurance companies are crying all sorts of foul due to them paying out huge sums of money to claims by those that have been hospitalized. Since the only thing the jab does is lessen the affects of C19 and, for the most part, keeps you out of the hospital then I figure that the highly paid lobbyist folks from the health insurance industry forced this on Biden the fool. Then, corporations that offer a healthcare package got notice from said insurance companies that they’re going to dramatically raise their premiums if they don’t mandate, as a company the jab. That’s the logical reason.

    • Thanks for shelving conspiracy theories.
      Beside the logical reason you’ve provided, the fact that companies like this are following CDC guidelines when it comes to covid exposure (which I’m sure they do) having unvaccinated employees is a burden that they no longer wish to deal with while there is a tool that protects their employees. According to CDC guidelines a vaccinated person is allowed to keep working if exposed to covid, unless they have symptoms…whereas an unvaccinated person needs to quarantine for 14 days. It might just be easier to not have an unvaccinated employee who is repeatedly exposed to covid as one can imagine might happen frequently in a confined setting where social distancing is impossible with people coming and going from all parts of the world.

      • And how exactly do those CDC guidelines make any sense what so ever seeing how the vaccinated are filling the hospitals faster than the unvaxed all over the world?

        • Because a vaccinated person has a much smaller likelihood of becoming infected that an unvaccinated person.
          I haven’t seen the data that shows “the vaccinated are filling the hospitals faster than the unvaxed all over the world” I’ve seen where in some highly vaccinated countries there are a higher percentage of vaccinated than unvaccinated being hospitalized, which makes sense due to basic math. There also continues to be many, if not most, countries where the unvaccinated overwhelmingly make up the bulk of the hospitalized. Here, in Alaska, the unvaccinated continue to overwhelmingly make up the bulk of the hospitalized.

          • Again, Steve-O, you are either lying here or ignorant, as the data out of the UK, Iceland, and Israel, among other places with a large percentage of the population being “vaccinated”, is showing exactly the opposite — those who have received the jabs (which are not vaccines in any traditional sense) are becoming infected AND hospitalized AND dying at HIGHER rates than those who have not received the jabs.
            Again, I would ask, in apparent futility, for you to try to educate yourself from independent and HONEST sources of information, rather than merely relying on the talking points and propaganda of the utterly corrupt corporate media.

          • Jeff,
            The problem you have here is one of credibility. You’ve claimed numerous times that these vaccines do not meet the “standard definition of a vaccine”, this is demonstrably false as has been pointed out to you repeatedly. Now you’ve changed your wording to “are not vaccines in any traditional sense”, which is an entirely different conversation. You’ve repeatedly called me a liar and yet you’ve not once disproven anything I’ve said, once again speaking to your lack of credibility. You lash out and call those you disagree with vile names because you have no other way to make a point, yet more problems with your credibility.
            If you were able to look upon the information from highly vaccinated countries like the UK, Iceland, Israel, and other places like Portugal (without the jaundiced eye of one who receives their information from only one perspective) you might actual find the numbers to be surprising to you. It’s really simple math, the more people that have been vaccinated the more people will have breakthrough cases and indeed illness. Now I know some people can’t remember as well as others but nobody ever claimed these vaccines were a magic bubble that would keep everyone from getting sick, breakthrough cases were expected. Speaking of Israel specifically I’ve read that the majority of hospitalized cases are still among the unvaccinated, unfortunately the palestinians are overwhelmingly the driving force behind the recent surge there as they largely remain unvaccinated. Do vaccinated people make up some percentage of cases and illnesses, absolutely they do, percentage wise being vaccinated has proven to lower your chances of becoming infected and requiring hospitalization.
            Instead of calling people names and repeating information that has already been proven false, please try and be civil and learn from others. You can regain some of your credibility if you do so.

  11. You know they will mandate passengers to be vaccinated very soon. This is just the beginning. Here in Juneau they’re the only way out besides the AMHS which is far from dependable. Many of us won’t have a choice, and that’s how they see it.

      • Billy Boy, I see you are again at war with your fellow man and any conception of individual liberty! And in this world where we learn of new developments regarding science and health it is refreshing to find one who is so ignorant as to be amusing. Nicely played Sir! Perhaps you can enlighten us all on other subjects beyond “tough noogies”?
        I await your pathetic logorrhea which will soon spew forth from your misplaced north/ south bodily orifices.
        He He…

    • Once all airlines force the jab on passengers to fly then all Alaskans who chose not to be jab is SOL. Because Canada doesn’t allow travelers to pass through without the jabbed. No way out of the state at that point. No more visiting families and friends in the lower 48.

  12. Get them all jabbed before the scamdemic runs its course.
    How long do real pandemics last anyway?
    This fake one appears to be permanent.

      • That is a scary thought. But you know Nazi-Germany couldn’t remove All the Jewish families of those European families. It was not permitted. Removing or killing all those people refusing (or waiting for) the covid jabs and booster shots will also not be permitted. There will still be individuals they could not remove left to report the experiences and stories of being discriminated against by those who chose hate.

  13. This is what happens when you sell your soul for federal funds….this isn’t just Alaska Airlines or other corporations that have taken bail-outs and flat-out bribes from the government trough…..this is EVERY community, company, and individual in Alaska with grant goodies, CARE funds, etc. Why do you think the hospitals and Dunleavy are adhering to firing qualified medical personnel and replacing them with outsiders and the national guard? Why do you think the mainstream media is suppressing any reporting of our farcical elections, unconstitutional COVID policies, and dangers of the jab? Why do you think the schools are adhering to these insane mandates and perverted education topics? When will people wake up to how destructive this dependence on the federal government really is? Bread and circuses keep you distracted from the destruction all around you.

  14. Meanwhile, intelligent, perceptive individuals are now confirming what the millions of FEMA coffins were for, stacked high in fields all across America….
    Connecting the dots as to why that episode of Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura (Fema camp/coffins “the Culling”) episode mysteriously disappeared from peoples DVRs, TiVo, Comcast, DirectTV and AT&T customers machines.
    (Deleted peoples recorded shows from their home machines REMOTELY) –Let that sink in…–

    Find this interview on the highwire.
    These two experts lay out the facts.
    This Jab is not for health at this point, and the opposite could be true.

    • It’s a waiting game now. The inevitable facts will come out and people will revolt.
      Unfortunately the death toll is rising until then. Lottery anyone? Free donuts?

  16. The mandate is unconstitutional and, rather than fight, corporate America is bellying up to the trough for more Covid money. In return, they are sacrificing the rights of the workers that keep them in operation.

    • Corporate America and politicians are of one mindset, Build Back Better, synonymous with destroy America as we know it. The only entity being represented by our politicians are Corporate America.

    • Robert, exactly!! Win, Win for these corporations. Instead of having to pay their workers who’ve worked through the plandemic to keep these corporations afloat the corporations rather steal from their employees in federal Covid relief funds from which their employees have paid in federal taxes in the past and will have to pay in the future.

  17. Bravo Alaska Airlines! Also United, American, JetBlue, Frontier, and many others!

    Alaskans who vow to “die for their freedom” will soon get vaccinated when they can no longer jet away to Hawaii this winter. Their resolve will wither away as soon as the winter snows swirl, and the cheap PFD airline deals become available.

    And we will watch with amusement while, after all of their freedom-virtue signaling and grandstanding, they take the shot, and slink off to warmer climes.

    BTW, just had my third shot yesterday, feel great, didn’t cost a dime, and still Covid-free.

      • Happy to keep you posted, Jefferson. Please reply with your personal email address, and I’ll send you an update in three years’ time.

        • Denmark has now paused the Moderna shot for anyone under the age of 30 due to a massive increase in heart problems…
          When are you going to wake up?

    • Get a comprehensive blood test done and post the results here.
      Become a provider of provable facts and not just another commenter offering opinions.
      Ask the lab to look for misshapen red blood cells, unusual stacking of RBCs (shows up as long chains floating around in your cardiovascular system), micro clots and other unexpected cardiovascular effects.
      VAERS is showing an unexplained increase in deaths due to strokes, heart attacks and even increased incidence of cancer in “vaccinated” people.
      Make sure to also contact your primary care provider to set up a comprehensive autopsy in case of your untimely death.
      Some of the autopsy results being reported for previously “vaccinated” people reveal widespread damage to the cardiovascular system and most major organs.
      Interesting stuff and it’s actually from real medical research rather than opinions from people who simply repeat what the authorities and MSM have told them.
      Keep us updated on your progress over the coming months and thank you for your sacrifice in the name of medical research…unintended as it may be.

      • I second that course of action, not that I care about the results. It’s not about the vaccine experiment for me, but rather the freedom of choice. Man made miracles do not exist except to create false idolatry for the faithless. Freedom of choice is the only thing that keeps a government from becoming tyrannical.

  18. @ WHIDBEY THEDOG Don’t forget to wait in line for you cup of soup and the fourth, fifth and six shot. Per the Covid Czar. Coming soon to a country near you! Hey, I had Covid and I’ll let you in on a secret the state and lame stream media doesn’t tell you, my antibodies were free too, no shot needed. Best part no need for boosters after boosters, as my body gives that willingly. And I’m still Covid free no breakthrough cases to worry about.

  19. You know what you’ve got here on MRAK? Pretty much the same 10 or 20 commenters continuing to double and triple down on their purported mask/vaccine “beliefs”, hoping it will silence that worrying little voice inside their heads.

    They know they’re wrong, and are afraid of the consequences. But alas, they have taken a stand, drawn a line, and it’s now too late to back down without losing face and looking foolish.

    It doesn’t need to be this way. Think of it like Salvation – repent, follow the one true path, and all will be forgiven.

    • From SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England Technical briefing 23, 17 September 2021: “In the U.K. data study there were: 157,400 Delta variant cases amid the fully vaccinated (26.52% of total cases), and 257,357 Delta variant cases amid the unvaccinated (43.36% of total cases). However, when it came to severe outcomes 63.5% of deaths were from the fully vaccinated group.”
      Should make even good dogs that do as their master commands think twice.
      Real science can be a real bitch.

  20. Can you imagine the mark of the beast being forced on mankind any other way?

    I have no regret. I don’t feel wrong. I’m not afraid of consequences. And it is too late for those who received the venom vaccine. It is you that will look foolish in time, taking the road of false salvation. Placing your Faith in man rather than God will be your ruination.

  21. Spent the last two summers flying thousands of passengers around the YK Delta in a plane the size of a mini van. No vaccine, no mask, no dis ease. I did have a head ache a couple of days, but I attribute that to the mask covidians and their shedding of the spike protein.

  22. Mad about having to take a shot about whose long-term effect(s) you and your doctor know nothing?
    Long-term effects about which you know nothing… on pilots, think about that.
    So get off your asses and strike already!
    Week or two off the job might do wonders helping Alaska Airlines management see the light.
    Customers probably won’t mind… might even carry signs for picketers if a week or two off the job means respite from Alaska Air employees mumbling incomprehensibly through face diapers, obsessing over face diapers, pimping credit cards and black lives matter apparel.
    This could work well for everyone (except management) so why not organize a walk-out? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if America’s entire airline industry followed suit… in the middle of holiday season!

    • The Build Back Better gang doesn’t care if anyone ever flies again. Flying will only be left to the rich soon as it was in the early years of commercial flight. It’s all laid out in their agenda using COVID and climate change as their excuse and so many blind are following.

      • Respectfully disagree…
        The desperate energy, the political-media clout the airline industry can muster when members want a government bailout suggests too much money is in play for flying to be the exclusive pasttime of the wealthy, at least for the foreseeable future.
        Think about the massive number of corporate parts which have to work together, on time, in place for a scheduled airline to work and show a profit and what happens to the dance if employees strike… especially during Thanksgiving-Christmas season.
        Major investors might well purge management if employees strike simply because management arbitrarily forced them to get shot.
        If the movement spreads, it could be the start of America’s awakening.
        Not entirely a bad thing, yes?

  23. If you don’t need a mask or a vaccine because God is going to protect you, why do you need a gun?

    Fair question.

    • You see Snoop-Dawg lots of folks think possessing guns is for protection from the two legged enemies, which, in the past was true. Today, with the insanity of the world those of us left after the purge will be using them for wild game.

  24. Bravo Alaska Airlines.

    Now if all passengers would get vaccinated we could get rid of the mask.
    That would be nice.

  25. It’s time we all start coming together and pitching in for private aircraft, we have to stop feeding these companies. Delete your Facebook, stop flying Alaska airlines! All very simple steps in the right direction!

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