Crypto king who funded Democratic Party won’t face campaign finance felony; DoJ drops charge


Author F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that the rich “are different from you and me.” Ernest Hemingway supposedly responded, “Yes, they have more money.” They also appear to have their own justice system.

Crypto currency pioneer Sam Bankman-Fried, 31, has had yet another felony charge against him dropped; The Department of Justice has now dismissed six of the original charges against the Democrat super donor. That brings it to six felony charges dropped.

Once considered the king of crypto currency trading who founded of the exchange FTX, Bankman-Fried has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges, including stealing from investors and directing FTX customer deposits to fund his extravagant lifestyle and to buy influence among elected officials.

On Thursday, the Bahamas said it would not pursue one of the charges it had against him, which had to do with violation of campaign laws. The U.S. indictment item was not listed properly on prosecution documents when Bankman-Fried was extradited back to the Untied States.

The Department of Justice, with what was the simplest charge to prove, had not notified the Bahamas of that particular charge prior to extradition, creating a loophole for the defendant. The treaty between the countries requires the extraditing country to be notified of the charge.

It’s unclear why the Justice Department is not pursuing that charge separately.

Bankman-Fried still faces seven counts of conspiring to defraud customers and five charges for foreign bribery conspiracy and bank fraud conspiracy.

The financier of Democratic Party interests around the country, including Alaska, has been under house arrest at his parent’s Palo Alto, Calif. home since December. His bail is set at $250 million and his parents put their home up as collateral to keep him out of jail, since he has supposedly been made penniless by his thieving ways.

SBF was last year the second-largest donor to the Democratic Party, and gave $5.2 million to the reelection efforts for President Joe Biden.

The trading analytics group Unusual Whales said, “Campaign finance charges on Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX have been dropped. This is unusual. He gave millions to politicians. And there wasn’t a list of who which politicians and groups he gave money to. Until now.”

The group published a graphics this week showing both the Alaska Democratic Party and Sen. Murkowski on the list of beneficiaries of the influence peddling scheme:

See all the graphs published at this site.


  1. Of course they are dropping charges…….in exchange for hundreds of $$millions to the Joe Biden Campaign Fund and to the Democrat Party. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  2. How many people are going to keep paying their taxes after they read this crap? Go look in the mirror at a scared sell out

    • Okay internet hero, so you are not going to allow your employer to withhold and submit taxes from your paycheck? Or you’re not going to pay quarterly tax deposits? Or file an IRS tax return? Or pay your property taxes. Sure we are all scared sell-outs. That’s the definition of living under tyranny. I’m guessing you will admit to being the same as the rest of us.

  3. Pays to have a good, strong, and smart D-A-D in one’s life. Men you been made to underestimate your power and influence. Just like Lundon, and this guy’s parents specifically his dad is still alive, both are doing their dad duties. He couldn’t do this on his own with Dad and a good male attorneys, he not old and wise enough yet.

  4. “It’s a big club and you ‘aint in it.” -G.C.

    I hope Sam doesn’t run out of snacks, as he spends his pretrial time at his parents house (basement). Bail paid by anonymous. I’m sure he is leveling up his League of Legend characters. It’s a rough life…



  5. His whole family is tied to a bunch of liberal PAC’s.

    Pretty sure his mother is very well known amongst the liberal elites.

  6. White privilege?
    Nope. Leftist privilege.
    One thing that defines socialism/communism/collectivism/statism is that the measure of wealth shifts from the number of units of currency you are in control of, to the amount of political influence and your position in the party.
    No longer will you be wealthy and able to enjoy the luxuries because you worked hard and made good financial decision. Nope, instead, your loyalty to the leftists is what will allow you to have a nice house, good food, and the ability to travel freely.
    Proof? See this decision to not charge an obvious criminal. More proof? See the clown show that is the Hunter Biden plea deal. Want more proof? Meaningless indictment after meaningless indictment against President Trump. Further proof? Swallwell sleeps with a chinese spy, and gets put on the intelligence committee, Fienstien has a chinese spy as a driver and confident for decades, and gets no censures. OK, more proof, Schiff gets zero punishment for constantly lying to Congress and the American public.
    The list goes on and on.
    Swear loyalty to the globalists, get free passes for all your indiscretions.

  7. Sam”TheBankman” Fried could not have been named more appropriately unless his nickname is “DonkeyKing”.

    Do a little research and you wont have to look very far to see the”republicans” he supported with stolen money voted with and for democrats a lot more often than a sizable number of moderate democrats which completely negates the excuse Maxine Waters used when asked if she would return any of the stolen money.
    She outwardly and proudly said she would be “keeping ALL of the stolen money simply because there were republicans who got some of the money as well”.
    Apparently there are no laws against receiving and even concealing stolen property as in the case of our proud Senator Murkowsky who graciously handed over the stolen goods to a family members “nonprofit” in Homer in an effort to hide the donations so the bank investigators would have a more difficult time tracking and recovering the stolen funds to be returned to the fleeced investors.

    Thats a good reputation to have as a Senator. If there are any thieves in the crowd your Senator Lisa is the perfect place to “fence” stolen goods in return for some very lucrative political favors and maybe even some monthly table scraps with America Rescue Plan Act in full swing and Inflation Reduction Act bloated and busting at the seams ready to explode the minute ARPA funds are thoroughly pissed away.

    Everyone should be sending an email thanking our fine Senator Murkowsky for cowering to the “Bankman Thief” and tarnishing whats left of Alaska’s reputation and leave us as a fencing outlet for stolen money.

    If she keeps up pretty soon Uncle Frank and Hunter will be knocking on big daddy Frank and Nancy’s door looking for some shelter and comradery. Birds of feather flock together.
    On second thought the Bidens like warmer climates so my guess is the Murkys and the Bidens will be seeking refuge in Martha’s Vineyard where more similar feathered friends live.
    Dont forget that email folks. Got to let her know not all of her flock are asleep at home.

  8. -Democrats want increased tracking/control of your money so they can reallocate it for votes.
    -Cash is still somewhat anonymous, but they are working overtime to close that privacy ‘loophole’.
    -Emerging cryptocurrency threatens that control, as it allows remote transactions to be anonymized.
    -Well-connected Semetic-Democrat operative sets up a scheme to steal billons from crypto-enthusiasts while handing millions to Democrat politicians ahead of election season.
    -Scheme collapses, as intended – Democrats are given an excuse to regulate the privacy out of crypto.
    -Now, they simply need to rescue ‘their guy’ from actual punishment.

    From the Democrats’ perspective, the real ‘bad guys’ were the people trading in cryptocurrency.

  9. Wonder how many of us would get to be placed under house arrest in that palatial home in Palo Alto. We would probably be put in a very uncomfortable cell with Big Al pending trial. And which of us has parents who have a home valuable enough to be used as collateral to secure a $250 million dollar bail such as did his parents.
    So it makes me wonder! Where did his parents come up with a house valuable enough to do that?
    Let’s see! So you defraud people of billions of dollars, buy and give a $250 million dollar home to your parents using the money you stole from your clients, then use the home as security for bail to keep you out of jail.
    Is America great, or what?

  10. “It’s unclear why the Justice Department is not pursuing that charge separately.”
    It becomes even murkier when you observe the DOJ’s astonishingly pathetic track record.

    Then if you dig around a bit you find that it’s not particularly murky at all.

    In Q4 of 1987 the DOJ revised its prosecution guidelines giving prosecutors broad discretion to suck as much as they’d like and prosecutors without pride or sense of place use that discretion w/reckless abandon. There is a menu from which prosecutors may construct a paint by numbers plea. The charges are itemized and then the defense can choose to plead guilty to the least offensive selection amongst the charges listed. The prosecutor then says ok… and the negotiation is complete. In those instances the prosecutor will have appeared to have negotiated a win and his or her conviction rate will appear to be high and enhance his/her likelihood of qualifying for a future judgeship, all the while the miscreant walks away with a swat on the ass and told to be a better boy.

    The key is to make sure Victim’s Impact Statements are impactful enough that the plea is thrown out and the case goes to trial. Of the cases that go to jury trial sentencing averages 4x the length of time the roach spends behind bars had the plea been accepted.

    If public outcry is low so may be the consequence of bad behavior. If you are an offended victim and inclined to sit back and observe as justice takes its course know that you are making a dreadful error. Make your voice heard and make your voice one they’ll not soon forget.

    The prosecutor is most definitely not on your side and if you wait until that’s self evident you’ll have waited too long.

    • Trouser, since much depends upon the court of public opinion in prosecution of these cases, it’s strange that Tom Brady has been so silent here.
      I read somewhere that he got fleeced by this Bankster troll.

  11. Unfreakingbelievable! If this doesn’t piss off almost everyone than this country doesn’t have long to last. Republicans in Congress need to get off their asses and immediately – like right now – start impeachment proceedings against corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland and then move on to impeach Short Bus Biden!

    • It has been ever thus.

      The only difference is that w/enhanced communication more are noticing the flaws.

  12. The Democrat elite do not live by our laws. Look at Alec Baldwin, he shot dead a woman and mother on a moviei set. Nothing happened except his wife complained about the negative publicity hurting them.

  13. The fact that this DOJ continues to operate a cabal of Biden government agents running interference for all the leftist liars and thieves in congress, with zero repercussions, should be enough evidence to the taxpaying citizen that our republic is imploding. There is no justice in America anymore. The only people that have to obey the law are those busting their asses to live their lives as the constitution intended. All the connected and the bums get a pass.

  14. This demonstrates how completely the progressives have infiltrated all levels of the government. Sadly, Trump didn’t realize this until too late. I doubt he or any other Republican who might be elected president will be able to do much about it, and will spend their entire term battling a series of neverending lies, leaks, undermining, subterfuge, phony indictments, and general failure to carry out their duties. It will be nearly impossible to root out and fire these saboteurs.

    This is our future, folks.

  15. One thing about our current generation of kids , their learning crime pays ! Pays very well if you’re part of the corrupt machine ! Hopefully universities are teaching courses on this now . Let’s see ,
    Crypto Banking Scam 401 course , 4 credits .

    Money Laundering 101 , for dummies and CrackHeads , 3 credits !

    Can’t make this stuff up !

  16. This is because the criminal syndicate will not prosecute their own. 2-tiered justice system! The donations to Murkowski tell you everything you need to know about her. She is part of their criminal syndicate, period!

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