People: Joe Biden finally acknowledges seventh grandchild


In an exclusive story published in People magazine on Friday, President Joe Biden finally addressed the question about why he would not acknowledge his seventh grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts. The statement comes after a month of speculation surrounding why the little girl appeared to be excluded from the President’s tightly-knit family circle and why the Administration will not provide Secret Service protection for the child, as the other six grandchildren are given.

Navy Roberts is the daughter of Hunter Biden, the President’s son, and Lunden Roberts, who filed a paternity lawsuit against Hunter back in 2019. Hunter now pays child support after resolving the legal conditions.

“Our son Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to foster a relationship that is in the best interests of their daughter, preserving her privacy as much as possible going forward,” President Biden was quoted in the People magazine article. He said that the matter is purely a family issue and not a political one. “Jill and I only want what is best for all of our grandchildren, including Navy,” he added.

Last week, the watchdog group Judicial Watch took legal action by filing a lawsuit to obtain documents related to the Secret Service’s decision to deny protection for Navy Roberts, who had not been publicly recognized by the President until now. Despite at least one documented threat, the Secret Service has still not provided security for Navy or her mother.

Photo: From Lynden Roberts’ social media of herself and Navy touring the U.S. Capitol.


    • There are probably dozens more grandbabies out there. Hunter was roaming around for years. Trump could make a side business out of this…. Using Biden’s grandkids on campaign ads.

      • There’s Navy, then Air Force, Army, Marines, and Guard. Joe’s military family, and his service to the country. Trump could have a field day with these new grandbabies. LOL..🤣

    • Imagine how bad it must be. Sometimes I feel sorry for Pantload’s kids. They really had no shot.

  1. A hired and paid attorney can do a lot for a single mother if she or her family has money. If her family had no money or her own mother was a single mother, too, or a widow, Lundon would have nothing. The only reason Hunter had to pay and judicial watch got involved is mother has a good and strong Dad in her life plus a hired attorney (another man). Today women like to believe they got everything they have without a man, if she reached success it’s because there was a man in her life be she had a dad growing up, a grandfather, a good and supportive brother, a good and loyal male friend(s), or she got help from a male. Contrary to the feminist culture Men are still very much needed for a woman to get anywhere in her life from her dad to her boss and colleagues. Good job to Lundon’s dad! He is protecting and taking care of business of his wife and grandchild including his once prodigal daughter now returned home seeing she has everything she and grandchild receive what they are entitled.

  2. If this granddaughter could know what kind of family the Biden’s are, she would probably not want to be associated with them!

  3. Joe and the good doctor didn’t say anything. Election season is coming up and publicists carefully crafted this message and released it. Hunter is going to foster a relationship with the mother? Right, like we’re going to believe that also.

  4. Poor kid would probably be better off in life if the sick mess of the Biden family ignored her forever.

  5. Interesting in that the secret Service has spent MILLIONS on providing protection for drug addict Hunter.

    • And NO Secret Service protection at all for declared presidential candidate RFK Jr., as would otherwise always be the case.

      No, there are definitely no double standards involved.

      • I would think RFK Jr. may have told the secret service to focus more on Joe and Hunter after the fate of his Father and Uncle.
        That could make him a shoe-in candidate.

    • He says he calls each and everyone of them every day after checking on their account balance to make sure He gets his 10% and thank them for all the hard work they’ve done.

  6. If I had a granddaughter named “Navy”, I’d disown her too.

    “Navy”? Really? Did the family have too many girls named “Lampshade” and “MacGruber” already?

    • Its all good just as long as she is not a chip off the old block.
      That is whats ultimately important here.
      America just cant afford more grifting from Biden Inc.

      • Alzheimers Joe suddenly realized that one more little girl to fondle might not be such a bad thing. And its in the family, something the Biden’s seem to get more excited about.
        Sicko, perverted Democrats.

  7. Judicial Watch scores another hit. Attorney Larry Clamant is a one-man wrecking ball against the Democrats.

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