Judicial Watch sues for records about why Secret Service won’t protect the seventh Biden grandchild


The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has taken legal action against the Department of Homeland Security over records or potential records relating to its refusal to provide Secret Service protection for Navy Joan Roberts, the 4-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden.

The president refuses to acknowledge that Navy Roberts is his granddaughter with, even though DNA tests have proven it and even though Hunter has started paying child support.

The lawsuit, Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Homeland Security, seeks to obtain all internal Secret Service communications concerning the protection of Navy Roberts.

According to the Secret Service’s website, the agency is mandated by Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 3056, to guarantee protection for the president, vice president, and their immediate families.

On June 6, 2022, the Daily Mail reported that the Biden Administration refused to provide security for Navy Roberts after her mother, Lunden Roberts, reported threats from her ex-fiancé.

The case took a new turn when Judicial Watch filed an information request on May 2, seeking access to all reports, memoranda, and internal Secret Service electronic communications, including emails and text messages, regarding the potential provision of Secret Service protection to Navy Roberts.

The Secret Service responded to the request on June 12, stating there are no responsive records to Judicial Watch’s request.

Unhappy with the response, Judicial Watch appealed the Secret Service’s determination, questioning the thoroughness of the search for records. The Secret Service failed to respond to that appeal, leading Judicial Watch to file the lawsuit to obtain the requested information.

Hunter Biden had initially denied being Navy Joan Roberts’ father, but the DNA test in 2019 confirmed that he is, indeed, her biological father. Subsequently, he has been providing court-ordered child support.

The New York Times recently reported that Biden’s aides have been informed in strategy meetings that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren. The president’s other grandchild has not yet been publicly mentioned or met by him, and his White House press secretary has not addressed repeated questions about whether he will acknowledge her now that the child support case is settled.

In April, President Biden told a group of children that he had ‘six grandchildren. And I’m crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day. Not a joke,’” according to the New York Times.

Maureen Dowd: It’s seven grandchildren, Mr. President

“All of Joe Biden’s grandchildren can receive Secret Service protection while he’s in office. We frankly can’t imagine any good reason to deny security to this child,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Read more at Judicial Watch.


  1. Maybe they can set a new precedent negating DNA evidence. Hopefully the mother will find a decent man that might be willing to be a father to this child. A real man. Then the child can get over the shame of her blood line.

    • Her finding a husband not as confused as Hunter Biden is unlikely. Most single moms have issues that sabotage their relationships. If she sets her mind and heart on Christ, walking daily with God, then she may have a chance being found by a better man not a perfect man cause even a good man has flaws (which brings on the conflicts) but he doesn’t abandon. Her stripper past, her past with a violent and controlling ex boyfriend, a past with Hunter, she be happier a single mom with her daughter and rekindling and rebuilding her relationships with her childhood family.

    • She gone through a lot of sexual trauma and exploitation. She’d be happier being by herself with her daughter, mother, and father, learning to enjoy her freedom. Men and women whom gone through Trauma they don’t do well in relationships, it be a lot to ask in a new boyfriend even a good one to stand firm even alone while his girlfriend or new bride is trying to heal from her inner trauma.

  2. Here’s a question, does any child whose relationship to those involved in their biological conception as a ‘sperm donor’ get to call him ‘Daddy’?

    • When sperm donors are paying child support, what does that make them, Mrs. N.? It makes them parents. States use genetics to determine legal parentage. A child conceived through sexual intercourse has a father and a mother. Fathers, like Hunter, can have parental and can be obligated to pay child support, as he has been. It is also often legally found that if a man donates sperm through a private arrangement, the man can come back later and demand parental rights, and he can win, which is why it is so often done through a clinic.

      So yes, Hunter is the baby daddy. Or in old-fashioned terms, the father.

      • But Bullwinkle, what if Hunter decided to go full-on tranny and declare “herself” a woman? He could argue in subsequent lawsuits that his constitutional protections for a sexual identity change should invalidate the prior determination of his parentage, because he can’t bear a child. Or could he? ……. Under Joe Biden’s world, maybe gramps could go full-on tranny too and make a constitutional claim that Hunter isn’t his son.(?)
        And Josephine would become our first tranny president.

      • Thanks for that clarification in semantics. It’s not my business of course, but is his name listed on the birth certificate? Speculation. In some places legal rights are limited unless parentage is listed on the certificate or documents granted in legal actions. If that wasn’t secured, there is a chance that the President is not the legal grandparent, I suppose. I have heard of being legally disinherited as well. Again, it’s not my business. The Judicial Watch inquiry might lead to a question about where the $750,000 he paid in child support went. I can’t imagine that high chairs, diapers and baby bottles are too terribly expensive, though a college fund might be nice.

        • If it isn’t your business, why comment? What business is it of yours, how much money Hunter paid in child support and what the mother of his child did with it? By the simple fact that Hunter IS paying child support, he acknowledges this child as his. That his dad can’t bring himself to be kind and protective to a child, who’s only misfortune was to be fathered by his son, is a serious character flaw in my opinion.

  3. Larry Clayman, senior attorney at Judicial Watch, is a genius. Clayman has a propensity to obtain official records and then use them in subsequent lawsuits. If he gets to the lawsuit stage and ends up representing Hunter’s daughter (gramps Joe’s granddaughter) through the stripper mom, there will be depositions under sworn oath. That may include Grandpa Joe and sonnyboy Hunter having to sweat it out under the bright lights of Truth. Let the fun begin.

  4. Not to defend the Bidens or anything, but I can’t quite see why Judicial Watch should be provided the records. What I mean is, what business is it of theirs?

  5. Mommy now has real money coming to her through her daughter’s what do you call him cause I can’t call Hunter a father or daddy. That now her ex abusive boyfriend wants a cut Hunter’s family money. Mother should put all hunter’s child support money in a trust fund account for the daughter that even mommy can’t use. That may discourage her ex boyfriend- another man who looks for a grown woman to take care of him like his mommy.

  6. Sloppy Joe’s refusal to acknowledge his 4 year old granddaughter just shows what a scumbag he really is!

  7. The question is, if the biological grandchildren of the President are entitled to SS protection while he is in office, on what basis can that protection be denied? Biden might want to play make-believe that his grandchild doesn’t exist – much like how like confused men pretend to be women – but that doesn’t change the childs’ increased exposure to harm/threats/kidnapping. There is a legal question here, and the Secret Service is a taxpayer funded entity, so Judicial Watch is requesting access to the records.

    • Perhaps that $750,000 at $20,000 per month is going to the Secret Service. Who knows. Maybe Judicial Watch could check into that for all of us for whom it is none of our business. If this woman was a prostitute … then where is the legal obligation for President Biden? By the way, there has been no report of abuse, so I wonder why folks keep bringing the woman up as abused. I’m not really interested in the sordid details, but it hardly seems fair. But, bringing a child into this world, the mother better be damned sure that she does everything she can to ensure that the little one has a fighting chance in this world and doesn’t just have to just rely on a celebrity genetic relationship to the sperm donor.

      • ” If this woman is a prostitute….then were is the legal obligation for President Biden?”
        The legal obligation is Hunter’s and her profession is immaterial as she has undeniably proven to be the mother of his child. That Hunter can’t pick ’em isn’t the baby’s problem and the President should take it up with his son. If the secret service protects his other 6 grandchildren and their parents then they also have a legal obligation to protect this one, regardless of what old Joe thinks. BTW the secret service is paid by the taxpayer NOT by the protectee, so can your jealous complaining about the money, which by your own admission isn’t your business.

        “But, bringing a child into this world, the mother better be damned sure that she does everything she can to ensure that the little one has a fighting chance in this world”
        Agreed this little one needs a fighting chance to be safe from all those who wish to do her harm in order to get to the “Big guy”. That the big guy callously denies that protection says a great deal about him.

      • Wow – you really are a loyal little Democrat apparichnik aren’t you , Comrade! Loyalty to Party before all else. Whether the mother of this child is a stripper, whore, black, white or whatever, Hunter Biden is the father & Short Stairs Joe is the grandfather! The child is biologically a Biden & at the very least deserves to be acknowledged as such by her Grand Parents, in spite of them being disgusting human beings.

  8. I wonder what the people defending Joe and Hunter Biden’s callous and cowardly behavior toward this little girl would be saying if this was Donald Trump and one of his sons ignoring their biological child/grandchild? Cheating the mother and an innocent child out of support and protection. We would have seen countless interviews and headline news exposé’s on the issue if anyone named Trump was involved. This is a classic case of a young woman and innocent child being abused by wealthy powerful men and the pink hat me too crowd just ignores it (or worse, tries to defend it)? I don’t know of any interviews with the mother or child.
    Some may say that the issue doesn’t matter, but this is one of many clear demonstrations of poor character from
    The Biden Family and the media’s public image assistance to tamp down on negative press. Only a true hypocrite or ignoramous (aka someone who gets their news from abc, nbc, msnbc, cnn, npr, adn, etc.) would fail to acknowledge its importance.

  9. Interesting of the biden family. Wonder about all the heads that would explode if Donald Trump would have stepped up and stated that he would adopt hunters child in order to insure that she had a family to support her as she grows up. Lol.

  10. At least The Taxpayer concedes the importance of the child in the conjecture of President Biden bearing full responsibility for the safety of a child conceived ‘incidentally’. I guess in discussing the issue we have determined the true issue is actually Secret Service protection which is possibly funded totally by taxpayers. (Did we know that before?)

    • Huh? What a convoluted sentences. Are you saying that the president has the obligation to protect this baby just like his other grandkids? Thanks for changing your perspective.

      WE already KNEW that the Secret Service is paid by us taxpayers, since they are federal agents with law enforcement powers. The Secret Service, founded in 1865, was part of the department of the treasury until 2003 when it became part of the department of homeland security. Their initial mission was to combat and root out counterfeit US currency, rampant after the civil war. The protection of the president and foreign dignitaries was added later. Today the secret service still performs these dual missions or currency protection and physical protection. Google is your friend!!

  11. My perspective hasn’t changed, A Taxpayer. Nowhere in FAQ from the government Secret Service website does it mention the duty to protect grandchildren born out of wedlock, of a president. However, I did concede for the protection of a child whose father has a lot of viciously violent political enemies, and whose mother apparently is not paid enough child support at $20,000/month. This is for the record, A Taxpayer; answers to FAQ from the government Secret Service website. “By law, the Secret Service is authorized to protect:
    The president, the vice president, (or other individuals next in order of succession to the Office of the President), the president-elect and vice president-elect
    The immediate families of the above individuals
    Former presidents, their spouses, except when the spouse re-marries
    Children of former presidents until age 16
    Visiting heads of foreign states or governments and their spouses traveling with them, other distinguished foreign visitors to the United States, and official representatives of the United States performing special missions abroad
    Major presidential and vice presidential candidates, and their spouses within 120 days of a general presidential election
    Other individuals as designated per Executive Order of the President and
    National Special Security Events, when designated as such by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.”

    Take it up with your legislator if you’d like to complain about where your tax dollars are being spent.

    • So that’s your problem! This little girl was born out of wedlock and so you do not consider her “family”. Again that’s a Hunter problem, whose behavior is certainly questionable, as he is married! I am very happy to have my tax dollars go to protect our leaders and their dear ones, as I know that any attack on them compromises the safety and tranquillity of the country.
      Be well Mrs. N.

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