Cowboy State Daily: Hail storm destroys entire solar farm in Nebraska


A violent hail storm in western Nebraska destroyed the panels of an entire solar farm, forcing the nearby community of Scottsbluff to return to traditional power sources, local officials said.

Cowboy State Daily was the first to report the destruction of the solar farm by hail coming down at a velocity of 150 miles per hour.

The Community Solar Project, a 4.4 megawatt solar field made up of 14,000 solar panels, is not currently operating and will remain offline until repairs are completed, the Nebraska Public Power District confirmed to Fox News Digital. The state-owned public utility and energy firm GenPro Energy Solutions developed the solar project just three years ago.

“The solar complex was destroyed by hail,” Scottsbluff City Manager Kevin Spencer said to news reporters. “They’re assessing the damage, but it certainly looks destroyed to me.”

“I don’t think we’re ready to give up on solar power,” he said. “It was our understanding that these solar panels were at least hail resistant. This hail was extreme, you know, the size and probably the speed of it. So, I don’t know that we would give up on it just yet.”

Read about the violent storm’s damage that also involved a tornado that destroyed one home, at Cowboy State Daily.

Scottsbluff is has a population of 14,400 and is located in the western part of Nebraska, in what’s known as the Nebraska Panhandle.


  1. Just wait until a tornado removes those farms entirely.

    No matter how much the left tries, there is no current replacement for oil.

    • Somewhere, over the rainbow, life is green
      And dreams that leftists dare to dream really can be seen.

      Somewhere, over the rainbow, turbines spin
      (As long as the oil that they need to spin keeps on flowing in.)

      Some day I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the cars are far behind me
      Where freedoms melt like lemon drops, above the climate agitprop
      That’s where you’ll find me.

      Somewhere, over the rainbow, life is green
      too bad the poverty that came with it was so unforeseen.

  2. That’s a shame.

    I’m sure that the petroleum-made, petroleum-installed, petroleum-lubricated, and petroleum-maintained wind turbine farm will pick up the slack. IF the wind is blowing.

  3. You know what doesn’t get destroyed by a “massive” hail storm? A nuclear plant, that’s what. Idiots.

  4. That’s it, throw more Good money after Bad. No one is that stupid, this is deliberate. Oh wait, perhaps there are people who are that stupid. I just never speak to them anymore.

  5. Open note to the optimistic city manager, Kevin Spencer:

    Yes, yes, when at first you don’t succeed, try again. THEN, GIVE UP. There’s no sense in being a damn fool about solar power. (Apology to W. C. Fields)

  6. Rule #1 of hail stories, Suzi, never omit the SIZE of the hailstones. Were they 150 mph fastballs that can kill livestock?

  7. Wind and solar; never a primary source of power. Always an auxiliary to the grid.

  8. Renewable energy technology is getting its experience with weather. I guess this is the wrong place for solar panels. Its not like Saudi Arabia environment.

  9. Look at the Silver Lining! Each Solar Panel requires something like one Troy Oz of Ag, (Silver) to produce photovoltac electricity. Alaska has the biggest producing Silver mine in the USA, (Greens Creek Mine ), I say yes to this idea of replacing the destroyed panels and charging forward with mining of Silver!

  10. Guess they can blame the hail storm on climate change. Wind turbines killing thousands of birds, including bald eagles can also be blamed on climate change.

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