French president parties with Elton John as country burns in riots


French President Emmanuel Macron was captured on video dad-dancing during an Elton John concert during the hit song “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.” Elton John is on a farewell tour and was in Paris for the final concert in France, during which he also sang “Burning Down the Mission.”

Outside, North African youth were literally burning down parts of France for the fourth night, and people were fighting in the streets as riots consume the country following the police shooting of a 17-year-old driver of North African descent.

The New York Times characterized it as “protesting.” Washington Post said it was due to France’s police brutality in the same way riots in America were blamed on the police killing of George Floyd in 2020, during the middle of a presidential election year. In a sense, this is France’s George Floyd moment, but the difference is that President Macron is an unabashed socialist; he was finance minister under Socialist President François Hollande.

But video from bystanders show major fires raging in cities in France, the burned-out husks of buses, and people battling off the rioters with baseball bats and sticks in hand-to-hand combat in the streets. Reports of tourists being trapped in buses, and there are reports of deaths. Police have arrested more than 1,300.

How the media is covering it and how countries are reacting around the world, according to LeMonde:

China, usually quick to report social tensions and police violence in Western countries, has limited its coverage. “This possibly is another sign of how Beijing has been trying to spare French President Emmanuel Macron, who is the country’s privileged European interlocutor since his last visit to China in April,” the newspaper said.

Russian media, however, is covering the events “with a mix of bewilderment and rejoicing.” On Thursday evening’s prime-time news in Russia, viewers saw video of two towns in the Paris region, with amateur footage of clashes, fires, and destruction. The newscast also reported social media users were “actively discussing” Macron’s presence at an Elton John concert “at the time of the worst clashes.”

CNN reports the riots as a “wave of protests,” sparking a “ban on demonstrations in some cities, travel warnings and reigniting a debate on over-policing in marginalized communities.”

The major network pretzeled itself to avoid saying these were North African immigrants and their offspring who were rioting. Instead, CNN wrote, “Scenes emerged of people setting fires to vehicles and climbing onto buildings with smashed windows, while riot police officers fiercely clashed with demonstrators.” The word riot was applied to police, rather than rioters.

CNN further wrote that the rioters, which CNN says are “activists” believe Nahel’s race was a factor in his killing, “unraveling deep-rooted tensions over police discrimination against minoritized communities in France.”

“Minoritized” is a word that has emerged from the Left to replace the term “minority.”

AlJazeera was more forthcoming than mainstream U.S. media: Paul Brennan, reporting from Nanterre, said some towns are “taking matters into their own hands”.

“For example, Marseille has banned public gatherings. Toulouse is stopping short, it’s not imposing a curfew as yet, but many cities and towns are taking their public transport off the roads,” Brennan said, AlJazeera reported.

“In the last hour, we’ve seen footage on social media suggesting down in the south of Paris … daylight looting has been taking place,” Brennan added.

Teenage groups are also targeting shopping malls during the day, and are “sweeping through with high speed,” Brennan said.

Some French territories are also seeing violence. In French Guiana in the French Caribbean, police came under fire and a government worker was shot to death in Cayenne, reportedly by a stray bullet. Other damage includes dumpsters being set on fire and buildings being vandalized, along with looting of stores. French Guiana is on the Atlantic coast in northern South America. Riots, looting, and vandalism were also reported on the Indian Ocean Island of La Reunion, a French territory.


  1. Imagine that! Partying while France is exploding in violence! Watch the videos of the streets being fire bombed, people throwing things.. Reminds me of the Black Lives bs in Seattle a couple years ago.. Absolutely disgusting…

  2. France, especially Paris, riots annually. Elton John (allegedly) retires once.

    Recently the mayor of Paris called for finding a way to coexist with the literal rats overrunning the city.

    France for years has allowed rampant “migrant” immigration with poor assimilation.

    I’m not so sure this isn’t a good thing for France. A kind of enema.

  3. While the miscreant thugs and illegals take over France, the homosexuals, trannies, and their apologists party on. The French ship is going down

  4. May as well celebrate while there is still time before the hell storm causes the entire city to lockdown. They must burn everything to the ground in the name of justice before anybody knows any sort of details surrounding the unfortunate death very much the same as Floyds death.

    Destroy everything in the name of justice just in case there was a mistake made by an officer.
    If it was a defensive move on the part of the officer… Well hell, at least we got to loot and burn and get our jollies out on the street and get even with those officers that gave me a citation last year.

  5. In reality there is a particular group of people that actually get excited about an opportunity for a riot. My guess is 90% may not have known any details of the tragedy but became ecstatic over the idea of burning and looting knowing out of control crime in masses would keep them from getting caught

    • They are called Oligarchs. They are responsible for the Ukraine invasion according to the Wagner mercenary guy.

    • Yes, so fortunate. Already, 500,000 male followers of peaceable Muhammed and his ‘religion of peace’ are joining the French police and firefighters, going arm-in-arm to pacify the mostly peaceful peeps who are terrorizing France’s cities. What? – you haven’t heard this news??

      Also, President Macron is nobly getting around, right now, to saving France. Macron’s slogan at this moment, “WWJD.” What would Joe do?

  6. The French President has interesting body language. Ever so subtle but very telling. It’s amazing what some people will do to gain popularity.

  7. Macron is acting no different than our president, blue state governors, and blue city mayors. I imagine most of the looting and burning buildings belong to businesses. Liberals want to get rid of those anyway.

  8. If my choice was an Elton John concert or a ugly riot with racial and religious overtones, I’d go to the concert, too.

  9. The young adult he probably had an attitude toward authority like his generation. He make bad choices that threatened the officers and the officers reacted. As I was explaining a bible lesson to my child, God included ‘Honor your father and mother’ period. He didn’t include only if they are right. He means also when your parents are wrong. That’s hard to do you know honor someone whom who believe or think or know is wrong. I wished my childhood church taught me that lesson. The honor your father and mother sets the precedent to honor our authorities or leaders over us not only when they are right. If they are wrong then do what they did get involved in the city business like make learning about the city council your new job. Cause I wrapped up telling my daughter our Lord knows it’s tough work to take care of someone to lead someone or a community after all he is Lord of lords and King if kings. Mayor Bronson has demonstrated an excellent example of another leader who trying his best to respect those opposing members on the assembly whom can learn a lesson seeing our mayor’s example and respect him for being another leader; rather than continue bashing, humiliating, criticizing, and hindering their mayor too across their social media platforms. They think he’s wrong, they think his picks are wrong, they can at least had shown him honor the last three years. How do his assembly opponents feel when republicans and conservatives bash the leftists? Cause they are leaders too and leadership whether it’s leading a family or community is tough. Because of men and women especially the youth don’t know honor thy father and mother they have no understanding how to honor authority figures in general, and are paying the ultimate price for their ignorance with their life.

  10. Macron has just about everyone in France pissed off at his Globalist regime. Pensioners, anti NATO protesters, the blue collar Yellow Vests, anti-Ukraine war groups, anti European Union factions, farmers, immigrants & now anti police mobs have all taken to the streets within the last 5 years, often times violently. Macron is holding onto power by his fingertips and won’t be around much longer. He recently suffered a humiliating rebuke from BRICS, the new group of countries promoting a gold backed world currency, when they declined his presence at the next BRICS world summit at which over eighty countries were expected to attend!

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