Covid daily count: 809


Alaska saw 809 new Covid diagnoses on Oct. 28, a 16 percent decrease from the week prior.

232 Alaskans are in the hospital with Covid, and 33 of those are on ventilators. The number of people in the hospital with Covid represents 21 percent of all hospitalization.

There are 290 non-ICU beds available statewide and 20 ICU beds available.

65 percent of eligible Alaskans have had one dose of a Covid vaccine, and 60 percent have been fully vaccinated. A partial vaccination reportedly confers between 64-75 percent protection from the virus.

According to the CDC, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 95% effective at preventing laboratory-confirmed infection with the virus that causes COVID-19 in people who received two doses and had no evidence of being previously infected.

Community vaccination rates – 1 dose:

95% – Bristol Bay region.

90% – Aleutians

89% – Skagway

87% – Nome

87% – Yukon-Koyukuk

85% – Kusilvak

85% – Sitka

84% – Juneau

82% – Yakutat

82% – Bethel

77% – Haines

76% – Aleutian West

76% – Denali

75% – Kodiak

73% – Ketchikan

72% – Prince of Wales

71% – Northwest Arctic

70% – Petersburg

69% – Anchorage

69% – Valdez-Cordova

68% – Wrangell

68% – Dillingham

57% – Fairbanks

54% – Kenai

48% – Mat-Su

43% – North Slope

41% – Fairbanks Southeast

699 Alaskans have died from Covid since March of 2020.


    • The most important data point is never gathered and tallied: Number of persons with symptoms treated early and at home for SARS-CoV-2 with the array of known effective medications.
      The CDC and the FDA are literally in the pocket of big pharma, their data and claims are completely unreliable and tainted by corruption.

    • The way deaths are reported “from” is the proper use, but “with” would also be true. The guidelines for reporting covid deaths states “COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death.”

      • And you know darn well, Steve, that those “guidelines” have been repeatedly and blatantly flaunted by many in the medical industry.
        Once again, you fall back on a narrow and legalistic argument that is divorced from reality, rather than acknowledging that is and has been actually happening. This seems to be a very consistent pattern with you here.

        • Jeff,
          I don’t know that darn well, neither do you. You might have heard someone somewhere say something, but do you know it for darn well? I’ve seen a few instances where deaths were claimed to have been recorded as covid when they were caused by things like motorcycle accidents or car crashes, but each one was later found to not have been recorded as covid related.
          Do you know of any deaths that were recorded incorrectly and not corrected? If so, please share that way the information can be corrected and the record set straight.

      • Yet, the DHSS says it does not matter whether COVID shortened the life by 15 minutes or 15 years. the doctor makes the call.

  1. So, if these statistics are accurate (and I’m sure they are), this is very telling! A grand total of 132,645 cases to date; with a grand total of 699 deaths (ie – someone who has died “with” covid and not necessarily “from” covid). Does this really mean that a person has a 99.5% survival rate if you catch covid? If that’s true, how does this compare to other diseases that plague our society and what exact measures are we taking to mitigate them?

  2. With such high vaccination rates, I would be interested to know the statistics of how many Vaccinated people are among those that are new reported cases. And why, if they were counted as a case before they were vaccinated, are they considered one again after they are vaccinated? There is no way that there are so many people vaccinated to support the numbers of new cases if vaccinated people are not getting it, again. I am unvaccinated and have had it twice. The second time was way less severe than the first; 2 weeks vs 4 days. First time was Feb 2020, next was June 2020, I’m unmasked since then and go around town and “do not comply” with the mask mandate, and nothing so far since then. Taking Vitamin D, Zinc, Omega3. If I’m not getting it quickly (or seemingly at all) with no vax, and no mask, then why are so many vaxed getting 2nd infections. (They have to be, that’s the only way there can be so many numbers of new infections). They do not report the statistic that really matters. Of the new cases, how many are re-infections of Vaccinated vs Unvacinated people. That is where the science is people. Ask those questions and get those answers and make your own decision. I have a theory that the vaccination is a detriment to fighting the virus. How long will it take for people to ask the question about re-infections and severity in vaccinated people instead of listening to the MSM narrative. To those that look down on us who are No-Vax, I hope you reap what you sow. To those who blindly follow the MSM narrative I hope I am wrong and you somehow make it through this. That experiment that they call a vaccine isn’t even shaping up to be considered a therapeutic. It seems to me like it hurts worse than it helps. It doesn’t keep you from getting it, it doesn’t keep you from spreading it, it doesn’t reduce severity, from what I see it is making your severity worse, along with all the other co-morbities that it is making worse. Time will tell. Every day that goes by that a vaccinated person dies, should give you pause to start looking at how often it is happening. But the statistic is not being reported. Ask the question people! Demand the answer!

    • AK DHSS published a weekly summary with this information. The report states that:
      “From January 16–October 23, 2021, 72 deaths, 229 hospitalizations, and 18,581 cases with a VB infection were reported among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years. These counts are provisional and subject to change as data are compiled and reviewed. In that same time frame, a total of 66,211 cases, 1,543 hospitalizations, and 379 deaths were reported.
      72% of all cases, 85% of all hospitalizations, and 81% of deaths among Alaska residents aged ≥12 years from January 16–October 23, 2021 were in people who were not fully vaccinated.”

      • Because some may have died within 2 weeks of getting the jab means they were unvaccinated? Whats that statistic? Hidden in the arbitrary definition of “vaccinated”

    • Well said sir, this is what all Alaskans should demand. There is more than enough evidence at this point to tell us;
      1. The Vaccines are not safe and effective and should never be given to pregnant women or children much less anyone.
      2. The Vaccines are causing Blood Clots, Myocarditis, Paralysis, Immune System damage and death.
      3. Study after study has shown Ivermectin and HCQ are safe and effective early treatments that work!
      4. People with the vaccine are the higher percentage of break through cases and carry a higher viral load in their bodies.

      Bottom line, this is an experimental vaccine that was thrust upon the American people without being thoroughly tested and we are the Guinea Pigs! Americans are to trusting of their government institutions and need to demand answers and better oversight. We are looking at another Nuremberg Accords trial after the coming catastrophic medical aftermath as people become sick and or die from this poison. This is what happens when people allow fear to overrule their better judgement. Knowledge dispels fear! Stop listening to the MSM and do your research!

      • 99.99% of credible evidence may support you, but just look at how many covidiots even on this forum push their dangerous fanatic dogma. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

  3. SD, “Alaska saw 809 new Covid diagnoses on Oct. 28, a 16 percent decrease from the week prior. ” Are you getting the week over week change from DHSS or calculating it yourself? If the later, maybe you need to change or explain your methodology. I get a 5% decrease week over week.

      • Thank you.
        The 16 percent decrease presented on the dashboard for 10/28 has little to do with the 809 new cases for the day. It is the percent decrease of the sum of new cases for the seven days 10/22 through 10/28 from the sum of new cases for the seven days 10/15 through 10/21.
        The number they present in that panel of the dashboard on any given day is essentially the change of the seven day moving average calculated on that day compared to the seven day moving average calculated seven days ago.
        You might want to change your phrasing to more accurately reflect this.

        I can send a spreadsheet showing the calculations if you’d like.
        I get my data from this site: “”

    • The DHSS does that percentage comparison based on the individual day of the week from the week prior, not the 7 day weekly average.

      • STEVE-O, The data in the DHSS database say otherwise.
        855 new cases on 10/21, one week before 10/28. 809 on 10/28. That is a 5.4% decrease.
        4558 total new cases 10/22 through 10/28 (seven days); 5418 cases 10/15 through 10/21 (the prior seven days. 4558 is a 15.9% decline from 5418. Similar results apply for 10/20, 10/24 and 10/26 when SD reported data from the dashboard the next day.

  4. Suzanne, Thanks for the report above. I am left wondering though why we are still talking about this issue. I mean IF the “Jab” is 95% effective as the CDC and Little liar Beagle Boy Anthony Fauci claims, plus adding the untold thousands of the un-jabbed that have been infected by the Chi-Com bio weapon and defeated it who now enjoy a natural immunity that according to every study is far superior to the “jab”, why have we not reached “Herd Immunity”? Could it be that the Pfizer experimental poison shot isn’t really effective? Is this not the same shot that China Joe has mandated?

    • Robert, As far as “herd” immunity goes.

      The concept is based on the assumption that the immune fraction of folks (those who have been infected and recovered, those who have been vaccinated, any who may have some natural immunity by virtue of genetics – if any, and to some extent those who take precautions such as masking) mix more or less uniformly with the susceptible and infected fractions where ever folks congregate so as to essentially physically force physical spatial distancing of the susceptible from the infected and thereby slow the spread of the virus.

      Typical crowds do not always distribute that way. In fact, we see at rallies, assembly meetings, church gatherings, sporting events etc. folks segregating to a greater or lesser extent. Those obviously taking precautions (masking for instance) are gathering together while those who apparently don’t are also gathering together.

      Until enough of those who refuse to take any precautions become immune by virtue of actually getting the disease so they provide the necessary protection from the infected in gatherings to drive R below 1 the virus will continue to be spread around in such groups.

      This may be why we see these “waves” of infection cropping up, growing then waning all around the country.

      • I think that your diatribe is essentially accurate. The only thing not mentioned is that the jab was supposed to provide some protection from catching and spreading COVID. It does neither and may, in fact, worsen the spread by minimizing symptoms so people unknowingly shed virus (not to mention that the jab may actually cause increase in variants). Pfizer, Moderna and J&J, with collusion by the feds, have made this outbreak much worse than if COVID had just been allowed to run its course. The shot has a place, very limited for those at risk. For the rest, it prolongs the government imposed misery.

    • Robert Anthony Schenker ,writing from above the Arctic Circle, (notice use of full middle name and location of my person ,top that Captain Courageous)) Robert Anthony Schenker ,writing from above the Arctic Circle, (notice use of full middle name and location of my person ,top that Captain Courageous))

      Jeff, neither am I suggesting that Suzanne is a liar. I am merely suggesting that the figures don’t add up. If the Jabberino is 95% effective and if the reported number of Jabbed is correct, well we shouldn’t have a Covid problem anymore.
      Obviously someone is not telling the truth about the Jab. Wonder who that could be?

    • Jeff, can you cite a source of data to support your premise?
      Earlier I had occasions to actually have a good estimate of number of folks vaccinated (most via mRNA vaccines) in a small AK community and the number of breakthrough cases. The later was ~4% of the former – quite nicely in accord with the 95% effective report from the clinical trials.
      The numbers of breakthrough cases as a percent of all cases is not an especially valuable or revealing statistic. When no one was vaccinated there were 0% breakthrough cases. When (if) everyone is vaccinated, 100% of all cases will be breakthrough cases. You’re free to include those with immunity acquired by virtue of contracting the disease (they suffer repeat infections too.) A recent paper suggests those folks will be reinfected (get a natural “booster, ” on the order of every 16 months if they don’t choose a jab more frequently.) “reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 under endemic conditions would likely occur between 3 months and 5·1 years after peak antibody response, with a median of 16 months.” reference:
      “” The durability of immunity against reinfection by SARS-CoV-2: a comparative evolutionary study

    • I can’t tell you that, Greg. But one thing is obvious, and that is that a high percentage of those who unthinkingly rushed out to be injected with an experimental and unproven “vaccine”, and who are now demanding and trying to coerce EVERYONE else with any sense of caution to do the same, had brain damage even BEFORE receiving the (non-)’vaccine’.

  5. 699 over a year and a half? How many from the Flu? How many from complications unrelated to COVID-19? Why are you placing patients on ventilators instead of giving them early treatment with Ivermectin which has a 67% recovery rate with no hospitalization necessary. What a bunch of crap we have been sold. There is no pandemic except the leftist fools that created it along with the media. Contact the Governor and demand an executive order ending all mandates against a free Alaskan people! We are done with the lies and crimes committed against good people in the name of a made up pandemic! We the people must demand an end to this, vote out all elected officials that continue this circus side show.

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