Jamie Allard: Founding Fathers would be appalled at Anchorage Assembly overreach



I am thankful for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who gave us a representative republic, where the rights of the minority are protected from the mob.

“A republic, if you can keep it,” is the way Benjamin Franklin described it at the end of the Constitutional Convention.

I’m thankful for those checks and balances, the separation of powers, and for elections. 

In our local governing body, Assembly members are non-partisan representatives for their constituents. They provide these checks and balances at the local level. 

But what I observed this week at the Assembly meetings leaves me dumbfounded.

I witnessed a super-majority of the Assembly launch a new volley of attacks on community members trying to do their civic duty. Like bullies on the playground, a progressive cabal has unleashed the hounds on anyone who doesn’t align with their exact political agenda. 

From mothers giving testimony to qualified, willing public servants volunteering to serve on boards and commissions, this Assembly majority weaponized its power and is now holding Anchorage hostage. 

They have intimidated those who have stepped up, even so far as to ridicule and destroy reputations. Their goal seems to be to wreak havoc.

What the Assembly majority did in denying Mayor Dave Bronson his choice for Real Estate director for the municipality can be called gangster government. 

Jim Winegarner has an impressive resume as a real estate professional, landman, with over 40 years of experience in oil and gas land work, mostly in Alaska, doing acquisitions, negotiating operating agreements, and working on joint ventures for the next generation of oil and gas, among other things.

For the past several months, he served as the as the Anchorage Chief Housing Officer. When the previous Real Estate director didn’t work out due to her own problems with the Bronson Administration, Winegarner was named as her replacement. 

He is a good fit, and this is a nonpolitical position. Unfortunately, the Assembly majority wanted to punish the Bronson Administration for dismissing Winegarner’s predecessor, and all for the purpose of causing havoc. It’s embarrassing to witness.

There is yet another aspect of this that should give the citizens of Anchorage pause. The position of Chief Housing Officer is embedded in the Mayor’s Office. That position is funded by the Rasmuson Foundation, whose CEO Diane Kaplan donated $250 to the Forrest Dunbar mayoral campaign this year. She also donated $450 to the Suzanne LaFrance Assembly campaign last year, and $250 to the Vote No on Zaletel Recall campaign this fall.

The chief housing position to which Winegarner was originally appointed upset Kaplan and the Rasmuson Foundation, which wanted to have its say, and have its way. Here’s the reality: The Rasmuson Foundation has embedded into the Mayor’s Office a position that believes it controls, like it did under the previous Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson. This mayor is not going to allow Kaplan to tell him who he can hire.

You can see where this is going. There is a liberal war declared on the Mayor’s Office, and even a position as uncontroversial as a Real Estate Director is not immune to this warfare.

Never before in the history of Anchorage have citizens seen a rogue Assembly, one that is using the tools it has been granted by our charter as daggers against good, upstanding, and qualified people. The charter is clear — they must vote on an appointment based on qualifications.

The Assembly majority’s actions are transparent. People in Anchorage and across the state see these actions for what they are: Not serving the public, the majority mob has a political agenda, fueled by their hurt egos as they try to damage Mayor Bronson. The harm they are creating to Anchorage and our children’s future is simply collateral damage to them, acceptable because the ends justify the means.

Jamie Allard, a veteran, is one of two Assembly members representing Chugiak and Eagle River.


  1. No, Jamie: The Founding Fathers would have put the assembly’s Marxist Nine over their collective knees, spanked them long and hard, then put them in pillories for at least a week with heavy, multiple masks over their mouths and noses. Now THAT would be justice!

    • These are the duly elect representatives of the Anchorage Municipality. It sounds like you are against representative government democratically elected by their constituents. Shame on you!

      • They are hateful, vindictive, petty authoritarian extremists, all but two of them, and if they truly reflect and represent (in the broadest possible sense) the majority of Anchorage residents, then I equally condemn the statist and intolerant political views of the majority of the residents of Anchorage.

      • I’m absolutely against government overreach and tyrants. I would argue we have election integrity issues. No more mail in ballots.

        • Sure Allard. Have you got ONE defensible piece of evidence of “election integrity issues” or has Trump’s Stop the Steal con metastasized in Anchorage?

          • I cannot speak for Allard, but I received several ballots for people who no longer reside at my address in the last election.
            And, I sort of regret not mailing them all back. But, I am honest, something I cannot assume everyone else is.

      • Yes, they are duly elected representatives of the muni.
        However, they are negligent in carrying out their duties to represent the taxpayers and residents of the city. Negligent because they manipulate the system and this panicdemic to limit or stop public testimony. Negligent because they are choosing to have a petty “measuring” contest with the Mayor’s office instead of finding common ground.
        They are negligent because they took action to silence a duly elected representative of the people when they stopped Jamie Allard from asking questions of the citizens providing testimony.
        Getting elected is one thing. Actually doing your job is something totally different. The liberal majority on the assembly has ignored the duty there were elected to perform.

  2. Jamie you are on point. The general public better wake up to the fact we are fighting a ‘war from within’—on local, statewide and federal levels. Never has our republic been under a pressure cooker agenda to radically change into the New World Order! This pandemic tool embraced by the clueless public has emboldened these socialists into a barreling locomotive engine.

    • On what writing do you base this statement? I have done my share of reading the Federalist papers, but can not for the life of me recall coming across a vaccine mandate endorsement. Instead a great deal of time was devoted to the guarantee of individual sovereignty and liberty.

    • DB, that is a laughable and disgustingly revisionistic lie.
      Please show us ANY documented evidence of your specious claim here. Any.
      Your post is just another example of the divorcement from reality that modern authoritarian leftist extremism represents: “It has to be true if I believe (or simply say) it!”

  3. Actually back then these whatever you want to call them never would of been elected in the first place. But bring in the walking dead and mail in ballots. How you going to stop them. The damn recalls even fail.

      • The recalls failed because of low voter turn out. The vast majority of people around the world are not interested in local politics until it directly (and adversely) impacts them personally. What that means in the general election is the incumbent gets re-elected regardless of party. And for a recall, it means the majority of people who vote are the ones motivated to keep the existing politician in office.
        About 1/3rd of the potential voters bothered to vote in the Zalatel recall. I would hazard a guess that if you asked the 2/3rd that did not vote why they didn’t, they would respond with “Zalatel? Zalatel who?”

  4. And to think that at bottom it is all about sexual deviance over the will of the majority. This was the case also of fallen civilizations and why all major religions had strong moral teachings. But, be quiet – they don’t want you to know that! At first, you think this is all unbelievable – until you study and find out about history. It has all happened before and human nature has not changed or gotten more intelligent. These are the real haters – of you and normal America. Don’t be fooled. But remember…they care!

  5. I find it bizarre that comparing the hazards imposed upon a community by a potentially fatal pandemic would be considered less of a risk to society than something as simple and innocuous as mask wearing and as safe and effective as vaccination. Perhaps, by that standard, one should equate freedom with death.

    • Follow the science, right Homo?? The deviant left views any “mandate” as a stepping stone to the next leftist oppressive move. What’s next? Vaccine mandates? The deviant left use the same logic to attempt to justify this too. Think about what the end goal is and recognize that the end never justifies the means if the means to the end are oppressive and or unlawful. Also, changing the rules of the game in the middle of the game is nothing more than a massive cheat. Deviants in society want to either RULE OR RUIN. This is indisputably where we are at with this assembly, and with the left in general to the highest level in government.

    • The risk from this “potentially fatal pandemic” to society at large is real but quite low, hugely overshadowed by the many other and greater risks from other, largely preventable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism, etc. etc. etc. You bleating sheep with your hair-on-fire hysteria over the Wuhan Virus have merely been terrorized by the nonstop drumbeat of fearmongering propaganda from the political, medical and corporate media establishments into having an excessive and exaggerate fear of the actual risk from this virus, an exaggerated fear which just conveniently fuels and furthers the political agenda of amassing ever greater power into the hands of those establishments. In other words, your emotional manipulation is being used to strip ALL of us of our rights and our freedoms.
      Alcoholism, to take just one example, almost certainly kills more Alaskans each year than the Wuhan Virus has so far. Yet where is your hysteria over that? Or heart disease, which absolutely kills more Alaskans each year as well, and is largely preventable — where is your wild and all-consuming fear over that?
      Can’t you get ANY sense of perspective, and understand that the extreme and wildly damaging official responses to this virus are out of ALL proportion to the mild risks it presents to the overwhelming majority of the population? Yes, seniors are most affected, so let’s take measures to help protect them, while leaving the rest of the population to live their lives unmolested and unburdened by extreme and largely ineffective control measures and mandates, such as the stupid, stupid mass wearing of masks, which ALL medical advice and consensus prior to last year held to be ineffective in preventing or slowing viral disease transmission when worn by the public at large.

      • Hey Jefferson. This is some good hysteria: “ In other words, your emotional manipulation is being used to strip ALL of us of our rights and our freedoms.”

        Which rights and freedoms are you concerned about?

        • Evan, if you cannot clearly see that the media and political establishment’s fearmongering and exaggeration of the risks of this mild pandemic are being used as a pretext to diminish our remaining freedoms and further their control agenda, then you are hopelessly brainwashed by them.
          But for starters, how about the freedom to live without being forced to dehumanize ourselves with useless face masks, the freedom to work and travel without being forced to receive an experimental and dangerous (non)’vaccine’, and the freedom to exercise self-autonomy over one’s health decisions.

        • I know you already got an answer from Jefferson, but I want to weigh in on that question.
          “Which rights and freedoms are you concerned about?”
          The right to travel freely.
          The right to self control of my health.
          The right to assembly
          The right of defense against threats, both personal and political
          The right to be secure in my person and my papers.
          The right to privacy.
          The right to due process
          The right to address my accuser and to see the evidence against me.
          The right to reasonably access public areas
          The right to air grievances and demand redress
          The right to conduct commerce and business without undue restrictions
          The right of representation
          Those are the rights that are being whittled away by the Assembly, the State and the Federal Government. Demands that I wear a mask without regard to my medical condition are a violation of my right of self. Denying me access to public places because I am not masked is denying my right to assembly. Passing emergency ordinances without public testimony is denying my right to a representative government. Requiring me to expose private information (health records) is a violation of my security of person, possessions and papers.
          Maybe you think nothing of a mask mandate, or a vaccine mandate, or any other mandate from your local government, but I find it as overreach.

          • Evan don’t find it intrusive as he has been conditioned by government and his selection of ideology to be normal. It is the slow boiled frog approach. If you place the frog in cold water and slowly turn up the heat till the water boils, they never realize they are cooking till it’s too late. The entire time they didn’t realize the hazards of jumping in the pot because they were hypnotized by how wet the water was.

    • It is bizarre to see people react to this mild threat as if theybh had never faced danger before in their whole entire lives.
      It is a danger to live on this planet. Does not give excuse to government to behave like dictators.

      • Mild threat? This thing in a year and a half has killed almost 13 times as many Americans as were killed in the whole 10 to 20 years of the Vietnam War or the American Civil war. Immediate employment of temporary preventive measure; Mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing and, now, vaccines could have prevented this carnage if the people had taken the threat seriously!

        • We did all those things and the carnage continues. None of the above named things did jack to stop the epidemiological curve of this contagion. Anchorage locked down before covid started to spread here, remember? Everyone was FORCED to wear masks in anchorage, remember? a little more than 50% of the population is now vaccinated… and guess what? We still have it! In fact it’s mutated now. And no one with a vaccine AND mask on their face is actually safe. Who is safe? The covid recovered. All I can say to you is “your welcome!”

        • “This thing in a year and a half has killed almost 13 times as many Americans as were killed in the whole 10 to 20 years of the Vietnam War or the American Civil war”
          Of which the overwhelming majority would have died in the near future anyway. Did you ever wonder why the average person dying “from” COVID is in their 80s? Gee, wonder what their life expectancy is without a major panicdemic???

      • CP,. your succinct and cogent comment should be repeated 1000 times in every online forum or discussion relating to the Wuhan Virus, and to the public and official (over)reactions to it.

    • None of the mandates have changed the course of Covid’s epidemiological curve. Since now the CDC and FDA unanimously agree that the vaccination does not stop a person from contracting or spreading covid, the point of vaccinating everyone is moot. Based on increasing data all over the world, natural infection and recovery IS a source of real immunity from the virus. So, since I and my family have already contracted and recovered from Covid 19 (quite recently, actually), you can take your mask/vaccine mandate and use it all day long to delude gaslight yourself into believing it will somehow “save” you. You can’t gaslight me any more.

  6. As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Over the past century, we’ve embarked on a number of noble initiatives to improve the world in which we live. But in the true spirit of “never let a crisis (or opportunity) go to waste,” leftists have managed to subvert all these pursuits. Posing as benevolent government “servants” they have graciously offered to guide us through the complex social and scientific issues associated with each objective. We naively let them. We’re just now beginning to see that the course they’ve charted does not lead to the destination we were promised. It leads to a loss of self-governance — also known as tyranny.

    In the 1940s our government decided to get into the disease control business by stamping out malaria. That seemed innocent enough. The CDC was created to accomplish it. The NIH already existed but, apparently, one bureaucracy was not enough. But it turns out, eliminating malaria (at least in America) wasn’t enough. The NIH and the CDC have since expanded their missions (research for the former and disease prevention for the latter) to become two of the greatest threats to civil liberties in existence. They are calling for the suspension of our rights in the name of defeating a virus — which the NIH admits to having helped create in funding gain of function research. Per their guidance, our rights to movement and assembly have been restricted. Our property rights have been put on hold (e.g., the eviction moratorium). It’s all being done in the name of the “public good.” There is a term for letting the benefits of the many outweigh the rights of the individual — mob rule. That’s a long way from the original mission to stamp out malaria.

    In the 1920s the concept of a “living constitution” appeared. A little freshening up as the times changed seemed like a good idea. But unfortunately, they decided that the normal (and constitutional) means of evolution — the amendment process — was too hard. In the 1960s, Supreme Court justices led by William O. Douglas began toying with creative interpretations of the Constitution and granted themselves the authority to find things in the document that aren’t actually written in it. Since then, they have declared:

    • The right to abortion is protected by the Constitution
    • The right to same-sex marriage is protected by the Constitution
    • The government can force a citizen to buy a product sold by a private company
    • And on, and on

    And this was all done without the consent of the governed. The court is no longer evolving the Constitution for societal needs, it is imposing its vision on society.

    Stamping out racism was the noble goal of the 1960s civil rights movement. There was a time in America when “systemic racism” really was a problem — even to the point of separate facilities for whites and blacks in some states. We set about to change it. But the ideology of Martin Luther King was subverted by the diversity industry. Rather than ensuring that all minorities are afforded equal protections, now the Left is fomenting hatred with CRT and the 1619 Project. Children are being taught that they’re guilty of 200-year-old sins because of some genetic similarity to long-dead oppressors. Fighting hatred has morphed into promoting hatred against those benefiting from so-called “white privilege.” The movement set out to achieve a color-blind society. Instead, now the Left is evaluating everything on the basis of race. The civil rights movement is even advocating for separate facilities for whites and blacks again. Sixty years of work and we’re almost back to where we started.

    The 1970s brought us the initiative to ensure clean air and water for everyone. A grand objective was set to clean it all up, and we created a bureaucratic monster — the EPA — to do it. The EPA did clean up the air and water but didn’t stop there. It has continued to generate regulations that undermine property rights and place a drag on economic development ever since. The EPA has even decided to branch out into controlling the weather — nothing overly ambitious there. Now it wants to regulate greenhouse gases. Of course, the most prominent greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide — the very gas which we exhale. Soon they’ll be asking for an environmental impact statement whenever a couple wishes to add a new member to the family.

    The 1970s saw the appearance of second-wave feminism, the so-called women’s rights movement. Unfortunately, to advance women’s rights, feminism found common cause with leftism and the abortion industry. The feminists ignore the inconvenient fact that Planned Parenthood originated with the eugenics movement — an organized effort to purify the human race by culling minorities from the herd. “My body my choice” has become a centerpiece of feminism. Abortion is no longer safe, available, and rare. It’s safe, available, and revered as a badge of honor. Feminism tacked further and further to the left, and now we have biological men competing in women’s sports. Somehow, feminism has managed to make women’s rights secondary to those of men again.

    Issues of LGBT rights became a thing following the Stonewall riot in 1969. Over the course of fifty years, the acceptance of those with different lifestyles has grown. Justice Anthony Kennedy legitimized the movement by finding a right to dignity in the Constitution. It was viewed as an expedient way to grant constitutional legitimacy to the movement. But look where it has led. We now have naked men bathing with six-year-old girls in health clubs. Boys in dresses are raping girls in the restrooms of their schools — a place where every child should feel safe. There is even an epidemic of pregnancies in women’s prisons. It seems that if a sexual predator with a penis claims to identify as a female, he/she/xe may now be sent to a female prison in many states.

    What do all of these initiatives (and many more) have in common? They started with the best of intentions, were hijacked by leftists and bureaucrats, and then took on a life beyond their intended endpoint. As they have grown beyond their original charter, they have done immeasurable damage to our culture, our economy, and our self-governance.

    Americans are waking up to the true destination of the Left. We’re becoming alarmed at where we’re headed. For the left, our noble initiatives were never about solving problems. They were a means to impose more control over the citizenry. We entrusted them with power and they abused it in an attempt to replace the America as founded with a mythical socialist utopia. Luckily, the last few years have exposed what the left is up to, and we still have a say in how we’re governed. The silent majority is getting mad and will not be silent anymore. 2022 can’t get here soon enough.

    Let’s go Brandon!!!

    • There’s no good intentions from that side. Just abuse of people’s ignorant compassions to push an evil agenda in order to gain power and riches.

    • Not much of what you spent a long time writing fits the framework of a logical and defensible argument, but I found it very helpful education since I don’t travel in you conservative circles.

    • It is good to be reminded of a few fundamental truths.
      1. The people who are demanding compliance from the population are never the good guys, and
      2. Pretty much every atrocity that has ever been committed by man started off with someone saying “It was the right thing to do.” or “It is for the greater good.”

  7. The founders left their home land and founded a new world to get away from people like those in our assembly. And they would fight them now if they were here.

  8. If the nine assembly persons do not know the US Constitution perhaps they should not be in government at all.

  9. The founding fathers would also be appalled at the abolition of slavery and giving women the vote. That’s why the Constitution has an amendment process.

    Without an amendment you go by the rules as written. When the Municipality of Anchorage was created in the 1970’s it gave the Assembly a lot of power and it gave the Mayor not so much power. Many people in Anchorage do not realize this because we have had a history of Mayors that acted stronger than the law permitted and Assemblies who did not stop them. For better or for worse, the current Assembly is flexing the muscles that the Charter gives them. If you want to change that then you need a charter amendment.

    • Not true. The founders believed in God-Given Natural Rights for all men (men and womb-man). The way to amend the constitution is the way the constitution was created with an article five convention. “Congress shall make no law unfringing”.

  10. Very Good Read! I might add in the acceptance and popularity of Criminal Rap Music Culture responsible for untold mayhem and violence for decades and blaming police for that and making believe it is about “race”.

  11. The founding fathers had no problem conscripting people to fight in armed conflict (at the peril of their safety and even their lives) to counter a common threat. Not so different from requiring masks and other methods of countering the common threat of a viral invasion. Just saying.

    • Here, there was no conscripting during the American Revolution. It was voluntary and that was less than 15% of the capable men. The other 85% were sheep, too scared of their own shadow to fight for a just cause. So now that evolved to the 85% who cower behind their mask and are ignorant and gullible enough to think this power play has anything to do with a pandemic. Just saying so even the ignorant and gullible can understand.

    • These clowns on that council would rather have you dead JERE they could care less about you. You are a burden to them and the planet. I wouldn’t give them any credit for anything. and further more that mask is a joke. this is all about control and nothing else. Susanne lafrance is a communist and nothing more and so is the clown show that follows her around. You had better stand up for your rights before they are gone.

    • Jere, again with your lies and historical revisionism.
      Conscription was NOT a part of the American War of Independence, as it would have been seen at that time for what it really is: slavery.

  12. They will continue to overreach until the residents of Anchorage chop their arms off and is coming. There is always a radical correction when you are driving off a cliff. It will be fun to watch from palmer. I avoid anchorage like the plague anymore. We used to spend thousands a year there. No more>

  13. Founding Fathers might be even more appalled that productive Alaskans haven’t yet done what the FF’s did to ditch their tyrants.

  14. Thank you Jamie, for representing your community so well. I recon that the people in the districts that elected these nine communists must be happy with their choices. Another good reason to separate from Anchorage. The reason for my moving to Alaska some 37 years ago was to escape tyrants who insist on forcing their will on everyone. My education didn’t occur at school, it came from world travel as a result of working for a living. And not the sugar coated destinations.

  15. Maybe the municipal corporation we call “city government” should have less power in general. They certainly shouldn’t have a private police army at the beck and call of the political class that doesn’t answer to the public and enforces unconstitutional and outright illegal orders and mandates.

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