Cordova’s Will Deaton is winner of trip to Mar-a-Lago with Kelly Tshibaka


Former President Donald Trump is going to get the opportunity of a lifetime this week: He gets to meet Will Deaton of Cordova.

Deaton will be traveling to Mar-a-Lago to attend Kelly Tshibaka’s fundraiser with Trump, planned for Feb. 10. Tshibaka, the Republican Party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alaska, announced that Deaton, a 20-year-old, won the sweepstakes that will cover his expenses for the trip.

“Alaskans love what President Trump did for our state and we are delighted to give one of our residents the chance to thank him in person,” Tshibaka said. “We appreciate President Trump’s support of Alaska so much, and we want him to know that Alaskans support him as well. His America First policies were the best for us: energy independence, lower taxes, border security, and a strong military–the list goes on and on. This will be a tremendous event for our campaign, and I am excited that William will be sharing it with us.”

“It will be the thrill of a lifetime to be with Kelly and meet President Trump at legendary Mar-a-Lago,” Deaton said in a statement released by the campaign. “When you enter a contest like this, you never really think you’re going to win. I am a strong Tshibaka supporter, and I love what President Trump did for Alaska and the country. This will be a trip that I’m sure I will never forget.”

Deaton will be a student at Hillsdale College in the fall, was randomly chosen as the winner of the sweepstakes Tshibaka has been publicizing for the past month. No purchase or campaign contribution was required to enter.

But Deaton is also a rising star in politics in Alaska. A couple of years ago, he helped reorganized the Cordova Republicans, “because it is important for conservatives to have an organization, in their community, through which they can organize and advocate for conservative causes.” Deaton said at the time. “At our first meeting, we passed four resolutions. I took those to the district convention, where two of those passed. Those two are now going to the state convention, where Cordovans will support the Alaska Marine Highway System and call for an end to the binding-caucus rule.”

Tshibaka, who was born and raised in Alaska, is challenging incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski for the U.S. Senate. Tshibaka has spent her career exposing fraud and abuse in government and served as Commissioner of Administration for the State of Alaska until she stepped down to announce her campaign. Her father was a union electrician and Vietnam War veteran, and her mother was one of the first workers at the startup of Prudhoe Bay, one of Alaska’s large oil fields. Her parents were homeless for a time in the 1970s, but fought their way into the working class.  

Tshibaka graduated from Steller Secondary School in Anchorage and was the first in her family to pursue a college degree, beginning her studies at the University of Alaska Anchorage before graduating from college and law school. She lives in Anchorage with her husband, Niki, and their five children.  


  1. Wow can you imagine getting to meet President Trump. Congratulations, sir. President Trump showed us all how easy it is to do the right thing for the people of the people by the people. Alaskans, Kelly is Miss Integrity; please support her.

  2. Let’s hope President Trump and First Lady Melania will visit Alaska this year to campaign for Kelly Tshibaka! I know many Alaskans will welcome their visit and enjoy hearing President Trump Speak!

  3. Frankie and I both entered that sweepstakes. We would still love to go to Mar A Lago one day and visit The Donald and his beautiful wife. Maybe we can do that after Kelly T gets sworn into the US Senate.

    • I’m sending Kelly another campaign donation. If Trump comes to Alaska, he can stay with Nancy and myself at our home. We entertained Ronald and Nancy Reagan at our home in 1984 when they came to Alaska. We really love Conservative Republicans, not phony RINOs, who think they are entitled.

      • Yep, our family loves Conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Campaign check in the mail, Kelly.

  4. Dear Mr. Deaton:

    You’re still a young man, and so I can understand that you may therefore still make errors of judgement. You have a lifetime ahead of you, but of course your future will largely be formed by decisions you make now in your youth. So please let me offer you some advice. For your own good, do not align yourself with Donald J. Trump, or his radical arm of the Republican Party. It is toxic, poisonous, dangerous, and you will eventually regret it if you do so.

    Let me ask: Do you really want to model yourself after a man who attempts to destroy our Democracy, a man who incites his acolytes to attack the Capitol, a man who lies incessantly and without guilt, a man who attempts to overturn free and fair elections, a man who encourages White Supremacists, a man who sexually assaults women and brags about it, a man who has no loyalty to anyone except himself, in spite of their loyalty to him? No, I didn’t think so.

    Don’t do this, William.

    If you want to be a Conservative, that’s cool, and it’s your choice. But for Conservative role models, perhaps try Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Mr. Kinzinger, Ms. Cheney, or any number of other respectable Republicans with well-developed senses of ethical behavior. Aligning yourself with the radical Right will bring you nothing but grief and disrespect in the future.

    Above all else, remember this: No one who associates themselves with Donald Trump comes away unscathed. Not his VP, not his children, not his advisors, not his business associates. And no, you won’t either.

    Give it some thought my friend. You can do far better.

    • Mr. Deaton:
      Congratulations! You are an independent-minded young man and a true critical thinker. DO NOT align yourself with above commenter Deplume, who is mostly interested that you become woke and brain-washed like many college kids your age. His advice is typical of Democrats, that is, you do not choose independent thought, but rather fall in line with the Left-wing and take your marching orders from government bureaucrats and tyrannical politicians who seek absolute control over your life. Theirs, is the devil’s workshop for a slave-like mentality in which your natural freedoms are subject to their whims and approval. You will go much further in life, and enjoy your happiness, if you commit to working against their brand of totalitarianism and sorcery.
      Good luck to you at Hillsdale College.

      • Deplume’s advice is the same as the advice John Kerry gave to young men who were ready to sign up to serve their country. I’ll wager that Deplume is a certifiable coward, who wouldn’t protect his wife or mother if they were being assaulted. Deplume’s advice is that of a sissy.

  5. Hey Mr Deplume…who’s son was kicked out of the Navy for drug abuse? Who has been in pictures smoking a crack pipe? Who’s son slept with his brother’s widow (so sick). Yes, this wonderboy is the son of our current president who he himself has never worked an honest job in his life.

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