The head of Anchorage libraries is the municipal manager Amy Demboski

The Anchorage Assembly is making a stink about how there is no permanent library director


The head of the Anchorage Libraries? That would be the city manager, Amy Demboski. She’s been the lead role since Jan. 12.

Rumblings from the Assembly leftist leadership about how the library system has no chief librarian have reached the left-wing press, which is pressing forward with a story about how Judy Eledge, deputy director of the library system, can’t just run the libraries forever without the mayor appointing someone as director. The Assembly left-wing majority wants a left-wing librarian who will allow the library to continue to deteriorate into a holding pen for vagrants and drug abusers.

The job of library director has been a point of tension between the Assembly majority and the mayor since he took office. The Assembly would not confirm either his first pick, Sami Graham, nor his second, Eledge. Eledge was dropped down to a deputy director to avoid a nasty confirmation hearing that was clearly not going to go in her favor.

The Anchorage Assembly, in its war on Mayor Dave Bronson, passed an ordinance on Jan. 12 stating that no acting director or deputy director can remain unconfirmed in a lead position for more than 60 days. They were targeting Eledge.

In an internal memo obtained by Must Read Alaska, on Jan. 12, Demboski wrote that she had the authority over libraries until such time as a new library director is hired.

As chief management officer of the city, that’s something the Assembly can only address if they change the city charter.

“Judy is the Deputy Director of the Library responsible for day to day operations, and she has been acting as such for nearly a month. During the past month, I have assumed the administrative responsibilities of the Director of the Library under my authority established in Anchorage Municipal Charter,” Demboski said in response to a question from Must Read Alaska.

Demboski said that there is a process for hiring a new library director and that process is underway, and is in the interview stage.


  1. What a silly little Peyton Place Anchorage is. Laughable, really.

    Once again, MRAK is covering the weighty issues of the day. It must he such a heavy responsibility…

    • Sounds like it has put a little sand in your pants. Oh to actually follow the city’s charter. More than the assembly can do. Tick tick, April approaches and 5 seats are about to be over turned. That will be big news.

    • None of them are running the library. Because none of them know the first thing about running a library. Bronson has only ever been a pilot – has never run a business OR led a governmental entity until now. I’m not sure how you thought he would magically have relevant experience once elected.

  2. Perhaps with Amy at the helm, she will throw out the liberal filthy books that have suddenly found their way to the children’s library shelves. She could toss “Jacob’s New Dress” and the other trashy titles out on the lawn to let the homeless use them as fodder for their fires. Win – win – win.

  3. I dont live in Anchorage. When we were in town a few years ago waiting for my wife to have our second child we took our then two year old son to the library as he loves books and we read online it has a great children’s area. In front of the main entrance there was a man with the belt still around his arm passed out from shooting up. We pressed on. On the floor where the children’s section is there was a large amount of computers you walk past, and at a computer, there was a women sucking her own toes moaning loudly. we turned around and left. That was our five min in the Loussac library. I really hope changes are being made.

  4. What do the assembly care about the anchorage library? Except member Weddleton, the rest don’t even use the library. I have never seen them perusing the stacks checking out books. Perhaps if these members read more books they’d mind their own business.

    • Does Brandon, oops, Branson, oops Bronson even have a library card? How ’bout Amy?
      Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. I am grateful to Suzanne for keeping us abreast of what lunatic power games our ass-backwards Assembly continues to play. It may seem silly from story to story, but the liberal cabal is doing their utmost to re-structure our local government (and getting away with most of it), which should disturb and mobilize every Anchorage resident.

  6. Municipal libraries are a costly anachronism for taxpayers. There is no need for them. If they were not managed and supported by liberals the media like Public Broadcasting would be calling libraries racist. Does anyone believe that black people check out library books at the same rate that other races do in Anchorage? So therefore are libraries not racist?

      • What are you doing to encourage the people around you, starting with the people you know to read to the children around them? Even while they don’t listen, at least someone tried to encourage reading up to three hours to their children. If an adult and child can spend 3 hrs at a t.v and computer, they have the time to read to one another.

      • Hopefully you marry someone who reads to your child, else your child will sadly be ignorant like all other children from not having a parent reading to them. Reading to our child makes a difference

      • I live in Juneau. I am surrounded by people who give taxpayer dollars to teach drag queen lessons. We have a number of municipal libraries and probably ten or more school libraries. If we shut down the libraries how much worse could it get?

    • The fact that they would have to search the whole world says somehting about how difficult it is to work with Amy Dembowski.

  7. Rather than play nice, they want to act like kids and fight the Mayor at taxpayer expense. But they’re for the “little guy”. I cannot wait until Eaglexit finally happens.

  8. Non Deplume:
    Yes, MRAK is covering issues that directly affect Anchorage and those who live here. Many residents are genuinely interested about local Government actions, your sarcastic comment notwithstanding.
    If you think so little of MRAK why do you even bother to read it or make comment. Seems like an unwise use of your time. That is unless your life is generally unproductive and you have nothing better to do other than insulting others.
    We get that!

  9. Hopefully she puts a stop to the perverted drag show they were/have been subjugating children to, I mean cmon! Drag queen story time? are you kidding me?! Is this what the Anchorage assembly wants for Anchorage? And the children?? Drag queen story time?? Immoral and perverse are just a couple words that come to mind.

  10. There isn’t enough room in a thinking person’s brain to contain the emptiness Amy brings to the world, much less live there.

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