Circus in Manhattan as Trump appears in court on charges


Tuesday was an historic day in the America, with the first former president to ever be indicted appearing in Manhattan, NYC before a judge to hear the charges against him, 34 in all.

Donald J. Trump arrived at the state courthouse to turn himself in to be fingerprinted and endure indignities of the other legal procedures, then he appeared before Judge Juan Mercha, who Trump has said is partisan. In a break from tradition, he did not wear an American flag on his lapel.

Live coverage at this link.

Trump, 76, faces charges relating to alleged hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. The amount of $130,000 was supposedly arranged through Trump’s lawyer in October of 2016, six and a half years ago, and just before he was elected president.

All this, while Trump is running to regain the presidency in 2024.

“Trump, 76, defiantly raised his fist as he emerged from his Trump Tower residence in Midtown shortly after 1 p.m. before he was escorted downtown via a motorcade — en route to becoming the first-ever US president to be criminally prosecuted,” the New York Post wrote.

The New York Times wrote, “Donald J. Trump took his first steps into life as a criminal defendant on Tuesday, disappearing into the Manhattan district attorney’s office where he surrendered to face dozens of felony charges for his role in the payment of hush money to a porn star days before the 2016 presidential election.”

Trump arrived ahead of schedule just before 1:30 pm Eastern Time accompanied by 10 vehicles full of security, lawyers, advisers and the Secret Service.

His arraignment was scheduled for 2:14 pm Eastern Time.

Dan Scavino, former deputy chief of staff for Trump, wrote, “The guardrails are off, a turning point in the United States of America. There is no going back.”

Trump attorney Joe Tacopina said earlier that Trump will enter “not guilty” pleas on the charges. Judge March has said the arraignment will not be televised. Trump is planning to address the nation this evening at about 8 pm Eastern, from his home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

CNN posted on its page in all caps:


    • Yea, why did the left take almost 7 years for this.
      It’s almost as if they were incompetent.

      PS: Bill Cllnton paid one of his bimbos $850,000.00 Michael.
      But of course he did it correctly, because he is a Democrat.
      And in Clinton’s case, it wasn’t political ….. nothing to do w/ elections.

      We all know Democrats are apolitical Saints.

    • You and yours bought the ticket. I hope you are ready for the ride. Vengeance never travels the course one thinks and costs much more then anticipated. Usually beginning with ones integrity and then quickly onto ones soul.

  1. No man is hated more than he who tells the truth. Another attempt to destroy. 34 felony charges from a D A that releases felons on a daily basis?

  2. At the end of the day, this is all to get Trump the GOP nomination to keep Grandpa Sniffy in office

    • Commie Man, this circus keeps your senile criminal idiot Joe Biden and his crime family out of the news, for awhile…

      Perhaps you are not aware of the Chi- Com $ bank transfers to Hunter and Jim?
      These transfers just last week were made public. Your propagandist handlers had to provide a distraction for their simpleton followers, so T- Rump gets his ass hauled in.

      Trump loves the attention and publicity that this fake drama brings as it shores up his base. I find the whole circus atmosphere disgusting. With Maga Bleating Sheep and Cur Democrats hating on Trump our National Political discourse looks like a WWF pre- match show.
      This is Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

      • Perhaps, but it sure is fun to watch. I’m still fairly certain that suburban white women aren’t going to vote for your Dear Leader though and if they don’t he’ll lose yet another election. However, if he does end up winning the election, will you also claim that it was rigged/stolen, or do you only believe that kind of thing when your boy King Jong Trump loses? I’ll await your no doubt ad hominem filled response.

        • Commie Man
          I suggest you take a class in Reading Comprehension. Clearly I castgated the entire process above including T-Rump and your senile Criminal Depends wearing Democrat President.

          I’m supporting, RFKJR and DeSantis, both as Presidental Candidates presently. I understandcthat these men and what they represent are above your ethical and intellectual pay grade so your opinion on this subject is meaningless.

          As for White Woman, I’m married to one, she is supporting DeSantis.

  3. Stretching phony charges to “get Trump”. Case of show me a man and I’ll find a crime. This has been 6 years of nonstop derangement because Trump dared to run for and win the presidency.
    This will backfire big and be a turning point in holding current and former elected officials accountable. The Justice system must not be the political monster it has become.

  4. Hush money is not nor has it ever been illegal. No matter how many times you re name it.

  5. “Circus”
    What other words were you considering for the title before you settled on this one, Suzanne? I’m genuinely curious. There isn’t an indication in the article that the word “circus” is warranted.

    In my opinion, Nancy Pelosi led a circus throughout Trump’s presidency, wherein the mainstream media were key actors.

    What happened today in Manhattan is a travesty. Wake up, America. And may God have mercy on us all!

  6. First they came for an ex-president, but I did not protest, because I was not an ex-president.
    Then they came for prominent Republicans, but I did not protest, because I was not a prominent Republican.
    Then they came for …

  7. So here’s where we are.

    A DA who ran on getting Trump behind bars is going after a former President and current candidate for 34 misdemeanors, all past statute of limitations.

    Same DA is attempting to create linkage to a federal crime. This is outside his jurisdiction.

    The linkage he wants to create is so bogus two different federal prosecutors in the corrupt Biden DOJ passed on perusing.

    The judge’s daughter worked on the Harris campaign, and now runs a company which has Biden-Harris as a client.

    The judge also oversaw the trail of CFO.

    This is a lot of things, but not a search for Justice. Under any law.

    • Ah here is where we really are:

      Bragg is a DA who ran on holding Trump accountable as did his opponent, Republican Thomas Kenniff. Kenniff stated that if he were to find that the former president had committed any crime, he would “absolutely” prosecute the case, and that he did not agree with Mr. Trump’s contention that the investigation was a form of political persecution. Kenniff also campaigned on cracking down on low-level misdemeanors like falsifying business records.

      Same DA has created linkage to State of New York State Election Law and tax laws.

      No federal DOJ prosecutors under the Biden administration passed on pursuing charges against Trump. Merrick Garland elected not to pursue Trump for any of his pre-2020 multiple crimes. Bad decision I do agree. Under Trump’s DOJ, Trump instructed AG Barr to remove any reference to him in Cohen’s indictment. Also Bragg’s predecessor was asked to stand down on prosecuting Trump.

      Judge Merchan was assigned the case because of a rotation in which judges are assigned to oversee grand juries and the cases that arise from them. Same as the criminal trial of the Trump Organization. Had nothing to do with his daughter.

  8. Who’s the jury going to believe? A porn star witness who has videos of her naked rear end getting pounded by other porn stars …. and a serial lying, disbarred attorney, OR, a former president of the United States who won two terms by a majority of the People?

    • In NYC? Please.

      Manhattan voted over 80% for Biden.
      They elected Bragg, DiBlasio, went heavy for anyone named Coumo.

    • Trump only won the first election so please stop it with your BS about a stolen election. Trump “pounded” this porn star and then lied about it and tried to cover it up. I say the jury is going to believe the defense but the Trump team has no interest in a speedy trial; they want to make this take as long as possible so he isn’t a convicted felon running in a primary.

      • C(ommunist)man, anyone with an ounce of intelligence and honesty recognizes that the 2020 presidential (s)election was deeply corrupted, and stolen from Trump. MOUNTAINS of evidence indicate as much.
        But if there is one thing that you radical leftist extremists are good at, it is denying reality.

        • No, there’s zero evidence to support mass fraud and that’s why every Federal judge and SCOTUS refused to hear an arguments from the team representing the biggest sore loser in the history of our Republic.

  9. This is what you get when people that have no respect for our republic and the constitution are allowed to prance that BS through the capital with impunity.

  10. A Probable Cause hearing should have been the second motion after dismissal ! I myself , had the Kenai Court Judge Link supplant an indictment against me , to a $100,00 fine and begged me to pay it and let the court get back to doing its job !
    Trumps Lawyer is milking his client , I had no attorney and motioned a ” plead to an information ” for which the judge ( sitting as “in blind justice ” ) has the duty to do his own investigation of the charges against the defendant whom has the Constitutional Right of the ” presumption of innocence “! This is a circus for the media ,the lawyers & the broken system of justice! Common law should of prevailed but not in the vacuum that exist today in America! God save America your only last hope for Freedom & Justice!
    NO AMERICAN should bend his knee to this type of corruption working for the “evil ones ” to profit !

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