CDC, TSA extend travel mask mandate for two more weeks


The Biden Administration announced today that the mask mandate for transportation has been extended for 15 more days. It was set to expire April 18, after a month-long extension in March, the third extension since the order went into effect, as ordered by the Biden Administration for travel on planes, buses, trains, and taxis in January of 2021.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is blaming a sub-variant of the omicron variant of Covid-19.

“Since early April, there have been increases in the 7-day moving average of cases in the U.S. In order to assess the potential impact the rise of cases has on severe disease, including hospitalizations and deaths, and health care system capacity, the CDC Order will remain in place at this time,” the CDC said on Wednesday.

The CDC has ordered the mandate to remain through May 3.

Airlines have asked the administration to end the mask mandate, which has caused hard feelings between travelers and the airlines. Employees who are forced to enforce the mandate have suffered verbal abuse and resistance from passengers in the 15 months since the federal mandate started.

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  1. I see masked kids, walking alone, along the bike paths every morning– the programming is working, God help us when they get into public office. #thefatladyissinging

    • Every one of those covidiots NEEDS to be confronted on their lunacy, unashamedly and unabashedly. I do it whenever I run across such neurotic and irrational freaks: “Still clinging to those stupid and useless masks, eh?”

      • I think that you are on to something, Jefferson. I have just been laughing at them and make sure they know it! Being polite sure hasn’t stopped the lunacy.

    • I see people driving in their cars alone with masks on, that’s how “trained” we are…..sheep.
      Too much government intervention and Alaska airlines isn’t flying anyway as their unions are on strike for more money. at a time like this when no one’s traveling, talk about cutting your own throat and sinking the company you work for,,,,,,

    • There probably not be a states when todays young 20 year olds and children grow up. Either there some type of near catastrophic attack occurs or jesus returns, which my great uncle thought jesus will probably return in millennials time frame whether we are older reaching 70 age, and looking how closely the signs of today are aligning with bible prophecy i think he’d be closer being right. I can’t see todays young adults and kids being a leader. I think they make better slaves, following orders. That american generation going into exile as the northern and southern kingdoms of isreal were killed, marched off into exile by the assriayn and babylon armies.

  2. But, but there are hepa filters on the planes, the airlines go the extra mile cleaning. Take some clorox wipes on a flight and you will see how that extra cleaning, is not happening.

  3. This is just a glimpse into the future
    Just wait until the mid terms
    It will be full on crazy so as to allow / demand the voting process to be
    hijacked like last election

    Anyone who doesn’t put the upcoming election and restrictions on our freeedoms and voting rights together is bag of stupid , has a very short memory and or wants it

    And no it’s not all about Trump/ it’s about fundamentally changing
    America as Obama promised

  4. The true effects of this will not be apparent until the first U.S. born baby arrives already WEARING a mask.
    Probably at about Midnight, October 30, 2022.

    But will that be sufficiently noted in mainstream media to be read as a cautionary sign for what will follow in so few days?.

    Also unanswered is whether that mask will be adorned with the likeness of “President” Biden or simply “666”

  5. So … 100 days of mask wearing means 467 days? How much longer will it take Biden’s handlers to realize this masking experiment has failed?

  6. November is coming soon and we all get to say No to a lot of these nonsense makers….and hopefully the people will remove many of those in Government who have become road blocks…

  7. So, ‘only’ two more weeks of the stupid, unscientific, irrational, intrusive and abusive mask mandate.
    Then, after that, comes the old-time copper diving helmet mandate.
    I mean, it would make as much sense.

  8. You know that the airlines don’t have enforce its mask mandate. It can do what grocers executives done, put a sign out and tell its employees don’t confront just look the other way. The democrat airlines can’t blame the federal government for airlines employees own bully style communication practices. That’s why the grocers chose not to enforce a mask cause employees assualting customers is not good business practice. Not many employees have the best communication, many are very aggressive and combatative and they can’t talk that brings about a positive outcome. Most americans today don’t recieve jesus. So the employees might as well say nothing at all about mask etiquette.

    • “You know that the airlines don’t have enforce its mask mandate.”
      Technically, you are correct, however, the Federal Government has a very large, and heavy hammer they can hit the airlines with.
      In order to operate a commercial airline within US airspace, the airline MUST have a valid operating certificate issued by the FAA. In order to maintain that certificate, the airline must comply with Federal requirements, including any executive/emergency orders. So… the airline could do what the grocery stores do, but they are not going to risk their operating certificates.

  9. No surprises here. They could just be honest and make it permanent, which it will be. Masks truly are the new Burka.

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