Will TSA extend travel mask mandate next week?


The federal mask mandate for travel has been extended three times since President Joe Biden made his ruling in January of 2021. It is now poised to expire on April 18. But will the White House extend it into the summer?

“The American people have seen through the false logic that COVID-19 only exists on airplanes and public transportation. They see it every day when they go to a grocery store, restaurant, shopping mall, or movie theater with no masks in sight, leading them to demand unneeded mandates come to an end. In response to this outcry, 21 states have filed suit to put an end to this egregious transportation mask mandate overreach,” wrote a group of U.S. senators and congressional representatives to the president last week.

“In addition, you’ve received letters from various transportation stakeholders urging you to put pandemic-related travel restrictions behind us. Specifically, the White House received letters from the U.S. Travel Association, Airlines for America, and the American Bus Association, all of whom are imploring your Administration to either repeal the transportation mask mandate immediately or let it expire.”

The April 8 letter was signed by Republican Reps. Sam Graves (Mo.), ranking member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee; Garret Graves (La.), ranking member on the Aviation Subcommittee; Republican Sens. Roger Wicker (Miss.), ranking member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee; and Ted Cruz (Texas), ranking member of the Aviation Subcommittee.

While most of the country has dropped mask mandates in workplaces and schools, the Biden rule says nose and mouth coverings must be worn in airports, planes, bus stations, buses, railroad stations, and trains.

Complicating the decision this week is that many Democrats in the ruling class in the nation’s capital have contracted Covid, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Seventy-two high-ranking political leaders who attended the Gridiron Dinner (an annual event for the political elite held at an exclusive, invitation-only journalism dining club called the Gridiron Club) subsequently came down with the virus, including Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Attorney General Merrick Garland, and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and . It was the first Gridiron Dinner since 2019, and all guests were required to show proof of vaccination.

In March, the White House official and TSA said that during the month extension, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would work with agencies to “help inform a revised policy framework for when, and under what circumstances, masks should be required in the public transportation corridor. This revised framework will be based on the COVID-19 community levels, risk of new variants, national data, and the latest science. We will communicate any updates publicly if and/or when they change.”

On the NBC Today Show on Monday, White House Covid-19 Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said the mandate for masking travelers “is absolutely on the table.”

As the Biden Administration evaluates its options, attorneys general from 21 Republican-led states, including Alaska, sued the federal government over the travel mask mandate, arguing the rule is federal overreach. CEOs of major airlines including Alaska Airlines wrote to the Biden Administration that the mask requirements are out of step with “the realities of the current epidemiological environment.”

The masking rule has led to an outbreak in defiant behavior on commercial air carriers that has resulted in airlines developing no-fly policies for those who won’t comply, and to asked the Biden Administration to create a nationwide “no fly list” for passengers who are identified by the airlines as being overly unruly, or for those who attack flight attendants, gate agents, and fellow travelers. Mask mandates are the origin of an estimated three-quarters of bad behavior by travelers, the airlines told the Administration.

The sticking point is that defining unruly behavior can be subjective and violate travelers’ constitutional rights.

Of 5,981 such reports to the Federal Aviation Administration last year, 72% were related to masks. The agency started investigations of 1,105 of those cases, which was 300 percent more than any year since the FAA began collecting data in 1995.

The FAA took enforcement action in 390 cases since the mask mandate went into effect in January of 2021. Prior to that, several airlines already had a mask mandate in effect for travel on their carriers.


  1. The mask mandate was NEVER about public health and safety.
    It is and was another control mechanism by the elite power brokers that derive pleasure from controlling and manipulating others.
    And the sad thing is – most of the sheeple go along with it – not offering even a modicum of resistance.
    This is why fascism, stalinism, maoism, nazism, and totalitarianism have always worked.
    What I’ve witnessed in the last 2 years has is so sad – I thought Americans had more backbone and the spirit of rebellion against tryranny.
    I was grossly mistaken…

  2. I cannot possibly imagine any sane person complaining about needing to wear a mask when they have been forced to go through the TSA procedures in order to enter the waiting area prior to boarding an airplane! Almost 1 million Americans have died from Covid, and very likely thousands more deaths were not counted. And the epidemic continues. Only 3,000 Americans died in the 2001 attack, and it was over 20 years ago, yet we still put up with the TSA. We are sheep. We follow the leader even when there there is no reason to do so and the leader disgusts us. Right now many Americans ask why Russians put up with the dictatorship under which they live, but I look at what we do for the TSA without even asking why. We are sheep.

    • The TSA treats me like a criminal because I can’t go through the machine, due to having a pacemaker. I won’t travel where I have to be subjected to a public groping. Fortunately, I live in a place where we use commuter planes and small planes to travel. The mask is annoying, but not as annoying as the the constant intercom announcements on the plane about everything we are REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW TO DO OR NOT TO DO!

    • Government having the power to MAKE you wear an ineffectual piece of cloth on your face and search your luggage and person before getting on an airplane comes from the same place. You seem to think that critically thinking individuals, who can assess their risk by themselves should be made to obey, but finding contraband before it goes on an airplane is objectionable to you. Considering that the virus continues to rage on despite lock-downs, mask mandates and distancing, while there has not been a spade of hijacking planes, one can argue about the effectiveness here. In my opinion ordering ineffectual masks is a pure and simple virtue-signaling power grab. You it appears are a sheep!

    • “Only 3,000 Americans died in the 2001 attack, and it was over 20 years ago, yet we still put up with the TSA.”
      The screening requirement to enter the secure area of an airport was in place long before September 11th, 2001. It had nothing to do with 3,000 people dying from a terrorist attack.
      As to a sane person complaining, you equating masking and TSA screening fails any and all tests of logic. They are not the same in any way. The only equivalency between the two is they are both requirements to board a scheduled commercial service flight.

    • From COVID or with COVID. The overwhelming number of deaths occurred in highly vulnerable populations. Anyone with COVID was counted as a death from COVID. Much higher reimbursement for a COVID death.

  3. It’s really sad to see so many people wearing face diapers when they are not forced to do so. They’ve drank the koolaid.

  4. Of course, they are going to extend it. Does anyone actually think they will give up one iota of power? They know they are doomed in the midterms, so they are doubling down on everything.

  5. What a farce!!! This isn’t a pandemic it’s a scamdemic! The virus doesn’t exist and of course that means masks are useless, seriously, a healthy person can lip-lock and tongue explore with a covid infected person and not get it, why? Because the friggin virus doesn’t exist. Wake up you addle minded idiots, you’ve all been played.

  6. On multiple occasions since the start of the pandemonium I have looked at the research on masks. It is quite possible to pick-and-choose among mask studies. In the aggregate, the science is inconclusive. I don’t need a Brandon administration “expert” attempting to summarize the science. If anything, the studies show that social distancing works and masks have little efficacy. Mask mandates must be litigated. Blindly accepting political opinion as fact is wrong and destructive to a free society. Masks are theater and virtue signaling. Just say no to masks.

  7. Would life in America be better without the US Constitution?

    What was your first God-given natural right? It was locomotion which came before even the right to breathe. Did any communist government have to check you out first and give you a limited right to move around after paying a fee?

    Will an agent of a communist government “give” anyone ever, the God-given right to locomotion?

    What do you want?

  8. The cleanest air most people will likely ever breathe is on a commercial service passenger aircraft. The air on a passenger flight is replace significantly more often than that in a retail or office building. The air flow is from ceiling to floor, meaning any droplets you may expel will move away from other people’s eyes/nose/mouth.
    If you pick up a disease on a flight, odds are it is from touching a contaminated surface and transferring the virus/bacteria to your eyes/nose/mouth, not from the air.
    I do not know why people have this impression that aircraft take off and never cycle the air in the cabin.

  9. What is the due procedure for impeding or usurping, natural rights, civil rights, or political rights? Trial by jury by your peers of your visonage is the only lawful procedure to impair these rights in our republic form of government according to the 1776 US Constitution. What date did agents of WEF lawfully subsume Constitutional procedure due? Oh? It hasn’t happened? Do you mean “they” have no lawful and delegated authority to do what they do?

  10. The bright side is this…on a recent trip I flew on Alaska and Delta. I had my mask draped around my chin in the airports and on the planes. I was only given one warning by one flight attendant. With the exception of a few, people are done with this nonsense.

  11. The Biden regime will definitely extend the mask mandate and anything else his goons can come up with as they desperately cling to power. World War 3 will be their last ditch effort!

  12. They’ve only succeeded at doing one thing. Radicalizing a nation and creating a deep distrust in government agencies that would not have existed if people had been allowed to live their lives free from purposeful economic destruction and overreach.

  13. Not only with the mask mandate be extended, probably until May 18, 2256, but diving helmets will now be mandatory as well.
    “If it saves just one life!”

  14. Many flight attendants love the mask mandate. Gives them power. They no longer serve the customer, the customer must serve them.

  15. Search for “Watch the Water” by Stew Peters. Time to start arresting folks that have conspired to commit crimes against humanity. COVID Plandemic is the most sinister crime ever committed against humanity. CDC, FDA, DOD, NIH, Moderna, Fauci, Demoncrats, Gates, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Schwab and many many others have committed the unforgivable.

  16. Go ahead. The feds want everyone to wear a slave masks, I respect their dumb “mandate” (not a law) and will not spend a dime flying until the airlines figures out they’re losing lots of money because people won’t fly because of democrats being democrats.

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