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Cost of living rises 8.5% in one year

It’s not just your imagination: The cost of living has gone up under President Joe Biden at a rate unmatched in two generations. Overall, the consumer price index, or CPI, is up 8.5 percent over last year, including:

  • Gas: +48%
  • Electricity: +11.1%
  • Energy, Generally: 32%
  • Proteins – Meat, Poultry, Fish: +13.8%
  • Milk: +13.3%
  • Eggs: +11.2%
  • Bread: +7.1%
  • Coffee: +11.2%
  • Used Cars: +35.3%
  • Car and Truck Rentals: +23.4%
  • Airline Fares: +23.6%
  • Shelter: +5%
The shelter index rose 5% over the last 12 months, the largest 12-month increase since May of 1991. The index for household furnishings and operations increased 10.1% over the past year, its largest 12-month increase since the period ending July of 1975. The CPI index is found at this link.
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Thanks, Joe Biden. Are you enjoying all of that extra cash you didn’t report to the IRS? You know…..the extortion and bribe money from China, Russia, and Ukraine……thanks to your meth addict and miserable kid, Hunter.

    • If the CPI is up 8.5%, that means that the REAL cost of living has probably gone up by at least 15%.
      Every number and statistic from the BL(B)S nowadays is very little more than heavily-massaged lies and propaganda.

  2. It makes not sense to me how the price of everything rises 8.5% when almost every items listed raised more than 8.5%. Something doesn’t seem right about these numbers.

    • Try Common Core Math. It doesn’t work on these numbers either but at least it’s predictable.

  3. The reasons for the cost of living increases extend well beyond anything President Biden is responsible for or that he caused. These debilitating price increases and inflation are related to the pandemic conditions that started under the previous administration. So, if you blame Biden, you must also blame Trump.

    • Wrong. Biden’s and congress’ policies and mishandling (re: believing anything Phony Fauci says) of the pandemic responses is what has tanked our economy. Seriously…you can’t land that one at Trump’s door…it was all Democrat policies. The states that didn’t act like Chicken Littles fared much better.

    • America has more oil than ALL of Middle East, so why isn’t THAT all over the news?

      My cost of gasoline went from $2.19 during President Trump to $3.79 when Xiden (sic) stopped pipelines and drilling. That was also long before Putin decided to expand his horizon.

      The only person Xiden (sic) is making happy used to grow peanuts and transitioned to overseeing home building. He now enjoys being the second worst inflation creator prez.

    • if you to get to root causes barbara I suggest reading End the Fed and The creature from jekyll island
      or I guess just blame trump while giving Biden a pass or whatever

    • 85% Biden (overspending and really bad policies)
      10% Trump (out of necessity for covid)
      5% Putin (war uncertainties)

  4. This is Bidenomics. When the government pays people to not work the demand for all the goods required of a 21st century American life exceeds the supply. Giving people who choose to not work the dollars needed to buy those goods cannot help but reduce the value of dollars relative to those goods, which is called inflation. We have too few people working and too many people consuming; pretty easy to understand. Inflation of this sort always ends in a recession, or a war: That is, it takes a recession to bring a rebalancing, or a war to postpone it. How that fits with the war in Europe is anyone’s guess however. The Federal Reserve Bank needs to prop up Biden and the Democrats as best it can for the November elections, and especially for the 2024 elections. Helping Democrats at the same time interest rates need to be raised would challenge any economist, and it remains to be seen how increased defense spending fits into the mix. We need people who chose to not work to now go back to work; there are jobs enough but reducing the size and scope of the dole at the same time that Democrats in power want those people to vote will be tricky. I can easily predict that we could see a time soon when both Putin and the American Democrats want to see a war between NATO and Russia, but for different reasons.

  5. Extrapolate from the above and other local info what is on Alaska’s horizon and you’ll see significantly more reason for concern. The Alaska economy has traditionally been thought of as a three tine fork:

    – Oil
    – Fishing
    – Timber

    Laine Welch nailed it in her opus report wherein she made it clear that Alaska has marginal participation in the larger aspects of the seafood industry (with the majority going to Washington) and outside her remarks we all know that Timber’s been dead for a long time.

    Alaska lives on the oil industry and the symbiotic construction market. Yeah, mining, gov’t, etc. but mostly oil and construction.

    The hair sniffer has made oil producers reticent to spend and construction follows that lead. For example, the Associated General Contractors (AGC) most recent report listed the publicly bid construction awards in Alaska and for the first time in my recollection AGC chose not to produce graphs to allow a quick comparison of 2022 to the prior 5 years.

    Total awards were valued at @ $261mm of which @ $185mm were roadway resurfacing and similar. Note that this and most other horizontal construction has less impact on our economy than does vertical construction.

    If you consider that the remaining @ $70mm spread over a population of @ 700k turns out to be roughly $100 per capita. Toss in a broken supply chain and you can quickly see that Alaska’s economy is unwell, it just doesn’t know it yet.

    What does this mean for you? It means that 1986 is coming home. Again.

  6. Oh yeah… don’t forget; the US 10 Year Treasury rate went from @ 1.75% last month to 2.71% now.

  7. Well at least he has a plan to end covid. Remember that, Joes gonna destroy the virus not the economy….hahahaha. I hope everyone’s happy. We get the government we deserve.

  8. This is all because of democrat policies and gop enablers. Coming soon to a city near you.
    And 8.5%? Hardly. More like 15 to 20.

  9. After two years of a Guv’ment lockdown caused by a so called pandemic from an unexplained virus from Chinna that has a survivability rate of 99,5%, a deadly virus of epic proportions that it’s cured by some sort of elixir that requires not one dose but at least four doses (with the likelihood of many more yet to be mandated), an unprecedented record Federal spending and printing of money, a very questionable presidential election results from 2020, an obvious lack of political leadership making extremely poor decisions all of which appears to be nefarious – manipulative at best, a complete devastation of family businesses and industries, and “now” the Guv’ment wants us to believe the true inflation rate is at a mere 8.5%. Feels like and smells like more of the same, the similar stench from the backyard during spring breakup or a speech from Daddy’s Little Princess!
    AND(!!!), the root causes of this “Dereliction-of-Duty” continue to be re-elected!

  10. I’ve heard more realistic figures of around 15% and I think 20% is not an exaggeration. Sometimes I drift back in time to 2019 when things were so good. When I saw Trump’s 2020 vote count stop, and Biden’s suddenly surge, I got a real lump in my throat. It’s still there.

    • Yes, you could visibly see, and mathematically prove, the vote was being stolen. Right before our eyes.

      I too am having a tough time swallowing it.

  11. All that money printing under Sloppy Joe has consequences! And it looks like the hens are coming home to roost in the Obama/Biden regime change scheme in the Ukraine. If you think inflation is bad now just wait for the very real possibility of the petrodollar collapse as a world reserve currency under Sloppy Joe’s watch. Wouldn’t have happened if Trump was at the helm.

  12. Ryan, the government excludes energy and food prices in the CPI inflation measure. It’s a total crock.

  13. i just paid 4.5$ for 2x2x8 i believe i bought some 2x4x8s in 2020 for around 2.5$ a piece
    I’d like to thank the federal reserve with their manipulation and bastardization of the dollar and every administration from woodrow wilson on for their out of control spending for this inflation.

  14. Democrats- you did this. Hope you enjoy the high prices. Joe was right, it’s going to be a dark cold winter. Wait until people figure out a large chunk of their paychecks are going to pay for fuel (house and car) and food. So.. When you step out of your car with a joe biden for prez sticker on your bumper and someone walks up and sucker punches you, it’s our way of saying thank you.

  15. It’s not costing the government nothing as we just print more funny money for the unemployed, poor, Illegals and any other hand outs

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