Alaska GOP to take up party rules that currently could leave Murkowski as one of its nominees in November


The Alaska Republican Party governing rules were designed to be responsive to a regular primary system, one that allows Republicans or non-aligned voters to choose the Republican ballot, and doesn’t allow Democrats to cross over and distort a Republican outcome.

With Ballot Measure 2 in effect for the first time, voters from any party or no party at all can vote for the Republicans, robbing the party of being able to self-determine its nominees to the general election. All of Alaska voters get to now say who the Republican nominees are.

That means the party’s pre-primary endorsements for Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate and Mike Dunleavy for governor essentially expire Aug. 16, and Republican voters won’t determine who on their team goes to the November ballot.

Pre-primary endorsements have been important to the party because the rules prohibit party subdivisions from spending campaign time and treasure on those who didn’t get the endorsement of the State Central Committee. But there are no party rules for post-primary endorsements because the party hasn’t adapted to the new reality. In that new reality, more than one Republican can proceed to the general election.

Under the new voting scheme created by Ballot Measure 2, it’s likely that Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Tshibaka, both Republicans, will be among the final four to proceed to the November Ranked Choice Voting method created by Ballot Measure 2 in 2020.

Three Republican districts have requested the party change its rules in Article 1, Section 4 to allow the party State Central Committee to do a post-primary endorsement of candidates, and take back some portion of authority to the party that was robbed from it by Ballot Measure 2.

The matter went from the districts to the State Central Committee, then the party’s Rules Committee, and finally to the State Executive Committee, which tabled the matter until the party’s convention, April 21-23 in Fairbanks.

At that convention, it’s normal for the party’s rules to be adjusted. The adjusted rules would could put sideboards on who can call themselves a Republican on the General Election ballot. If so, that could trigger a lawsuit between the party and Murkowski, and the party would have to defend its right to say who is an actual member of the party, in terms of being the actual Republican nominee.

The State Central Committee may have an intense debate over this proposed rule change later this month, which would be aimed at preventing Sen. Murkowski from being able to fly under the Republican banner. In 2021, the party sanctioned her, censured her, and asked her to actually leave the party. The State Central Committee’s vote against Murkowski, due to her actions against President Donald Trump, did not have an effect; she remains a registered Republican today and, as the incumbent, is running hard to beat Tshibaka, who is endorsed by the Republican Party.


  1. If the Alaska State Republican Party did not consist primarily of opportunistic RINOs, they would condemn and disown Princess Lisa in the strongest possible terms.
    I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen, though.

    • Red Pill., how’s Kelly T a disaster? I don’t follow you , oh, you meant to say that Sarah Palin would be a disaster! Yeah, I agree about Sarah. Kelly isn’t Lisa, has a boatload of smarts and is approachable.

    • I’m not particularly excited about Tshabaka, but I’ll take her over Murkowski or any of the Dem candidates.

    • I agree red pill. Tshibaka is a grievance peddler. Never anything positive. She doesn’t have administrative or Alaskan experience. She is a grifter.

  2. Currently, the Republican Party is a wolf with no teeth. A fact that Murkowski has been using to her advantage since she was first elected.

      • Democrats will say that Frank’s ONLY smart thing was to appoint his Communist daughter to the US Senate in 2002.
        42 years of Murkowskis in high office in OUR state. Are voters really THAT stupid?
        Vote Kelly Tshibaka and END the Murkowski
        Sh*t Show Dynasty.

  3. Apparently their are at least three districts that promote autocracy over a person’s right to choose.

    • Oh, you mean like a person’s right to choose whether to wear a stupid and ineffective mask, or to chose whether or not to be injected by a proven unsafe and ineffective experimental (so-called) “vaccine”?
      No, of course you do not mean right to make THOSE kind of choices, Frank — only the right to kill an unborn fetus. How wonderfully “progressive” (sic) of you.

  4. It’s such a fraud. The people of Alaska have been tricked into accepting the ranked choice voting. It’s awful.

    Nobody put a vote for Murkowski, even if she’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th on your ballot. That’s how she plans to win. If you want Murkowski out, leave her space blank.

    I believe we can just vote for our 1st choice and leave all over spaces blank.

    • Unfortunately, if You do that, it gives those who count the ballots the ability to pencil her in as “Your” number 2 choice…….

      According to a reliable source, they used to double mark conservative municipality votes years ago to make them ineligible.

    • Yes, you can vote for just one on the R-C ballot. There’s always the danger (probably remote) that an unscrupulous election worker could fill in the rest of the ballot. If your choice is not the highest vote getter (2nd or 3rd), and the talley goes to a second or third round, your vote can still be counted. If your choice was the 4th highest vote getter, it would be eleminated in the second round.

  5. Evidently, RCV and democrats voting for Lies A Lot (sic) aren’t sufficient enough to assure the Nepotism candidate’s ability to retain her father’s tarnished crown…..

  6. Murkowski operative revenge for nominating Miller in 2010. She and her handlers will teach you all how to behave.

  7. Lisa has become so disenfranchised with the conservative principles that we tried our very best to raise her with, I’m now afraid she would join the Communist Party to try and stay in the US Senate. Frankie and I just love Kelly T., though, and we will be praying every day for her victory.

    • Can’t wait to hand-deliver Kelly our next BIG campaign contribution. We adore her so much. Her parents must be so proud.

      • I’m a little short on cash this month because Lisa is being a tightwad again. Any chance for an early advance, Frankie? I’ll get Kelly T. a nice donation after my allowance is reinstalled.

        • HH,
          You couldn’t even run a noodle stand in Anchorage. Your female business partner packed up and left you. What kind of a man are you?

          • Frankie always like to insult me with the above quote. You should hear what I call him behind his back. ?

  8. Changes to the primary process are always designed to benefit the Democrats and allow them to consolidate power.

  9. Cry me a river, stop with this propaganda. How about we just nominate and endorse a candidate that can just beat her? I don’t think it’ll be Kelly.

  10. The GOP has lost me as a supporter. They have no merit to let the liar Lisa claim to be Republican. I will vote for someone other than the establishment’s choice. Look what it has got us the last 10 years. No to the gop and little Lisa.

  11. I’m at the point where I don’t care, I will not vote for RINO Murkowski in any position one through four. “…Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.””

  12. I thought the Republican ballot was for Republicans. What measures, if any, can be taken to keep people who aren’t Republicans from lying about being one?

  13. How dare they? Are they nuts? Or is there bribery afoor that they would even consider this Rino/Democrat stooge being allowed to run as a Republican! She has sided with seditionists and traitors on the left, literally, and thumbed her nose at conservatives! We need her investigated not allowed to run as a Republican’t! Dammit!

      • So CHOP, Antifa, BLM, the burning of cities, the violent protests in DC when Trump was sworn in, the assault on the Federal building in portland that lasted months? Those weren’t treasonous or seditious? More than 20 dead and billions in damage.

        You are either a liar or a moron, or perhaps both, but to defend these scumbags while demonizing a very few, unarmed minority of people at the March, the vast majority of whom didn’t take anything but selfies and were LET IN by Capitol police, is delusional and blindly, and sickeningly partisan.

        • Well said, Lawrence!
          You beat me to the punch, after Bick’s disingenuous, absurd, hyperbolic and intellectually insulting little rant about so-called “seditionists and traitors” on the right. ALL of those that I see nowadays who can REALLY be labeled as such are part of the insane radical left.

        • Lawrence: I’m not defending your boogeymen like the Antifa movement, I just wanted to point out that the planned, deliberate, violent attack on police, democracy and the threat of death to our vice president and speaker, initiated by radical domestic terrorists like former WH chief of staff (now known election fraud liar and hypocrite) Mark Meadows and the hideous jackals surrounding the devil incarnate Trump was treason and sedition.

  14. When are we going to wake up and realize money doesn’t buy THE ELECTIONS; COMMON SENSE DOES.. Lisa hasn’t had common sense for years. We are voting for people who stands up FOR Alaska, and not the for “idiots” in DC. When she decides she is suppose to represent ALL ALaskans and returns to her Alaskan ROOTS instead of DC Roots..maybe she might be wqelcomed

  15. No one “hyperventilates” like you do Mr Jefferson. You are a MASTER at hyperbole and overstatement.

  16. The fix is in.
    The last election was rigged and stolen by the Left – and the RINO’s supported the effort.
    Future elections will be worse.
    The WEF, MSM, BigCorps, BigPharma, the entrenched politicos, the Globalists do not care AT ALL what you want.
    They are in it for control and financial gain.
    Stop being in denial.
    You know liberal Lisa will win – guaranteed.

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