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Campaign watch: DeBlasio ex-staffer is new mouthpiece for Gross campaign

Candidate Al Gross has a new communication director who has “been there, done that” for New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

Julia Savel cut her teeth with the Bill DeBlasio for Mayor campaign in New York City, where she was a communications operative.

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Savel, who was briefly the communication director for Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria of Virginia, joins another out-of-stater — Campaign Manager David Keith, who brought baggage with him to Alaska when he signed on with the Gross campaign last year.

Keith had come to the Gross campaign after working for, and getting in trouble at, the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Keith frequently used crude language and derogatory terms to describe women and gay people.

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Clearly it was time to bring on a different communications professional for Gross, especially after his remarks on a recent ad, in which he said he has the testicles to do the job in Washington (using the Spanish word “cojones.” Gross has since been counseled by his supporters about his toxic masculinity.

Gross has embraced East Coast leftists in his quest to unseat U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan. But with East Coast fundraising from Swing Left, he also has plans to hire 60 rural Native Alaska coordinators to work his rural get-out-the-vote strategy this fall. Rural Alaska is the key to his strategy, as it was for Sen. Mark Begich, who lost to Dan Sullivan in 2014.

Gross has strong East Coast ties, having completed high school at the fashionable Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts (tuition $57,000 per year) before attending Amherst College in Massachusetts for his undergraduate degree (tuition $58,000 per year).

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Just another Outsider trying to dictate the lefetest outside of Alaska Agenda. We don’t need someone from outside trying to tell us that you need to cutoff the funding stream that makes up the bulk of State Revenue.

  2. But, but, but, his ads say he worked his way through college as a commercial fisherman. Guess being from an old, wealthy family helps you work your way through elite schools. Was the commercial fishing just a tax dodge, or maybe a lie?

  3. Good piece. I have a question about a new add where Gross says he is going to remain on the ticket as an independent, does this mean there will be another in the race on the democratic ticket?

    • Allen,, do research Gross and the democrat party,, there is info out there that he states he will do anything to push for the democratic party,,, he is not an independent,, he lies.

      • As Suzanne has previously stated at MRAK, the “Independent” moniker is the 2020 vehicle to trick voters. “Independent” is nothing more than attempted subterfuge for:
        “Left-wing Democrat.” Construed any other way, this year, is a set-up for your vote. Democrats will do ANYTHING this year. Conservatives BEWARE!!!!

  4. Independent my foot! Gross is a liar which fits the liberal Democratic narrative. Anybody who believes him is a fool. You can tell his handlers are worried already by the fact they are trolling for the Bush vote. Bush votes won’t win a campaign. We have one Rino already. We don’t need another like minded idiot. Maybe he should go back to the east coast where he can make Momma proud.

    • How can anyone be a larger mouthpiece than the Mouth Piece of the North, the giant hot-air balloon himself……..Al Gross?

  5. Re: Gross(es) Me Out and De Blasio Staffer mouthpiece

    “Birds of a Feather, Flock together”………..

    De Blasio in denial: NYC mayor says Labor Day weekend was ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’ despite gun arrests hitting 25- year high and 37 shootings on Monday alone

    De Blasio claimed on Tuesday morning that the weekend had been ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’
    Gun arrests were 160 last week – a 25 year high – and there have been more than 1,000 shootings in New York City this year already
    That is an increase of 87 percent from last year
    On Monday morning, Michael Scully, 62, was shot dead while walking his dogs in Bay Ridge – his murder remains unsolved
    A six-year-old boy was shot at a Caribbean festival; a 25-year-old man was shot dead in the head while in the car next to his wife in Queens at 1am on Sunday
    De Blasio has long been criticized for his response to crime
    In June, he took $1billion from the NYPD’s budget amid pressure from BLM protesters
    He has also controversially released thousands of people from jail early

  6. Very expensive education, does this man not epitomize white privilege? He is white and presumably over 40, everything the left is opposed to. Of course, if you sell your soul to them then all this is overlooked.

      • The problem is that “Doctor Al” tries to present himself quite differently – the “commercial fisherman turned orthopedic surgeon turned commercial fisherman.”. The killing of a bear; the sailing the South Seas; the “born in the wake of an avalanche.” If he was as macho as he pretends to be, he would simply tell the entire truth. His puffery convinces me he is a wimp dressed up in a pair of Carhartts.

  7. Hiring East Coast, big city campaign brains never works out for Alaska candidates but Democrats often give it a try when a campaign falters. I recall when Fran Ulmer, running for Governor in 2002, handed her campaign over to Democrat machine operative Celinda Lake (a Rosie O’Donnell lookalike) who had Ulmer on the front page of the Daily Worker holding a .44 revolver and saying that Ulmer would now be campaigning in the bush and therefore needed to switch to carrying a bear gun. Life-long anti-Second Amendment Ulmer only drew laughter from that photo and statement, and everyone surmised that Lake’s polling must have indicated that Alaska voters were concerned about Ulmer’s support for gun control. Come to think of it, Gross comes from East Coast, big-city people, and that money paid for all his education. Maybe Gross can next run in the State of NY Senate district that elected Hillary years ago where his values are a far better fit than they are in Alaska.

  8. Sorry to hear that a new mouthpiece was brought in to do ads for the Gross doc. My amusement for the day was listening to that big airbag telling us about his many exploits. Him fighting grizzly bears was my favorite, and I was waiting to hear how he landed a Humpback in his canoe with only a flyrod. LOL. He’s the all-time BS wannabe politician in Alaska.

  9. Looks like another rat got off the sinking ship in NYC. I think this bodes well for Sullivan. Anyone coming from that inept DeBlasio admin is probably going to hurt more than help his employer..

  10. Does anyone remember Vic Vickers? Ran against Ted Stevens to “Fight Corruption.”

    Why does Al Gross remind me of Vickers so much?

  11. The “spooky music” Big Al refers to in Dan Sullivan’s campaign ad sounds like the theme song from the “Exorcist.”
    Perfectly fitting music for the gasbag doctor. He needs to get his head rotated back to normal. Anyone know a good chiropractor? ……..

    • Gonads Al needs another mouthpiece? I hardly think so. He’s doing just fine on his own, entertaining us all with his sexist, misogynistic boasts. Next to Joe Biden, who is rarely allowed to speak anymore, Gonads Al is the biggest idiot on the airwaves.

  12. I guess Al Gross didn’t get the memo that using the phrase “cojones” in his campaign ad is sexist or maybe the Democrats are OK with it seeings how he’s an “Independent” and all. His campaign ads are actually quite revealing if you listen to them, what a phony.

  13. Lyin’ Al has a new ad where he states Sullivan called him a liberal. Then states, Dan, this is where I killed the bear that “sneaked” up on me”
    Sounds a little like a veiled threat?

  14. Had a poll call over the weekend. It concerned Sullivan and Gross, and included quotes from both their campaigns. After, the thought came to me: Why would a wealthy physician, give up a very lurcative practice, to (what was the phrase?) “work to solve the health insurance problem”? This little question has been bothering me since….does anyone have any idea why he isn’t practising medicine any longer?

  15. We need a senator who was born into one of the wealthiest families in American. A senator who went to private schools in Ohio for rick kids, where they were isolated from poverty and violence. A senator who went to Harvard, the school of privilege. A senator who could pursue his career without worrying about earning money, thanks to the trust fund established to fund his every need. A senator who did not even live in Alaska when he became the state’s attorney general, his first concrete step to the US senate. A senator who says nothing important or controversial. A senator who has said not one word about the condition of the Alaska economy since he was elected in 2014, although we had gone from strong to weak before covid. Although Alaska is on the way to a financial disaster with massive unemployment, we need a senator who will keep quiet. We need a senator who will stand with Trump when he asserts that POW’s like McCain are losers. Al Gross is not that senator.

    • Proud Man,
      But what will we Alaskans do when we learn that Al Gross doesn’t really have any cojones? Will we just chalk it up to another politician who incessantly lies? Or, could we pay Scott Kendall to recall him?
      Thanks, but no thanks. I’m sticking with the humble warrior, Dan Sullivan.

      • A little more from my ongoing research into the background of Al Gross………
        List of organizations that endorse and financially back Dr. Al Gross for the US Senate:

        1. Lincoln Project
        2. Planned Parenthood
        3. Alaska Democrat Party
        4. Demand Universal Healthcare
        5. Humanity Forward
        6. End Citizens United
        7. Jewish Democrat Council of America.
        One other interesting thing to note. His father, Avrum Gross, was Alaska’s Attorney General under Jay Hammond (74-80), even though Gross was a registered Democrat.
        Avrum Gross talked Hammond out of signing the PFD bill in 1975, based on its unconstitutionality. Hammond did not sign the bill, but instead AK voters passed a constitutional amendmend allowing the PFD under a statutory formula. It would be a fair guess that Al Gross does not support a full PFD payout today.

  16. My daughter just received a junk mail post card from Santa Clarita, California extrolling the virtues of “independent” democrat Al Gross. She doesn’t tell Californians how to vote, so she feels Californians shouldn’t try to tell her how to vote……….

  17. I’ve noticed over the past few days how Mr Gross’s advertising has increased in both quantity and quality. Much more market saturation with very high quality video, very “professional” looking. Hmmm, who is paying for this upgrade?

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