Sexist much? Al Gross says it takes ‘cojones’ to do a job


In Al Gross’ latest radio ad, he says that in spite of what he has said on the record, he’s not really a liberal, but an Alaskan.

He is walking back his previous statements, in which he clearly said he will join the Democrats, which would put Sen. Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate.

But then he gets confused about what it takes to be an effective senator. Gross says he’s a man who has “the cojones” to do the job of U.S. Senator. It’s an odd statement for someone as liberal as Gross, who stands with Planned Parenthood in favor of late-term abortion. Especially ballsy as a Juneau boy taking on a U.S. Marine who has served in Afghanistan.

“Cojones” is the Spanish word for testicles. Without thinking, Dr. Gross is saying that female candidate Alyse Galvin doesn’t have the biological equipment to do the job of a U.S. Representative, and even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might be under equipped.

Kamala Harris? Wrong reproductive equipment.

But Chuck Schumer, he’s the man. He, too, has the testicles to say anything to get elected.

Al Gross has played the gender card, sideswiping women who might have considered voting for him.


From the Sullivan campaign, a “meet the real Al Gross” website was recently launched, showing the real record of the Democrat-backed candidate for Senate.


  1. Don’t be so hard on ole Al….at least he has researched and found out Canada is right next door to Alaska..!!

  2. This idiot Gross has a medical degree? Seriously? Cajones? Didn’t he know how to spell “testicles” on his anatomy exam in med school? Gross’s anatomy gaffes are making Biden look like Einstein.

  3. Okay you had me right up until the point when you said that Schumer had testicles and I would like to politely argue that he does not. I’m not sure what he is but he is definitely not a man.

  4. Dr. “Strange Al’s” latest radio bit is comical! “I’m not a lefty, just left of Sullivan”. Really? Is that liberal hocus pocus in an attempt to seem moderate? The smell of desperation is nauseating.

    • What’s actually really comical about the ad is his “proof” that he is not a liberal is that he was born in Alaska, and owns a gun. Like, somehow, it is not possible to be a screaming liberal nut job if you are born in AK? And, plenty of liberals own guns. Feinstein has a gun, and she is one of the most anti-gun politicians alive.

      Either his is stupid, or he thinks the voters are stupid.

  5. What’s the registration of that john boat that he’s piloting? Canadian? I see no Alaskan registration number on the hull! But, he’s a Democrat, sorry, independent!

  6. This is one messed up fellow. His late father left the young family for a series of women, and this Gross and his mom will be bitter for eternity.

    Proving something to the senior Gross to vindicate the woman left behind is what motivates this campaign.

    A year or two from now the name Al Gross will be nothing more than an elusive answer to a trivia question; what was the name of Senator Sullivan’s opponent back in 2020?

    But there may be a lesson here; when a woman is scorned and left behind to raise a family the damage is likely to last a long time. Yup, Jay Hammond had a big city Democrat as Attorney General, and that Attorney General paid his child support on time, staying out of the news.

  7. Maybe a Sullivan response?

    If you want a Senator who thinks with their “cojones” vote for Al Gross.
    But if you want someone who thinks with their brains, vote for me!

      • They could always try hooking-up with Big Al, that is, when he’s not in hand-to-hand combat with a grizzly bear, reeling a beluga whale into his 16-foot skiff, or operating on the wrong appendage. btw, has anyone thought to research Big Al’s past medical malpractice lawsuits to see how many medical errors this nut has had to defend against, or to settle? It’s public info.

  8. I am waiting to hear from poor, starving Al about how he suffered attending the über-exclusive Phillips Academy Andover to finish high school. And how stressful it was to scrape out his undergraduate degree at Amherst College in Massachusetts with the other prep school graduates. Stuff like that, which is not to be found on his campaign website.

  9. There is a mean spirited joke in med circles that the list of qualifications for on Orthopedic doc require that they be large and stupid.

    Extrapolating from known data there’s at least a 50% probability that he’s not a skinny man.

  10. Ever notice that the ones with the ‘most’ to brag about are the quietest (men and women)? They don’t brag much. Don’t need to. I don’t believe they kill a lot of bears either. It’s those insecure ones with the biggest mouths and talk of “cajones”(isn’t that spelled cojones?) that they do not possess and wish they did. They always have plenty to congratulate themselves for. If you don’t believe them, just ask them. Women are next in line for them.
    Gross for representative of who? No, no and no.

    • I am not certain if we are talking about the samething but I recently concluded watching Hacksaw Ridge, a firm depicting the life of Corporal Desmond Doss. Doss was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the battle on Okinawa in 1945. Doss, like many combat medics, was called “Doc” by his fellow soldiers. Dr. Al Gross apparently has also been called Doc, but that is about where the comparison ends. Multiple sources have said that, if anything, the movie UNDERSTATES the valor of Corporal Doss. Unlike the fashionable Dr. Al, Corporal Doss ended formal education at the eighth grade — he didn’t make it to Phillips Academy Andover, let alone Amherst College. I have seen actual footage of Desmond Doss, who experienced significant war wounds. He had tuberculosis and had a lung removed. There is little doubt that Dr. Al would see him as an uneducated deplorable not worthy of his time. Desmond Doss was a quiet and humble man — nothing at all like the self-aggrandizing Dr. Al. There is no doubt in my mind that Corporal Doss was a hundred times the man that Dr. Al wishes he could become. Yes, those that really have “it” do not brag about it. Al Gross should just go away.

  11. This cat can’t get out of his own way, can he?

    A millionaire doctor who retired early thanks in part to fleecing Alaskan patients, went to school to tell us how to reduce medical costs…

    A recreational commercial fisherman with a brand new fancy boat, who can’t catch fish and commercial fishermen will not endorse…

    A progressive against violence and guns, except when he killed a bear that may or may not have need killing…

    A liberal who is liberal when the money is flowing, but not when the votes are…

    Al Gross, the most contradictory man in America running for US Senate.

  12. Is his next ad going to be him disputing what he just said in his latest ad?

    I can hear it now in his newest ad…
    I know this path, my family has walked down it and it leads to a mountain where rocks fall…I don’t know what that has to do with my qualifications for US Senate but all of my adds have a bunch of nonsense in them. In my last ad I said it takes balls to be a US Senator, and I disagree with myself, those without balls can be effective as well. I have caught a fish before, kilt a bear, snow fell near me when I was bornt, I’m and Alaskan and bought a boat that my pops paid for. Sure I don’t know what birthright citizenship is and has been a part of the law of the land since the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1898, but vote for me your cajoneless singlepayer medical guy with a super expensive recreational commercial fishing boat.

  13. What about the transgender community he has offended? And how do we really know he has testicles. Is he willing to show us said testicles so we can verify his claim that he has them?

  14. The implication was that somehow Dan Sullivan has been cowardly (lack cojones). Not at all… Sully is more than twice the man Pansy Al will ever be.

  15. Disappointing to see MRAK drop to this level of liberalism and being politically correct. Sullivan supporter, but nothing wrong with this ad.

  16. A vote for Gross, who is really challenged on double speak the democrats use – the other thing that democrats require in right of passage is out right lying about everything. Think he has that down, just the coverups on the lies needs more work , I said on record I was left but really believe me I am not, and that I would caucus with democrats I wont really do that. If you want Communism to become a reality vote for him because a vote for Gross is a vote for Kamala Harris and the destroy America crowd.

    • The effrontery of this idiot doctor is not playing well in the media, especially in his campaign ads.
      Everytime Gross opens his bellows, he sounds more idiotic than before. Fighting off grizzly bears, wearing big cajones, world-class physician? This Democrat is a world-class wind-bag and fabricator. No one north of Haines, AK eever heard anything about him prior to his campaign ads. What a pile of egocentric garbage. His fellow physicians must be embarrassed beyond belief.
      Money and campaign support coming your way, Dan Sullivan. More than you know.

  17. So sexist. What a creeper. Next he’ll probably text some woman like, I don’t know, 558 times in a month? Then, once he’s really famous, I’ll bet he brags about grabbing some women by their reproductive organs. Because that’s what sexist pigs do. He’s clearly on that trajectory.

    • B,
      Sounds like you are talking about Joe Biden. Hair-sniffing, digital-fondling, creepy-talking, arm-arrester of very young little girls, candidate for the US Presidency. He doesn’t know his left hand from his right hand, the nuclear trigger from the hand pump trigger of his favorite hair spray. Been in politics 50 years and not accomplished anything, except plagiarizing the work of others. You sure know how to pick em, B.

      • Dang Judie, you’re good. I mean, really really good. Number-on-the bathroom-stall good. Trump’s lucky to have you.

        • B,
          Trump actually had YOUR number, but passed it off to Biden. Expect a call, as soon as Biden can correctly enter the numbers. It may take him a few tries.

        • Dear B:
          I think what Judie is referencing is that Joe Biden can’t figure out which digit is for dialing and which digit is for penetration.

          • B, your’re not even in the MRAK League. More of an intruder to the dinner party, hoping to get a free meal, complete with doggy bag, and scribbling a nasty note in the bathroom before heading out the door.. Nasty Democrat behavior on full display, without even a first name for identification.

  18. By the way, Latinos don’t much use the cutesy Spanglish expression that the dr. thinks means bravery. The word you are searching for to express your machismo Al is huevos. As in you either have the huevos or you don’t—means eggs Al. You seem about a half dozen eggs short of being up for the DC job Al.
    There are a lot of things that bother me about your politics, but just had to comment on your crass attempt at street Spanish. Poor way to present yourself Al. Hey, you brought it up first.

  19. This doc is becoming a predictable crazy loon. Each of his political ads is a backtrack from the previous ad. A complete wack job. What does he tell his patient when he amputates the wrong leg?
    “Mam, I’m sorry, but you said the left leg. So, I saved it just in case, and submerged it in formaldehyde. I can reattach it at half price. Please don’t sue me. I’m running for US Senate, and need your vote”

    • LMFingAO. Pretty well sums up the good doc. Let the emergency nurses, respiratory therapists, and spin- doctors clean up the mess. Big Al’s gone fishin!

    • I got my prescription from Mr. Big Al the Gross Doctor. Tastes like M&Ms, but they don’t melt in your mouth.

      • I bet the money from all of Big Al’s pain prescriptions to customers is nicely floating on some lazy lagoon, with the mouthpiece onboard.

  20. Who on Earth thought up his ads? They are just plain obnoxious! I get a migraine headache when I hear his voice. I am not kidding.

  21. Sullivan won’t stand up for the military, their suckers and losers and he won’t rebuke that notion. That’s why is missing a pair.

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