Saying America is systemically racist is a destructive lie



Too many believe our nation is fundamentally unfair, oppressive to minorities, and raging with racial injustice. That belief was on full display as hundreds gathered for a March on Alaska rally at Town Square in Anchorage on Monday. 

Speakers complained repeatedly about America’s embedded systematic and structural racism. Even race baiting and hard Leftist politician Mayor Ethan Berkowitz got in on the act. 

“In this community, as we seek to overcome structural racism, we are doing things to dismantle. We are putting forward an office of equity and justice so that every day there will be an opportunity for someone to get up and make right the wrongs that have for too long festered,” said Berkowitz. 

Based on those speaking at the rally, if this were your first day in Anchorage, you’d get the impression the city was rife with racial tension and full of backward bigots.  

“I see racism every day in Anchorage. It’s so real. It doesn’t look like how it looks in the Lower-48 but that doesn’t mean it’s any less not real. It’s here,” said community activist Jasmin Smith.  

It’s true we often find what we look for. If we look for a racist under every bush, we’ll eventually find one.  

What would an “Anchorage is a racist town” rally be without some old fashion leftist virtue signaling from race-baiting politicians? 

“For as long as I am chair of this Assembly, we will continue working together in solidarity to fight systemic racism, said Assemblyman Felix Rivera. 

But where is this systematic racism Berkowitz and Rivera want to change? Where, codified in any federal, state, or city law, is there preferential treatment based on race. It doesn’t exist. Systematic racism is a term the Left and their lapdogs in the media have repeated so often, it’s become accepted as reality.  

The woke Labor Day rally also featured Matt Schultz, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Anchorage. Shultz, who often writes columns for the Anchorage Daily News, is a man of the Left. He told the crowd those opposing their movement also oppose Jesus. 

“If you speak out against that struggle you speak out against the very gospel of our lord,” said Shultz. 

Who knew Jesus was a grievance minded, victim producing, wealth redistributive, socialist?  

I had Schultz on my show once and asked him about abortion. He refused to take a stand. Typical of Leftists. Even if they claim to be Christians, their Leftism trumps their religion.  

Kevin Magee, President of the local NAACP read a long speech full of Leftist talking points about voodoo economics and the other Democrat causes. Magee compared President Donald Trump to former segregationist and Democrat governor of Alabama, the late George Wallace. He also quoted former South African Bishop Desmond Tutu, a man with strong ties to Communism.   

Speaking of Communism, speakers at Monday’s rally often called for that old Marxist adage, equality for all. 

“We need equality for everyone,” said Alaska Black Caucus President Celeste Hodge Growden. 

But Hodge Growden should realize equality for all, while grandiose sounding, is impossible without stripping us of our freedoms. 

People make different choices resulting in varying consequences. Typically, bad choices bring poverty and good choices bring wealth. Unless you take the wealth produced by those making wise choices and give it to those making poor choices, equality for all is unattainable. 

Oh wait, that’s what Democrats are all about. Wealth redistribution. 

Equality of opportunity on the other hand is a laudable goal. The sense that everyone has a shot at the American dream. And they do if they work hard and smart and take risks. Equality of opportunity flourishes when government oversight diminishes, and the free market can do its thing. 

Many of those cheering on speakers spewing their distortions during the Leftist lollapalooza in the heart of downtown Anchorage Monday were most likely unaware most of it was spin and did not represent reality.  In fact, most of the speakers probably didn’t realize what they believe to be true and were promoting isn’t.  

It’s a shame so many believe America, Alaska, and Anchorage are deeply racist places. They are not. The opposite is true. 

And it’s a destructive lie. If people believe they can’t compete and succeed because of the color of their skin, it breeds hopelessness. The race-baiting leaders and politicians are breeding hopelessness, whether they realize it or not. 

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show weekday mornings on Newsradio 650 KENI. 


  1. The effort to tear down our culture is underway. It didn’t begin as a racist issue; this is world politics. Taking out America advances the agenda of the New World Order. Controlling the economics of the planet for the good of the whole world is their Agenda. It’s too bad they are exploiting a race issue to achieve their goal. The so called Medical Mandates are the real weapon being used to bring down our economic system. Schools, Churches, and “non-essential” businesses are the targets of the Global-Left. Letting America return to normal is not on their Agenda. We know that the Virus is no longer a threat. We also know that the Mainstream Media is supporting the Globalist cause, with a few exceptions. I wish I was prescient enough to see how this will play out. The longer the Mandates continue to shutdown America the longer it will take to recover. Restoring our rights as Americans by ending the Mandates is key…

  2. Dan, I’m sorry but I must disagree with you as far as the following statement, “Where, codified in any federal, state, or city law, is there preferential treatment based on race. It doesn’t exist.” It may not be codified into law (I have not read state or local law), but it most certainly does exist. I’ll never forget the absolute shock I felt when, after moving to Alaska and while working my summer jobs, I was applying for other jobs. Each and every job advertisement and application stated that preferential treatment was to be given to Alaska natives in hiring. Talk about overt racism! How is hiring someone based on their race right at all? It wasn’t right when white people were given preference over black people in hiring so LONG ago, and it hasn’t been right ever since when someone is hired because of their race or gender. (Many states have finally banned Affirmative Action because of this).

    • You are correct, but its OK for a native corporation to hire natives first. But dare I make such a statement? would I be now considered a racist? It’s clearly a preference on applications and job interviews. But that’s OK?……

    • Yikes!! Is Anchorage safe? I am a African American female looking to relocate to this area… However, articles like this one is kind of making me nervous :/

    • Unless I’m blind Dan Fagan is white and would have no knowledge of racism experienced by minorities. While prejudice and racism is not as obvious here as it is in other places does not mean it’s non existent.

      Racism, sexism, homophobia is not just a left issue, it’s an American issue and if you want to be a part of the solution take your head out of the sand.

      • Clarence, perhaps taking one’s head out of the sand applies to you? How is defending Police going to help the poor minority kids in Cities where minority on minority crime makes Afghanistan seem normal? Aside from spouting off racism, sexism logorhea , what about thinking clearly about the real issue? Just wondering.

  3. Thank you sooooo much for your timely article!!! I am sick and tired of so many people saying that America is systemically racist!!!!

    I have many friends who are “ministers” and spew this poison in the so-called sermons!!! All of who are people of color! (I am too)!

    I try to talk to them but it’s to no avail!!! I guess what makes me angrier is that many of my friends and others I hear using the term “systemic racism” have absolutely NO clue what the word means!!!!

    Again, thank you for your timely article and also for letting me vent!!!

  4. Schultz is the reason I left the First Presbyterian Church in Anchorage. He preaches from the radical extreme Left. I do not believe that Jesus would support lies, tyranny, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, communism, hate, name-calling, radical environmentalism, thievery, man-child love, abortion on demand, and a general assault on Christian values. These are the things that Pastor Schultz believes are the new bedrock of acceptance for the Presbyterian Church. Schultz is a very mixed-up and confused man. Not someone that speaks for God, in my opinion. And certainly not someone I would trust with my children

  5. I wrote this on the AK Airlines article but it seems more fitting to this one.
    Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave.
    When Martin Luther King Jr. lead thousands of people across the Edmund Pettus Bridge two days after actual peaceful protesters were brutally attacked by true systemic racist forces of the government, he stopped short of engaging the violent and true systemic racists, he knelt and prayed then stood up turned around and walked away from violence. That is a demonstration,that is a peaceful demonstration, that is an effective demonstration. It was also a demonstration against a systemically racist system, run by Democrats, that denied black Americans their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.
    The BLM organization does not stand for any of the righteous beliefs Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. Certainly Martin Luther King Jr. would not support judging people by the color of their skin the way BLM does, he said as much when he said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” His whole speech is worth reviewing from time to time, or for the first time for BLM supporters
    Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave.

    • I seriously doubt that he is. He knew exactly what he was doing. This is the same Martin Luther King who bad mouthed Jackie O on a bugged FBI phone. Used racial slurs. He knew his days were short and preferred to be a martyr. And I guess it worked. We get a paid holiday every year, every town in the country has a Martin Luther King Jr drive. Funny how everybody move to capitalize on his death including Jesse Jackson lied about the events on the balcony after he was shot and Al sharpton, the active drug dealer and pimp took up evangelism in the name of Martin Luther King Jr even though he wasn’t even in the picture back then.

  6. I am a first-generation Spanish American.
    My mother and father came over here, legally, at an advanced age. They had many obstacles: they spoke very little English, lacked an advanced education, had very little money, and had twins a year after arriving here. My brother was 20 years old when we were born! They did not rely on government subsidies. As a result of their labor and God’s blessings, they paid cash for their first home within 10 years of their immigration.
    Both of my parents worked very hard well into their 70’s so we could attend a reputable university.
    Despite all the obstacles, my parents and all their children have built a great life here.
    We started out in a very poor, immigrant neighborhood in New York City. All my siblings and I obtained college degrees. My brother and I obtained Masters’s degrees. We are all successful. I have seen this same success story with all the immigrants that I know.
    The American dream is alive and well. It doesn’t matter what color u r if u r willing to work for success. If u cannot make it in America, u can’t make it anywhere else!
    I have traveled the world extensively. With all it’s faults, the United States is still the best country in the world. I often thank God for allowing me to be born in this great country. U can start out with nothing and come out on top as long as u r willing to persevere and do the work! God bless this great country!!

      • Thank you for your positive response. America holds promise to all that want to apply themselves. Color, religion, race does not matter. I have experienced a negligible amount of bigotry or racism throughout my entire lifetime. It’s total crap that starting out in a poor neighborhood removes your options. Didn’t happen to me and my family and all the others that grew up in our poor NYC neighborhood.
        The key is do u want handouts or are you going to work to achieve a better life for yourself and family…
        We are in an age of too many people wanting handouts and people feeling that they deserve these handouts…

  7. Dear Dan,

    I am curious to know how much time you have spent with people of color. Do you personally have friends in Alaska, who are people of color, and who agree with the sentiments that you expressed in this article?

    • Although I am a Blanco, this native agrees with some of his reflection. I have been discriminated by both natives and blacks. They all think I’m white and a part of me is, but part of me is native also. In Koliganek in an open meeting, it was requested by a native that only local natives should be able to work subbing in the school. The administration didn’t want to open the school district up to a lawsuit so it never was made Canon. When I was in school, blacks used to beat up on me because of my color. I wore my heavy coat till the end of May as a way to soften the blows I would receive on a daily basis and this was in Kansas. The teachers all being fearful of their tires being slashed or whatever chose to ignore it and look the other way. This was in the 1960s so basically the hypocrite black and natives all did or are currently doing what they accused of whites of doing. Lesson learned though. I now carry a 9 mm Beretta underneath that heavy coat.

      • The only blatant racism I have experienced as a white Hispanic has been from African Americans.
        As soon as the African Americans moved into our immigrant neighborhood in New York City, I was attacked by a young black male. I was a super tough kid but it was one of the scariest incidents I have ever gone through. So much violence broke out after they moved in that we had to move out of the neighborhood!
        Also, when I applied for a bi-lingual position, I was interviewed by an African American. I was yelled at for “being white and applying for the position”. She said I was the first white person that had applied for a position with her organization. Instead of hiring me, they hired someone that was unqualified and of course, African American.

  8. OK, systemic/institutionalized racism exists…

    Prove it. Go ahead. Prove it.

    No, your “stats” do not count. Anyone can knowingly, or unknowingly, manipulate stats to make them say whatever they want. No, your anecdotes do not count either. If you have a specific case, that is actual racism, not systemic racism.

    I would very much like the person claiming systemic racism to demonstrate that equally qualified individuals are paid differently because of their skin color across the board. Show me the college or university that has an undue amount of rejections based on skin color, not qualifications. Show me the business that does the same thing.

    Racism exists. People are human, and humans have biases and prejudices. No human being is free of them. Sometimes those biases are based on skin color, ie racism. But, to claim the US, or Anchorage is racist is a false narrative, unless it can be proven.

  9. “Where, codified in any federal, state, or city law, is there preferential treatment based on race”? It is Here in Alaska! Ownership of domestic livestock based upon Race:
    The Reindeer Act or Reindeer Industry Act of 1937 is a United States federal law passed in 1937 by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on September 1 of that year. The act effectively prohibited the ownership of reindeer herds in Alaska by non-Native Americans

  10. “Who knew Jesus was a grievance minded, victim producing, wealth redistributive, socialist? ”

    I knew that. Everyone who has read the Bible knew that.

  11. It took my Big lib sister in law in New York seeing her policeman son being attack and hated by the libs to wake her up and seeing the light.
    Most libs are not this lucky to get woke to how sick their lib side is!

  12. Thanks, Dan. I am grateful for those like you who will not be intimidated and who will not let the thinly-disguised hate coming from the left go unchallenged. I believe in Martin Luther King’s dream, where his little children would grow up in a country where they would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. The left can put any spin on it they wish, but race-based politics is intrinsically evil. Keep up the good work!

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