By the numbers: 20 percent of all registered Democrats signed the recall petition


Although just 14 percent of voters in Alaska are registered Democrats, fully 32 percent of the 49,000 Alaskans who signed the initial Recall Dunleavy petition this summer were Democrats.

14,494 Democrats signed, which is nearly 20 percent of the 74,115 registered Democrats in the state.

Not surprisingly, they are overrepresented on the petition by about 100 percent. Democrats may be small in numbers in Alaska, but they sure don’t like Gov. Michael Dunleavy.

Republicans, on the other hand, constitute 28 percent of the Alaska’s voter file (there are currently 140,562 Republicans).

But only 7 percent of those who signed the recall petition are registered Republicans. They are underrepresented by about 400 percent on the petition.

Some of those Republicans are people like petition signers Scott Kendall, Andrew Halcro, and Bonnie Jack, registered Republicans known to work against Republicans at every opportunity. Others are moderates who simply don’t like the way Dunleavy has governed in his first few months.

Undeclared and Nonpartisan voters make up 50 percent of Alaska’s voter rolls, with 253,688 voters Undeclared and 83,835 Nonpartisan.

The 16,806 Undeclareds who signed the petition represents 6 percent of the Undeclared voters in Alaska.

The 9,838 Nonpartisans who signed the petition amount to 12 percent of the Nonpartisans registered with Division of Elections.

Undeclareds and Nonpartisans are typically different voters. The Nonpartisan voter is considered to be liberal leaning. They are well-educated, are often government workers who don’t want to be labeled, and they trend heavily toward Democrat candidates — about 80 percent of the time.

Nonpartisan is a good place to hide for liberals in a red state. Political consultants estimate that Nonpartisans are supervoters — voting in most, if not all, elections. They make up about 15 percent of Alaska’s overall voter file, but are 21 percent of those who signed the petition — again, overrepresented.

When Nonpartisans are added together with the Democrats on the list, 53 percent of petition signers were in the Democrat-voting category. Here’s the break down:

  • Democrats signed: 14,494, or 32%
  • Republicans signed: 2,994, or 7%
  • Nonpartisans: 9,838, or 21%
  • Undeclareds: 16,806, or 37%
  • Other: 1,809, or 4%

Undeclareds, as the largest category of voters in the state, are the true swing voters in Alaska. However, unlike Nonpartisans, they do not vote as frequently, and they split their votes fairly evenly between Democrat candidates and Republicans. They are the voters with whom those in the political persuasion business has the most challenge in reaching.

The 49,000 who signed the petition roughly equal the battleground for the upcoming recall fight, should judges allow the matter to go to the ballot. The breakdown shows that the true messaging battleground for Republicans will be among the Undeclared voters of Alaska, and the true messaging battleground for Democrats will be the Democrat, Nonpartisan, and Undeclared voters that are identified as super voters, or those with a higher propensity to turn out.

Both sides, but particularly Republicans, will have their work cut out for them getting their people out to vote in a special recall election.


The Supreme Court in Alaska is comprised of one registered Democrat, two Nonpartisans, and two Undeclared. The Attorney General defending his decision on the recall petition language will be challenged by having a predominantly Democrat-voting Supreme Court judging the merits of a highly partisan recall attempt.

For now, the case involving the validity of the recall petition is in the hands of Anchorage Superior Court Judge Jennifer Henderson, a registered Nonpartisan.

Henderson’s decision on the validity of the recall petition will likely be offered this week. After that, the case will be appealed by one side or the other to the Alaska Supreme Court, where it will be heard by the entire panel of judges.

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  1. If you believe the undeclared or non partisan numbers then you’re smoking crack…I would venture that closer to 80% the signatures of the recall effort were liberals.

    • Yes! Bryce Edgmon is a fence sitter publicly since he changed his stripes from a Dem but you know which way he votes. Of course, that was only done this spring to make Cathy Geissel happy and tag team with the Rinos.

  2. The approach that the Alaska Supreme Court takes to all of this will determine whether we have a permanent recall culture in the State. If the court says that the right to recall should be liberally construed and that voters should decide these things, all governors will face recalls — it is an outgrowth of what is occuring on the national stage where a losing side in an election seeks to reverse the outcome of an election. I don’t think that is the purpose of recall but, of course, I ain’t on the Supreme Court.

    Keep in mind that the inflated egos of the Alaska Supreme Court are capable of just about anything and everything. Let a hundred flowers bloom.

  3. So statistically, less than 1/3 of the “signees” were D’s…that means this is largely a “bipartisan” effort at work in AK.

  4. Scott Kendall a Republican? Give me break. He’s not even a RINO. The little worm is married into a hard left Democrat family…..Hopkins of Fairbanks. This why Bill Walker hired him after Jim Whitaker suddenly bolted out of Juneau. Kendall could keep the cover-ups going for Walker, even while Walker was battling his own worthless Lt. Governor Byron Mallott. Can’t wait for the tell-all book to come out, hopefully not by another sleazy, lying Democrat.

    • Democrats are psychotic, unstable and rely on others to think for them. We all know that. But RINOs are actually worse…..because conservatives can’t TRUST them.

    • I was registered as a Republican but once they changed how the primary deal one ballot for one of the other. Pissed me off taking the choice of who I wanted to vote for away from me. Though I believe in the State and Federal Constitutions and have worked hard to get what little I have! Plus believe in God! I tend to vote Republican now if Murkowski gets supported by the Republican Party I will vote for someone else!

      • The reason Republican’s closed their primary was a good one and well justified. There was a history of “leftists/Rinos” voting for the weakest R’s – for one example, 1990 left R’s with Jim Campbell and Arliss Sturgelewski – both max contributors in the past to Tony Knowles, (I think both mayor and gov., but not absolutely sure; and I think their spouses did too).

        Hence, the jump of Jack Coghill, (formerly dubbed “Mr. Republican” by his colleagues, and Wally Hickel to the AIP and on to win.

        As much as I liked Wally (and Ermalee), and as much as we (those I hang with) thought that was going to be the rescue of Alaska, Wally treated Jack badly overall.
        At any rate, as I always say about John C.: “He sure ain’t his daddy.”
        The R’s changed their primary after that.

  5. People say and do the most unusual things. The “percentages of dimocrat voters” were skewed out of proportion on the ‘petition’, similar to what just happened in Virginia. There, tens of thousands of previously purged would be voters, were mysteriously returned to the voter rolls about three days before their recent election, with a dim barely edging out a republican for the governor’s slot there. Elections are turning into a farce, in too much of America.
    With the Alaska supreme court, many powerful District Judges and a multitude of ‘public’ officials, academics and politicians having already shown their hand with a left leaning political slant, how can they be trusted to fairly adjudicate the dog and pony show currently headed their way, over the petition? Answer. They can’t. Take it for what it’s worth.
    Remember that old tradition, voting. It’s coming back into vogue. We’ll all need it more than ever, before long, just to survive the tempest, turbulence and turmoil coming our way. Especially for conservatives. You don’t have to be a particular party member to be a conservative. You just need to have your eyes and ears open, your brain working, the common sense to see and accept reality, a strong sense of fairness, and the determination to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

  6. “Nonpartisan is a good place to hide for liberals in a red state.”

    Must be one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read. How about an equal absurdity:

    “Republican is a good place for low-watt bulbs to glow dim in a red state.”

    • Considering the number of folks on here that resemble your second absurdity, I think you should have quit after first one, Monk.

      • Speaking to the intelligence of the GOP, here we have President Infomercial proving P. T. Barnum was rather correct:

        Did you see the President’s email?
        He’s calling on his fiercest, most loyal defenders to come together and stand firm against these nasty WITCH HUNTS from the Left and the Lamestream media.
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        The deadline to become a Charter Member is 11:59 PM TONIGHT, so you need to act NOW!
        Please contribute $35 TODAY to get your Official Impeachment Defense Membership Card which will be PERSONALIZED with your name and Defense Member ID number.

        • Heheh! These cards could become collectors items on the order of Joe Vogler for governor pins. But for $35?

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