Media members signed petition to recall gov


Among the approximately 49,000 signers of the initial application for a petition to recall Gov. Michael Dunleavy, several members of the media, including journalists, spouses of journalists, and board members of public broadcasting corporations appear on the list.

Must Read Alaska combed through the list and found reporters, show hosts, and others associated with KTUU, Fairbanks Daily NewsMiner, KTOO, and Alaska Public Media.

The spouse of Anchorage Daily News Editor David Hulen also signed the recall petition, as did several members of the board of directors of Alaska Public Media, including board chair, vice chair, and treasurer. Also, the spouse of the APM general manager has signed the Recall Dunleavy application petition.

No “editorial content” members from the Anchorage Daily News were found on the list during this review.

Readers in Fairbanks, however, will recognize the name of NewsMiner reporter Dorothy Chomicz, who writes about cops and crime for the paper. They’ll also recognize the name of Dermot Cole, longtime contributor to the NewsMiner and other publications, including his own political blog. His brother, Terrence Cole, is also on the list, but his editorial associate Alice Rogoff is not a signer.

In Anchorage, Karen Wuestenfeld, board chair, Alaska Public Media, appears on the list, as does Beth Rose, vice chair, and Pita Benz, treasurer.

KTUU’s Blake Essig shows up as a recall advocate, as does Haley Essig, who is related.

At Juneau’s KTOO public media station, board chair George Reifenstein, vice chair Leslie Longenbaugh and treasurer Melanie Lesh all signed the recall petition, but the staff of the station steered clear.

Several members of the Alaska Court system appear on the list of those wanting to recall the governor. We found no judges during this review except retired judge Carpeneti. Former Gov. Bill Walker Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth‘s name appears — no surprise, since she is an attorney for the recall effort. Along with her, fellow recall attorney and Bill Walker Chief of Staff Scott Kendall signed on.

Some of the other usual names are there: AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami, Alaska Democratic Party Chairwoman Casey Steinau, and retired Judge Walter Carpeneti.

Former Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott signed the recall petition, as did Jody Potts of Fairbanks, who works as a Village Public Safety Officer. At the Rasmuson Foundation, Ed and Cathy Rasmuson signed the petition, and are funding the recall, and Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan is also on the list.

Democrat lawmaker Rep. Harriet Drummond of Anchorage signed it twice, while fellow Democrat Rep. Ivy Spohnholz of Anchorage signed it just once.


Study the list yourself at this link.


  1. Thank you for the list of all these liberal a—— names that will be remembered anytime they move on any political seat!!! No big surprise with most of the liberal demonrats!!!

    • There’s actually a pretty diverse group of people here. You make it seem like everyone not in your in-group to dear-leader Dunleavy is satan?

      • The worst was that little Marky Begich! He should have been thrown out of office on that big head of his. The dems in Alaska are as awful as the dems in the lower 48. I see a dangerous trend across America…when the lefties lose they resort to impeachment or recalls. Losers!

  2. Hey Suzanne, Journalists are people too. Not sure if you’re a journalist or even a person for that matter, but I respect and defend the ability of these hard-working Alaskans to support the effort to remove the most damaging Governor in history. Do you take pride in publishing a list of names of people with more bravery than you?

    • One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

      Rock on Governor Dunleavy…I wonder if he needs more red pens?

      • Love your comment…

        Speaking of red pens, several hundred million more in spending cuts will be occurring next year.

    • Journalists under which brand? The hardcore Democrat banner? LGBTQ banner? Most damaging governor in history? You’re just a whining partisan hack who hides behind a fake name. Suzanne is a hero for speaking the truth everyday and exposing little cowards like you who want this state and country to go down the rat hole. Drink your own poison. And you call your fellow journalists brave for signing a list with 49,000 other government whiners and bitchers? I guess you feel safe buried in a list of 49,000. Too bad that you and the 49ers won’t get your way. But I’d sure love to meet you in a dark alley at night and sign your phony petition.

    • More bravery????? Most damaging Governor in history???? You people can’t even see how lucky you are to have Governor like Mike Dunleavy. Damit he even has what it takes to make a great President. Kudos to you Suzanne,for your honest and non biased journalism. Alaska is lucky to have you as well.

      • “You people can’t even see how lucky you are?”
        I’m sorry asside from destroy the university system, what exactly did he do? He got a good Tweet from Orange Donald Duck is all I know of.

        • You are behind the times. The university system is and has been a joke for years.You sorry lib go back to your safe place and whine.

        • I can’t wait till the dismantling of this university happens.. Obviously it’s only breeding liberal mentality like this… They have no respect for the President, no respect for themselves and definitely no respect for others that may know a little more than they do.

          • UA, like most other universities no longer teach critical thinking skills. Its all about sports, quirky entertainment, and BRAINWASHING.

          • You should have went to school yourself, maybe got passed middle school. Now your stuck in life. Sad to be you.

    • Hey Whart. I’m confused. What exactly is it that you are trying to say? “Journalists are people too”. Well no kidding. Was that disputed or even mentioned in this article? Of course they are people. But you go further by going even lower by questioning the journalistic skills of the author and even if she’s a member of the human race. Tsk tsk.
      I’m fairly certain it wasn’t pride Suzanne was shooting for when she published these names. She, once again, provided information (public information I might add – a lesson in realizing once you sign a petition your info is handy for the picking) in a format for the public to comfortably view and draw conclusions.
      Do you chastise fish and game when they publish hundreds of names of those selected in a hunting lottery? I reckon not.

    • She consistently proves herself to be the best journalist in the state, and given that she puts her name and face on her posts and site, your babbling about her bravery is just that…babbling.

    • You know it’s interesting. . . . . from Proposition 8 in California to local recall petitions, the liberals don’t seem to have any qualms about publishing people’s names who vote for propositions or recalls and then weaponizing those lists of names so that those named get villainized, descriminated against, harassed and even threatened in some cases for voting their conscience. Why would you be concerned about that happening now?

    • The most damaging Governor in history? Why? Because he wants to cut the glutten of spending that our Legislature seems to think they deserve to spend? Or maybe because he forced the University of Alaska and other entities to actually tighten their belts rather than living off of state funding while spending lke there is no tomorrow? Or maybe because he actually believes that the people of this state are entitled to their full PFD as estabished years ago? The majority of those so-called journalists etc. are not bravey, they are whiny spoiled children throwing a tantrum because they didn’t like the cuts that Governor Dunleavy made. Here’s something for all of them to hear “grow up and stop acting like children.”

    • None of these so called journalists are objective. They’re a bunch of left-wing haters spewing their lies to the public.

  3. Well, that was a fun spreadsheet to add a filter to and sort every which way to Sunday! Fun times! And now I have 48K plus names and addresses to scratch off my Christmas list! I found a few relatives too… millennial/socialists who haven’t quite yet figured out what “free” really means. Maybe when they are done living off their parents they will figure it out.

  4. Signing twice is proof of fraud. IMPEACH! IMPEACH!

    KTUU ….. well after all they are an an MSDNC affiliate.

  5. An attempt to nullify Alaska Governor Dunleavy’s election. Same exact scenarios as those working against President Trump. In both cases, there is nothing but leftist/socialist/dim hate, deceit and wants and wishes of the very citizens who should be supportive of our Governor and President. No evidence to support their inane cases except select wing nuts say so, when the accusers are proven liars. Puerile, last minute rule changes to give themselves authority that doesn’t exist. In Alaska, it’s even worse than with the federal idiots. Here, we have the supreme court of the State of Alaska, prolific ‘public employees’, unions, media and wanna-be socialist/leftist political activists, all being cheerleaders and using their public positions as a platform for an illegal coup attempt against our Governor. Conflicts of interest so huge, I can’t believe there aren’t multiple state and federal crime fighting agencies rushing to intervene. This is the ‘new America’. Remember, the one that was “fundamentally” transformed by obama. If conservatives don’t get their stuff together and vote them out, America doesn’t stand a chance. The left is itching for physical confrontation, lacking the wherewithal to use mental, non-violent techniques to advance their non-argument. They will stop at nothing. Let’s meet it head on in every election. Local, borough, state and federal. Losing is not an option for Alaska and America.

    • Maybe it would be helpful to list all those media types and legislators who DIDN’T sign the recall petition. In the interest of fairness. Just saying

  6. Rasmuson’s are pushing the whole thing…no shock there but good to see it pointed out..

    ..of course Drummond signed twice.. playing to type..

    ..Just like the Letch Gov- I mean Lt Gov Mallott..

    ..and the media is no shock but good to know.. no one minds that they have opinions, it’s the idea that they are impartial, when they are so clearly not.

    Thanks for calling them all out! We need more of this.

  7. How about naming those long-time State Bureaucrats and Apparatchiks which collectively form the “Deep State”.

  8. Talk about a badge of honor.
    To be on that list is probably enough to be moved to the top of the list for a job or to get a bank loan or anything else worth doing. Heheh!
    I’m not on it but you can bet I’ll not be left off the next one.

  9. Not surprising that the little Cole dwarfs, Dermot and Terrence, signed. Their writings are usually sick little pieces of partisan hatred towards Republicans and Conservatives. That’s really all they know and write about. Byron Mallott came out of shame and hiding just to sign the petition? He should be under criminal investigation. I’ll sign that petition.

  10. How closely were those signatures…especially the ones whose addresses were private…checked? I’m deeply suspicious of some of those.

  11. Thank you for your courage and independent voice Suzanne. You get to the grit and reveal the stuff KTUU journalists and others would never even begin to cover. Cojones, 5-hour energy, sheer determination— I don’t know what to call it! But myself and about 12,000 other Alaskans wake up every day eager to read what you have the nerve to put in print. Keep on keeping on. There is a reason you are maligned. It is called COMPETENCE and being effective. Cheers to you 🙂

  12. Most media drifted away from simply presenting the bare news, to social engineering. Is it that six corporations own 90% of the media? Is it that they use the media to further their own agendas?
    No surprise that many of the owners and upper management have gone all political. Most of these media no longer survive on ads and subs. They thrive on subsidies from the corporations that own them.
    I’ve gladly sent a hundred bucks to Suzanne, but will never get a sub to ADN, or many of the others.
    I’m able to think and reason for myself. I don’t need nor want any news media forming my world view.

    • Most Alaskans don’t realize how lucky we are to have Suzanne giving us the straight scoop. Conservative, yet objective. Honest and courageous. Most little mouse reporters and cowardly, opinion piece writers in Alaska tow the Democrat Party line as if they were working for a state propoganda machine. Suzanne is the best damn writer in our great state.

      • There’s 21k watchers on the NAK (Pebble on NYSE) thread, on the Stocktwits forum. I just gave them a heads up that I’m donating another hundred to Suzanne … and several of them have indicated that they are already a steady contributor, or will contribute some more.
        100 on the way Suzanne. You earn every penny. As far as your dissenters, money talks, opinion walks.

  13. As you wrote in an earlier column, Attorney General Clarkson stated, “As a matter of law, recall cannot be premised upon disagreements with the elected official’s policies.”

    That’s exactly what this is. This recall is being used as a cudgel to beat down Dunleavey and change the outcome of the governor’s race. Their guy lost, and they don’t want to wait until the next election cycle to try again. Looking through Homer’s names, I see Paul Seaton signed. I’m sure he’s thinking of running for office again. Hopefully as a democrat this time– truth in advertising!

    A journalist who signed this petition probably won’t fairly report and investigate news. They have shown that they want to play politics and remove the man that defeated their candidate. WhartonWhiner, really? The most damaging governor in history? That’s pretty extreme considering the mess that Walker put us in.

    (Hillarious! The Grammarly Tone Detector says my post has a “friendly” tone with a touch of joy and a pinch of forcefulness. How cute. )

  14. Well Byron and Jody don’t disagree on THIS issue. They’ve sure had some disagreements in the past now haven’t they?

  15. I’m not sure what your goal is here. Citizens of Alaska include…everyone in Alaska for more than two years. So I guess it’s a good thing to know that it was indeed signed by Alaskans?

  16. by the way. You’ve just posted the full name, home, and mailing addresses of 49000 fellow citizens on the internet. Congratulations for caring about people’s privacy.

    • Cameron, what you are saying is that only the petition gatherers should have access to this information, and be able to use it for their political purposes, such as offering it to like-minded Democratic candidates that agree with their political views and sending out get-out-the-vote postcards. But that others, Republicans for example, should be blocked from having this information to verify the accuracy, to look for fraud or to exclude these names and addresses from receiving a postcard aimed at the opposing point of view. Interesting interpretation of free speech — some can have access to the data but others, no access. I see how that privacy argument works.

      • No, you have an axe to grind and missed my point entirely. I have no problem with an Alaskan asking the division of elections for the list and being a part of the democratic checks and balances process. I have no problem with a post showing people how to get their hands on said information, or even discussing who signed it.

        I have a problem with all 49,000 (about 8% of the state population FYI) of these names and addresses being posted on the INTERNET without consent. Where there are botnets, web scrapers, hackers, and identity thieves who love to get their hands on personally identifiable information so they can do things like file false permanent fund applications, apply for loans and credit cards in someone elses’s name, etc.

        It’s incredibly irresponsible and reprehensible.

        • Cameron, you gave you consent when you signed that piece of toilet paper.For the last time it’s a public petition signed by the public and made available to the public.

    • any petition which concerns the public should be made available to the public. Half of those shady characters probably signed more than once as Drummond did

      • Name calling isn’t really necessary. It’s publicly available, yes, i’m quite aware. And it should be…to the ALASKAN, or even the American, public. The internet is the entire planet. Which changes the conversation just a smidgen. Expand your world view beyond red and blue, and you’ll find there are much worse things out there than another citizen that feels differently than you.

        • You have to stop gun a petition and have your signature counted. Apparently you’ve never been part of that process. Go back to school.

          • Oops auto correct. Interesting.

            “You have to provide your address on a petition, or something that can be used to identify you are the voter you say you are,” to have your signature counted.

    • Why do you think conservatives care about privacy? What part of being bought by big oil & insurance companies leads you to believe they value anything that’s not money?

      • Common sense, knowledge, observation, faith, truthfulness, honesty, cherishing privacy, and desire for the same in return. Those are but a few of the characteristics of the average conservative. I sure don’t see any of those characteristics when the name/position starts with a big ‘D’.

    • You’re uneducated and ignorant. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Democrats are pre-programmed to follow their leaders over the cliff. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid too. It get you numb for the fall

  17. Let me see if I can think of another Journalist who broadcasts their personal political preferences using the media. Hmmmm…. Oh yeah, that would be the Author. Such hypocrisy, Suzanne. Nothing more than baiting your loyal sycophants here, and they always swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

    Purely Pavlovian.

    • Whidbey, you must really hate reading this website, because here you go again, yoru blood pressure is spiking and you’re striking back at both the writer and the readers in one fell swoop. The free press has a long legacy of point-of-view journalism. What’s your beef with letting conservatives have a place at the table? Are we that dangerous? Relax and enjoy life a little, dude. Go stroke your dog.

    • Dog, you have some nerve. You do the same thing with YOUR Left-wing authors……..which encompasses 90 percent of the media. You just can’t stand the truth, can you? All Suzanne did was give us the factual matters. You don’t like full disclosure because it reveals what you really stand for. Go to a different site and spread your hatred. And quit being so dishonest with us at MRAK. Everybody can see right through you. You fool no one!

    • Pavlov’s dog is the one who obeys the commands of his master, by wetting his noodle when he is told to do so. Democrats do this, Whidbey The DOG. But I am glad you join us here at MRAK. You might learn something.

      • Lol.. .. I wanna meet these Cole dwarfs. Little Leftists seem to know how to crawl under things. Lol…..

    • Wigbey the Dog, that would be the Cole brothers (aka the Dwarfs). They spout hatred through their political preferences to Democrats and Lefties.
      About 40 years worth of hatred. Have you seen them lately? It really aged them. They look about 90. Maybe 85 on good reporting days.

  18. Suzanne, thanks for the info and list.
    Good to have an idea which media members embrace the Radical Left… Simplifies parsing the anti-Dunleavy rhetoric…

  19. Suzanne may be sharing the names, but she isn’t the one that put them up for sale….the public list is available for anyone that wants to pony up a few bucks. Signers did have the option of keeping their addresses private but it’s something to keep in mind when you put your name on a legal document.

  20. Thank you Suzanne for continuing to support free speech here in Alaska. I’m Proud of all 49,000 + Alaskans that took the effort to sign this important petition. As valuable as a Dunleavy recall will be, it may be even more important to get out and sign the petition in support of Alaska Fair share Act. If passed this act will increase Alaska’s revenue from our non renewable hydrocarbon resources. Sign the petition and support Alaska getting its fair share for today and future generations.

    • A recall is NOT valuable. It serves no purpose other than to make Democrats believe Leftism is alive and viable. Suzanne’s followers are the most loyal in Alaska, and we are here to confront Leftism head on. We will fight. Suzanne is the Paul Revere of the movement and MRAK is the message.

  21. Suzanne,

    You’re priceless. Virtually the only readily available link to the real world for conservatives in Alaska. And the opportunity to state a citizen’s opinion is doubly precious.

    Know what I just read? “Pencil neck”, Adam Shiff, is George Soros’ family relation. Very reliable source. Adam’s sister has been married to George Soros’ eldest son for 22 years, but are currently fighting it out in divorce court. Many actions and proposals of Shiff (pencil neck) have been funded and promoted by Soros money. Looking at the “outside” influence of Soros leftist $$ playing such a huge role in federal politics, I can see the same financial shadows in the Alaska Debacle, trying to unseat our Governor, using the same tactics. Am I the only one? Our State and Country are in jeopardy. Conservatives must take action. Voting is your privilege and your duty.

  22. Oh Dear! What a mess. Just turn off the TV, no more liberal newspapers and read a good book. God will have the last word anyway. However, Suzanne is a breath of fresh air when every we get to read her blog. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SUZANNE!

  23. The Libs are suddenly concerned with privacy? Reading these comments are cracking me up! ONLY when something hits a nerve with them, do they give a sh*t. And the Libs want the government to control everything in their lives….from their paychecks to their plastic bags.
    If you are bent out of shape about names and addresses published from a petition that people signed by their own free will – which is a public document by the way – then be afraid…be very afraid once you get your socialistic wish.

  24. If recallers are ashamed that they were identified, then maybe they shouldn’t have signed it. Have a spine, stand up for something. I put my real name on here because I don’t give a damn who reads what I write. I’m proud to voice my opinion. I don’t need to crawl under a bus or back into the shadows after I say something. The 1st amendment allows me to do that without fear. And, if someone goes after me, (Bryce) I know how to file a law suit.

    • The phrase, “put your John Hancock on there.” comes from one of the most flamboyant signatures on the Declaration of Independence. These men signed their names pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. For almost all of them, that was what it cost them too ( Don’t sign a petition because you feel socially obligated, or because someone has coerced you into signing it, nor because the petitioner has made you feel uncomfortable; sign it because you mean it. And mean what you sign — that’s what made this country great, people who said what they meant, and did what they said – everything else is just a cheap imitation.

    • I’ll say this one last time. It’s got nothing to do with being identified as a signer of the petition by my fellow citizens – which I will proudly tell you I am a signer! – and everything to do with that personal information being put on the internet, in a place where people that have nothing to do with America can download it and use it for whatever they want. It’s extremely irresponsible, done by someone who is either at best ignorant of what really happens on the internet, or at worst maliciously attempting to expose personal data of fellow citizens who believe differently than her to hackers and identity thieves. It’s irresponsible for someone that calls themselves a journalist. It’s got zero to do with red or blue. If you want to look me up on the list and come talk to me about my political views- eat your heart out.

      • I just googled Cameron and I now have his address, phone, age, email, kids, birthplace, age, past residences, political party, religion, bank accounts, passwords,,. etc….

        • The most damaging governor in Alaska’s history was Bill Sheffield. 1982-1986 was a period of immense corruption in Juneau and a pile of regulatory legislation limiting private sector business. But somehow Bill Sheffield’s personal holdings all flourished until he got caught. He lost his re-election in his own party primary. Even Democrats had some principles back in 1986.

  25. No surprises in that list. Do any of the so-called journalists print or say that they are signers (for full disclosure) when producing a “news” story? Seems like a conflict of interest, otherwise.

    What percentage of signers are state employees?

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