Video: Sen. Sullivan takes Alaskans on tour of war memorials for Veterans Day


Sen. Dan Sullivan goes from memorial to memorial in Washington, D.C., on a nighttime tour of the history of how America’s veterans have been treated. With the camera rolling, he describes how the experience of returning war veterans has changed over the years, from World War II through the Vietnam War, and the experience of veterans fighting the war on terror.

His theme is that veterans were once respected and honored for their service, but that was lost during the “Forgotten War” of Korea, and hit rock bottom during the Vietnam War. Take a look:


  1. I was watching VP Pence at Arlington. He told the story about Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter. Apparently as he was leaving an Uber ride, the driver said “Thanks for your service”. We, vets and active hear that a lot today. Of course this is a much welcomed turn around from Vietnam days. My and my wife’s answers are usually, Thanks. Kyle said instead: “You are worth it.” VP Pence went on to say that Kyle viewed that answer because he and us do what we did and do for them and because of that, they are worth it.
    Frankly, that really hit me. At the very basis of why we are in the military, it is for those not in uniform and what we do or did was worth it.
    Now, this is where I’m conflicted. There are times when someone has said “Thanks for your service”, but how they say it is a platitude and not really meaning it. So I take those thanks on a case by case basis. The other conflict is, with what is going on today, in Congress with the socialists trying their best to impeach our President, refusing to pass the Defense Budget, which includes a 3+% pay increase to active duty, the highest in years, not to mention those socialists we see here on a daily basis attacking our country. Not forgetting the “Brown Shirt Arm” of the Socialist, ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter attacks on all our freedoms! So the cynical side of me wants to know if that person is really “worth it”. Sadly this nation is in, as a contributor from FOX News said, “We are in a Cold Civil War”.
    We Vets and those in and those coming into the military all took an oath to defend the Constitution, ALL of it! That means we defend the 1st Amendment right for those same socialists that we fight on a day to day basis. So, based on that, they are “worth it”.
    I wonder if Vets all answer “You are worth it”, even to those whom oppose this President, capitalism and support the likes of AOC, Bernie Sanders, Warren, etc., what the reaction will be? By doing so, we are taking the high road and maybe, just maybe make a few of “them” step back and think about it and maybe, just maybe start realizing the harm their views have, are and may do to this nation!
    Mike Coons, TSgt, USAF (Retired)

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