Breaking: Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News, Dan Bongino also out


Fox News Media announced on Monday that Tucker Carlson, who hosts the most popular news talk show on television, has left the network.

“Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor, ” the network said in a statement. His final show was on Friday. The 8 pm eastern time slot will be filled by a rotating lineup until a new host is named, the company said. The news hour will be called “Fox News Tonight.”

Last week, Fox News settled a defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $757.5 million.

On Saturday night, Carlson gave a rousing speech at the 50th anniversary of the Heritage Foundation’s gala dinner in Washington, D.C., where he may have given a clue that he was out at Fox, where he has hosted Tucker Carlson Tonight since 2016.

“But you look around and you see some of the people who have really paid a heavy price for telling the truth. They are passed out of their groups, but they do it anyway. I look at those people with the deepest possible admiration,” he said, in speaking about the urge to shut down speaking the truth in order to be accepted by the herd.

Carlson was set to appear as a witness in the lawsuit Dominion filed against Fox, but the lawsuit was settled on the eve of the trial.

Carlson in 2010 was a co-founder of the news site, The Daily Caller, which features columns on Sunday by Suzanne Downing, publisher of Must Read Alaska.

Last week, Dan Bongino announced on his podcast Thursday that he was leaving Fox News, saying that he and Fox failed to reach agreement on a new contract.

“It’s no big conspiracy, I promise you. You’re going to read a thousand left-wing articles about some nonsense, and I’m guaranteeing you on my reputation, it is all made up. It’s a simple contract thing, and that’s it. It is no more complicated than that,” he said. But by Monday, the situation looks more like a purge than a simple contract standoff.


  1. Saw this coming. Evidence (circumstantial at present) is out there saying Tucker knew the Dominion story was bogus but ran with it for ratings.

    Time will tell.

    Hannity is probably on the hot seat as well. He’s not as smart as Tucker.

    If it’s true that Carlson went with a bogus story for ratings, he’s no better than the frauds at MSNBC. His career could also be toast.

    • The Dominion story is absolutely real and not bogus. Have a nice day Masked Avenger and thank you for your contributions!

      • Just one question: if Dominion is 100% real, why did Fox settle?

        News agencies tend to fight tooth and nail when they’re right.

          • The Murdochs sold the movie making division “20th Century Fox” to Disney in 2019 and has not been connected to FOX since then. Disney bought Fox Entertainment division for just over $71 billion dollars.

            Disney had no part in this law suit or settlement, except that Fox may use some of that money to pay the $787 million settlement.

        • Might want to try harder, so let me help out. What entity owns a majority of class A stock in both companies? All public information if you look a little deeper. Then you will find your answers. But cutting to the chase, it’s all a fraud

    • He appears to have been terminated for his role in creating a hostile work environment. Generally deviating from the facts or defending Putin is not something that will get you fired for at fox. A hostile work environment or sexual harassment appears to be tolerated only for so long.

      • I’ve seen no evidence of sexual harassment. I have heard evidence he had grown to believe himself more powerful than management.

        If so, apparently not.

        • No sexual harassment on TC’s part, more of general Fox thing.

          TC is alleged to have had a part in creating a hostile work environment.

  2. Rush said it best. Don’t become captive to your audience. Tell them what you believe to be true, not what they want to hear.

  3. Time to switch to Newsmax! Fox News is catering to the Socialist agenda! Dan Bongino and now Tucker Carlson. The American people need to take a stand!

    • No, Fox News is now realizing they need to cater to the facts and the truth. Big difference. When you consistently act in a manner not befitting a person on a news channel, eventually its going to come back to bite you, just like its just done to Don Lemon at CNN.

      • “Cater to the facts and the truth”.
        You mean, like CNN and MSDNC do?
        Is this bit of humor more of your self-defined “libertarianism”?

        • I’m a prisoner of what I know. I know too much so I’m inclined to speak the truth. Thanks for asking.

      • lulz they all lie constantly, consistently and historically. “remember the Maine to hell with spain”, walter durranty on the Holodomor, NYT cover up of the holocaust over and over all the way up to stuff like Iraqi WMDs and throwing babies out of incubators to the news models pushing my mask protects you your mask protects me and “safe and effective” theyre all drug and war salesman in the national news media. you think youre throwing out some kinda contrarian knowledge when it’s just a run of the mill smooth brained blue pilled mainstream take. FOx NeWs aNd CnN bAd gtfo they got rid of tucker cause he doesnt always fall in line with the M.I.C current talking points and Don Lemon is just abrasive and unlikeable

      • Also cuomo, stelter, toobin, harwood but hey as long as you don’t count them, well yeah fox is lies. Not like msnbc, cbs,nbc,pbs,abc,Huffington Post,Washington post, NY times, vice,vox,the Atlantic,adn….

    • Newsmax is as much controlled opposition as is/was Fox ‘News’ (sic).
      Their avoidance of very many stories that embarrass and condemn the power establishment, and their wholehearted endorsement of the Covidian fearmongering and tyranny, are ample proof of that.

    • Newsmax? Talk about a lateral and slightly downward move. They are all corporate media whores. There is much and varied media in the dissident and non corporate press. Better to find what is there then Newsmax (who loves the jab and masking and war).

  4. Soon after the Dominion settlement and Bongino and Carlson both out? Yeah, nothing to see here folks, just move along, lol. Who’s next on the block at Fox. Is it Gutfeld? He’s the last one at FNC that seems to have the stones to say what’s on his mind.

  5. Since TC promised days of footage from the J6 tapes and was effectively shut down by the Murdoch’s (et al) after one night, this was on a quick timer to happen. I expect TC to have much more to say about the J6 tapes (and much more) in the future. A smart career move on his part. Fox News is done. Stick a fork in them.

  6. I’ll be watching both Tucker and Dan wherever they end up-legacy media is digging their own grave.

  7. Haven’t had tv for over three years, however even then Fox News, just like Drudge, was moving left.

    Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson were the lone conservative voices at Fox.

    • Steve Doocey (F&F weekday), Ainsley Earhart, Jessie Waters, Laura Ingraham – all conservatives. Maybe not as outspoken as Tucker, but still on the strong Right.

  8. is an aggregator of a large number of dissident and conservative “alternative media” websites. The postings change daily, so I generally visit it daily. It is a great way to start my day!

  9. Who cares. I read all my news or listen to radio ….. no TV news (except KTUU)
    If you want the straight dope, read MRAK. (& Watchman)
    Problem solved.
    I miss Limbaugh though.

  10. Expecting him to jump on board with Ben Shapiro’s and Jeremy Boreing’s “Daily Wire” expanding network, perhaps?

  11. It does look like a purge, with Carlson and Bongino gone and Gutfeld taking many recent unscheduled vacations. Who is next? Laura Ingraham, Hannity, Levin, Maria Bartiromo, Judge Jeanine… The Murdoch’s have cut their own throats.

    We’ll probably see the rise of a powerful alternative, maybe a revived Newsmax or One America or will it be Musk See TV?

      • We need a new word to describe the radical extremist authoritarians on the so-called “left”, as they are in fact a repudiation of EVERYTHING that honest liberals believed even 20 years ago.
        How about “The Bottom”?

    • Gutfield’s vacations were due to various speaking engagements he had across the country. The dates were shown on Fox during some of his time on the Five.

  12. One of the last true reporters in the world. He told the truth, always, and unreservedly. He never engaged in pandering to a group nor editorializing the facts – he just reported. He had uncommon journalistic skill and uncompromising journalistic integrity.

    Tis a sad day for the world. Who will tell us the truth now?

  13. Turns out lying has consequences (when that lying costs your company money at least, peddling white supremacy and wackadoo conspiracy theories for years was fine when it was making Fox money of course).

    • I just love how all you radical leftist sheep and establishment shills label every revelation of corruption and evil intent by the globalist power structure as a “conspiracy theory”.
      The only real and easily debunkable “theory” here is that there is no conspiracies!

  14. An excellent comment that I read in another online forum about Tucker Carlson’s firing by FAUX News (sic):

    “His was exactly ONE mainstream voice, expressing opposition to neocon villainy. Every other voice across broadcast media is in total support.

    They are so weak and afraid that they cringe before one dissenter.

    The emperor has no clothes.”

    • I read where Murdoch’s last fiancé said Carlson was a prophet of God. Murdock freaked and that started the ball rolling.

      The kids have been pushing Fox left for some time. Something like this was bound to happen eventually. The kids aren’t smart enough to understand what stands between Fox and irrelevance is the perception of straight reporting and right of center opinion people.

      I was about 60-40 in agreement with Carlson, but I usually appreciated his commentary for being thoughtful instead of MSNBC style stupid

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