Breaking: Trump says Mar A Lago under siege by FBI


Former President Donald Trump said today that the FBI has raided his home at Mar A Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. The FBI had a search warrant and even broke into his safe, Trump said.

The FBI is acting on behalf of the Justice Department, which is apparently investigating Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 surge into the nation’s Capitol, as well as whether Trump tried to illegally overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, vice chair of the House select committee investigating events of Jan. 6, has urged the Justice Department to prosecute Trump for crimes allegedly committed during the the rally that turned riotous as the Senate was preparing to certify the election.

“After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid at my home was not necessary or appropriate,” Trump said in his statement.

“…my beautiful home Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida is currently under siege, raided and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” Trump said. He was not at home at the time of the raid.

Trump has been crisscrossing the country, speaking on behalf of many candidates and conservative causes, and pumping up his visibility in advance of what many expect will be a run for the presidency in 2024.

His full statement:

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

“These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A—Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before. They even broke into my safe! What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.”


  1. The show trial was producing nothing, so, now a show raid.
    Evidence isn’t needed, this is optics, plain and simple, in order to create a narrative.
    The corruption of the FBI along with the DOJ is now complete and any agent who remains with the agency is now complicit in the corruption.

    • Or perhaps you are unwilling to consider any evidence? Seems like you have a preconceived notion of the former President’s innocence.

      • We got a laptop and a diary for evidence for the current president. No prosecution. no impeachment. What’s your notion? Russia collusion, Z?

      • I am certainly willing to consider evidence.
        Just want to see something that is even remotely damning.

      • The President is the final arbiter of what is and is not classified. Therefore the President can not be held accountable for mishandling classified material while he/she is in office.

      • The coverup of Hunter’s and Brandon’s Ukraine and Chinese corrupt financial shenanigans by the FBI, CIA, Mainstream Media, and over 50 Intelligence Officers prior to the presidential election should give everyone concern, especially when Hunter’s laptop was there for all to see….

        IMHO, all are traitorous, coconspirators.

      • You probably didn’t watch President Trump’s speech since you are liberal so you have no idea what was said.

      • How long were Mar-a-lago guests and employees detained against their will on site while this agency went through private personal wardrobes etc of the Trumps. Did they go through children’s rooms? Were pets harmed?. Is that not newsworthy? How many hours, Z?

  2. This is pure political BS from a politicized fbi, doj and corrupt politicians. Hope those 81 million biden voters are happy.

  3. You establishment Republican wimps are next. You pussies are going to cry like a baby when you get to prison. You better find a day job Suzanne they’re getting ready to shut these blogs down with those 87,000 agents.

    • They are getting ready to shut these blogs down…
      What happened to tolerance, and support for free speech? I guess there really is a HUGE difference between leftists and liberal.

    • Who is “they”? The German/ Swiss WEF bosses or China? Since you are in the know. I’d like the republic to stand until the King of Kings says hello.

  4. I bet they’ll be swarming outside the FBI building with signs saying “THANK YOU FBI”

    I’ll bet anything.

  5. Now is not the time to Elect a Dem or a pseudo Republican & send a non fighter to Congress! Vote a Fighter vote Palin and watch the sh—T hit the fan. I’m sure you won’t post this SD as it doesn’t meet your criteria

  6. News media reports that the FBI was searching for classified records that Trump improperly removed from the White House when he left in January 2021. Several boxes of government records, including classified materials, were previously recovered there. It’s funny that Trump criticized Clinton for violating government records retention rules by maintaining her own private e-mail server, but now we learn that in addition to improperly taking government records with him when he left Washington, he actively destroyed records by tearing them up and trying to flush them down the toilet, of course Trump claimed Clinton should be jailed for using a private email server but now he acts like the victim when he gets got holding onto government records.

    • “Lock him up”??? Nah, that’s a petty and childish thing to start chanting. Just gonna let the justice system work this one and see where the chips land.

      • I am perfectly willing to let the chips land where they may.
        However, will you be willing to admit this is all a huge nothingburger if the chips do not land where you want them to? What if the results of this search turn up bupkus? You know, just like every other accusation against Trump has.

      • Z, you know damned well that there is precious little actual justice in our corrupt, corrupted, politicized and weaponized so-called “justice system”. Their motto might just as well be “Forward Soviet!”.

      • So, as of Friday, the warrant (not the affidavit) and the search inventory have been posted. About a dozen boxes of classified information (differing levels) and other assorted materials that allegedly do not belong to Donald Trump were taken. Anyone want to update their response? Or is this all just a massive conspiracy from the inept left?

    • Rick, perhaps you are not paying attention here.
      Is it possible that Trump violated the record retention laws? Sure, it is quite possible.
      The problem is not Trump or Clinton. It is the disparate reaction by the DOJ. When Clinton had an e-mail server outside of the secure Government network, and she conducted State Department business on it, the FBI shrugged, and did nothing. When Anthony Weiner had State Department information on his computer, proving Clinton knowingly violated the law, the DOJ forced Weiner to drop out his campaign, and did nothing to Clinton.
      When the Hunter Biden laptop was delivered to the FBI clearly indicating that Hunter and his dad were not playing within the rules, it was hidden.
      But… Trump might not have treated every piece of paper correctly, and the FBI raids his home?
      Please tell me you think this is an appropriate response. Go on… I dare you.

      • Neither you nor I know what was seized or why a search warrant was executed. Until we know what was seized and the basis for the search warrant, everyone is just speculating wildly here, and making comments based on the previously formed opinions of Trump. Trump could shed light on this by divulging the search warrant and the inventory of what was seized. The fact that he hasn’t done so more than 24 hours after the raid makes me suspect he has something to hide.

  7. The police state used to be better at hiding themselves. Or maybe it is the communications revolution where we get to talk to each other instantaneously and at low cost. Regardless, it’s just out in front of your face now (if one dares to see). And of course, policy and certain personnel make it far worse. But this course is one that we have set upon for a while. It is way past time to course correct.

  8. Excellent!!!!
    This is probably the STUPIDEST thing the Democrats could POSSIBLY do.
    This time, it is obvious to everyone.
    Good job.
    They just shot themselves in both feet at once.
    If anyone had any doubts before….
    That is history.

      • I absolutely want to know what was found.
        I bet when it turns out to be a big fat pile of nothing, the folks on the left will pretend the damning evidence is really there, but is not getting released because of… well… reasons.
        Tell me. If this raid turns up nothing, will you drop this fantasy that Trump is some kind of master criminal? I mean, after more than six years of constant investigation they managed to find… well… nothing. Nada. Zip.
        Ohh… I know. He was impeached, twice. For…. what? The first one was for doing exactly what every politician in DC does every day. The second one was for… giving a speech?
        Com’n really. If Trump is the traitor he is made out to be, where is the proof? It has been six years. If I spent six days digging into your background to the extent the DOJ has been digging into Trump, I would likely find several crimes I could charge you with. But… Trump… nothing.
        Please. I am desperate to find out what the FBI took from Trump’s residence, and then sit back and smile while the leftists claim the lack of evidence is somehow proof of something.

      • Nothing because it wasn’t there. But if I were Trump I would have taken pictures of the Roswell aliens and evidence about who killed Kennedy. That’s enough to kill for right there.

    • I’d like to know too. Prolly reveal yet more evidence of the total con that is the twice impeached, pre- indicted domestic shit weasel Mr Trump.

      • You can still spew this level of hatred for Trump after close to two years of this disastrous administration? And do so publicly?
        And, what is pre-indicted?
        Is there a human alive that is not pre-indicted?

      • Ignored Hunter’s laptop prior to presidential election even though it had factual proof of Hunter’s and Brandon’s corrupt financial dealings with the Chinese and Ukrainian governments…

        Hillary was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 emails AFTER they were subpoenaed…

        The Same FBI That Just Raided Trump Ignored Hundreds of Child Rape Victims and Warnings of Mass Shooters

    • The warrant issued by a judge who used to be Epstein’s best buddy. An intimate friend, as it were.
      Also I’ve heard not a Federal judge. A Magistrate.
      A rubicon has been crossed. This won’t end well.

    • It doesn’t matter. Remember the fisa court that signed off on all those illegal FBI stuff during the steel dossier investigation? What makes you think that judges are better than any of the rest of them? They have their plants in all areas of offices including the Supreme Court.

      • There were no FISA warrants related to the Steele dossier. It’s statements like that which are concerning to those of us who like to operate with facts versus our wishful thinking. Like all of these supposed Epstein connections with the federal judge who signed the warrant–some person on Twitter photoshopped a picture and now people are running around claiming some new grand conspiracy. Sheesh…

  9. “The police state used to be better at hiding themselves.”

    They don’t want to hide. That would defeat the purpose…which is to intimidate. Blatant propaganda is not meant to fool anyone, just to humiliate. Communism would tell blatant lies the public was forced to parrot, and we are now at that stage. Hiding was never on the agenda, as that would be counter-thesis.

  10. That’s what they do when one puts America First. The globalists lawfare. These same prople would have done the same to George Washington or James Madison wouldn’t they. Just following orders. Terrible.

  11. No event in our history has challenged the peaceful transition of power – until the dimrats stole the election and now have raided DJT’s home. This IS third world stuff – communist stuff. One of the things that marked the U.S. as an exceptional nation was our peaceful elections and transitions of power. How did the FBI get a search warrant? What “evidence” did they produce to get a judge to sign the warrant? If this was just a fishing expedition, then heads must role – the judge and the FBI and the congressional committee. Beware the gestapo – we’re next…

    • So Donald Trump and company challenged the peaceful transition of power in our democracy? And you’re supporting that? How very patriotic–how do you square being an “American patriot” while trying to subvert the American Constitution?

      • I know. How the Trump campaign had a disgraced former UK spy create a dossier out of total lies, then they used it to get a FISA warrant to spy on their opponent’s campaign. That was just awful.
        Oh… wait. That was the Clinton campaign. Sorry. My mistake. I just assumed that the Trump dictatorship would be one creating bogus materials.
        But, at least the multi-millions we spent on the Meuller investigation clearly demonstrated collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.
        Oh… whoopsie on my part again. Turns out the Mueller report cleared Trump of pretty much every claim. And it implicated the Clinton campaign in a lot of less than desirable actions.

      • Do you know what US Constitution and the founding documents say? Or are you a believer in the popular contemporary leftist jargon. Of course you are probably a public employees public trust fund stipend receiver. The US Constitution has been trifled with for quite some time.

      • Ha ha! Yup a third rate career politician who campaigned from his basement legitimately won 80 million votes- even outstripping Obama. Yup, that’s a for sure legit election. We should definitely let that one go by.

      • Did you swear an oath to defend the US Constitution in writing? In the private we are not sworn to defend some constitution or another. There are lots of US Constitutions. Which one are you talking about?

      • And your name is Trump Derangement Syndrome.
        Idiots, group-thinkers (a contradiction in terms, I know) and conformist sheep like you, Lucinda, are directly responsible for the ongoing destruction of this nation.

      • OK, I’ll bite.
        What terrorist act did Trump engage in?
        And, please do not say January 6th, 2021. That one is already beaten to death, and nothing is happening. Give me something that has not had over a year’s investigation with zero charges filed.
        Anything. Please anything at all.

      • IS President Trump entitled to a library of his documents for scholars and historians just like Clinton and the Bushes. They get subsidized libraries and President Trump gets this.

  12. Approximately half of the people in this country will celebrate this move and think it’s a good idea. I don’t want to live in the same country as those people anymore. It is definitely time for the Great Divorce.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid (and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you) but it sure seems like they are trying to push us conservatives to the brink, to force us to take drastic measures. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think I am.

    • The leftists are trying to push the folks on the right. They will keep pushing, making excuses, pushing again, ramping it up and down until the right reacts. They will continue this type of theatre, and they will continue to ignore crimes by the people on their side of the political aisle. Mobs ruin cities in the name of social justice, and “let them have space.” A Republican says that men cannot get pregnant, and they scream out loud, demanding this Republican resign.
      Actually, the folks on the left seem to think violence acts like a dimmer switch. They can ramp it up, and down to suit the situation.
      The people on the right side of the political aisle know it is a two position switch. Peace, or kill everything until it is peaceful again.

  13. We are now officially a banana republic. The DOJ has openly chosen a side. First stage of a practical coop.

    The Democrats better hope this works. DOJ, too. If this doesn’t work there will be a bloodbath come November. Then the Republicans will be able to use the same tactics against Joe and Company.

  14. Hey y’all! Look over here while we steal another 800 bn from you. Let’s just raise another Trump issue while the Weiner laptop, the Hunter laptop and the the UKR and China scandals go unnoticed. And thats just scratching the surface. Way to prioritize FBI. Is Garland still pissed he didn’t get the SCOTUS position?

  15. Not a word of support from Dan Sullivan or Lisa Murkowski not a WORD. Kelly and Sara get ready. Team trump ALL. Now is the time for ALL to come to the aid of our nation. Or just sit there and watch it die.

    • What? ^This shows the rationale disconnect that so many Trump supporters suffer from. It’s fine to have opinions, including supporting a “strong man leader” (i.e., fascist dictator), but this blatant misstatement makes the whole MAGA crowd look ignorant. Just own it–you support former President Trump, regardless of his behavior (in his personal life or his brief public service).

      • Let’s see.
        There has been over six years of constant investigation into Trump, and so far, they have nothing to actually charge him with? Not a single misstep?
        Seriously. There is an old saying that the average person breaks several laws every day. And, they do not even realize it.
        But, Trump is some kind of master criminal that can successfully hide evidence of his crimes for the better part of a decade. Do you really think Trump is that smart?

    • Hill. You made my head literally explode. Fool me twice, shame on you. Fool me 100 times and my name must be Hill.

      • Name ONE thing! Just ONE! That Trump has done that was illegal, immoral or unethical that has been proven. There’s been a lot of accusations, but no proof. His greatest crime has been to trust his subordinates who keep letting him down.

        Donald Trump is, next to Jesus, the finest human being to walk this earth in a very long time.

        • Hill:
          Lucinda does not seem to think there is a difference between the accusation and conviction. Accused, in her world, is equivalent to guilty.
          She even misuses the word “indicted” as if that actually means anything.
          Do not realistically expect an answer to your challenge, because when someone calls Lucinda out on her claims, she disappears.

  16. Richard Nixon destroyed documents, to prevent that from happening again Congress passed a law that said all Presidential documents need to be turned into the National Archives, Trump took boxes of classified documents to Mar o Lago in violation of the law. Laws apply to DJT like any other American

    • Then the FBI should have no problem producing the specific justification for the raid.

      It’s a blatant attempt to save a dying political movement.

      Just remember you took this position when Biden and family are hauled off to jail. Democrats have a long history of making rash political decisions that get used against them later.

      • Numerous reports of many boxes of documents labeled classified at Mar a Lago. The DOJ has taken extraordinary steps, a Federal Judge is required to sign off on the search warrant.

        • It’s grandstanding and you know it. Just because it tickles your particular funnybone doesn’t change that.

          There were several steps the Biden Politburo could have done.

          1-The could have issued a deliver by deadline in public (ie, leaked to the press).
          2-A grand jury could have been impaneled.
          3-The FBI could have just called and said we’ve been told to collect the papers (if that’s what this is about).

          None of that was done. Biden’s Politburo deliberately chose to do the most dramatic thing possible to attempt to embarrass Trump. It’s Soviet style intimidation.

          It is telling they lacked the courage to do this when Trump was there.

          What’s still the most fascinating this about this is you don’t realize what was done here. The trust that was broken. The precedent set. You seem to think this will all be just fine and the bad Orange Man will go away.

          You idiots have opened Pandora’s box. Just like you did with judicial filibusters. Just like two failed attempts to impeach Trump.

          If Trump wins (no way he’s not running now), payback will be brutal. If the GOP wins the House, the impeachments will roll fast and furious. Including Chairman Joe and Ron Klane. Maybe Hilary, too. Finally.

          If Hunter is smart he should burn his house to the ground and move to a place with no extradition treaty with semi Soviet America. He’s gonna be front and center of the coming poopstorm.

          All because you idiots just couldn’t help yourselves.

    • Pure speculation without any hint of proof. How do you know what he took with him from the White House , where you there? or are you just repeating some drivel you picked up from a tainted media?How do YOU know what he took from the White House? We’re you standing there watching or did they perhaps provide you a list of what was taken? I suspect you are just repeating some drivel 5aken off a tainted media like the other guy above!?,

    • Frank, were you as outraged when Obama, after leaving office, took classified documents to his personal home to “review” them for possible inclusion in his Presidential Library? He is still “reviewing” them to this day! Not a peep from the FBI & DOJ about that.

      • I wonder what Kissinger said on those tapes. Probably something very sinister that if known would change everything in the Western World. They are deluding themselves if they think it is a secret in the universe. God knows. It will find remedy.

  17. Were they looking for Hunter’s laptop or Ashley’s diary? I’ve heard they don’t know where they are.

  18. I am not a fan of the former President and will not support him in 2024. That said: This is nuts. If folks on the Left want to start a civil war with live ammunition, this will do it. Once we go down the road of prosecuting those that lose elections, it will not end.

    • Or once we go down a path to subvert the peaceful transfer of power, God only knows what we will get, but we probably deserve it. Once we go down a path of letting election losers trying to overturn our democracy with violence and without liability, it will not end.

      • I am not exactly sure about this comment, or the comment of Jay, below, or how to respond to either. There does seem to be a loss of appreciation of the need to de-escalate the current non-shooting civil war before bad stuff happens. The former President’s claims about a stolen election exceed the evidence of such a crime. The “greatest threat to our democracy” stuff from the Left is similarly irrational. Lots of folks are upset and the most passionate on each side are looking for flash point that could produce violence. Merrick Garland appears to be blind to the danger. The former President just stirs the pot. We need more adults in the room.

        • There are adults in the room. A whole lot of foreign influence including foreign registered private corporations that American adults in the room have been mislead to believe are “US” agencies. The City of London adults in the room are laughing at you right now. Keep your unfounded faith in fallen human adults in the room.

        • “Once we go down a path of letting election losers trying to overturn our democracy with violence and without liability, it will not end.” Talking about Antifa?
          That is how you respond to that comment Jmark. If you’re “Not exactly sure” then get more information. I just read in 5 different news articles about election fraud the line ” attorneys say it’s unconstitutional”. That’s not valid information. But that same line was repeated in 5 news articles. Who does your thinking for you?

      • What do you think will happen now? That weaponizing the DOJ against political enemies is now allowed?

        Gerald Ford, a much smarter man than Biden and his cabal combined, pardoned Nixon because he was afraid the country would tear itself apart. Now Biden does this? No special council?

        Are you really so partisan to not see what comes next? Really? Every stinking time the Democrats do something this stupid it blows up in their faces.

        If the GOP takes the House, a virtual certainty now, expect all hell to come down on anyone named Biden. If Hunter was smart he’d flee the country now.
        Garland just bought himself an impeachment.

        You idiots may well and truly unleashed hell on yourselves.

      • Subverting the peaceful transfer of power.
        Sort of like having a two year investigation into non-existent Russian collusion? You know, the investigation that actually demonstrated the Hillary campaign colluded with the Russians, not the Trump campaign. That one.

      • Oh… what about a campaign manufacturing a false dossier, and using that false dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to listen in on the phone conversations of their opponent. Is that supporting or subverting the peaceful transfer of power?
        Please, we all need to know.

      • We have a guranteed friendly, republic form of government not a democracy. A democracy is fifty percent plus one rules or mob rule not rule of law. The 1776 Constitution is the laid down, foundational law of this American land snd nation. Not WEF policy papers written lately in Switzerland. It is not the rule of law of this American Continent.

  19. There seems to be no end to this sort of action by the Democrats. Be afraid…very afraid. FBI for the big names, IRS for the rest of us.

  20. So a $30 mil sham investigation on Russian collusion with fake warrants. Then a sham (what cost?) hearing on Jan.6 with sham evidence ( I wonder what Ray Epps per diem was?).So how do you think this is gonna go with all those administrators with their payments on their 10 acre horse ranches in the tri-state area. The nomenklatura (Russian for “Swamp”) have to protect and leverage their position. With armed IRS agents (revenuers). It’s called tripling down.
    How do you get rid of nuisance bears? Don’t leave food lying around. How do you get rid of mice? Trap them.
    “Once we go down the road of prosecuting those that” had elections stolen from them, JMARK, then what?

  21. The rule of law doesn’t apply to democrats.That’s why Trump took certain docs out that clarified his plan against them. They are gone forever. But Trump and his military White Hats are targeting ones who are charged with treason
    Seditious conspiracy, raping children…We won’t know for many years the real war zones

  22. “Eric Trump, one of his sons, told Fox News that he was the one who informed his father that the search was taking place, and he said the search warrant was related to presidential documents”.

    “ Early reports that the F.B.I. search of former President Donald J. Trump’s residence in Florida related to an investigation into whether he had unlawfully taken government files when he left the White House focused attention on an obscure criminal law barring removal of official records. The penalties for breaking that law include disqualification from holding any federal office.”

        • Big difference in being the ultimate classification/declassification authority and actually declassifying anything. You thinking this former president can, after the fact, attempt to declassify whatever classified evidence is found in his safe? Heheh! Fat chance.
          I’m sure this is covered in civics class.

          • POTUS can declassify whatever he wants. It really is just that simple. It actually was covered in civics class.

            You assume the declassification was done after the fact. You NEED that to be the case to fit your world view.

            Moreover, assume the worst. Trump is charged and somehow convinced over this. Unlawful possession of classified docs is a misdemeanor, subject to a fine and potentially a brief incarceration. He comes out a bigger martyr and more potent politically than when he went it.

            Add to that it is long established by SCOTUS a conviction can not bar someone from being POTUS.

            Before you go 14th Amendment, that specifically means former Confederates only. Again, civics class.

            So you create your own personal Thanos with nothing to lose and giant political scores to settle. Backed by at least half of the US population who knew the witch hunt when they saw it.

            How are you so bad at this?

          • First of all MA, nobody knows whether/not Trump declassified anything relative to these boxes of classified documents. You seem to think so on what authority? Remember, if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

  23. The Keystone Kops, AKA the FBI, have finally united Americans! -against them! It is imperative that we send only Trump allies to Congress so the corruption in DC can be stopped.

  24. Clearly the left is desperate to save themselves from November.

    One thing that is lost in the shuffle: this won’t effect Trump 2024 at all. Unless Chairman Biden (since we’re no longer a republic) and his Politburo actually overthrow the government.

    Any charge, real or bogus, will have to be dealt with in the legal system. Meaning Trump’s lawyers can tie this crap up in court forever. Plus the discovery against the Politburo will be fun.

    Garland went fishing to try to find something to charge Trump with. All he did was catch himself an impeachment come January. He’s playing a really stupid game and is gonna win a profoundly stupid prize.

  25. This just proves there is evil in the world and it is deeply rooted in our government. Donald J. Trump is the single most honest and honorable man to walk the Earth in 2000 years. He’s given of himself, never asking for anything back. As our leader he deftly handled every situation and crisis that came his way, while at the same time so many around him failed him (and us). His steady hand on this country will never be truly appreciated. We are doomed without him. This world is doomed without him. God gave us a chance, and we blew it.

  26. Suzanne, I sincerely hope you’re planning on running an update article as this unfolds. It’s a very big deal to many people, including your readers, and we deserve to know what was is in the warrant and what was taken from Mar a Lago. Thank you.

  27. IS President Trump entitled to a library of his documents for scholars and historians just like Clinton and the Bushes. They get subsidized libraries and President Trump gets this.

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