Rollback to Trump-era pricing: Big Mike’s Tesoro is site of two-hour event when price of a gallon will drop to $2.38


Americans For Prosperity Alaska State Director Bernadette Wilson announced Monday that the organization will be helping Alaskans out with their transportation costs on Tuesday, Aug. 9, at Big Mike’s Tesoro, 7201 Jewel Lake Road.

Her nonprofit organization will be paying the difference between the price at the pump on Tuesday and the price that gas was when Joe Biden took over as president in 2021. Those drivers coming by to fill up their tanks will pay just $2.38 a gallon.

It’s part of the group’s “True Cost of Washington” tour of the 50 states, and it’s finally Alaska’s turn. Recreational vehicles and gas cans will not be allowed in the event — this is for cars, trucks, and motorcycles only, Wilson said. And the event lasts just two hours.

“Let’s get as many cars through as we can, like a NASCAR pit stop,” Wilson said. There are no gimmicks and it’s not a political event, she added.

In all other states AFP has had similar price rollback events, bringing down the price of gas to point out the problems with inflation-driving policies in Washington, D.C. Drivers can expect a long line, and Wilson advises families to pack some snacks.

Last month hundreds of cars waited in line in Davenport, Iowa, where a “True Cost of Washington” event occurred.

While prices are coming down from the high of about $5.79 in Anchorage last month, they’re still double what they were before Biden came into office.

Find out more at this link.

Must Read Alaska’s Suzanne Downing interviewed Wilson on Monday afternoon on Facebook.


  1. I worked for them a while back cleaning rental cars while I was waiting for the foot dragging of the city permit process for building a custom home. I was impressed with their family values, care and concern for their community. Last I heard as far as the home went, the owner pretty much gave up on the process of the bullshitery of the municipality that occurred to build. It even involved something about the street being in the wrong place by several feet, involving all the homes along it……..

  2. Reminds me of ‘its a wonderful life’ when george bailey used his honeymoon fund by his bride’s offer to give each of his customers a loan just to keep their accounts open. Sorry i can’t take part. I be doing the second best from hanging out with people, i’ll be finishing my job.

  3. And today is KLOVE’s make a difference monday when KLOVE opens phone lines to hear listener’s positive encouraging stories all day how someone made a difference in another’s life like, but not limited to, paying for someone’s gas or lowering it for them, drive thru order, callers sharing How someone shared God’s love for you. For anchorage KLOVE is on FM 88.5

  4. When its finished – EVERYONE head to the library to tell the city council exactly how you feel!

  5. I think the “bad party” of Sanctimonious virtue signaling Marxist democrats is in for big election Suprise in the near future. Letting in hordes of illegals that hold traditional values is going to blow up in their smug mugs too. Baking a pie today that those that insist on eating crow and hating America. IT’s the MAJORITY stupid!

  6. Just walked over to pick up the kids from my wife. She’s in line. VERY well-run event. People waiting are courteous. They couldn’t have picked a greater guy’s gas station than Mike’s. He’s been a great neighbor and has been a very community-minded and a fine businessman.

    Lisa was there. Not sure what that grifter thought she was going to accomplish. Hoping that she really didn’t think that people in line would think she made this possible. Lisa and her irrational hatred for Trump and her support of Haaland and others helped make high gas prices possible. She needs to go. The sooner the better. Shame that the “Lisa for Life” ranked choice voting will pretty much ensure she’s going to be in the senate forever…

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