Anchorage health director Gerace resigns due to stroke


Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson today accepted the resignation of Anchorage Health Director Joe Gerace, who is leaving because of severe health issues.

“Last week, I suffered a stroke while working and spent three days in the hospital as a result” said Gerace. “Today, after suffering another event, and being transported by ambulance to the hospital, I recognize the need to focus on my health first and foremost. I thoroughly enjoyed leading the Anchorage Health Department and it’s dedicated staff to help the residents of Anchorage, but my health and well being is my upmost priority right now. I want to thank the exceptional emergency responders at the Anchorage Fire Department and the hospital health professionals that have tended to me during both of these events.”

“Joe’s service to Anchorage and the Anchorage Health Department is greatly appreciated,” said Mayor Dave Bronson. “I will miss his dedication, hard work, and commitment to help our city’s underserved. Deb and I are praying for his complete recovery.”  

Anchorage Health Department Deputy Director Kim Rash will serve as the Acting Director until a Director is announced.


  1. No synopsis of the history of Joe’s tenure.
    Curious,he was there before Mayor Bronson?
    Pro chemical injection aka “vaccination” ??
    I hope he recovers well.
    To many individuals I know of that suffer to many ailments at a time in their lives when they shouldn’t be.

  2. Heart attacks, strokes and sudden deaths are now rampant since the wave of experimental injections. Do not inject children under any circumstances. Giving elders these injections is a prescription from Dr. Kevorkian.

    • Or, in a less irrational world that runs on evidence, Mr. Gerace radically lied on his resume–can you believe that or does that not fit with your preconceived notion of the way the world works?

    • Wrong on all counts. The Covid vaccines have saved lies and allowed society to start returning to a normal level of functioning. I look forward to the day when we can all think back and laugh at memory of the fools who ingested horse dewormer during the pandemic! I mean, laugh again at them!

      • Except, AP, that your so-called “vaccines” (which are nothing of the sort) do NOT prevent transmission of the Wuhan Virus, do NOT prevent contraction of the Wuhan Virus, and do NOT meaningfully alleviate symptoms of the Wuhan Virus. On top of that, you ignore the vast mountain of evidence attesting to their harmful nature, the vast number of side effects, and the millions who have been significantly injured and KILLED by them. Other than that, they’re great!
        Honestly, I will never, ever understand the mindset of conformist, spineless, uncritical thinking sheep and quislings like you.

        • Jefferson, you are just repeating anti-vaccine propaganda you have read on the right wing sites where you apparently get all of your information. You are repeatedly wrong, but at least you are consistent.

      • Antivax, you are entitled to your opinion and if you feel okay with taking the shot, go ahead. However you are NOT entitled to decide for others and if they do not conform to your world view, ridicule and harass them. Liberals are so worked up about abortion and their right to making choices about their and their unborn child’s body. Clearly a privilege they reserve for themselves and not extent to all.
        According to your leader Dr. Fauci only 67% of Americans are fully vaccinate (2 doses) and of those only half got a booster (10% got a second booster). From what has been reported, the latest iteration of booster is 25% less effective as the one before, which already had a reduced efficacy due to the rapid adaptation of the virus. Yet cases nation wide have stabilized at 300-400/million and the death rate is staying below 1.7 deaths/million since April. How can that be??? When the good doctor demanded a 90% vaccination saturation in order to manage the disease?
        Your arrogant attitude suppressing free exchange of ideas and searching for solutions on all fronts, is what we should all take away from this episode. That is no laughing matter. In the end we will see, who has the last laugh, those who participated in a world wide pharmaceutical test and experiment, or those, who decide to go with alternative meds and did just fine. I guess time will tell….

      • Wow.
        Denial is a powerful thing.
        Mountains of evidenced published every day – bet you refuse to read any of the articles.
        #1 – it’s not a vaccine, vaccines prevent transmission and acquirement.
        #2 – this is experimental gene therapy, never tried on humans before, and dispensed without the typical trials of 10 years on a multiple control groups.
        #3 – more people have died from this gene therapy than all vaccines combined
        #4 – the FDA has “locked up” the limited testing results for 75 years, why do you think that is?
        #5 – Big Pharma has an egregious record when it comes to honestly reporting trial results, manipulating testing methodologies for preconceived results, and ignoring or discrediting viable generic alternatives.
        #6 – you honestly believe the politicians, and Fauci’s henchmen?
        You’ve played.
        One day you will realize you’ve been a fool.
        Don’t forget to get your boosters this fall – and mask up, and stay home, and virtue signal to everyone in your sphere.

    • Like incredible resume lying, and a boss who tantrummed at Assembly meeting when assembly was pushing back on the hire.

  3. There appears to be a lot more to this story, Suzanne. I wonder if the stroke is related to his fraudulent resume, nonexistent academic credentials, seriously exaggerated work experiences, and fabricated military experience, deployments, and rank.

      • Well said, Suzanne.

        If he lied on his resume to get the job as accused by Assembly Member Constant and Ms. Emma Jacobson claim, I have little sympathy. Lies always come back to haunt you.

        If, however, he is vindicated and no evidence exist, then I think he should sue the City corporately and Constant personally (no indemnification) for a hostile work environment, and Jacobson for slander.

        I appreciate facts and reason, so I make no judgment until the facts are reveled. I hope you dig into this and find out what is at the bottom of it, regardless if its red or blue.

        • A couple of related thoughts: Anchorage is not a military unit nor commissioned to judge military issues. We just honor that. People are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers. To that end hr process tend to be supportive of the US Constitution by virtue of hearing matters in executive session since much damage can irreparably be done by inviting hearsay.

    • Wow, how snarky and uncaring can you be? Is this what passes as compassion in Barbara world? The man just had a stroke, can you set your hate aside for just a minute to show a little concern for your fellow earthly traveler?
      If you want to beat up on some one, who factually played fast and loose with his resume, pick on our new superintendent and let Mr. Gerace recover in peace.

  4. I hope he has excellent family and friends to encourage him and help him with daily chores, and not baby the man while he must slow down to do what everyday tasks we do without struggle. Most importantly i want to pray, God brings someone forward to just read to him God’s Word through bible or christian writers now that he
    has the time.

  5. Shepherds Chapel I get it on dish channel 256 it is also online add .com, Listen to your doctors, miracles only happen if you ask, I have ask for you. Your not alone we are all in the same boat to help one another my brother.

    • THEY DO WORK! Just yesterday I tuned to channel 256 and prayed and prayed and prayed for a raid on Trump and his MAL estate.


  6. Wow, another sterling hire by the mayor. Does anyone know how to read a resume and do a background check or research on job applicants.
    I guess it was a stroke of good luck that this turkey is gone.

    • Other practical application of the US Constitution might be reviewing the city business corporation delegation to own, direct, operate a health care business/health and mandate care inside government. It is a drift toward unauthorized municipal authority. In the US typically operating healthcare businesses requires a skill set exactly as the hospitals must do. No omissions in order to have legal authority to operate medical facilities. The legal advisors also have non-waivable medical credentials and are accessible 24 hours around the clock etc. The HR professional subset for reviewing available applicants with competing credentials while assigning evaluations for generalists and specialists is a professional skill. Hospitals dislike the annual reviews to keep the legal license to keep their doors open. City government does none of these things. The proof is the way the charter is/was set up. Health is not a constitutional delegation otherwise why are hospitals and services in the private. You have actual limits. Right here in in River City.

  7. Hard to take this reporting seriously when there is no mention of the allegations about his record on ADN this morning. Need more homework beyond waiting to ask him about it later.

  8. I’m learning of Some assembly democrats are fixated upon making this resignation about a resume. Not even condolences for a
    Human’s life. Their supporters show more respect for a dog and cat life. His near death experience, this stroke, just testify God’s love and grace prolonging his
    life a little longer just as God did for him as he does for us. Sometimes i wish something like a stroke can happen to assembly democrats that’ll cause our democrat leaders to resign and see their own life seriously, but! I never can bring myself to pray for it. When i pray for democrats, i ask God- use their leadership and actions to bring this city closer to knowing you and what he made us for.

  9. Uh, you completely left out the part where this guy lied on his resume. He lied to Bronson, he lied to the Assembly. He misrepresented, hugely, his work experience. This guy is another Bronson crony, a grifting loser of a human.

  10. I wish him the best on his recovery. But if the ADN article is factual he fortunately lied his way into a job with excellent medical benefits. Nikki Tshibaka should be fired for his incompetence.

  11. I don’t believe people really know exactly what is in all the contemporary vaccines. Forcing them on those who cannot give informed consent due to being an infant, child, being unable to think clearly or having not received a complete list of contaminants in the type of injectjon specified for your ethnic alleged type is tantamount to medical force. This medical behavior is against international agreements in place since nazi experimentation of WWII to which the US remains a signatory.

  12. Suzanne, you know and the public knows this is not the sole reason he resigned. Do actual investigation journalism or none at all.

  13. If this would have rolled out exactly the same way with a politically polar opposite I would hope that the same compassionate response would have manifested. But this is 2022, I think not.

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