Breaking: Patricia Chesbro, top player in Mat-Su Democrats, files for U.S. Senate against Murkowski


Patricia Chesbro has filed with the Federal Elections Commission to run as a Democrat for U.S. Senate. Already in the race are Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, and Kelly Tshibaka, also a Republican.

Chesbro is a long-time Democrat activist who chairs the MatSu Democrats and who ran for Alaska Senate in 2014, losing to Republican Bill Stoltze for District F.

Her campaign will be called Chesbro for Alaska, according to her filing with the FEC.

Chesbro was part of the Facebook group “Mat-Su Moms for Social Justice,” which led to the removal of three member of the Palmer City Council due to violations of the Open Meetings Act. She was an advocate for ending the Colony Days Festival and renaming it Braided River Festival, which failed, once it became public. She is a progressive liberal.

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The Alaska Democratic Party has been hinting for several days that it will try another candidate, after Alaska Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson dropped out in late March after a brief stint as a candidate. Chesbro is a retired educator in the Mat-Su School District and has been involved with the Palmer Community Foundation.

Alaska Democrats have been excoriating Sen. Murkowski lately over her unwillingness to go along with Senate Democrats and open the abortion valve wide open through legislation that allows even late-term abortions without limits. Abortion, or “abortion care,” as the mainstream media is calling it, has become the Democrats’ rallying cry to try to regain ground lost to Republicans during this election cycle.

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  1. Well, Jackson evidently got bought off or intimidated; what will nepotistic murky do now with Chesbro?????

  2. Democrats returning their more traditional elders once again? Sure looks like it after its young democrats and the colorful hippies flopped.
    The churches should
    take the cue from demi’s what happens when young are given too much leadership.

  3. Decoy Alert!
    False flag candidate! Without her candidacy, most Republicans will consider Lisa Murkowski (a Republican discarded from her own party) as the default candidate for the Democratic Party.
    This no-name, late-filing Democrat is the latest tactic by the Democratic Party to get Republicans to vote for Lisa Murkowski as a Republican.
    Democrats are full of sorcery tactics. But Democrats are also not very bright, and they leave a trail if sh*t that follows easily.
    Democrats are in huge trouble this fall and everyone knows it.

  4. She doesn’t have that traditional Liberal look. Natural hair color, no glasses, and she doesn’t appear to be heavily medicated on some type of controlled pharmaceutical. Wolf in sheep’ clothing? I guess we’ll find out. How about an updated photo.

    • Focused on appearance–isn’t that a typical empty-headed conservative comment? Thank Gawd she’s white–lord only knows what kind of bile you would have spewed. And thankfully Republicans don’t ever have drug issues (except that one guy, what was his name…Rush?), natural hair and skin color (does “Cheeto” ring a bell),… the quality of the comments on MRA are astounding–you must be very proud of the readers you’ve pulled in, Suzanne, very proud.

      • Z, where have you been? The entire charade played out by Biden and his Administration has been all about appearance. Democrats have done nothing but nominate people for office solely based upon appearance, gender identity and country of origin.

        • Schenker, I think Trump and his teflon hair and bimbos and hustle and performance is all about vanity and appearance. Biden just wants to get to work.

          • Oh my goodness that was priceless! Biden can’t even find his pants in the morning without assistance. Get to work? He does not even know where he is most of the time! Trump has accomplished more in any given two months than Biden in his entire life. Biden, a product of career politics with no awareness of reality and now, no awareness. We are currently with an executive office vacancy. Physical presence does not count.

  5. I’ve lived in the valley for 31 years and I’ve never heard of her. I’m not a Democrat though. I’m going with Kelly.

  6. The Dems must smell blood in the water if they are running against their staunch henchwoman Lisa Murkowski. Hard to see how Murkowski can win reelection without some creative vote counting when both Dems & Republicans can’t stand her!

  7. It’s meaningless political posturing. With rank choice voting, everyone who puts down this democrat will put Murky as second. In the second round of counting this democrat will be shoved out and we will have exactly the same as if she never ran in the first place. The only possible difference is some will be to dumb to put a second choice and actually throw out their vote for someone who has no chance. I think that will make very little difference however. It will make Murky seem more “middle of the road”… possibly voting for “compromise”. Please Alaska, don’t be so stupid to vote for Murky again. Our state is beyond help if we reelect her again I feel.

  8. At this point I don’t even think of Lisa as a Republican any more. I automatically filed this news as Chesbro running vs. Lisa. Whatever. Ms. Chesbro should be somewhat known in the valley; she is former principal of Palmer HS back in the day, and has run for office before. A nice lady, but a democrat, like all retired teachers who entire politics.

    • “A nice lady, but a democrat, like all retired teachers who entire politics.” That’s an interesting comment. To me it signals that democrats are compassionate, patient, pro-kid, pro-education and think of others before themselves.

      • Try instead power-hungry, spiteful, repressive, regressive, arrogant, intolerant, pro-authority, anti-freedom, pro-conformity, and think only of how to gain and exercise ever more power over others.
        But again, like most on the current (and falsely labeled) so-called “left”, your divorcement from reality is near total.

  9. An elected official forgets or ignores the interests of their voters at their own peril. I’m happy that Progressives will have a real Progressive to vote for and Conservatives will have a real Conservative to vote for. If you put your money, time, and vote toward getting a person elected, you should be able to trust them to represent your interest in Congress. Although I believe she has been much more disruptive to conservative-leaning interests at critical times over the past few years, Murkowski is unreliable and cannot be trusted by either side. Time to go…

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