Breaking: Mayor Bronson vetoes hasty mask ordinance


Mayor Dave Bronson has vetoed the ordinance hastily passed by the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday that orders all within Anchorage to wear masks when indoors in public places.

The Assembly immediately scheduled a special meeting for 5 pm on Thursday to override the veto. The meeting is to take place at the Loussac Library in the Assembly chambers for consideration of overriding EO the veto of 2021-3, the compulsory mask ordinance.

“I have reviewed the emergency ordinance and heard the Assembly’s justifications for and against the same. The Assembly introduced and passed this emergency ordinance [EO 2021-3], on the same night, effectively shutting down public testimony on the issue of mask mandates. They blatantly ignored the people’s right to petition their government. The Assembly openly displayed their scorn for the public process, which is fundamental to self-government and self-governance,” the mayor wrote.

Bronson went on to describe the trickery involved on Tuesday.

“The Assembly’s decision to impose a mask mandate, after assuring the public here would be continued public testimony, and under the cover of darkness is, at its core, ignoring the fundamental right of citizens to participate in a meaningful way on matters of community interest and importance,” he said.

The Assembly ignored data that demonstrates a significant decrease of Covid-19 cases in Anchorage and misrepresented to the public their ability to weigh in on the issue that affects every citizen in Anchorage,’ he said.

He was referring to the lie that the Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance told the public on Monday and Tuesday, that they would be able to continue testifying on the mask ordinance on Wednesday. Instead, the Assembly majority wrote a new ordinance, duplicating Anchorage Ordinance 2021-91, but made it an emergency ordinance and moved it without a hearing.

“Alaska’s constitution expressly provides the right of the people to privacy, a right that shall not be infringed. Our right to privacy is expressed, and its protections are broader in scope than those implied under the federal system,” Bronson wrote.

“The reasons Alaskans wrote the right to privacy into our constitution, and ratified the same by overwhelming vote, is our home’s longstanding tradition of respecting privacy and individuality. At the core concept of Alaska’s liberty is the notion of personal immunity from government control and the right to be let alone,” he said.

Bronson said the Assembly was stoking widespread fear to frighten the public into submission.

The Assembly has 36 hours to override the veto, which would take a vote of nine of the members.


  1. As expected. No surprises here.
    Now, the real question is, what does the mayor do once the municipal ass-embly votes to override his veto, as they surely will?
    THAT is where the rubber meets the road.

    • agreed 100%. I know Bronson has all the odds against him in the far-left assembly but, can’t just talk the talk – gotta walk it out. called his office today stating that those that voted for
      him are eager to see him stand up to the mob, not appease them. they have clearly broken laws of this land.

  2. This whole mask fiasco is a tempest in a teapot. The mayor and assembly are both getting too heated up and need to settle down and start working on important stuff. There are not going to be any winners in a head butting contest like this, least of all the people of the City of Anchorage.

    • Not true, Homo — this battle is both symbolic, and representative, of the larger division, and vision of government, in this country. Make no mistake, this is a war between the rapidly and rabidly leftist authoritarian extremists, who desire to have an all-powerful and totalitarian government monitoring, micromanaging, surveilling and controlling every little aspect of everybody’s life on the one hand, and the libertarian/conservative traditional American view of government, which largely holds that government should be limited to mainly protecting individual rights and adjudicating disputes, while otherwise leaving individuals the freedom to live their lives as they see fit, provided that they do not infringe on the equal rights of others to do the same.

    • Homo, yeah, no winners here, merely a misled majority of moronic citizens who want to keep their involuntary functions intact. How utterly selfish are these people opposing the totalitarian mandates! These folks must believe that oxygen deprivation is a big deal, how silly. Let’s agree that a lack of oxygen will lower our collective IQ to the point where we can at last all get along.
      BTW since the totalitarians on the assembly are opposed to breathing and seek control over the publics involuntary functions, will eye control be next? What of heart beats? Surely the members of this politburo would show little constraint here, especially for every heart that beats true for the Red White and Blue!
      Yes Lets all just get along…

  3. Everyone should write in saying that they tested positive for China Plague after visiting the last meeting. The will need to “quarantine” so they can’t override the veto in time

  4. We all know what 9 members of the assembly will do now! Thank you Mayor Bronson for vetoing the emergency ordinance. After 60 years in Anchorage/Eagle River I am beyond disappointed with the current assembly! I am Free and intend to continue to live that way!!

  5. ‘You get the government you deserve’!

    The Anchorage Assembly has demonstrated this time after time. It’s beyond comprehension why these people are voted into office by the people of Anchorage. Unfortunately, Anchorage is a dying city. People are moving out, businesses are finding better opportunities away from the stranglehold of city regulation. Sadly, the idiocy of Anchorage will have a very bad economic affect on the rest of Alaska.

    So gird up Anchorage, YOUR Representatives are requiring you wear mouth burkas which has no medical basis that anyone can point to. Adults will somehow struggle through their day. But children two years and older? That is nothing but officially sanctioned child abuse.

    End the madness. Vote these arrogant fools out!

    • These people are “voted” into office, Wayne, because Anchorage voters were saddled with an easily corruptible mail-in ballot scheme, which the Assembly forced on them.
      Nothing exists to enforce voting integrity through forensic election-system audits, investigations, fines, asset forfeitures, or criminal prosecutions.
      Throw in the potential for virtually untraceable Dominion computer chicanery, voter coercion, ballot harvesting, ballot “curing” irregularities which assure certain ballots are thrown out, thereby disenfranchising voters without their knowledge,
      … let the Clerk, hired by the Assembly, count the votes for Assembly members who run for re-election.
      What could possibly go wrong if you can’t watch Election Central 24/7 like Bronson’s folks did?
      Seems quite comprehensible under the circumstances how these termites get themselves “voted” into office, no?

  6. Suzanne must be well funded.

    ADN and KTUU declined to include the Mayor’s statements in their stories about the veto.

    Who knew that the competitors were so business savvy as to know how to save money by avoiding keystrokes. Pure financial genius over at the other news outlets…pure genius I tell ya.

    • Hey Scott, Thankfully funded enough. It didn’t cost her a dime other than what she’s already paid to post the Mayors statement. To me that’s free advertisement of the truth. The fact that MSM didn’t spend a keystroke tells me what they think about the truth. They’re losing ground staying silent on things that are obviously wrong. Obviously spinning this would have cost them money and they don’t see that its worth it up against the free truth. You’re right! They’re genius. They should continue to STFU when things like this happens. I think its a good business model for them to keep pursuing.

    ““We live in the United States of America, a country founded on the premise that “We the People” are sovereign, which means the individual has rights. Our republican form of government was instituted to preserve and protect those rights, not to violate them. Those of us who work in municipal government are public servants; the people of Anchorage are our employers, not our subjects. Alaska is The Last Frontier of America’s natural beauty and limitless potential; it is also the Last Frontier of individual liberty. We pride ourselves in our commitment to protecting fundamental rights, to making our great state a place where freedom can flourish. At least, we did until yesterday. The late-night actions of the Anchorage Assembly were deceitful and wrong. The Assembly didn’t even have the conviction, courtesy or courage to take those actions in front of the people. They openly displayed their scorn for the public process, which is fundamental to self-government and self-governance. The people were told there would be public testimony this week. Instead, the Anchorage Assembly shut down public testimony, did a bait and switch, and snuck in their personal desires. They have made their agenda clear: shut down the people, shut down the public process, and shove the heavy hand of government mandates into your personal health decisions. Make no mistake, the Anchorage Assembly is not done with such intrusions. At the core of liberty is the ability to live freely and peacefully in the midst of disagreement, and the humility to admit that you don’t have all the answers. The Assembly’s decision to pass an ordinance in the dark of night is a unilateral declaration that they know what’s best for the city of Anchorage, that they know what’s right, and that the people will comply. I reject the idea that only the government can save the people. You have the right to make your own decisions to address your personal health needs. As your Mayor, I have said repeatedly, I am against mandates for masks or vaccines. I am against forcing individuals to make medical health decisions, based on the personal desires or views of nine elected representatives, especially when the public’s participation in the process has been prematurely and deliberately curtailed. Please know, there are no fines, no fees and no punishments for violating this ordinance. It’s just one more effort by our Assembly to force the citizens of Anchorage to do their will without hearing from everyone who wanted to testify or participate in the public process. The Anchorage Assembly has continued to break the public’s trust. I have issued my veto.”

  8. Get your zip ties ready. The federal indictments are coming soon.

    Let me say it again, “You’re all going to jail.”


  9. Not only veto it but seek a court injunction to stop it from going into effect. The Police Department should also not be getting involved in any enforcement of this ridiculous law.

  10. Meaningless.
    The leftists will override on Thursday.
    Anyone want to take bets whether they let the public into the meeting? No? Not surprised.

  11. So all they need is 8 members to override Bronson’s .
    What make anybody think that if 9 people voted for the mandate suffice to say that out of those 9 they will
    Be able to get to super veto Bronson. How long is this petty ness going to last ! Wear a mask if you want or don’t wear a mask if you don’t want to.
    Seems like mask wearers want it all their way . If they are wearing a mask for themselves then why should I .
    My right to choose ???

    • And pay your share of the unfunded liabilities of $50,000,000 real US dollars. Who is going to pay it. YOU are.

  12. Guarantee the override by the lib assembly;
    as the numbers come down, whether from natural immunity or vax, the assembly will take credit and say “see our plan worked, you’re welcome Anchorage.” This is old hat for the Democrats and dirty pool at best, but if you don’t vote, well……….

  13. Please prove this “Emergency,” or drop this imposition. We see no health emergency because there is none. Instead, runaway Assembly arrogance is the emergency.

  14. Mayor Bronson,

    I applaud you, I honor you! You have a back bone! You are a man of honor!
    Keep pushing back Patriots! Keep pushing back! ??✝️??

  15. Now would be a great time for our friend at AFD (you know the A/V guy) to self quarantine for 10 days. ?

    • It really doesn’t matter, Derek — we all know that the Marxist Nine vote in lockstep with each other. That is the radical leftist extremist way — they demand conformity of each other, just as much as they demand total conformity to their perverse, toxic and insane political views from the public at large.

    • The 5 that are up for re election in April might want to rethink their voting moving forward, ie try and cover their fraudulent and tyrannical voting record from the beginning of the scamdemic. You know, the tyrannical mandates which them and Berky destroyed 70 small businesses. How most of them were set to line their pockets with Covid cash for the purchase of bad buildings in need of no bid repairs for compliance, to house the homeless. Umm yeah I pray that anyone running against any of them hold them to their feet to the fire over their actions. Think about it, the US Dept of Treasury stepped in and told them they could not use the funds in such manner.

  16. This is why Bronson got elected in the first place. The Anchorage assembly is full of lying scheming liberals who cannot be trusted. Turn your back on these people and they stick in the knife. Disgusting liberal filth.

    • There is NOTHING ‘liberal’ in those nine Marxist authoritarians, Professor Blue! They are as ILLIBERAL as power-mad sociopaths come. Nor should they ever be referred to as “progressives”. What is ‘progressive’ about wholesale coercion, tyranny and mandatory lockstep groupthink? They are quadrupleplus ungood!

  17. God, it’s nice to see someone fight back. I wonder if Dunleavy is taking notes?

    Sadly I doubt it.

    This is leadership. Fighting back, even when you will probably lose because it’s the right thing to do.

    Leadership. Something Dunleavy will never understand

    • No………………Dunleavy loses almost every court case he’s tried. Could be he picks the wrong AGs (or takes their advice) but verdict is out on whether/not it’s the “right thing to do.” Heheh!

        • Well I can say mine was the right thing to do and because of it there have been no new fences put up in that greenbelt.
          Since you are curious, the planning folks agreed that the fence was in violation but the legal department decided to oppose it.

  18. The mask mandate is step 1. It has to be imposed before step 2 (the shot mandate) and step 3 (the vax passport) can be implemented. The Assembly’s program has nothing to do with health or science. It’s all about power.

  19. You know the funny thing is the fake, unelected mayor’s district lost 3,500 people in the last year. The most loss in Anchorage if not the whole state.

  20. I’m sitting here trying to write Weddleton and LaFranze, the two lumps of meat that represent the south side, and I’m so pissed off I can’t write a coherent sentence. I’m hoping that the next Assembly election might turn the ship in our direction but, the apathy of Anchorage voters never ceases to amazing me. Tonight, I’m attending a Meet & Greet for someone that’s running against one of the two aforementioned stooges. If he isn’t like Jamie Allard, he probably won’t get my support. We need to pray for this city before Nero starts fiddling.

    • let us know if they work out so we can support them. In fact, have them post up here to help garner support. I’ve emailed my reps with absolutely NO response. no surprise there. I will absolutely vote for anyone that runs against them. And both of them know it.

  21. History will frown upon “The Marxist nine.”

    An aside, Dunbar knocked on doors years ago, introducing himself as a Republican. He will continue to poke his head up each time a position is available. Keep your scorecards handy.

    • He knocked on my door. I remember it explicitly. I thought “Run Forrest, Run” was a clever campaign. But that’s usually the tell. Didn’t buy it then and now for sure don’t buy it. Although “Run Forrest, Run” seems appropriate now.

  22. “Alaska’s constitution expressly provides the right of the people to privacy, a right that shall not be infringed. Our right to privacy is expressed, and its protections are broader in scope than those implied under the federal system,”
    This is exactly why Dunleavy should long ago have been advocating for Anchorage citizens- who are Alaska citizens- instead of saying it wasn’t his business. Just another example of bending over rather than standing tall.

    • He could also have, and should also have, done the same for the residents of equally if not even more Marxist Juneau, especially given that that is where he now lives. But I note that Done-Already has failed to ever address the Covidian insanity and mask madness in Juneau, so why should anyone have expected him to address the similar insanity in Anchorage? For such a tall man, I have to wonder what is holding up his back, because it is certainly not a spine.

  23. Conduct of the assembly was a fraudulent bait and switch. Fraud vitiates everything — makes like it never happened. No one knows the constitution adequately and so there is no one saying that but that is the answer. Mason’s manual says in the Dedications from the 1979 Edition by Paul Mason
    This book of rules is dedicated to the many legislators and members of other decision-making bodies…

  24. Through this pandemic, I have learned there are two kinds of people; People who just wanna live their lives, work, raise their families and be left alone. The other kind of people wanna tell others what to do and micromanage everyone and everything. The unfortunate part is that the busybodies are joiners. They always end up on committees and assemblies. They love that kind of thing. We will never be free of these people. Makes me think of the quote by CS Lewis:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    • I think those who wish to control everything, have a lack of self control. It is very hard work to dive within ones own psyche and address the issues of self that need corrected. So instead, they project that lack of inner work onto others, which seems easier.
      They find those that like to be controlled who suffer the same apathy towards inner work. They develope a belief that all peoples are like this and when they encounter those who have different perspectives, the controllers try to “fix” them.

      What is unfortunate, is many people I have encountered in Anchorage, do not do they inner work. Thus why we have an abundance of alcohol and marijuana stores. A lot of ways to distract self from inner healing.

      The sad part, it is due to abuse from family friends. The cycle needs to be broken.

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