Political stunt: Assemblyman Constant dances on dying man’s grave during meeting


As an Anchorage conservative activist lay dying in Providence Alaska Medical Center, Assemblyman Chris Constant waxed on about how sad he was that someone who opposed Constant and his heavy-handed approach to government was in such grave condition.

Appearing by telephone, Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard was incensed. She was Topel’s medical power of attorney, and she was on the other line, while attending the Tuesday Assembly meeting, telling Topel’s family the sobering news: He had only minutes left in his life.

Chris Constant, Anchorage Assembly

Constant told the public that Topel was on a ventilator. That was not true. Topel had advance directives to not be placed on one. He also ordered no extraordinary efforts be made to revive him, should he die in the hospital. He fought to live until the end, Allard said.

Allard called for a point of order during Constant’s soliloquy. Constant refused, breaking Robert’s Rules of Order. He said that this was his time.

“When this process started with hundreds of people in this room, I realized that some of the people who came to testify were not going to survive,” Constant said in his remarks about Topel. Then he told the details of Topel, without referring to him by name, but all who knew Topel understood to whom Constant was referring.

“We’ve heard a very sad story of an individual who was here two Wednesdays ago, providing participation in the group, who’s now on a ventilator and may or may not make it,” Constant said. “And this is not somebody who spent the last year supporting my position on matters but has been somebody who spoke consistently against the issues that I support and believe in. But I don’t believe any less of him and my heart breaks when I think about the fact that someone was in this room two weeks ago, and he’s probably going to die from this virus.”

“Chair, I have a point of order,” Assemblywoman Allard said.

“No, not yet, this is my time,” Constant replied and continued.

Allard, who had been contacted by Topel’s doctor, was trying to reach Topel’s family to try to get them to the hospital. She asked for the point of order so she could reach the family.

“It’s absolutely insane that you would wish somebody dead,” Allard interrupted him, and said Topel was not on a ventilator. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re a disgrace as a public official.”

“You are out of order,” Constant replied.

“And you are a liar,” Allard retorted.

Constant completed his remarks, called for the vote, and nine of the Assembly members voted in favor of the mask ordinance that went into effect immediately in Anchorage on Oct. 12. The mayor has 36 hours to veto it, and the Assembly intends to override the veto on Thursday at a special meeting.

Topel had been admitted to Providence hospital several days ago, where he was refused the experimental use of Ivermectin, a drug that is used around the world to reduce symptoms of Covid, and a drug originally developed to treat diseases of the tropics.

He had described publicly in testimony in recent weeks that he had age, heart issues, and other health conditions working against him, but he valued freedom and personal choice and opposed the overreach of government.

Topel had attended Anchorage Assembly meetings for years, testifying frequently. He was a volunteer on the Dave Bronson for Mayor campaign.

“He was a good soul,” Allard said this morning. She added that bill died about 1 am Wednesday.

The left-wing Facebook parody-of-conservatives account that goes by fake-name Nate Crawford commented,

Another leftist on Facebook also celebrated the man’s death:


  1. Assemblyman Constant cannot hold a candle to William Topel. Bill is now a freedom fighter with God. Who could have a stronger partner?

    • There you have it! This is now a true and correct factual record of how mean-spirited, cruel, nasty and vexatious the Lefty Communists really are. And they run your Assembly. NOW is the time to fight back…….hard.

      • Resist! Dont cave in. Or end up like Australia which has turned into a giant penal colony which is ironic since that’s how they started out.

  2. This assembly, save for two, are not only evil, narcissistic, power hungry fools but are really deranged people. ” It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” Thomas Sowell
    This assembly has no humility or shame and definitely no knowledge!

  3. Just when I think that the reprehensible and sociopathic snake that is Chris Constant has reached a new moral, intellectual and ethical low, he manages to dig down to new and even more disgusting depths of thought, speech and behavior. The man is clearly a pure and dangerous sociopath. He should at the very least be totally shunned and ostracized in every way by every good and decent community member.

  4. In these moments I never wonder “what does Evan S Singh think about this issue.”

    How is Valencia CA. This morning, Evan? It’s a crisp morning here In Anchorage. You must have a meeting with Soros about your assigned territory, or you would have already chimed in on a death of an enemy who would have helped you if stuck in a ditch.

    • JG: I’m flattered – really – that you are thinking of me, I mean, we really don’t know each other. Well, I do have a thought. I 100% feel the sorrow and suffocating horror of Topel’s death. And I understand he was an activist for his beliefs and a publicly involved citizen. And loved and admired. That’s important to me.

      A vaccine would likely prevented his death and Ivermectin would not have helped him after being infected.

      • It is not possible to prevent death. One can only postpone it.

        It is funny to watch a race of earthlings cowering in fear of the concept of death. If one would just take the time to understand what death truly means, they would not fear it. Without fear, we can be free from manipulation by those who exploit said fear.

      • Evan, are you admitting that Ivermectin works as a prophylactic here? If so then you must be reading something other then the Dogma from our medical gods.
        Actually from what I understand it works quite well in treating an infected person, IF it is administered quickly after the first symptoms develop. This is how many Japanese Doctors knock it on it’s ass by the second day.
        I just read of a study that was done in Africa, It compared Ivermectin alone to several other drugs either in combination with Ivermectin or combinations of other treatments. The study found that the straight up Ivermectin worked the best. It was a small sampling , only 30 people per group.
        Obviously the success in eliminating Covid within 3 weeks time
        in Uttar Pradesh relied heavily upon Ivermectin. I only wish we could get the real story on what treatments actually work best here in the Good Old US of A. Clearly their Jab has turned out to be a dud in containing Covid and likely has caused the variant. But then there isn’t any $ in selling Ivermectin, is there?

  5. Ivermectin is literally one of the safest drugs with a long track record and listed on the WHO list of essential medications.
    It has known antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Christopher Constant and Viviane Smith are two ignorant, soulless creatures wandering through Alaska.

    Hopefully, Constant will be voted out to go the way of Little Ethan and Mark Begich.

  6. The left is sick. Pray for them, but under no circumstances, should you trust them. They are consumed by a burning hate of you, and all you hold dear.

    • Lawrence, yes pray for the demented leftist, have pity on them and pray that they regain their power of critical thinking and experience a renewal of their soul’s. However, at the same time gird up and arm yourself with the truth and never cease to engage these brain dead zombies, because they will ,if not resisted cause even more harm to society.

    • A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

      The frog is satisfied, and they set out. But in midstream, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown, but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

      Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…” Aesop

      “But when I see a black widow, I step on it; I don’t plead with it to be a good little spider and please stop poisoning people. A black widow spider can’t help it—but that’s the point.” Heinlein

      Leftists only understand emotions, mostly hatred of anything varying from their fanatic theology. Logic and critical thinking are beyond their comprehension. They may be intelligent and educated, but truth lies in the netherworld.
      Milk comes from the store, cows are evil and cause global warming, why are hamburgers so expensive? Gas comes from the pump, oil companies are evil and cause global warming, if everyone just put a windmill on top of their cars their batteries would always be charged when they drive down the road. Guam has so many people on it that it will tip over.
      Don’t believe me? Just read some of the lefty troll comments here.

      • The left are products of a constant cycle of abuse. They keep giving of themselves, but are not given back in return. They are promised things by their so called “leaders” and they continue to fail to delivery. The “leaders” then blame “the other side” instead of taking responsibility for their failure to keep promise. The left then look for vengeance of their perceived misgivings and take it out on those who had nothing to do with it.
        We can take a look at a story of The Pied Piper.
        A town overrun by an infestation. The Piper comes into town with tools and abilities to remove the rats for the people. The leaders of the town promise payment for the service. The Piper does the job. The selfish and greedy leaders refuse to pay the Piper. The Piper, now having been exploited without payment, takes his vengeance out on the people by kidnapping their children and killing them. All because the leaders would not pay the piper.
        The Piper represents the left. The people are the right. The leaders represent a greedy government body that manipulates both sides. This story has been playing out on repeat for ages. We must break this cycle.

      • You forgot about the newly discovered 54 genders.
        Oh, and white men are all evil racists (the very worst possible thing that anyone could be). Everywhere and always. Because SCIENCE!

  7. Anchorage has a lot of mentally ill people in their assembly and out. Will the REAL people of Anchorage please stand up?

  8. My condolences to the family of Mr Topel. Constant and the rest of the Marxist 9 are the most disgusting individuals I have seen in a long time. Making a dead man their political push point says it all. None can be trusted. They all need to be removed from office for their illegal move on the mask mandate without the public. I refuse to comply, I have had Covid and survived just fine without the help of any Dr. Or LEAKY failed vaccines! Anchorage it’s time to stand for your freedom!

  9. Constant and democrats want you dead.
    History is replete with genocide committed by followers of their political views.
    The medical community has failed the citizens by not utilizing every method or treatment at their
    disposal to protect us. In fact, they deliberately suppress it.
    We are at war.

      • No, Evan we ARE at war!
        More precisely, the radical leftist extremists, like you, have declared war on US, on the vast bulk of the population who are not insane ‘woke’ zealots and fanatics, , and who will no longer fall for all the lies, propaganda and fearmongering of the political establishment and corporate media that you so desperately defend. YOU have declared war on us, and on our fundamental freedoms, and we will be damned if we will let that go unchallenged.
        Your radical, totalitarian, lunatic, divorced from reality side started this war, Evan. But decent, rational, normal, independent people like us are going to end it. And you aren’t going to like it.

        • You truly need to calm down and realize that a difference of opinion is NOT war.
          How about Matthew 7:12 as a mantra?

          • While you do legitimately call for calm, it is not the ones calling for liberty and freedom forcibly imposing their fantasies and will upon others, sometimes out of the barrel of a gun.
            ‘Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ a phrase which was coined by Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong.

          • Catherine, tell that to the Marxist Nine on the ass-embly who have declared war on the rights, privacy and freedom of the residents of Anchorage.
            I’ll be damned if I am going to calm down in the face of growing tyranny! No, Catherine, you need to WAKE UP.

  10. Dearest Citizen, Millions of you have died from illegal drugs the last 60 years. This bad karma was pushed, spread, promoted, justified, and championed by the left in music, media, and entertainment.

    Overdoses and the massive crime wave forced upon you was no accident. You were made to think that you could just not be part of accepted social discourse and and the -in crowd- and trendy, cool thinking if you did not imbibe in these substances that indeed were far worse than any horse drugs.

    Early verbal pro drug mantras by the left included Tune in/Turn on/Drop out.

    For many, this acceptance of leftist propaganda was the worst choice a citizen would even make in their entire lives. Millions have died or are disabled. It is hard to meet an extended family in America that has not been impacted in some way from this illegal drug disease. Think about it.

    You were made to think that all of this was harmless and that you were invincible. For most this was the most poor life choice they ever made. Rehab joints on almost every street corner in the country reflect and testify this but yet the left can only yak on about “personal accountability” concerning
    COVID which they destroyed decades ago.

    This illegal drug culture was the most embarrassing chapter in Americas history. It made foolish stooges out of ordinary everyday formally normal citizens.

    And you have the left to thank for that!

    • Top-notch salespeople also managed to sell tons of OxyContin to the general public. This LEGAL drug has done enormous damage and has affected vast numbers of families, whether they are close OR extended.
      Death is terrible and is even more tragic when people get their medical advice from Facebook instead of licensed medical doctors.

      • It was licensed doctors pushed by greedy medical practices profiteering from pushing highly addictive, highly profitable narcotics. Many licensed doctors became nothing more than pushers for profit.
        People are ultimately responsible for their own health and should reach out to legitimate avenues for information, not blindly trusting anyone (Facebook, twitter, Newsmax and others are not legitimate). Sadly, in this society today, medicine, and especially medical corporations, are driven mostly by the bottom line even if more profit means worse health. Why promote natural (free) immunity when you can push people into two or more profitable shots every year for life?

  11. We have a right to try. If you go to the hospital, and they deny you a requested treatment that has excellent potential to make the difference in your battle to remain alive (based upon a large amount of data which can be found and substantiated at the FLCCC and several other places), does that not reveal that it is far from being in your best interest to go to the hospital if you get really sick?
    I am glad that I did not decide to be a doctor, go through all of the trouble getting credentialed, only to find myself working in the emergency room helping people that are great need of help, but for whatever reason, not permitted to provide patients with an available option. It would seem that the reason is that there are orders not to provide this and other treatments. Acquiescing to directives like that, isn’t really much different from what the Chinese doctors that perform forced organ harvesting do. They don’t have a choice. Relinquish your choice to the “authorities” and see what happens. Can you see it coming?

  12. These people on the Communist Left are Sociopaths who are sold out to evil. In short they are EVIL!

  13. Tell me again how we reason with people like this? How we’re out of line being disruptive in the Assembly when they refuse to listen?

    Tell me again how Alaska is conservative?

    Constant is a POS who deserves all the scorn and censure possible. Much the same for the district which keeps electing him.

    You’ve got three choices Anchorage:
    1-Stand up and fight back
    2-Roll over and take it
    3-Get out while you can.

  14. Hi Suzanne, the deceptive and strategic dual press releases of (paraphrased) a.) Regular Assembly Meeting Tues., 10/12/21 and continued hearing on 10/13/21 of AO 2012-91 and b.) A coalition of Antifa, BLM, and LGBTQ2+ will attend Tuesday was very effective. Those very vocal and regular attendees in opposition of AO 91 who wished to avoid confrontation, and/or possible violence by and large did not show on 10/12/21. This was a purposeful maneuver by the 9 radical, left assembly (RLA) members in collusion with the media to coerce and intimidate the citizens who are in opposition. And basically, we all fell for it. This leaves the mayor to veto and the inevitable assembly override. Mark my words, the RLA members who passed AO 2021-91 under the guise of public health and safety will have egg on their faces by forcing a show down, devolving into chaos in the Chambers and on the streets of Anchorage. The RLA that have violated their oaths, violated the Constitution and our laws by forcing the issue will have political egg on their faces. The Delta variant cases have decreased by 32% this week alone, so in that – the RLA are late to the dance already. In light of this and the RLA’s continued pushing of the mandate reveals their true agenda. The best chance we have is the Meg Zaletel Recall, (of which $70,000 in outside money has magically appeared) and a Forrest Dunbar or Perez-Verdia re-election defeat in 2022.

  15. Wow, sick , disgusting people making these comments online, absolutely horrid display. Crawford & Smith you two are the lowest, so sickening, it must suck to be you and walk in your shoes each day, what a miserable existence..

    • Andy, I have found that the words “bitter”, “miserable”, “angry”, “arrogant” and “hateful” pretty much define every one of today’s radical leftist extremists.

        • Catherine, if you can find any, I’ll be happy to describe them as well. In my world, however, the real world, they are so vanishingly rare as to be all but invisible, and totally inconsequential.

  16. Shut down the entire assembly. And if Bronson doesn’t hold to the freedoms we elected him for remove him too.
    I’m done playing with you people. Get your jabs and masks.You will not force free humans to.

    So funny how if someone wants” horse paste” you flip out even though the countries who take that same “horse paste” have no covid-1984. Better yet I’m willing to be you people who want to force people into medical procedures aka masks and mRNA (not the same as your old deadened virus)vaccines (Robert Malone one of the creators 15 plus years ago says don’t not take it will harm humans) probably take 3-13 prescriptions (the CDC show that drug overdose deaths reached a record high of 93,331 in 2020.) because you don’t know how to eat healthy foods. You do not know medicine or other peoples medical history.

    And at the end of the day
    I love you all. But do not tread on me.

    • Jeff, I just sent a very polite and civil, yet firmly stated, letter to Mayor Bronson to this same effect. I told him that he is obviously dealing with grossly dishonest, malicious and evil people, who will stop at NOTHING to attack and undermine him, and our rights, at every turn, so he needs to stop with the attempts at compromise and “playing nice” and deal with them appropriately and firmly instead.
      We can only pray and hope that he heeds such advice, because this city is down the drain otherwise. It may in fact be too late to save it already.

  17. These people are disgusting ghouls, lying about and celebrating the death of someone with whom they disagreed. Understand, they feel this way about you, too. They lack humanity, compassion, empathy and all the other things they accuse us of. They think they’re the good guys, and that the deaths of people like Mr. Topel shows them to be right. Their reaction instead exposes them as cruel, inhumane, amoral monsters.
    RIP Mr. Topel. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

  18. The biggest difference between Constant and Topel.

    Topel was willing to die for his beliefs. Constant was willing to de facto kill him for his.

    This is the quality of people who rule Anchorage. And the quality of the citizens who elect them.

    Give Constant this. He is willing to say out loud what the others think.

    • Actually, Constant is willing to let you die for his beliefs.
      Like all good leftists, he has no problem spending other people’s time, money and effort to push his cause.

  19. It’s no surprise that the left cheers his death. I expect nothing different. They just keep on revealing how much hate is in their hearts.

    • And how much mush is in their heads.
      Contemporary radical leftism is simply a mental illness, combining all the worst aspects of schizophrenia (separation from reality), narcissism (excessive focus on the self), psychopathy (lack of conscience, empathy, compassion and guilt), sadism (love of inflicting pain on others) and nihilism (love of destruction, and the inability to find meaning in life).

    • No no no. Every single person in Providence and every other health care facility in Alaska are united in one thing – to improve health. Providence DID NOT kill him. He died of a largely preventable disease.

      • EVAN S SINGH, sadly you are delusional in many things. When a person is dying no therapy should be off limits, regardless the threat to reimbursements.

          • Never met anyone looking for a therapy for corn flakes…

            Evan, imagine, if you will, that you have come down with the rona, its real serious, in fact its a deadly serious case, As it happens, you are reeling from it, in the hospital and about to be put on high flow oxygen. Somehow, you miraculously find the energy to look into ivermectin and its efficacy, and low and behold it occurs to you that this is the silver bullet that you are looking for. Don’t you think that you ought to have the opportunity to try it if you request it?
            I can only imagine your completely uninformed and dismissive response, but hey :lets see what happens”.

          • ‘That is seriously dangerous talk. Don’t say it again. We are NOT at war. We are in DISAGREEMENT.’
            No, Evan, you are in full combat mode against anyone who dares to vary from the official leftist line, despite numerous peer reviewed studies showing facts. You are willing to inflict innumerable deaths upon innocent people by your doctrine. You are anxious to throw billions of taxpayer dollars for essentially rebranded IVM by Merck (Why Merck Dissed Its Own Invention Ivermectin)
            “Copying this mechanism will give Merck a way to earn from an existing cheap drug’s action by relabeling it; however, I believe that molnupiravir will continue to be less effective as studies show that ivermectin has more mechanisms to disrupt the SARS-COV-2 replication and spread.

            Hence, ivermectin will continue to be a superior choice over molnupirivir or other RdRp disrupters.” Dr. Syed Mobeen
            But I expect nothing less of leftists, for whom human life constitutes only an ‘inconvenience’ to be casually killed and the remains used for horrendous experimentation.

  20. Until the sheeple in Anchorage stand up and put an end to the tyranny, you get what you put up with.

  21. Ivermectin is not experimental. It is a long used, safe medication approved for human use for decades. The proper term should be off-label, like many medications are used for purposes other than their primary approval. For example, Aspirin is approved to treat your headache but also prevents heart attacks and possibly colon cancer. Off-label, not experimental. It is a proven safe drug in humans.

  22. “There are two races of men in this world, but only these two—the “race” of the decent man and the “race” of the indecent man.”

    ― Viktor Frankl

  23. This is awful and essentially is manslaughter by the system – bigger than just Providence. A family member of a close friend of my husband also died in Providence a few weeks ago almost identical scenario.

    This is also happening in other hospitals. I do not know the details but have read enough about the Medicaid and Medicare stronghold spiderweb that hinders care. And evidently sets the standard. Welcome to socialized medicine and those proverbial ‘death panels’. If what I have read and heard is correct, had Providence administered the Ivermectin they could be fined and lose payment of insurance filing. I know I do not have it exact, or even correct language but even if a patient has cash in hand the hospital still can not go against the federal regulation mess without consequence. We really do need to know more about this and there needs to be serious change.

    • We should direct some constipated and highly inebriated homeless people to his yard at that address. I’m sure that he will take them all in and house and feed them. I mean, aren’t radical leftists always bleating about how “compassionate” they are? Oh wait, that’s right — they only understand ‘compassion’ when somebody ELSE is paying for it.

  24. “https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/do-masks-actually-work-the-best-studies-suggest-they-dont/ar-AANfurl”

    Read the current info, widely available, on the inefficacy and dangers inherent in the current “vaccines” ( medications) before commenting.

    Grow a soul.

  25. “Topel had been admitted to Providence hospital several days ago, where he was refused the experimental use of Ivermectin, a drug that is used around the world to reduce symptoms of Covid, and a drug originally developed to treat diseases of the tropics.”
    To Jaime Allard we respectfully suggest petitioning the Anchorage District Attorney for an investigative grand jury to determine whether those who refused Ivermectin treatment should be indicted on a charge of felony manslaughter (AS 11.41.120).
    The Anchorage District Attorney is Brittany L. Dunlop
    310 K. Street Suite 520
    Anchorage, AK 99501-1975
    (907) 269-6300, Fax (907) 269-6321

  26. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Peter McCullough.

    Pierre Kory, a leading researcher on ivermectin, describing his fight to bring ivermectin to the world: “Our little ivermectin has so many big enemies. It’s David versus 10 Goliaths.”

    Dr. Paul Marik, famous in world medical circles, the second-most published critical care doctor in the history of medicine, says if ivermectin “were universally distributed at a dose that costs 10 American cents in India and about the cost of a Big Mac in the U.S., ivermectin would save countless lives, crush variants, eliminate the need for endless big pharma booster shots and end the pandemic all over the world.”

    Dr. Peter McCoullough, has been the world’s most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death.
    Here are his credentials:

    Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine
    Board Certified Internist and Cardiologist
    President Cardiorenal Society of America
    Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
    Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine
    Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology

    Dr. Peter McCullough has an impressive list of credentials1 — he’s an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and a full professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine in Dallas and is the editor of two medical journals and published hundreds of studies in the literature. He’s also among those brave and courageous persons speaking out about the dangers of COVID-19 jabs and putting his medical license and future livelihood at risk by so doing.
    -Dr. Peter McCullough who warns that COVID-19 vaccines not only are failing but are putting lives at risk
    -McCullough believes if the proper safety boards had been in place, the COVID-19 vaccine program would have been shut down in February 2021 based on safety and risk of death
    -By January 22, 2021, 186 deaths had been reported after COVID-19 vaccination — more than enough to reach the mortality signal of concern
    -In his practice, McCullough is seeing an array of neurologic syndromes in people who’ve been vaccinated, with symptoms including blindness, paralysis, difficulty swallowing, headaches, ringing in the ears, myocarditis and more
    -McCullough also mentions antigenic, or immune, escape, which he believes is driving the creation of COVID-19 variants and making the pandemic worse instead of better
    —-The chilling threats by powerful medical regulatory bodies will effectively silence physicians and other healthcare personnel in speaking or writing on the pandemic. As the calls and office visits pour in from vaccine failure cases, doctors face a difficult set of choices. Treating patients for acute COVID-19 means facing risks concerning the choice of treatments and what is said regarding the medical evidence and the outcomes patients can expect.
    —–The process of taking care of patients has become convoluted as heavy-handed public statements by the American Medical Association and public health officials have declared no benefit for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin despite hundreds of supportive studies, randomized trials, and first-line use in many countries around the world.

    Go online to the FLCCC website, and read more about its ivermectin travails and the travesties its doctors have encountered. Spread the story to your friends.

    It states “You, too, might be among those to save the world.”

    • Bur Merck, developer of Ivermectin, has now developed Molnupiravir, very similar to Ivermectin while not as effective but costs 100 times as much. The primary goal of medicine today is to protect big profits and government will do everything possible to help them.

  27. So I’m not able to ware a mask it causes me chronic infection to the extent of abssest boils on my face very deep below the skin surface that requires medical procedures and medications to stop these infections from spreading into my blood and the rest of my body. For this reason I cannot tolerate a mask, it hurts me badly, it goes against my religious orientation to self mutilate, as in it is a sin to do something that causes harm to my health and well being for any reason, yet this reason is the mask ordinance placing me in fear of punishment a legal attack on all of my rights including my well being of health.

  28. You are one of the people using this man as a political punching bag and then you turn around and say the Democrats are doing it. You would have been a great press Secretary for Bill Walker. You’re right in line with his switcheroo, wishy-washy policies. I know you won’t publish this but lots of us young people are watching you and wondering when you’re going to go maskless in a crowd of these folks.

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