‘Born alive’ bill that Rep. Peltola voted against is introduced in U.S. Senate on Monday

Newborn premature baby in the NICU intensive care

Senators James Lankford of Oklahoma and John Thune of South Dakota introduced introduced a bill on Monday that would require medical facilities and providers to treat infants who survive abortions as legal persons entitled to legal protections, including providing the babies with the same level of care that would be provided to other infants.

A similar measure passed the House in January on a vote of 220 to 210, with Alaska Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola joining other Democrats in voting agains the measure. Only two Democrats voted in favor of the House bill, and all Republicans voted in favor of it.

Little information is publicly available about how many babies survive abortions. The Centers for Disease Control reported that eight states that actually tracked the data showed that between 2003 and 2014, at least 143 babies were born alive after an attempted abortion. The number of actual babies born alive during the procedure is thought to be exponentially higher nationally.

The Senate bill, like the House version, says that any health care practitioner present at the time the child is born alive during an abortion: “shall (A) exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age; and (B) following the exercise of skill, care, and diligence required under subparagraph (A), ensure that the child born alive is immediately transported and admitted to a hospital.”

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is also similar to legislation filed in 2019, introduced by Sens. Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey. That bill failed 53 to 44. It needed 60 votes to pass. Sen. Lisa Murkowski skipped the vote on that bill. The new bill is unlikely to reach the floor, due to the Democrat-controlled Senate. If for some reason it passed, President Joe Biden has vowed to veto it.


  1. Two men in making laws about the health of women. For stats that are 10 to 20 years old.

    Any women behind this?

    Over a million died of covid in a year but we couldn’t have laws about that.

    • Are you suggesting men are not allowed an option if babies are allowed to live?

      Are you suggesting these “two men” aren’t also representing the feelings of some if not the majority of those who voted for them?

      Hint: be very thoughtful about how you answer.

      • I can’t help that some folks are under the spell of guys making laws about women’s.

        I don’t think guys have any say over women’s health.

        The stats they are using are WAY outdated.

        • So you are an intellectual coward and a hypocrite.

          You have the passion of you self righteous anger, but lack the actual convictions you champion.

          If I’ve followed correctly, you are stage 4 cancer? Stage 4 in a vast majority of patients often means terminal. If true, I hope, somehow, you find peace before you die. I give it long odds, but still I genuinely hope you do.

          • I’m working on that here. Fighting for peace. By cancer stats I will die within the year. I expect to fight for democracy of which our representative republic is a kind of.

            You SIR noted the passion of YOUR self righteous anger in response to something I said. Curious projection.

        • Maureen, get off your talking points and ACTUALLY respond to the article’s issue. When a child is born alive (as in has left the mother’s body), be it via natural birth or by force, then it is its own person and “women’s health” is not relevant.
          You just sound ghoulish and next time you are tempted to use “….but it is for the children” don’t!

          • I want to know what the curant stats on live birth at abortion before guys start up with bills about women.

            These stats are 10 to 20 years old. That’s one of my talking points.

            You really don’t get how goulish it is to women to have men constantly making laws about women’s health.

          • Why need stats? Making it about numbers is creepy. Isn’t each life precious? This is about our humanity, compassion and respect for our fellow humans including any little baby girl or boy, giving that little person every chance for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Things you take for granted, are also granted to ANY child born alive.

        • Like the guys who made the Roe v Wade law in 1973. Yeah, I’m with you, Maureen. They should not have made that law. Ha.

          • A woman’s case brought about that judgement. The guys were just following the law not initiating the lawsuit.

            They were correct to judge in that way. Ha.

            This new stuff is guy initiated to have the guys’ have say over women.

          • In addition to your consistent removal from reality, Maureen, it is disgusting to witness your consistent misandry in your comments here in this forum.
            You are determined to die one bitter and hateful woman, I can see.

          • Jefferson,

            I’m not against men.

            I am for equal representation by women.

            You are determined to die one cranky and fearful man. I can see it.

    • How many are going to die from the Clot shot? Why don’t you call abortion what it is Lureen, population control.

        • And with that absurd claim, Maureen, you just demonstrated once again your complete divorcement from reality. You really are the worst kind of fact-free cultist.

          • If you believe that folks are dropping by a reaction to the covid shot, it is YOU sir being the worst kind of fact-free cultist J. Showing when YOU can’t prove YOUR belief-you resort to name calling the other side.

            J are you really so thin skin.

          • Maureen, to say that literally NOBODY has died from the Wuhan Virus experimental clot shots, in the face of the mountains of evidence, is not just delusional, it is insane.

    • Its not about women’s health, never was and never will be. Its about convenience, nothing more. While I think those Covid numbers are bunk, I’ll still argue the live of 65 million murdered babies is way more important.

    • Last time I checked, conception generally required a man.
      I do not understand why this law about preserving life should exclude input from men.

      • Because tou guys refuse to talk about all the guys paying for abortions, causing the pregnancies, and refusing to support the woman they use for sex.

        Get talking and getting guys to invoke laws about guy’s participation in the whole of it, maybe we can talk about guy initiated laws on women.

    • “Over a million died of covid in a year but we couldn’t have laws about that.”
      First of all, over a million died WITH covid, not because of. And, it took a lot more than a year to reach that milestone in the US. Of course, you may be referring to worldwide deaths, but why bring that into the conversation for a law that affects only the USA?
      Secondly, what law would you want to see about covid? The do not spread covid law? The all covid viruses are illegal law? Weren’t the emergency ordinances enough?
      Or maybe you wanted to see more Governors implement a law requiring nursing homes to re/admit people who test positive for the disease. Kill off a few more elderly.
      I cannot imagine what law would have done a damned thing more than was done.

        • How is abortion in any way health related?
          A healthy woman carrying a healthy baby decides to destroy that baby for convenience, and you are calling that “health?” It is the opposite of health.
          Change my mind.
          And, if you think men should have no say in whether a woman can abort a child, I can only assume that men should hold no responsibility for raising the child if the woman decides to have it against his wishes.
          Last time I checked, there is a name for “guys.” Guys are also known as fathers, and fathers ABSOLUTELY have a say in their child’s life.
          Once again. Change my mind.

        • It’s not about woman’s health. You keep being confused about the baby’s health part and the woman’s health part. Sure if a woman’s health is going to deteriorate and say her uterus ruptures and she may have the risk of bleeding to death then by all means save the mother. But don’t kill the baby just because you don’t want sagging breasts or stretch marks,or a lifelong responsibility. The baby has rights

        • Guess you missed the point that Roe v. Wade was decided by all men. You only want this to apply when you want it to apply. Hypocrite.

    • Chuck, pro-lifer here but it’s not 4,000 BC. Try laying off Q for a few weeks. You’ll feel better and the world will make more sense again.

      • Chuckie, Molech was a deity that demanded sacrifice, child sacrifice, he was a fire god if memory serves. Today we have another “god” that has built up an industry centered around the destruction of sacrificial children. It’s big money Chuckie, with it’s own lobbyist, political party, and organization founded upon the eradication of undesirable people. Turns out it’s not a pagan worship ritual anymore as much as its a functioning arm of a segment of our body politic. Given the similarities of the two systems above however one might wonder if the politics of some today hasn’t become a Religion?

      • Get stuffed!!. Molech’st specialty was child sacrifice. Once the abortion ritual has been performed they still want to kill the child. This reason makes Sense. I have Never seen Q material and have no idea where to find it. There is some reason the baby killers persist in wanting kids dead. After the procedure is done they will still get their blood money!!

        • Chuck, what’s the value of human life? Has this value diminished within our society since the advent of Industrial Abortion? ?
          Think about.

  2. God forbid Mary give that (or any baby) a chance to live.

    It will have a carbon footprint and might not be gay or trans. Worse, not vote Democrat.

    The left is a death cult.

  3. Amazing how some people think this is about only women’s health and no mention of the health or destination of the struggling infant. But oh yeah the folks in Germany thought Adolph was on the right track as well. Fauci IS the LAW of Covid so no need of laws for that.

    • Do you even know what the health status of a woman and fetus to cause a late late term abortion? Are you ready to assist in supporting a child with severe birth defects evident before the abortion?

    • How is abortion about health in any way?
      With very few exceptions, removing a healthy baby from a healthy mother is the opposite of health. The overwhelming majority of abortions are for convenience, not health.
      There is nothing about abortion that equates to healthcare.

        • Did you just assume my gender?
          Are you trying to offend me?
          And, what about an answer to the question on the first line please: “How is abortion about health in any way?”

          • I believe your answers point to male views. Not trying to offend you, rather understand where you are coming from in your comments.

            Ever had a pregnancy where the child dies in womb in the second or 3rd trimester? People have late term abortions because of that. Read how Debbie Reynolds nearly died because she had to carry an already dead fetus causing her near death. Then another fetus died in-womb within her. And she had to deal with her heath exacerbation by that, andthough still reluctantbecause it was an abortion, doctors removed the dead fetus before her health was jepordized.

            Now say you live rurally and without medical support in your area.

          • Is that how you justify abortions in your mind?
            However that isn’t the question here. We are not talking about non-viable fetuses in the womb. We are talking about little alive babies, who were forcefully removed from the womb at their mother’s behest and through medical intervention and yet managed to survive the ordeal.
            So Maureen answer the question:
            Should this little baby receive the same care as one that was born prematurely?
            Take a stand and don’t hide behind men or statistics.

          • Ten to Twenty years ago. WHAT ARE CURRENT STATS on this so called concern.

            When your baby dies in your womb it is an abortion to remove it. If you don’t remove it the woman will die. If an ectopic prenancy happens the woman will die without an abortion. THOSE ARE TWO EXAMPLES OF HOW ABORTION IS ABOUT HEALTH. I AM STRUGGLING TO REALIZE YOU DON’T KNOW THAT PREGNANCY IS A HEALTH CONCERN. Abortion falls under pregnancy health.

        • “Ever had a pregnancy where the child dies in womb in the second or 3rd trimester?”
          What percentage of the time does that happen? Does it happen enough to warrant abortion for convenience?
          Legislation that permits unfettered abortion for convenience up to the moment of birth because a very small minority of women have issues late in their pregnancies is based on ridiculous justification.
          “Now say you live rurally and without medical support in your area.”
          OK, I live rurally, without medical support in my area, and I have a stroke, a heart attack, or fall and get a traumatic brain injury. What law are you going to propose to save my life in that situation? If you cannot think of one, then your “live rurally” reason for supporting late term abortion holds no water either.

        • Maureen, let me ask a question about your own healthcare. You repeatedly state that no man should have a say about abortions simply because he is a male. And you claim that abortions fall under the umbrella of healthcare. Does that mean that you are only being treated by female doctors? Do you reject certain treatments because they were developed by male doctors/scientists. Do you only accept support from female members of your family and friends?
          I’ve had three children and even though they were carried by their mother, they were also mine. So please understand that for you to say that I have nothing to say about a child, that I fathered, is a ‘bit troubling’. In your view, at what point does it cease to be an abortion? What markers does the baby have to meet before you believe that it is a baby?

          And, by the way, I have nothing but the best wishes for you in your battle with cancer. Like it or not I’m praying for your health and for the best actions from your doctors. You need to continue to be a pain in our asses for a long time.

          • Do not expect a coherent answer from Maureen. Her feminazi-ism is so strong it will twist and distort your comment. And, she will either answer a totally different question, ignore you, or imply your comment is meaningless because you are not using your full name.
            But, you are absolutely correct. It takes both a male and a female to conceive. If the female wants full 100% decision making capability during pregnancy, the male should be absolved of all responsibility, before and after birth. No more demands for child support when the male wanted the female to abort, but she refused.
            Either Maureen will have to acknowledge that men have a say in the pregnancy and the decision to terminate it, or she will squirm her way out of it.

          • Since I was 35 and finally realized I could pick the healthcare provider I prefer, I have supported women physicians and dentist exclusively for my care. It’s in my medical chart, too. When I went for Cyber knife radiation and I read the website for that place and it said”Meet the Team” I clicked on the link amd was presented with three white guys. I made a point of bringing that up to them (three white guys, no women, no other race represented) and asking what they were doing to change that so that folks will feel comfortable coming for that dreaded radiation.

            Yes, Paul, I hear you on being a father, why aren’t the guys legislating the guys about THEIR role in the pregnacies that lead to abortion. Or their paying for abortions to cover themselves?

            Everyone here is my neighbor Paul. I appreciate and am just plain grateful for your kind support for my cancer ride.

          • To Maureen:
            “Since I was 35 and finally realized I could pick the healthcare provider I prefer, ”
            Guess what will go away with a move to Universal Health Care?
            Yep, your right to choose what provider you prefer. Your doctor will be selected for you, based on your address. Your hospital the same way. Don’t believe me? Look at every other country with socialist, errr… I mean socialized medicine.

  4. So far, no one on the left has given any cognitive answer why a born alive baby should be allowed to die.

    Other than they just want to.

    Nor how not acting to keep a baby born alive still alive is anything less the depraved indifference/murder.

  5. I have heard that many children with learning disabilities have files that note “birth trauma”. We need vigilant care at that vulnerable time. Democrat values encourage risky behavior throughout life. Why would we believe they can be trusted to displace parental controls in education?

    • Universal healthcare would help.

      Have you read what you heard? Or actually talked with someone who knows about birth trauma and education?. Or did you ‘hear’ it from a friend who heard from a friend who heard it from a friend?

      • Interesting.
        How, exactly, would universal health care help?
        Please explain how forcing the taxpayer to fund healthcare will benefit anyone at all? Do you want to have your doctor selected based on your address? Is that a benefit? Or maybe some face bureaucrat in DC making a decision to allow a procedure based on a formula? Better? Look around at the people you work with, or have worked with in the past. Would you trust them to make life/death decisions for your family? Because that is exactly what universal health care does. It takes decisions away from families, and moves it to a government agency.
        And, that will reduce birth trauma… well… how, exactly?
        (and at this point, you will come back with a bunch of stats from Canada, or the UK which look like their systems are better, but the stats ignore a LOT of factors and difference between the US and their populations. Therefore, they are meaningless.)

          • I am terrified of government. Perhaps you have not noticed it, but the legislature is your enemy.
            Government is the problem, not the answer.
            But as a dedicated leftist, I am sure you think only the best and brightest work for the government. That it is somehow filled with angels who are looking out for your best interests at all times.
            Worshiping at the altar of the All-Powerful-State. That is you in a nutshell.
            And, no answer to “How, exactly, would universal health care help?”
            Figured you did not have anything except your blind faith in government to back that statement up.

      • You had an abortion Maureen?
        Earnestly seek repentance from God and he’ll grant it. Confess your sins and he’s faithful to forgive you and cleanse you. But you must stop hardening your heart and trying to convince others abortion is OK. Because it is not ok.

          • Maureen, wow, just wow!
            Unlike the fetus in any abortion, none of fetuses in any ectopic pregnancy will ever be viable, as the Fallopian tube will burst before they have developed enough to survive outside the mother’s body. This presents a medical emergency for the mother. To insinuate that one should let mothers die is just asinine.

          • That is what happened when abortions were outlawed. Ectopic pregnancies killed them.

            To remove a fetus from the womb, dead or alive is an abortion.

            Open your god-given mind and seek additional information available on abortion, please. Outside your pastor.

          • You are incorrect and misleading, as ectopic pregnancies do not by definition (Being out of place, having an abnormal position) gestate in the womb but in the Fallopian tube (in very very rare cases implant in the abdominal cavity). Ectopic pregnancies while rare about 1-2% of all pregnancies have always been a medical emergency and were NEVER equated with an abortion, even at a time when abortion was illegal, as it constitutes a clear and imminent danger to the mother’s life and there is no viable fetus to protect.
            Way back in the dark ages before ultrasound, it would have been impossible to determine an ectopic and instead treat it just like any other abdominal distress/trauma.

          • Also for clarity, as you conveniently ignore the subject of this article and lump any and all procedures into the generic “abortion” term:
            Abortion means the termination of a viable pregnancy by other than natural means i.e. birth, miscarriage or death of the fetus in utero.

          • I understand now, that this is a National Right To Life campaign. I get you would use their definition of abortion.

      • You evidently don’t have to get your health care from the V.A. If you did, you would not be wishing for universal health care. It’s a disaster.

        • I get my healthcare via Medicare for last 6 years. They’ve been great.

          We need to fix the VA health care.

      • Can the President of the US drill down by name of private children that teachers spend too many hours inputting private information into personal education files?? When SPECIFICALLY did anyone consent to this?

  6. There’s a major irony here. The same political group who says words are killing people/are violence remains noticeably silent about actual murder.

    Letting a baby born alive die is murder. Nothing less.

  7. So, tell me this: Pro abortion folks say that a fetus isn’t a person with unalienable rights until it breathes it’s first breath on it’s own, that if still in the mother, it’s not a person. Okay. So, that fetus just so happens to survive the abortion and sucks oxygen – is that fetus now a person, worth saving or is it now just another annoyance that deserves death?

    • The unborn baby is a person with rights. It is conscious and feels pain, research the film of them going after a baby in the womb and how it tries to move away to save itself and to prevent getting ripped apart. Tell me that baby doesn’t know what’s going on.

  8. What a disgrace! This world is no doubt the devil’s playground. Heartless! I’m going to need to go on a media fast for the rest of my life! The truth is unbearable! The inhumanity towards other people, Heartbreaking! Thank you for all your hard work Susan.

  9. Just remember one thing when you conflate women’s rights with abortion: half these babies are also women.

  10. Everyone that supports abortion, take a look at the picture at the top of this story. That is not WHAT you destroy in an abortion, that is WHO you destroy.

    • At this point, the woman in question is the baby. By voting this way, Mary is attempting to put put herself squarely between the patient and her doctor.

  11. Interesting how one of our major trolls in doing everything possible to avoid answering direct questions.

    Leaves two obvious conclusions

    1-Rampant hypocrisy. Common on the left
    2-Enough common sense to know facing the questions raised head on will expose as person as intellectually vapid person with neither the skill or conviction to even attempt to defend indefensible positions.

    At the end of the day, when all that’s left is illogical hatred of men, faith, and everything that doesn’t look and think exactly as said person does, you get what you get.

    Anger, bitterness, and hypocrisy without end.

    The best thing we can do for people like them is what they hate the most. Pray for them, and all the victims of their blind hatred.

    • Interesting how one prolific commenter can’t write under his given name. While name calling those who have a different position.

      • Interesting how another prolific comment writer uses a “name” without providing any supporting evidence they are in fact the name they are using. I mean seriously, do you really think using a first/last name as your username means anything at all?
        I can just as easily dismiss everything you say on MRAK for exactly the same reason as you’re dismissing The Masked Avenger’s comments, or the times you have dismissed my comments as well. All the while, ignoring what was written.
        It is called “closing the argument” and it is a technique that people use when they have nothing to add. Instead of discussing the topic at hand, they twist it into something totally different, something they think they can win.

        • God knows it is my given name

          And I do only give some respect to what tma writed because he too won’t use his given name.

          I see you have nothing to add so you won’t be commenting here anymore in this line.

          • Bullwinkle it is the faux Christianity I don’t believe in. I never said I do or don’t believe in God.

          • “God knows it is my given name”
            And, no one else here knows that. So, let’s stop the “your comment does not matter because you are using a username.” BS shall we.

          • Are you an adult?
            Have you finished school yet?

            CMTTek YOU still haven’t answered these questions yet.

            Yeah, god knows it’s me, and that YOU are hiding here.

          • “Are you an adult?
            Have you finished school yet?

            CMTTek YOU still haven’t answered these questions yet.”
            Gee… I wonder why I have not answered those questions…. Why???
            Oh, that’s right. Because no one ever asked me.
            And, I am an adult, more adult than you are. Additionally, I never stop learning, so nope, not out of school yet. Pretty sure my body will be approaching room temperature before that happens.

        • Greg, neither will I.
          But, that will not stop someone who has the mental reasoning of a toddler (otherwise known as leftists) from deciding to find out where you live, work, or who you associate with, and doxx you, or worse.
          As noted in other replies, I have been the recipient of threatening voice mails because of conservative positions I am not ashamed of. I have a family, and a home, and I do not trust leftists to be adult enough not to resort to violence or vandalism.

      • Deflection and hypocrisy are good looks on you. That’s sad.

        Just for giggles. Same question I posed to Frank when he trotted out this tired old dodge: how do any of us know you are actually you? Really know.

        We know who Art and Alexander are, for example, because they have a very verifiable public profile and their pictures have been posted repeatedly.

        You may be, you may not be. But until you publicly post such trivial things as a pic, maybe a drivers license, SSN, etc. there is no way to know for sure.

        If your best defense is you don’t know who I am….

        • God knows who the folks are risking their true identity in effort to just speak with neighbors here that are apparently afraid themselves and lob stones from some avatar.

          If I could post a picture I would. Are you able to tell me how to do that here?

          • I don’t think there’s any reason to do that. The interweb tells us more than we want to know about you including your occupation. There may be a stigma attached to that and some people’s mind just like in some people’s mind there’s a stigma attached to my occupation has a shop teacher. It’s true. They were blaming me for bad test scores apparently because they thought I failed at teaching kids how to drive a nail. What I learned was if what they’re saying isn’t true, then it doesn’t really matter they’re just talking heads. If it is true then you’re only as big and as strong as you think you are and words may or may not be weaponized. I’m glad that you cleared up your view on abortion. Your view is if the woman’s health and life is in danger then abortion is justified. I don’t have a problem with that and I can stand before God and take whatever punishment he wants to rain down on me for thinking that way. But if a woman has an abortion just to get rid of the baby because she missed taking a pill or because her husband would know it wasn’t his or for any other reason, then I’m glad we can agree on that subject.

          • “…risking their true identity…”
            And, that is exactly why I do not use my real name here. Would you like me to tell you the name, address, and phone number of the individual in Girdwood that left several threatening voice mails because he disliked a letter to the editor I submitted? The police were kind enough to remind this person it was a bad idea to make calls of that manner.
            If I was a leftist like you, I might be OK with using my real name. Because the average person on the right side of the political aisle is adult enough to keep their emotions in check, their words/actions within the bounds of the MRAK comment section, and limit the snark/insults to a family friendly level. Something that I have yet to see from the leftists.

          • Gregory thanks for your reflection and normalizing words.

            You got one part of my concern-woman’s health. May I again clarify my original concern that a couple of men have put this bill out. THAT IS MY FIRST CONCERN. Men are legislating women’s health.

            Why are there no laws on men to reduce THEIR role in the pregnancies leading to abortion? Guys talk about what you can do to your own to reduce the pregnancies. No campaign in the Catholic Church against men causing pregnacies leading to abortion back before it was law or here now. But yeah let’s guys punch down on women.

          • “Why are there no laws on men to reduce THEIR role in the pregnancies leading to abortion?”
            Are you implying that men have a say in whether their child gets aborted?
            News flash: Males are part of the conception. They have a say.
            News flash #2: Women are there for the conception as well. With the exception of rape, they have a choice. But… hey, look! They go pregnant. Gee, I am sure it is 100% the man’s fault.

          • “No campaign in the Catholic Church against men causing pregnacies leading to abortion back before it was law or here now.”
            Since when has the Catholic Church condoned pre-marital sex? Last time I checked that was a HUGE no-no.
            So, unless you are expecting some campaign to tell married couples not to have consensual sex, I do not know what else you are looking for.

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