Boeing’s criminal plea deal is under $500 million, while Trump’s civil penalty in N.Y. real estate case was $465 million


Boeing Company has agreed to plead guilty to a criminal fraud conspiracy charge relating to two fatal 737 MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019. The company has agreed to a $243.6 million fine.

In an unrelated case that was in civil court, Judge Arthur Engoron in February fined former President Donald Trump $464.8 million for what the judge says was overvaluing his New York properties in order to get more favorable loan terms. The fine was $354.8 million plus $100 million in interest.

The fines in the Boeing criminal case, concerning crashes in which 346 people died, and the Trump civil case, where there were no actual injuries, is in the same ballpark since Boeing has already paid a $243 million fine.

In addition to the main civil fine and interest, Judge Engoron also fined Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump $4 million and banned all three Trump men from being able to run New York companies in the future.

Trump has denied all wrongdoing and has appealed the ruling, as well as the extraordinary bond that the judge demanded be paid in cash.

In the Boeing case, the federal government will have the aircraft maker on a probation list for three years.

Families of the victims are opposing the Boeing plea deal,  and will ask the judge to reject it because it makes concessions to Boeing “that other criminal defendants would never receive and fails to hold Boeing accountable for the deaths of 346 persons.”


  1. Simple. Trump, for all his faults, wants to kick the CIA out of the white house. Boeing, on the other hand, sells lots of people-killing equipment to the CIA.

  2. Trump will soon be leader of the free world again and like rats jumping off a ship, Democrats will be scurrying for a place to hide.
    Message to Joe Biden:
    You can hide, but you can’t run.

  3. Alex Jones was $1.5 Billion penalty for 10 seconds of commentary about a mass shooting – after the families involved began lobbying the federal government for nationwide gun bans. (Consider Exxon was fined $150 million for their 1989 oil spill – and 80% of that was eventually forgiven.)

    See how that works? Leftists can fund-raise and freely push their agenda, but when you challenge them, suddenly they morph into ‘innocent victims’.

    Funny how major opposition media have now been bankrupted or imprisoned by the DOJ ahead of the election cycle.

      • Federal law enforcement convicts ordinary citizens of ‘conspiracy’ quite frequently. Yet, here you are with your low IQ take, that those working in government aren’t capable of it.

        Its fine though. Biden has set an important precedent by locking up Steve Bannon and Pete Navarro. I look forward to AG Merrick Garland spending a few months in a cell for defying Republican subpoenas – as soon as Trump retakes the Department of Justice. Its about sending a message to anyone that considers accepting an appointment in a future left wing administration.

        And when you come here to whine about ‘Dictator Trump’ locking up his enemies, I’ll enjoy gaslighting you in return.

        • One things for sure; try as I might, I don’t think I could ever achieve your level of whining and “snowflakeness”. Just because the people you mentioned are locked up, I would love to see actual proof that Biden is directing any of it. You do understand the difference between correlation and causation, do you not?

      • Does not have to be a conspiracy.
        Leftists have the mental reasoning capacity of toddlers. Even if they get into powerful positions (DA, Judge, Mayor, AG, etc…) their reasoning still tracks that of a five year old.
        No one has to conspire against conservatives. All that needs to happen is a leftist decides to use their power/authority based on their emotional/childlike reasoning, not based on what the law says.

          • What, exactly, is your point?
            Whether I think they are a leftist or not is meaningless.
            Leftists act like children. And, when they are in positions of power, they use that position to amplify their childish ideas. And, it does not take any kind of conspiracy, just people acting like people do.

  4. Too low. But really, why aren’t people going to jail over this? Boeing’s fraud caused people to die, a lot of them. Leaders in Boeing made conscious decisions to lie about their products out of greed.

    • Welcome to the knowledge that if you donate to enough to the people who serve in Congress that you are not held personally responsible. I believe their should be some lengthy jail sentences for numerous Boeing executives.

  5. Democrats have lied about our southern border, the migrants, and made misrepresentations. Many innocent Americans have died at the hands of these illegal migrants yet not one Democrat has been arrested nor fined. It’s a two tiered justice system.

  6. Trump was convicted of a victimless crime and received a larger monetary fine than Boeing, a corporation whose crimes actually killed and injured hundreds of people! We live in strange times, indeed.

    • Boeing is not tipping over the apple cart in DC.
      They are, in fact, supporting the swamp.
      Is there another possible reason?


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