Bio-male wins women’s golf trophy


Breanna Gill, a biological male impersonating a female identity, won the Australian Women’s Classic golf tournament this week, adding yet another trophy to biological males who are competing in women’s competitions as women.

Gill has been playing in professional women’s tournaments for eight years, and this was his first win on the women’s circuit. The WPGA ended up taking its Twitter account private after a backlash of rebuke from the public, including what the association said were hate messages.

The Australia Women’s Classic was held April 2 in New South Wales. Gill was ranked No. 393 in the Rolex Women’s Golf Rankings going into the tournament.

“It’s the biggest win of her life. It’s really sad that she can’t celebrate that win,” WPGA Tour of Australasia Chief Karen Lunn said, as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Gill is not the first transgender to win a golf tournament in the women’s division. In 2021,  Hailey Davidson, a Scottish pro golfer, won in a mini tour in the United States, after transitioning to female appearance in 2015. Gill has not revealed at what age he transitioned to his current female appearance.

Photo: WPGA



  1. Good maybe the conservatives will wake up before it’s too late. This will kill woman’s sports. Start your own league and you control who plays because it’s private.

    • Interesting observation, given that the core of power for democrats these days are white, single, college educated women. CHeers –

    • I’m not certain they hate women but they definitely prefer women with a beef whistle. Some form of closet shame that amongst the mentally ill masquerades as confusion. Unless of course you accept and support their love of such perversion culture; then you’re cool.

  2. Why are people allowing this to keep happening. If this person was born with a penis then he is a MALE.
    And they can call them some sort of initials but there are 2 (TWO) genders. And I suppose in their perfect world we will also have to pay for their psychiatrists care cost when they they decide they made a big mistake and don’t want to be Girls anymore?

  3. It does not matter at what age he transitioned. He was born male. We need a new sports category. Men’s sports. Women’s sports and Transgendered sports. Identifying as a woman when you were born a male does not make you a woman. It makes you a Transgendered female.

    • We don’t need a new sports category. Stop the nonsense. A man who so-called transitions to a so-called woman is a man… full stop. A woman who so-called transitions to a so-called man is a woman… full stop. To follow your logic, we would need at least two more sports categories; one for each of the imaginary categories I described. However, that would leave out the myriad of other imaginary categories being contrived currently. The end result would be a different category for every competitor. Everyone would come in first place against themselves. Do not allow yourself to misled into the delusions.

  4. And I bet he/she/zhe/xe/they/it is so proud.
    I wouldn’t be. But then, I’d never put myself in such a mentally disturbed position in the first place.

  5. Here we go again. There is no need to add the adjective “biological” to the term “male.” A biological male is a male–full stop. Adding the word “biological” is patronizing the perverse nonsense that a biological male is not a true male. Please stop the nonsense. The guy is a male, plain and simple.

  6. At least this cheater is trying. Most of these thieves are starting to not care, showing up swaggering with chest hair and a full beard.

    • The appearance of the female impersonators is irrelevant. See men impersonating women at this link:

      ‘ They appear to be more physically attractive women than most real women. However, they are, nevertheless… men.
      Our constitution allows us to appear and act as we choose; except if we harm others. The problem is, the posers now want to force us to agree to the lie that they can actually change their sex. This problem has metastasized to where half our citizens (the leftists) are on board with this tyrannical agenda of forcing us to accept fantasies…. no matter the harm to women. Ironically, most women are leftists and are thereby promoting harm to women. Go figure.

  7. > Breanna Gill, a biological male impersonating a female identity

    Now that is the way to introduce this story. We all pray that this spreads throughout the fruited plain.

    • mica, all males are biological males. Consequently, the right intro is, >> Breanna Gill, a male impersonating a female identity.
      The term “biological male” implies it is different than male.

  8. Yay for women’s lib! Toss that bra in the fireplace!

    Celebrate diversity and progress!

    Grow a johnson and deny that it’s there!

    Wait… what?

  9. Of course he did. Watch me watch me watch me!! Deluded identity crisis narcissism in action. Tragic. Every single female athlete needs to refuse to participate or compete until the male faux women start their own league.

    • Elizabeth, I’m sorry to inform you, the majority of women are leftists and support the so-called “transgender” agenda. The percentage of women who are leftist is actually highest in the below-35yr age bracket. Women athletes are no exception; however, they want it both ways; that is, they don’t like competing with males but they pretend its okay.

      • Sounds like your the one who hates women. Possibly there are alot of leftist women and men in our world who support this garbage. Not so much on this forum.

  10. Must Read Alaska headlines a story about a happening in Australia? Must’ve been a slow news day in Alaska…

    • You must not be a golf enthusiast, William. Golf is relevant, women are relevant, and Australia is also relevant.
      This is Masters weekend, biggest golf weekend of the year. Maybe you were not aware.
      Last year Anchorage hosted Australian women golfers, first time ever, and an Aussie, Sue Wooster, was beat out by a Canadian, Shelly Stouffer. It was a big deal for Anchorage, the 60th U.S. Senior Women’s Amateur held in Alaska for the first time and yes, I betcha a lot of readers actually do follow golf. It’s a well-known fact that women’s golf has overrepresentation by lesbians — more than any other sport. It is one reason why some parents don’t want their girls to join golf teams at college, for fear of being pressured. I guess there are other stories of interest to you, but heck, maybe you just are a couch grouch.

    • Yes, because nothing that happens elsewhere had any possible connection to anything that happens in the USA, or in Alaska.
      Were you always such an idiot, or did you need to get a degree for it first?

    • The point is this nonsense is global like a virus.. And needs to be stopped.. Who cares where the news is from! Its happening over in America too and needs to be stopped! It’s showing the sickness is spreading.

      • Daisy, allow me to correct. It is not like a sickness is spreading; people don’t choose to become sick. It is more like unruly children of negligent parents who fail to exert discipline. The children are not to blame. Conservatives are the metaphorical parents; they fail to speak out but rather go along to get along… until the house burns down. The problem is complacent (so-called) conservatives.

  11. Chix with dix used to be an oddity suitable for the Guinness Books. Democrats are making it mainstream, and abusing children along the way, by trying to normalize and foster it as aspirational. What a sick society we’ve become.

  12. It’s the biggest win of her life. It’s really sad that she can’t celebrate that win,” WPGA Tour of Australasia Chief Karen Lunn said, as reported

    Correction. It’s the BIGGEST LOSS to all REAL women golfers out there. All this takes, is a BIG pushback with a firm No thanks LGBTQ… a man pretending to be a woman, does not make it a woman.
    It’s an ugly man impersonating a female.
    Shame on the industries supporting this “grooming”.
    Just say NO!!

  13. Inclusion works so well….

    The women need to speak up, like Riley Gaines has. She lost to Lia Thomas and was told to accept it, but she decided she could not play pretend anymore.

  14. For your awareness, the war on women is heating up. Your tyrannical government is now allowing the Education Department to issue a Title 9 Transgender Sports Eligibility Rule. This will force K through College Schools to allow sick men acting like women to enter into women’s sports and locker rooms. As I have said before, pull your kids out of public education indoctrination camps now! The only option until we can regain sane control over our government is homeschool or some type of Co-op program.

  15. … waiting for Maureen “the Warrior Woman” Suttman to come along with some warped excuses for this inexcusable nonsense…

  16. Having a tough time with this.
    So… being born with a vagina does not make you a woman, but putting on makeup, wearing a dress, and acting feminine does?
    Asking for a friend.

    • The common denominator is the joy of playing the skin flute. If you enjoy playing one you may call yourself a woman; bonus points if you occasionally wear a dress. Better yet if you shave real close and then apply makeup w/ a trowel.

  17. The whole subject of this trans-whatever always reminds me of a conversation I had a few years back. I was talking with a friend, who happens to be a gay man, and I mentioned something about a guy wearing women’s clothes. He rolled his eyes and said ‘there’s issues there’. I obviously can’t speak for the gay community, but I can’t help but feel that gay people in general understand that there are ‘males’ and there are ‘females’ and dressing differently does not make you the opposite gender.

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