Big-tent liberals erect defense for attention-seeking teacher: ‘Pay educators more so they don’t have to do OnlyFans’


Social media users in Alaska have been reacting to the Must Read Alaska stories about the Dimond High School teacher in Anchorage who, according to the social media account @LibsofTiktok, seems to have a side activity as a porn content provider and has worn a tight dress to class that exhibits the shape of his genitals as he towers over students.

The liberal commentary on the crossdressing, non-binary, gender-confused, Pokemon-playing teacher with a bulge poking out of his dress during class is pure defense.

The thrust of the liberal reaction, shown below, is: “Pay teachers more so they don’t have do produce porn to make ends meet.”

It’s a masterful narrative spin, but it comes as liberals want more money for schools, one of the biggest battles in the Legislature this session, and as the Anchorage School District has a $62 million bond on the ballots that will hit Anchorage voters’ mailboxes next week.

Also, three Anchorage School Board seats are on that ballot with incumbents running who might be feeling the heat after the district has been exposed as coddling a cross-dresser. Those incumbents are Pat Higgins, Dora Wilson, and Carl Jacobs. Running against the liberal incumbents are conservatives Kay Schuster, Angela Frank, and Chelsea Pohland.

A survey of social media groups that have been discussing the story gives a glimpse into the angst the National Education Association union must be having over Dimond High teacher Fletch Fletcher, who is now on administrative leave while the school conducts an investigation. The teachers unions are pushing hard for an increase to the base student allocation from the State of Alaska to local districts like Anchorage. They want a massive increase in education funding and the Anchorage School Board refuses to make any meaningful cuts.

A few of the comments defending Fletch Fletcher:

“Look at the source for this. It is Libs of TikTok, the same bigoted POS account that was quite significantly involved in New Benedict getting jumped in the bathroom and dying the next day, among other assorted trash. This is just another blatant attempt to bully and harm those who bigots dislike the open existence of.”

“Really the takeaway here should be that 1) we pay teachers sh** so that they have to do things like onlyfans to make money and 2) why is the student taking pics of a teacher at all? So long as it isn’t illegal, a teacher (or anyone for that matter) should be able to spend their free time however they want to.”

In other words, the teacher who put the poke in Pokemon is the victim of a student documenting the wardrobe failure.

OnlyFans typical content creator income is $150 a month, according to OnlyFans deducts 20% of a content creator’s earnings. The average account only has 21 subscribers.

The commentators are saying that Fletcher has to do OnlyFans just to pay rent, all the while he has, according to his other social media accounts an extra-curricular night life.

“Sad we pay teachers so little they have to subsidize their income doing OF. But says more about the people seeking out their only fans to ‘blast them’ than it says about the teacher. The only issue I have is if they’re making the students uncomfortable with their clothing. Teachers should be modest in the classroom.”

The Anchorage School District has a dress code that can be seen at this link.

“This is why I left teaching… so i wouldnt have to deal with the bull**** of you idiots bitching about me in the classroom. And that really sucks because i truly cared about your kids. Still do. But noooooooo because my gender doesnt match up to the sex I was assigned at birth all hell supposedly breaks lose. with no respect go f*** yourself if you think trans people are a problem in education! Not to mention left the state I love because of it.” [Editor’s note, foul language edited and the spelling is his, not ours.]

“Maybe if we paid teachers more they wouldn’t be selling pictures of their bodies for cheeseburger change.”

“What an adult does on their own tie (with other consenting adults) is non of my da** business and is sure is not yours. I highly doubt they are mixing the two occupations whatsoever. P.s. Might not need the OF if teachers were paid for appropriately but that is a whole nother topic.”

Anchorage teachers have a generous salary schedule for the 182 days per year they work, making on average more than $75,000 plus generous year-long benefits a year.

Many teachers pick up summer school, tutoring, tourism work, and other gigs to fill in their summer months with activity. Some become tour bus drivers, others work in stores and as coaches. This year’s salary schedule shows that at Step 4, a teacher can make as much as $75,000 a year.

Other commentators want to have the people who exposed Fletch Fletcher arrested:

“Libs of TikTok needs to be arrested. The constant doxxing has taken lives. Evil person.”

“While it might not be appropriate and the entire dress code thing is most likely hyperbolic and more snowflakes fear mongering, it’s LibsofTikTok…which means there is a 99% chance it’s made up, created by a stammering bigot c*nt who can’t read and is just angry this is the only grift she can milk with her dead a** personality.”

“Oh noooo!!! Think of the kids!! They’re being exposed to *diversity* we need to do better – would hate for them to grow up compassionate and understanding of peoples differences!”


  1. I’m hopeful Governor Dunleavy vetos SB140. Vote no on all school bonds. Enough is enough.

  2. Government schools need to be shut down. They are a plague on children and society, and fail to educate. We need to better model.

    No more money for government schools.

  3. Further proof the education system needs to be totally and completely dismantled.
    The system is broken, useless, and failing in nearly every measurable metric nationwide.

    While I don’t know the man, and don’t want to, my strong guess is dude wants to be a lady has an Only Fans site for poops and giggles. Not because he needs the money.

    • Considering his nasty response, good riddance to bad baggage.
      Our kids and grandkids are sooooooo much better off without HIM doing his female impersonation act in our schools to get attention from our kids. Dude needs some mental health counseling.

  4. Haha. Yes, if teachers had better pay, they would not have to act so trashy. Unbelievable! Remember what the bible says about money!

    • Its just his excuse to behave very, very, very badly and then claim its not his fault.
      Dude needs some serious mental health counseling.

  5. Libsoftiktok only replays what is already posted, that’s why it’s called libs of tik Tok. Blaming her is like blaming McDonald’s cause you’re fat.

  6. That’s the ticket…pay teachers more so they will be less likely to expose our children to porn😳😳😳🙄🙄🙄

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Dude is in need of a new career, looks like his preference is female impersonator.
      Wanna be….

  7. There it is…the liberal, hostile insanity that likes to pretend body dysmorphia and mental illness should be encouraged. Why are so many of these people involved in deviant sexual behavior? Because it’s a fetish they’re trying to normalize at the sake of our kids, or worse. No foul mouth, threatening liberal bonehead who supports this is any more sane than the porn star teacher.

  8. Chelsea Pohland is running for school board? HURRAH! She has my vote.

    Maybe MRAK will consider a piece on all three challengers running?

  9. I wonder how Mr. Fletch Gave out grades? By the kid who gave hm the best rise in the tent?

  10. Just look at their responses to this “teacher” if you need anymore proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  11. Wow!
    These people are teachers???
    Besides the absolutely atrocious grammar and spelling, the gutter tone is most despicable! These people teach our children and you can’t tell me that they do not behave in a similar agenda driven manner in the classroom.
    It is no wonder that they are not interested in the performance bonuses the Governor has demanded. None of them would be eligible by the looks of their comments.

  12. Fletch, if you’re a woman, wear a girdle or some kind of undergarment to hide your pole.
    What is the matter w/ you?
    This is NOT professional.

    • It is pure sexual harrassment of our kids and grandkids.
      Seek mental health help dude, you are heading down a bad road…..

  13. This world is just getting more and more mixed up. Never been a religious fanatic but I do believe in God and the devil, whats right and wrong. Unfortunately the devil seems to be taking over. Yeah, it is a free country alright yet I feel somewhat embarrassed to be part of it. Speaking as a white average working man who has become the suppressed………

  14. They wanted to be teachers so they don’t need any more than the output quality is.
    If they are not happy then get rid of the administration and all the bs and get back to teaching the basics for life moving forward and not the stupid stuff that has zero effect on the knowledge needed for their life going forward.
    These are the future leaders and CEO’s of company’s and they need the knowledge for mankind to move forward in life on this rock.

  15. 9 months work (actually only 182 workdays in the school term as listed in Anchorage School District 2020 to 2024 contract). Using 9 months that works out to a MINIMUM of $6,111/mo. (182 days = $303/day) to $10,804/mo. (182 days = $534/day) without factoring in any other income possibilities in the contract.

    For example: annual “in lieu of step increases” per school yr. for B72 members*, any Master/PhD degree supplements, all certificate holders from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards shall receive a $2000 salary supplement each year for the life of the certificate or 10 years [$20,000 extra], potential extra bonuses and extra duty pay, per diem, etc

    B72: Teachers with transcripts showing 72 semester hours, of which 42 are graduate credit reflecting grade “B” or higher, earned subsequent to the granting of a Bachelor’s Degree.

    Yep, pity the poor person that can’t make it on 55K to 97K for 9 months work.

  16. Touche! Nothing like a little math to put this in proper perspective.
    Quit your griping you overpaid teachers!

  17. This will likely be censored because this platform does NOT encourage freedom or democracy. This post 1) is not journalism and is intentionally based on dangerous fear mongering half truth rumors and extremely poor quality photos. 2) if it were the pants of a straight cisgender guy with any sort of outline there would be no problem. You are afraid of yourself not others 3) Why is the filming student so fixated on this? Why did their parents bring them up to focus on this so much and not their school work? This is likely all they talk about at the dinner table… not the Constitution.

    Also @AKFish – your math is wrong and you have no idea the amount of work a teacher does far beyond contracted hours. More dangerous half truths.

    • AK Birch IF you are a teacher you should know that we are a representative republic. Your statement further makes me doubt that you have read up on the constitution in some time, or you would have noticed that “democracy” does NOT appear anywhere in that document!

      What do short shorts, men wearing dresses and indecent behavior in the classroom have to do with democracy anyway?
      Democracy is a form of governing generally by mob rule, hence our founders chose a representative republic.

      Freedom asserts the same rights for ALL within the confines of our established laws and rules. Freedom requires mutual respect for others. It is very clear that behavior of this nature isn’t about freedom, as it does not respect the parents choices for their children nor the their children, who are involuntarily forced to be in the vicinity of behavior that is inappropriate. What you want is state sanctioned anarchy.

      The issue that upsets you isn’t the student (and blaming the victim is really low) your problem is that Mr. Fletch got caught with indisputable evidence and pardon the pun exposed.

      Since there is really no defense for behavior of this nature in a classroom (no matter who does it straight or whatever) you now make it a “democracy” issue supporting narcissists, who put their personal predilections above their students and job. Nobody cares what you feel like in your body, but your job isn’t to use your students to affirm your identity or feed your “reality”, but to teach them math, reading etc. Do that and nobody has an issue.

      Consider if this were a male straight teacher walking around the classroom in tight clothing regularly displaying the unmentionable, he would be gone in a heartbeat and you would beat the drum of saving the children…..

    • How does this forum not encourage freedom or democracy?

      Do you mean your version of democracy? Or is it just invective?

      > cisgender

      Please do not name call here or use your ideological language that many find offensive. You are all about tolerance, correct?

      No more money for government schools. They are bad for children. Bad for society. Filled with “teachers” who are communists and sexual deviants. Glad I never allowed my childrten into one.

      Maybe you would be more comfortable living in California?

    • Ok, I’ll be your huckleberry. Prepare to be schooled.

      1). you don’t get to decide what constitutes journalism since you didn’t bother to look up the meaning and clearly have no concept of the history of said topic.

      Grade F. Lack of understanding of topic.

      2). You don’t seem to have been censored at all. More, since this is a privately owned/operated platform, censorship rules as you probably envision them don’t apply.

      Grade F- Gross lack of understanding of topic.

      3). Hiding behind the quality of the photo is a valiant but failed attempt to deflect. Yes, in today’s world, technology exists to deep fake anything. Problem is, the accusation have been repeatedly supported and no one has disputed the reality of the photo.

      Grade D-. Poor research.

      4). What, exactly, is the standard for “fear mongering”? Something you don’t like, or find uncomfortable? I don’t like it isn’t a defense.

      Grade F—-. Substituting opinion for reality.

      5). There is no basis for the claim if it was a “cisgender” (made up word for convenience because facts disagree with desired reality) male no one would be upset. In fact, in today’s “me too” world, there are reams of evidence to disprove your claim.

      Grade F——-. Personal bias over any real fact. Using nonsensical terms to try to prove a negative. Premise wildly disproven by facts.

      6). “Why is the student fixated?” Simple. A mentally ill sexual deviant (see his only fans page) is wandering around wearing a tight dress sans underwear, and clearly erect. In no world is this normal in any subjective measure.

      Students at that age notice everything, especially things this far out of the range of normal.

      Grade 💩. No grade issued because the claimant made not attempt to form a rebuttal. Additionally, substitution on personal bias in favor or said attempt.

      More implied attack on the witness, and by extension the witnesses character and motivations unprovable by complaint. A sad, pathetic move.

      Lastly, stunning (and willful?) lack of understanding of the situation and persons involved.

      7). Why discuss this with family? Deflection due to inability to mount a coherent argument. Thin attempt again to impugn character and motion of the affected and their families.

      Lack of ability to prove assertion. Zero evidence to support claimant has any idea what goes on in someone else’s home. Less evidence of knowledge of a particular family’s dynamics.

      Evidence of shrill bias to deflect from a gross lack of a reasonable point.

      Grade 💩💩💩. Explanation unnecessary. Claimant is a hysterical troll grasping at straws.

      8). Lack of understanding/knowledge of the work teachers put in after hours. The claimant has no way of knowing how much individual faculty may do after hours. Claimant is therefore guilty of his own assertion.

      Further, said assertion is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

      Grade F. While true many faculty do put in after class hours, it is an expectation of the job. It is impossible to gauge the amount of work faculty do. It can vary wildly by age/experience of faculty. By subject taught. By personal experience.

      Claimant also assumes a lack of knowledge by respondents while having no way to support such assumption.

      Grade would have been C had claimant stuck with facts. Claimant either was unable or unwilling to do so.

      Overall summation. Claimant shows shocking levels of bias, willful ignorance, lack of understanding of topic, and pushes claims unable to be substantiated.

      Claimant not only fails but should be demoted several grades. The thinly veiled attacks of juveniles and families, added with poor grades, result in expulsion until claimant can learn to be civil towards people he clearly looks down on.

      You, birch, have just had the poop slapped out of you. Intellectually, logically, factually.

      There is another term which is more applicable but would never pass the mods.

    • “This will likely be censored because this platform does NOT encourage freedom or democracy.”
      Why bother coming here and posting comments then? Waste of your time.
      Heck, why even bother to come here and read any articles.

  18. Maybe I missed it.
    Was the dude with the stiffy filming for OnlyFans in the classroom?
    Or are they trying to whitewash the fact that this man was sexually excited around a bunch of kids by claiming he was removed because of actions outside the classroom?
    In either case, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to divert attention away from the real issue.

    • OF was done outside the classroom, I believe. I’m not gonna check the images to confirm.

      • Yeah, I figured as much.
        The pay thing is nothing more than attempting to 1.) get a raise, and 2.) normalize deviant behavior.

  19. Unfortunately the reality is that many teachers are liberal to begin with. That is why they are taking on second ”jobs” like OF. Let’s be real. Everyone’s pay sucks and inflation is hurting us all. Most people have more than one income source. Some of us watch dogs and clean houses to pad our pockets. Others do OF. Part of the problem is that most liberals are afraid of real work.

  20. “………This is why I left teaching………”
    Proof that even troubling and disgusting news stories like this have a beautiful silver lining. The unmistakable message here is to do more of whatever was done to get more monsters like this moving on to full time sex work where they can get what they deserve and out of the classroom.

  21. Wow schools definitely don’t follow Christian values
    Maybe the shots are causing mental degeneration of our teachers!
    Or maybe they are going to the Upside Down Church?
    Maybe they are followers of Obama and Big Mike and not Christ our Lord?

  22. More money appropriated from taxes is ALWAYS the Democrats solution to the problems they create. And when it comes to education funding, we end up with DEI, sexual perversion in the schools and very confused children.

  23. “Everybody’s talking ’bout my tight pants, my tight pants, I got my tight pants on” Leave your schlong bulge to SNL. It’s the long, drawn-out baby steps of socialism/communism. See how far you can push the envelope, and then push it a little more.
    I don’t care if it’s a dude in a dress chopping wood, or a straight female with her cups running over and dangling them in my HS son’s face, this is just bad education. Learn it somewhere else. Parents: vote out the school board and protest DHS.

  24. Frontal temporal Lobe disfunction is what the shots cause when the spike protein breaks through the brain barrier! Causing basically a frontal lobotomy! The brain barrier is there to protect the brain!!
    No wonder school so upside down now!
    Our constitution was founded on Christian values!
    Now values are upside down!

  25. What a shakedown.
    “Pay us more or we’ll molest your children.”
    Here’s a counterproposal:
    We’ll donate the “more” to the Samoan rugby team if they’ll kindly escort every child molester, pornographer, and child-predator protector including the Hyphenated-Abomination of a school principal, who knew this was happening but did nothing to protect children entrusted to her care, off school property, with the warning never to return.
    We’ll even throw in a word about this human filth (and the racket which enables them) to the U.S. Attorney whose interest in prosecuting child pornographers and child killers couldn’t have come at a better time.
    We got a deal?

  26. Everyone uses moderators on their livestreams (or web sites)to catch the trolls and demons that cause you to misspell and use wrong grammar. Hehe

  27. Funny thing. Last I checked, we aren’t Communist yet. People are not obligated to work in particular fields if they find the rules or compensation inadequate.

    If the money isn’t sufficient, consider a new career.

  28. So, let me see if I have this straight.
    Teachers do not think they are paid enough, and have to prostitute themselves.
    Here’s a pro tip. Get a better paying job. You hold primary responsibility for ensuring you have a living wage, not the school district, not the taxpayers, you. Be an adult and take some responsibility.
    And, for anyone reading this either is planning on going to college, or has collage age children, before selecting a major, find out what the job market for that field pays. If it is not enough to get by, perhaps a different major is a better choice.
    If you choose to pursue your “passion” you also choose to take on any consequences of that action as well.

  29. I’m actually working on a book, which defines the mental illnesses emerging from LGBTQ politics. The children are in various states of confusion. It’s the adults who display the mental illnesses when they promote LGBTQ activities. My psychiatric office is seeing plenty of adult customers now. It’s difficult to believe this has happened so quickly.

  30. MA:
    Not in a generalized way is it a fad. Maybe in some instances with school aged kids. But with adult proponents, LGBTQ is just another Marxist control mechanism, quickly being integrated into the public schools. Marxists and Democrats anticipate the fall-out, but they also know that their antagonists from the Christian right will eventually cave. Just like what happened with gay marriage about 20 years ago. Now it’s common place. Ads on TV routinely show gay men in passionate kisses. The same with Black men and White women in TV ads. It’s a conditioning scheme that was first observed by Pavlov over 100 years ago. Operant behavioral conditioning.

  31. $75,000 a year for 182 days of work. for those of us who work 48 weeks a year 5 days a week that is 240 days. So divide 75/182 and times by 240 – the annual pay is $98,000 for a 48 week year. The crying about – they have to find summer jobs – the rest of us just have to keep working. Teachers are not under paid, but pay increases are linked to the right thing – GOOD TEACHING, it’s linked to getting an online masters degree no mention of if they are good or not. Lets not indoctrinate children to hypersexuality in classroom. I don’t want to see junk outlines, breast outline or butt outlines. For goodness sake, please just teach these children how to critically think.

  32. A must see documentary on this issue shows what’s being taught to our kids in schools!


  33. Let’s see now, for the last 40 years I have been watching teachers salaries go up and kids scores go down. So how is money related to education???
    I think we are looking at the problem from the wrong point of view. I believe that the choice of good teachers comes from thorough research by the individuals responsible for the hiring of good teachers. I don’t care what you pay an individual, if he or she is a bad employee with an attitude, that is the product they will produce. Teachers should be paid on the basis of how their classes do. The better the students do, then bonuses should be available to those teachers.

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