Big Labor, Big D: Dahlstrom donated to AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami, Democrat Sen. Johnny Ellis

In 2016, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz rallied for Union Boss Vince Beltrami as he mounted an unsuccessful attempt to win a seat in the Alaska Senate.

The records at the Alaska Public Offices Commission and the Federal Election Commission show that congressional candidate Nancy Dahlstrom, a Republican, made a campaign donation to then-president of the Alaska AFL-CIO Vince Beltrami, when he was challenging a Republican for Alaska Senate.

Beltrami, now retired as a Big Labor leader, had vigorously opposed nearly every Republican who ever filed for office in Alaska, and even opposed Sen. Cathy Giessel when he ran against her, before the two became solid political allies.

The Beltrami donation occurred in 2016. It came three years after another donation Dahlstrom made to an Anchorage Democrat, when she cut a check to then-Sen. Johnny Ellis.

In 2012, Dahlstrom made 30 contributions to the presidential race of Mitt Romney, who is considered by many conservatives to be Utah’s version of Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Romney is the only presidential candidate that Dahlstrom has ever supported. Her Republican opponent Nick Begich has donated $1,500 to the Trump campaign.

Dahlstrom doesn’t have a long record of political donations, and most of the candidates she has supported have been Republican — with some interesting exceptions, including Big Labor leader Don Etheridge.

At the same time, Dahlstrom has enjoyed tremendous support from Big Labor during her various campaigns for elected office.

Thirty percent of Dahlstrom’s support for her House campaign in 2018 came from Big Labor groups. A handful of them are shown here:


  1. This should be a no brainer for those on the fence when it comes between Nick Begich and Dahlstrom for congress, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. Aahhhh……the Truth comes out about Nancy Dahlstrom. But wait, there’s more coming.
    A Democrat disguised as a Republican, right under our noses. How many people has this skalliwag fooled already? The governor? Trump?
    Dahlstrom is going down, politically. An intended spoiler and a real b*tch. Not just no. HELL NO!

  3. “At the same time, Dahlstrom has enjoyed tremendous support from Big Labor”

    That support isn’t given with no expectation of return. It comes with strings attached in the form of future political favors.
    Also, I haven’t seen or heard much from or about Vince Beltrami, in years past he was a very vocal extreme Leftwinger, someone who I thought of as being an outright Communist, so Nancy’s contributions to him speak volumes about where her political leanings are…..

  4. Democrats in Alaska are Democrats. Republicans in Alaska are political whores. They seem to care little for what the voters put them in office for.

  5. The people who worked for her at the Department of Corrections should start singing like canaries. They know the details and voters need to about about all of it.

  6. I keep trying to picture Nancy as “Big D “. She would have, like a pinstriped suit and a nickel-plated 1911….

  7. What bill of goods did Dunleavy have to peddle to Trump in order to get him to endorse Dahlstrom rather that Begich? Begich is the conservative, NOT Dahlstrom.
    According to this article, Dahlstrom is the one who shouldn’t be trusted, not Nick Begich. The fact is, no one should trust Dahlstrom. She has demonstrated her selfishness. Dahlstrom should be thoroughly ashamed of herself for circumventing a probable win for Nick Begich, if he were the only Republican running against Mary Peltola.

  8. I hope the people of Chugiak and Eagle River catch on that Kelly Merrick is a traitor to the values of conservatism as well. She is a back stabbing liar.

  9. America First Legal (AFL) wrote to Lt. Gov Nancy, chief elections officer that she is, as well as the other 49 secretaries of state, attorneys general, lieutenant governors and governors on Monday, calling on all of them to verify immigration statuses on voter rolls using Department of Homeland Security data — and boot any non-Americans they find.

    Will Nancy act on this? I doubt it. What was Trump thinking?!?

    • Half her union support is not Public unions. Laborers, Operators, IBEW, etc….
      These unions used to endorse Stevens, Young and Lisa also.
      They want the Fed projects to go through the union halls.

  10. With all the chatter, one would believe that there is an avenue to transport these “facts” to Trump’s team along with the endorsements by the various Republican power houses supporting Begich over this apparent lady turncoat. Just saying.

  11. Assuming Trump survives/overcomes whatever his very motivated political enemies that control our government do and the lack of basic election integrity processes in most states, and ultimately is sworn in as the next president, he will have as much resistance to clearing up corruption and bringing actual constitutional authority back to the presidency from Republicans as Democrats. The entire Intelligence Complex, corporate donors, etc., will be pressuring/threatening Republican congressional members, most of which are already fully onboard with the status quo, to not allow the totalitarian system (constitutional Republic in name only) in place be uprooted. During his last term the more qualified advisors were dispatched and replaced with a nest of neo con vipers.
    The best possible outcome for Alaska, which has never in my lifetime, had a solid, constitutional/individual freedom federal level politician elected, at this point is for Begich to be elected and hope is not a complete dud.

  12. Did she donate religiously to Mitt Romney because she liked him or because he’s Mormon? Is this a LDS thing? Is Nancy LDS? They do stick together.

  13. Figuratively “mustreadalaska” has crossed the River Sticks, that bright line between civil discourse and printing the rantings of individuals who lack civility. Now I understand why you decided to not print my comment on a similar article week before last. I find it reprehensible that you “chose” to print comments by individuals who use derogatory terms to describe Women in such a dehumanizing way (see comment by “Correct shun”). Likewise, it surprises me to see you print comments that linger on the edge of profiling, perhaps even displaying prejudices about an individuals religion. Many of us were repulsed by what was taking place in our University’s earlier this spring, the anti-Jewish sentiment.
    Bottom line is whether you support Trump, NB3, or Dahlstrom what displays a Nation in decline is its lack of Civility.

  14. Your first mistake was to think writers on here are civil. Some don’t think you are entitled to an opinion if it differs from their own. Some are hypocritical in their thinking. Others are sovereign citizens who want everything yet answer to no one. It best to wear thick skin in here and view this as entertainment. It’s refreshing to see abortion, crime, politics and sex all used as an excuse to apply butt salve liberally.

  15. Even if Ms. Dahlstrom has “strong ties” to labor, they will not throw Mary Peltola under the bus and vote for Nancy at the polls. Ms. Dahlstrom is a spoiler helping the labor movement retain Mary Peltola.

  16. Folks, why are you worrying about Nancy? She knows that she does not stand a chance. It’s just a run up for the 2026 Governors seat. Too bad the R’s are eating themselves.

  17. Don’t worry about Nancy or Nick being a “spoiler.” As long as Republican voters actually get out and vote and are smart enough to rank the Republican candidates 1 and 2 this time around, voting system glitches notwithstanding, Peltola should be out. Hey… as Lt. Gov, wasn’t Nancy in charge of making sure elections are free from manipulation? Not sure she actually made any improvements to election integrity…


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