Army tightens rules on soldiers’ association with extremist views or gang activity


The U.S. Army rolled out a new wide-ranging social media policy on Wednesday that may have serious consequences for soldiers who “like” and share information that the Army considers extremist.

The sanctions against such social media activity include being discharged from military service for something like displaying a flag or symbol, or wearing clothing associated with what the Army deems is a radical cause or a gang — even if off duty.

“The new rules clarify soldiers — on active duty or in the Reserve or National Guard — cannot knowingly participate in or support any extremist activity in or out of uniform, according to two new memorandums that Army Secretary Christine Wormuth sent to the force Wednesday. Those caught supporting extremist or gang activity — including wearing clothing, flying flags or sporting bumper stickers on their vehicles in support of extremist views — must be reported to their commanders, who are now required to report all such allegations to the Defense Department inspector general and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, according to the memos,” according to a report in Stars and Stripes.

“Active participation in extremist activities can be prohibited even in some circumstances in which such activities would be constitutionally protected in a civilian setting,” Wormuth wrote in one of the memos. “Enforcement of this policy is a responsibility of every command, is vitally important to unit cohesion and morale and is essential to the Army’s ability to accomplish its mission.”

Read more at Stars and Stripes.


  1. “Extremist views” in this case means there are 2 genders, supporting George Washington (the SLAVEOWNER), upholding the Constitution, etc.

  2. This is just begging to be abused by Grandpa Bloodstains gestapo.

    Who gets to choose “extreme”? After all, ANTIFA is “mostly peaceful”, and the pro Hamas terrorists are representing the “religion of peace”.

    This isn’t even a road to hell paved with good intentions. This is a shameless tool to purge the ranks.

  3. Official woke litmus tests for the military, controlled by an utterly incompetent and corrupt general officer corps. The State Department regularly flies “gay” flags around the world promoting extremists. The elite ruling class is completely disassociated from the citizenry who are regarded as subjects to them.

  4. Doesnt flying the American flag resemble an extremist view?
    Look at all the commotion that got stirred up over an American flag flying in our state park…now that was extreme.
    Looking at the pictures of the White House it seems the gay flag is the most prominent flag as it is positioned up front and center.
    And when it comes to MAGA will there be a new rule? Dont ask and dont tell like Obama made up for the queers?

  5. Good. When you take an oath to support and defend the United States, that means it isn’t conditional. By supporting folks that burn cars, and try to destroy the foundation of the country, you are saying I’m down with that. The military is held to a higher standard than the punk down on the street corner.

  6. Darnest thing. I posted something and it just when poof. Not into moderation, just gone.

    And it’s not the first time that’s happened.

    Anyone else have that problem?

  7. I’m betting this does not apply to communism, Zionism or groomers, just everything else.
    And they wonder why White boys don’t want to fight in their foreign wars to make the MIC more powerful. Globohomo in action. The army should be in Northern Mexico and everyone knows it, the CCP and cartels get free rein here while every week White women, cops, and kids are raped and killed by the invaders.

  8. They are opening up Pandora’s box here. What is an extremist view? It needs to be very specifically defined. A bumper sticker for trump not ok but for Biden is ok? Or would both
    Be banned because politics in itself is extremist. Any point of view could be extremist. Membership in the NRA? How about the League of Women voters? Bumper stickers for The National Wildlife Federation? A Must Read Alaska T shirt?

  9. By design there is no definition of extremist views. They can pick and choose what they want to consider extreme depending on the situation.

  10. …and they wonder why recruitment is down so much. Now it will go down even further. We will have no properly trained soldiers to defend our country.

  11. I remember when Jane Reno was Attorney General and was quoted as saying that extremists were often white Christians who were veterans and owned firearms. Like now, they were pretty elusive, being as she couldn’t find any of them who had committed violence.

  12. Freedom of speech is being destroyed in the military this will go to the Supreme Court, another nail in Biden’s coffin.


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