From transgender surgeries to drag shows: House committee to hold hearing on ‘woke ideologies’ influencing the military

Aircraft from the 23d Wing conducted a surge exercise on May 22, 2017, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. Photo credit: Staff Sgt. Ryan Callaghan, U.S. Air Force


U.S. lawmakers will hold a hearing Thursday on “woke ideologies” influencing the military and how that may be negatively impacting national security, including recruitment of new members.

Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs Chairman Glenn Grothman, R-Wisc., will host the hearing.

“The men and women who bravely serve within the military must stay focused on combat readiness, not left-wing objectives which serve no military purpose,” Grothman said in a statement. “It is imperative to extract this poisonous and unhelpful thinking from our military and return the armed services to their core functions.”

A laundry list of controversial examples of military spending have fueled these concerns including DOD funding for drag shows, as well as training members on things like white privilege and pronoun usage.

This hearing comes as the Department of Defense continues to report difficulty meeting recruitment targets. The DOD reported last month that it had missed its fiscal year recruiting goal by 41,000.

In fact, that shortfall only comes after the military branches had already lowered their recruiting goals. The DOD did not list the growth of progressive ideology as a reason for the shortfall, but other experts and critics have cited that ideology as a key factor.

At a hearing last March, Grothman has raised concerns about “progressive ideals” and its impact on recruitment.

The concern over progressive ideology in the military was at the forefront of the debate over and eventual passage in December of the National Defense Authorization Act, which funds the military for another year.

One provision passed by the U.S. House but removed by the Senate was a provision preventing the Department of Defense Education Activity, which educates on-base children, from promoting critical race theory.

“The House-passed version also put an end to taxpayer-funded abortion travel, transgender surgeries, and President Biden’s radical climate agenda in our nation’s military,” Rep. Brad Finstad, R-Minn, said in a statement at the time. “Unfortunately, the Senate chose to strip these provisions and instead used the NDAA to implement its far-left agenda by continuing to fund these woke policies.”

Now, those policies are under further scrutiny as it is already time to start formulating the next NDAA.

“Our military has one primary function: defend Americans and American interests at home and abroad,” Grothman said. “At least this was the primary function until the Biden Administration force fed progressivism into the branches of the armed services.”


  1. I cannot believe we allow all this BS in the military. Junior military members should live on base, in barracks – this creates unity. I know not all military members are infantry, there are logistics, IT, and many other jobs, but they should all have a warrior focus. When the regular work day is done, it is time to train in combatives, group exercise, tactics discussions, weapons training, and bible study. If there is time for drag shows, poetry readings, discussing “feelings”, and soforth on base on their off time, they they aren’t spending their time or our tax dollars wisely. That’s the military we should have.

    DJT has a vision for a revitalized military, filled with Christian warriors with warrior focus who are ready and able to attack any enemy. Vote wisely


    • Bible study and weapons training – yep. Then we go find us some Heathens to fight.

      Unless they’re bible-thumpers, too – Lawdy, lawdy – then what do we do? Turn the other cheek I guess, and invite them to Sunday dinner. After all, they’re one of us, right?

    • Not sure where you got the idea Trump wants a Christian military. I’m sure the 18 Jewish Medal of Honor winners approve.

      It is applauding how many alleged Christians have worked Trump into their theology.

      In your “religion”, does Trump sit on the right hand of God, the left hand, or in His lap?

      Idolatry is a sin. And boy are you sinning.

      • Trump does not sit at the right hand of God, he is not the Second Coming, he is not the Son of God – but he was SENT by God! I do not idolize him before God! Not at all. But I recognize why he was sent and who sent him.

        This video was widely ridiculed by the Leftist, but it speaks the truth (which is why it keeps being taken down): ‘

  2. Leftists are now using transgenderism as one more political issue to divide people, and dividing people helps to reinforce the Left-vs-Right dichotomy, which they feel works in their favor. The Democrats have been playing that game for decades and it is in our military now, and they accelerated it greatly during the Obama administration, playing on “racism” (of all things with a black president!), and they liked the results. So, maybe transgenderism is just the latest. Pretty soon it will be goat- and turkey-‘’ And the ‘educated elite’ will not only go along with it, they’ll eat it up as quickly as it’s dished out. American society is so sick in so many ways—mentally, emotionally, physically, and soon financially.

    • I cannot argue with you on any of that, Alexander. Sadly.

      I never, EVER thought I would live to see the day that the people of the USA became so degenerate and so brainwashed by their sociopathic masters.

    • And the left is winning. In large part because people who know better can’t be bothered to care.

      Khrushchev was right. We’ll fall without Russia (or China) firing a shot.

  3. I know military families who are telling their children to plan for a different career. The quality of our military will suffer for it.

    • Yep. I have family members getting close to that age, no one in the family is mentioning going into today’s military to them. We have a long line of service members and veterans on both sides of the tree, but we all just shake our heads at it now.

  4. This ” poisonous and unhelpful thinking” needs to be removed not only from our military but from society in general. No pun intended! We are approaching the point of no return. Cleared for take off.

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