Federally funded drag queen indoctrination hour for children at Native Heritage Center featured performer named ‘Ivanna Kishacok’


The Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage is getting in on the drag queen indoctrination of children craze. On Saturday, it hosted a drag queen story hour, with plenty of children in attendance. The event featured three drag queen performers reading children’s books aloud and dancing for the children.

One of the drag queens had the advertised stage name of “Ivanna Kishacok.”

Readers may have to read that several times to understand the sexual innuendo.

Later social media posts advertising the event removed the stage names of the drag queens, who were men dressed as women, somewhat grotesquely. Much of the event is captured on Facebook on the pages of the @NativeMovementAlaska account.

“Since time-immemorial our Indigenous cultures holistically valued our People in support of their well-being, including fluidity of gender concepts. This collaborative event celebrates gender equality through inclusive activities connecting traditional values to the present. Come celebrate with us, all genders, at this family-friendly event hosted by Native Movement and the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We also invite you to attend and if you complete a survey about your experience you will receive a $50 gift card! (1 per family),” the Alaska Native Heritage Center wrote in its invitation.

The event was paid for by taxpayers: “Funding for this conference was made possible (in part) by SAMHSA. The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government,” the center wrote.

SAMHSA is a federal agency dedicated to mental health and substance abuse treatment.

In addition to reading books, the men pranced and danced for the children in a way that can accurately be described as burlesque.


  1. I guess I’m not going to visit the ANHC – I had been looking forward to that someday… While the Native cultures that I’m familiar with feature respect as their highest ethic, drag queens are NOT part of their culture. This is simply more lefty lunacy.

    • For Rich and Joseph, etc: Wow, my bad.. I got it backwards. I saw the people protesting on Muldoon St and thought it was the ANHC warning us. How did They get so screwed up?

  2. Some of my patients have told me that they go to drag queen events because there is no circus or exotic animal zoo in Alaska. So,……entertainment for straight people? Afraid so. These events, with people who should be in psychotherapy, are going mainstream. Mental and physical perversions do attract attention by people who are otherwise normal. However, children still need protection from these events.

  3. This is insulting to not just the Native culture but to anyone who believes that children should not be indoctrinated by these sick perverts. It is also an abuse to use Federal Tax dollars to promote this indoctrination and entice people to bring their children by offering a bribe of $50 to demonstrate wide attendance and accept of this deceptive ideology.

    This is all part of the early childhood indoctrination program that is being pushed in public libraries, schools and now cultural centers by the liberal supporters of this new concept of gender identities that never even existed 50 years or more ago. There have been homosexuals and prostitutes for centuries. The glorification, open public exploitation and forcing of the many kinds of alphabet deviants on the public and children did not exist in the in the US past and is still against the law and moral values in many countries in the world.

    It was against the law in colonial times in this country with a capital punishment of death. Prior to 1962 and the adoption of the model penal code it was a felony offense in all States and the District of Columbia. In 1962 Michigan became the first State to adopt the model penal code to lower the penalties. It still remained a felony offense in most States until a Supreme Court decision striking down laws concerning sodomy and homosexual behavior between consenting adults in private in a Texas case. The following are quotes from Wikipedia.org.

    “Prior to 1962, sodomy was a felony in every state, punished by a lengthy term of imprisonment and/or hard labor. In that year, the Model Penal Code (MPC) — developed by the American Law Institute to promote uniformity among the states as they modernized their statutes — struck a compromise that removed consensual sodomy from its criminal code while making it a crime to solicit for sodomy. In 1962 Illinois adopted the recommendations of the Model Penal Code and thus became the first state to remove criminal penalties for consensual sodomy from its criminal code,[6] almost a decade before any other state. Over the years, many of the states that did not repeal their sodomy laws had enacted legislation reducing the penalty. At the time of the Lawrence decision in 2003, the penalty for violating a sodomy law varied very widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction among those states retaining their sodomy laws. The harshest penalties were in Idaho, where a person convicted of sodomy could earn a life sentence. Michigan followed, with a maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment while repeat offenders got life.”

    “Lawrence v. Texas, 539 U.S. 558 (2003), was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court ruled that sanctions of criminal punishment for those who commit sodomy are unconstitutional.[1][2] The Court reaffirmed the concept of a “right to privacy” that earlier cases, such as Roe v. Wade, had found the U.S. Constitution provides, even though it is not explicitly enumerated.[3] The Court based its ruling on the notions of personal autonomy to define one’s own relationships and of American traditions of non-interference with private sexual decisions between consenting adults.“

    Since then an aggressive campaign has been carried out by the liberals MSM, Hollywood and organizations and members of this deviant community to expand the acceptance and convince everyone that this is acceptable behavior. It is not enough that they eliminate laws to allow them to live in the lifestyle they believe in. They have to continue to indoctrinate, recruit and destroy others beliefs.

    When are those of us going to say enough is enough. A beginning is happening with the battle to stop the implementation of of Critical Race Theory in schools, workplace and the military. It is time that we fight back also to stop indoctrination and exploitation of children in these deviant beliefs.

    I have no objections to anyone practicing their sexual beliefs in private as consenting adults.

  4. You know it! The future of a United States depends mostly on this generation of children born after 2001 and how they decide to live.

    Will they follow the LGBTQ-Pedos sexually immoral peoples, or will they rebel against their own parents and follow the God of Abraham and His commands written in Leviticus?

    We all know what happens to nations that worshipped themselves indulging in all kinds of sexual and immoral behaviors. The Great nations all crumbled, splintered, and broke apart.

    I look at Americans are as tolerant to LGBTQ+ as the Isrealites were to Baal prophets, ashtoreth poles, baal and molech priests and temples being in their land at one time. Every nation has destroyed itself when they lust after themselves.

  5. How sick our state has become to allow this kind of behavior with our youngsters. Shame on anyone in support of this!!

  6. So sick, taking your little pure innocent child to a sick thing like this.
    I’m calling it child abuse. Adult men showing their underwear to young kids.
    Those parents need their kids taken away from them.
    Plus these confused blanks, need to go to Jail, for exposing themselves to underage kids.
    Where’s the loving families, where Mom loves Dad, Dad loves Mom, End of Story
    It’s Sickening, men acting like women it must be horrible for these children.
    Remember God Created man and woman, End of Story
    Yes he created, all kinds of different people, Red, Yellow, Black, and White
    But only two genders Female/Women and Male/Men.

  7. This is disgusting. Don’t use my tax dollars to indoctrinated our children to this bull. As a Native I’m pissed. Defund the sick native bull— center.

  8. Jesus, Jesus, protect the children, I pray! It has come as You said, where evil is called good and good is called evil. The iminds of these innocent children are being twisted and confused by the enemy, taking them from what is natural, to what is unnatural and unclean.
    Lord, open the eyes of the people and give them understanding, so that they will protect their children and not partake in these evil doings! Lord may You place Your Word and Your Spirit into the hearts of these children and surround them all with Your angels, so they won’t slip and fall into the traps of the enemy. May they choose You and Your ways, all the days of their lives!
    In the Mighty Name of Jesus I Pray! Amen!

  9. Anyone that would allow their children to attend or watch anything like this needs their head examined. Taxpayers need to tell their elected officials to stop funding these sick activities and give us our tax money back for wasting it on this trash.

  10. It is hard to believe that the native community supports this. You hear the term “native pride” all the time, and yet the native corporations turn their back on their own people, when they have the funds to actually do some good for them. Please boycott this event. PURE TRASH!!!

  11. Thank you so much to the heritage center for being brave enough to lead in this important work. Alaskan natives have been told what is right and wrong for too long. I think if SAMHSA is a “federal agency dedicated to mental health and substance abuse treatment” they’re doing it right. This is preventative care and with amazing work like this continuing maybe we will bring down the number of suicides in Alaska. To those who feel the need to be venomous, know that in general, LGBQT+ individuals are the kindest, most accepting, encouraging, loving people I have had the privilege of meeting in my entire life. Stay resilient friends. You are changing the world : )

    • Nauric, I do not doubt your sincerity, however ask yourself one question. Why do LGBQT folks deem it prudent to “prance” around children? Perhaps they are revealing some horrible secret from their own past? Isn’t it true that many Child Molesters were themselves subjected to sexual abuse as minors? Just wondering if you have ever connected the dots. Is the story above detailing a type of recruitment?

    • Nauru:
      I don’t want them around my family. Native kids learn from Nature. What LBGTQ preaches is against Nature.

  12. I don’t care how they live, but your tax dollars do not pay for my church to evangelize in your face, my tax dollars should not pay for this trash indoctrination. This normalizes aberrancy. What next? S&M for kindergarten? Snuff for fun? Do you have any limits?

  13. You bunch are hysterical. Your presence will certainly not be missed at the Heritage Center. What ever happened to “All Lives Matter”? Sniveling hypicrites. Every last one of you.

    • Eric — seriously …. (I am a liberal by the way) but dont you think this is a little messed up?

  14. Oh my, drag queens are now giving lessons

    On perversion right out in public sessions

    We’ll have to forbid

    Don’t involve the kids

    Might your balls be pushed into your intestines

    Jump back in the closet we will shout

    If in front of kids you be prancing about

    Kishacok thinks its name is so bold

    I have one just for you, be foretold

    Check my ‘stage name’ you perverted lout  

    I have that handle quite for a reason

    It certainly ain’t for you to be pleasin’

    You think you’re taking charge

    Hear our lesson learnt large

    Stay away from the kids; for up we’re not easin’

  15. This is child abuse. People need to stand up against this indoctrination at the Loussac Library and at the Heritage center.

  16. What kind of parent exposes their child to this perversion?!! This is child abuse. Our nation is being systemically destroyed by leftists and will wind up in the same rubbish heap as ancient Rome.

  17. Did you hear why the little village boy never ran away from home?

    He couldn’t leave his brother’s behind.

    I’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

  18. In Russia, have heard there are laws forbidding children to be exposed to homosexuality issues until at least 16 years of age. In China, young men are being taught how to be more masculine. I thought the Native culture was better than this. Where is the Orthodox Church? Homosexuality is forbidden in the Bible. All three major world religions, Christian, Jewish, Islam, condemn homosexuality and other perversions as immoral, does great harm to the individual.

  19. Eric T: You’re correct, the presence of us sniveling hypocrites won’t be missed … but our dollars will … and the dollars of every grant we oppose will … and the preference and support we give to Native programs, not just by whites, but by Natives, will be missed.
    By individual, or sometimes even collective actions, we give ourselves “black eyes” every once in a while … but to stoop this low for a few federal dollars just stinks to the high heavens.
    And to be completely politically incorrect … I couldn’t give a damn what any LGBTQ thinks. LGBTQ had it good until these evil drag queen stories. Before that, LGBTQ was merely an annoyance. Now they’ve become a clear and present danger.
    Remember the bad reception of your “Here to Conqueer the World” slogan? There are real limits to tolerance.
    More importantly, you’re only 3.7% of the US population. Any time it becomes a real issue, your “movement” can be broken, without working up a sweat.

  20. EW: When China started the one child program, families preferred boys. This led to abortions of girls (even after live birth) which created an abundance of boys, and a shortage of girls.
    Too many boys couldn’t find wives. As is human nature, the gap was filled by girly-boys. This led to an unbalanced society, so China changed to a two child system.

  21. Thank you JosephPHD for pointing out the obvious truth to those that are blind and can’t see. To be silent and accept this abuse because we are afraid to talk up and tell them what they have coming is wrong. I liked your previous post also. I was always proud to take my visitors the the Native Heritage Center so they and I could learn more about their culture and proud history. My daughter in-laws parents were teachers in the villages for many years and were given a Seal Skin Parka as a gift. When her father passed away she received the Parka. We discussed whether to keep it in our family, sell it or donate it to the Center as it was quite valuable. She decided to donate it anonymously because we felt that everyone who visited could gain from the fine craftsmanship and detail. She lives in Fairbanks and asked me to take it in for her. She gave it me on a visit to Fairbanks. I stopped in to the Center one day and went to the front desk. I asked if they would like to have it as a gift and they eagerly agreed. They asked for my daughter in law’s name or her parents names. I explained she did not want anything in return or recognition. They offered a tax receipt and putting a name plate near it honoring the donation if they could display it. I still said no, she grew up in several villages and just wanted them to have it. It was very old and hard to find with the artists name on it now. But learning that they are willing to sponsor and pay for this very bad example of behavior. I will no longer take visitors there, donate or participate in any activities at the Native Center. It may be our loss but when you act dishonorably there is a price to pay and a loss of respect. They need to publicly and very honestly condemn this mistake and hope they can build trust again. The responsible person or persons for this mistake should be terminated and never be in a position to shame the Native population and all moral Alaskans again.

  22. Well I am not surprised. Pedophilia and sexual abuse is at epidemic levels in this nation and we all know the deep dark secret of this problem in the villages. So I am not surprised one bit that this was allowed to take place at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. It’s called grooming. And anyone that has been around this LGBT culture for decades sees this for what it is really is. It’s only the dumbed down indoctrinated youth and adult pedophiles that think this is okay and then there is the small handful of misguided parents that are just wanting to be liked and looked at as tolerant, loving, and open minded, by their leftist loving echo chambers of a peer group.

    I don’t have any problem with what adults want to do in their spare time; I grew up around these lifestyles in LA and Las Vegas for goodness sake, but with children, really? This is sick and is not okay. There is nothing okay about this in any way and I have many long lasting gay and tranny friends that feel the exact same way. This is wrong and shame on every parent that brought their child to be a part of this event.

    Alaskans are so sheltered and clueless to this type of adult entertainment so it seems cool, trendy, exotic and fun; but the truth is, to someone like myself that has been exposed to this type of entertainment for over thirty years of my life, all these people praising this as tolerate and loving are just a bunch of trendy, braindead posers thinking they are cool when they just look like uncultured, uneducated fools sexually grooming their children for the name of tolerance. Remember what you tolerate you authorize.

  23. SM: There is less pedophilia, per capita, in bush villages, than in cities. One can’t be anonymous in a bush village. The kids talk freely amongst themselves, and report to parents, who find out very quickly.
    So, you don’t know any deep dark secret in the villages.

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