Allen West: The dangers of a ‘woke’ U.S. military



The motto of the U.S. Army is “This We’ll Defend.” In the modern Armed Services of the U.S. military, we all take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. That is what separates our military from all others in the world–the oath that we take. And truthfully, for us as veterans, that oath should never cease.

Our military is charged with being the guardians of our constitutional republic, the instrument of protecting our national security. They stand, and many of you reading this missive have stood, on freedom ramparts, on watch, on patrol, Semper Paratus (Always Ready) to answer the call when our Nation needs.

However, today there is a growing concern about the preparedness, and indeed focus, of our current military. The recent news that our military is not meeting recruitment goals is very disconcerting. We have heard of this before, post-Vietnam War, when many were concerned with the all-volunteer force. But, this current episode of a drop in recruitment stems from a very different reason.

Our young men and women are not favorable to joining up with a “woke” military that is advancing progressive socialist ideological agendas that are anathema to the military culture.

First, consider the issue of discharging members of the military for refusing to get the COVID “jab.” Those of us who have served know very well that before deployments into certain regions there were vaccines one had to take because of specified diseases. However, the COVID vaccine being forced upon members of the military is an experimental vaccine that does not adhere to the military’s own guidelines. 

There was not a major readiness risk to our military from a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate. Members of the military were, in fact, at less risk than the general population because they do not possess the same comorbidities, such as obesity and heart disease, and they are not elderly. Matter of fact, evidence has shown more military members having adverse reactions, especially heart issues, due to the jab. And now we know that the vaccines did not prevent COVID.

Yet, our civilian and senior military leadership has discharged highly qualified troops and denied religious exemptions. There have been some 6,000 active duty troops dismissed, some under threat of a dishonorable discharge, along with some 60,000 National Guard troops who are having their pay and benefits cut, all because they have refused the shot–talk about coercive tactics.

And we all know that the whole vaccine mandate edict arose during the debacle in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will go down as the greatest strategic, operational, and tactical blunder in the history of the United States. The loss of life for thirteen Marines, sailors, and Soldiers did not have to happen. The fact that we restored to power the very people our men and women had fought so hard to remove from the battlefield was a slap in the face to those who served in Afghanistan…and sent a message to those who would want to join our military.

What may be the biggest reason why we are not seeing our armed forces meet recruitment goals must be the infiltration of cultural Marxism into the military. The fact that critical race theory has found its way into our armed services is highly disturbing. How can one build a cohesive fighting force when telling one group they are oppressors and the other they are oppressed?

Along with that, the recent video from the U.S. Navy addressing the use of proper pronouns is unconscionable. I thought it was a Babylon Bee spoof. Combine that with the drive towards the gender dysphoria wokeness where servicemembers are allowed to determine what gender they want on their ID card and must be addressed as such. And just recently, the Secretary of Defense, someone with whom I served at Ft. Bragg, declared that troops just have to get used to gender dysphoric troops in bathroom facilities with them, even though they have not undergone any transition…and yes, the American taxpayer is paying for these transitions.

That is correct, female troops must shower with biological males in the military. Our military is being used as a project of leftist social engineering.

All of this is coming when our number one geo-political foe, China, has launched its third aircraft carrier. This is happening when America has its smallest Navy fleet in its modern history. We have gone from President Reagan’s 600-ship Navy down to under 300. We have had more designated illegal immigrant “got aways” in America over the past 18 months than we have active duty Soldiers and Marines currently serving!

Once upon a time in America young men who were not of age were lying to serve their Nation. Today we find ourselves in a situation in America where the recruitment base does not meet the minimal standards to serve this Nation in uniform. This has led current military leadership to waive high school diploma requirements.

I am witnessing all of this happen with a broken heart. In my family, there has been a long line of men who have served this Nation. Our family legacy of service started with my dad in World War II, my older brother who was a Marine infantryman (oops, can’t say infantryman anymore), my 22 years of service, and my nephew who currently is serving as a Lieutenant Colonel. Even in our extended family, that legacy exists–my Father-in-Law served in the Army for 24 years with two tours of duty in Vietnam. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Our oldest daughter’s husband served 13 years in the US Army Reserve, and as I write this piece, our youngest daughter’s husband is at Army Basic training in Ft. Jackson South Carolina. He will graduate at the end of July.

Why do we see these disturbing things happening in our military? Perhaps it is because some 45-50 years ago, the percentage of Members of Congress who had served in our military was over 70%. Today that percentage is down around 17-18%. Once upon a time, this Nation didn’t consider someone to be President who had never served our Nation in uniform, that was the model created by our first General and President, George Washington.

Our military serves a greater and higher purpose for this Nation, the profit margin is not in dollars but lives. The military does not take an oath to a person or a political party, or political ideology. If we continue down that path, the threat to our national security grows exponentially.

And the glee of our enemies grows by the same measure.

Today, our Nation needs its Veterans more than ever to stand, speak up, and continue to support and defend our Constitution. That is why the American Constitutional Rights Union has the Committee to Support and Defend. We need more of our Veterans who embrace their oath, continuing their service in other aspects of our Constitutional Republic. Our call to serve never ends!

Steadfast and Loyal.

Allen West is an American politician and retired military officer. A member of the Republican Party, West represented Florida’s 22nd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013 and served as the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas from 2020 to 2021. This column can be also read at AMAC.


  1. Falling short of recruitment goals is typical during periods of low unemployment, hard to come up with a solution when recruitment age populations are dropping and conservatives are trying to expand the military

    • Nope, nope, and nope.

      People who serve in a volunteer force serve regardless of economic situations. It’s a culture of service and sacrifice most people aren’t suited for. If you had friends or family who served, you’d know this. The military boomed during the Reagan era when the economy was running speed.

      The problem is so simple you have to deliberately close your eyes not to see them. The portion of society historically inclined to serve is the portion of society regressives are constantly attacking. Plus no sane person wants to put their life on the line for leadership more worried about pronouns and “white rage” than killing the enemy.

      Recruitment age kids these days also tend to be fat, stupid, and entitled. Not someone you want beside you in a foxhole. Todays military requires people who are smart, can walk a mile without passing out, and willing to learn.

      Since there are zero conservatives in power in politics or the Joint Chiefs, your assertion of conservatives trying to expand the military is so badly wrong it doesn’t merit further comment.

      You really aren’t good at this.

      • Spot on, my friend. I don’t know if you are a veteran or not, but this is exactly what is happening in the military and if you can see it from the outside, imagine what it’s like being inside. Side note: Lloyd Austin is a clown and should be immediately removed.

    • Frank, yes, we have a booming economy ever since China Joe begin his mandating the devastation and destruction of Amerika! You are absolutely RIGHT!

    • Frank I don’t know how many “conservatives” you even know or talk to but we are NOT trying to expand the military. As a matter fact many of us are now telling our kids to forget the military. The liberals have destroyed it. The traitor Milley, the clueless bumblewhit Austin, the forced vaxx experiment, openly gay soldiers begging for easier standards and more “equal treatment”. Being denied religious exemptions for Christians but bending over backwards to accommodate Sikhs, Islamics and Muslims. After the disastrous and pathetic way your hero quid pro Joe left Afghanistan, like the gutless coward he is, most of us who went or had family members who went multiple times, some of whom paid the ultimate price……are pretty much at a point where we’re done fighting winless wars.
      You lefties from Wisconsin can try to defend what’s left of this country after the next 4 million illegals walk across our open border. Milksops like you and Pelosi,Schumer,AOC and the rest of the “squad” are the ones who call in the military to protect them in our nations capitol and then turn around and spit on our efforts by forcing us to live in the damn parking garage for a month while they get dropped in in armored Tahoes. Convicts are treated better.
      You forced out the ones who are uncomfortable continuing the American governments long standing tradition of treating servicemen as Guinea pigs and are queering up the remaining ones to a point that they won’t know a hand grenade from a curling iron.
      Let’s not even get started on the abysmal VA, I know you’ve never needed to use one but they are sorely underfunded and understaffed. There is no low too low for this countries treatment of her veterans. You’re a self righteous fool masquerading as informed because you watch CNN AND CBS. Get a clue.
      Also, it’s easy to have low unemployment numbers now that the pandemic is over and the left has decided to “allow” people to return to working in-person. How dumb are you?

      • Slight correction: It’s not the gay males making a stink. When “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was rescinded, guess what happened? Nothing. Because no one actually cares if you’re gay. Just do your job. “What’s the real problem then?”, you may ask. Answer: angry lesbian blue-hairs and beta males. Both have inundated the Armed Forces and cried so hard the military has caved to their leftist demands. There is also a cowardice problem, especially (though it pains me to say) with conservatives. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had a so-called conservative E-7 tell me, “You can’t say that!” or “You better be careful saying things like that around [insert name here].” Nothing will change (in fact, things will get worse) until conservatives grow a set and unapologetically say what they believe and back it with action.

    • It is not necessary to be a member of the military to comment on it. It does not require friends/family who were in it to comment on it.

      As an American citizen, anyone can offer an opinion until Chairman Joe and his DOJ criminalize it.

      But to make a comment which might carry weight or promote thoughtful discussion, it helps to have some idea of the topic beyond talking point from MSNBC.

  2. Our family of Military Service dates to the Civil War including myself, my brother, our father, uncle and aunt, grand father and great grandfather in a continuous line of service.

    Military men and women take an oath of office that includes an unwritten call option on our lives while in service to our country.

    Think about that for a few minutes.

    I am 77 years of age and it saddens me to see what is happening to our military and our country. It reminds me of my study in college of the history of past civilizations and how they collapsed.

  3. Too many to list. But 2 come to mind.

    -inability to fight a war with someone who doesn’t respect military preferred pronouns.

    -a military so political it might actually turn on its own citizens like the Soviet Bloc did. I suspect that’s the ultimate goal.

    Sad, isn’t it.

    • Isn’t it funny how those of us who grew up respecting the military, the flag and the Constitution are now the domestic terrorist, extremists and deplorables that this country can longer tolerate if it wishes to survive?
      I also love the irony of ol’ poppy pants Biden threatening to kill us with F-15s and nukes and the mainstream media and libtards like Frank Rast, Sophie and Lucinda ignoring it while still crying about “radical” Trump and his mean tweets. Hypocrisy flourishes on the left.

      • We are in a civil war. We have been for some time, just didn’t know it. People finally started to realize it during the year of rioting.

        The organs of the state are being used expressly for the purpose of forcing half of the population to knee or pay the price.

    • The left’s plan is for granting citizenship to any undocumented alien who volunteers for US military service. They were vocal about that for a while, until someone probably told them to tone it down, not to tip their hand too soon.

      • Google “granting citizenship to any undocumented alien who volunteers for US military service”.
        You will find “citizen Path, MUSE, and much more. See for yourself.

  4. Rome had problems getting enough soldiers for their legions as their Empire neared its final collapse, as well — even with most of the legionaries being non-Romans to begin with.

    • Yes as the empire spread, really just were assimilated much like the Etruscans were. It was either join the army or become a slave and fight in the Colosseum. It wasn’t much of a decision really. When Hadrian was in Britain, All along The Wall was outposts and many of the legions members took wives and set up homes along the frontier.

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