Buzz Kelley suspends Senate race, endorses Kelly Tshibaka


On Monday’s Dan Fagan Show, broadcast at 650 KENI, Buzz Kelley announced he suspended his campaign for U.S. Senate and endorsed Kelly Tshibaka.

Buzz Kelley had finished in 4th place in the Aug. 16 primary and advanced to the general election, and many political analysts said he made the final four due to his name being confused with Kelly Tshibaka’s.

Buzz Kelley will still appear on the Nov. 8 ballot, along with Tshibaka, Democrat Pat Chesbro, and incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski. But Buzz Kelley is asking Alaskans who voted for him in the primary to instead support Tshibaka in the general election.

“I am suspending my campaign and I’m asking all those who supported me and/or my ideas, if you would now please throw your support behind Kelly Tshibaka,” Buzz Kelley said on Fagan’s show. “She is our best bet to deny Murkowski.”

Buzz Kelley also indicated that he was in the process of transforming his campaign-themed car into one that promotes the Tshibaka campaign.

“I am grateful and honored to have Buzz Kelley’s support and agree with his conclusion that presenting a unified front gives us the best opportunity to beat Lisa Murkowski,” Tshibaka said. “With both Buzz Kelley’s support and the endorsement of former Democratic candidate Edgar Blatchford as well, it’s clear that Alaskans from across the spectrum are uniting behind our campaign. Murkowski has grown more and more liberal over the course of 21 years in the Senate, and she’s now clearly one of Joe Biden’s best allies. Alaskans know it’s time for a change, and when I’m in the Senate, I will always stand up for Alaska values.”

Listen to Buzz Kelley’s interview here, with his campaign suspension announcement at about the 24-minute mark.

Edgar Blatchford, who was a Democratic candidate in the Senate primary, endorsed Tshibaka last week.


  1. If we can get a Cheeseburger over to Kelly T,
    Lisa and House Husband may be shopping for a home in Mexico by January. And I’m not putting any money down on their retirement villa.

    • Sarge, I am betting you aren’t exactly a peach yourself.
      We are born in the skin we have.
      If that is a factor in your thinking…
      I am sure Dan doesn’t much care.

  2. I am still waiting for Ms. Tshibaka to talk about her seventeen years (2002 – 2019) as a Deep State operative in Washington, D.C. Please note that this time period includes the entire Obama Administration.

      • OK. According to Ms. Tshibaka’s resume, right after her graduation from the vaunted Harvard Law School, in 2002 she began a seventeen year career in a number of high posts in the federal government. With the exception of her two years as Commissioner of Administration, the seventeen years with the feds in Washington, D.C. represents her entire working career. I would like to hear a bunch more about that, particularly her eight years working for the Obama regime. The long and short of things is that we know very little about Ms. Tshibaka, other than she is not Lisa Murkowski and is endorsed by former reality TV star Donald J. Trump. I would like to see a whole lot more contribution and a bit less ambition. Finally, I have doubts about her willingness to put the interests of Alaska ahead of the desires of Donald Trump. But that may just be me…

    • Hi, JMARK. You might send Mrs. T. a polite letter of inquiry. Otherwise, your remaining option is to vote for our hereditary U.S. senator – the one who clearly would NOT have won the recent primary election if the Republican candidates’ ballot had been limited to Alaska’s registered Republican and non-declared voters. KT will have my first and only vote for the U.S. Senate.

    • But wasn’t she working for Ted who was obviously not playing ball with Barry. Barry was behind all of the BS Uncle Ted experienced on the way out. Remember when Mark cried? Remember when Mark was the deciding vote on that health care BS they shoved down our throat on Christmas eve with absolutely no bipartisan support. That was the beginning of the Cloward and Piven agenda. Man I wish I could watch a Begich cry at a podium again………I am voting for Kelly and I hope everyone else does too.

      • Her resume on LinkedIn reflects no time when she was “working for Ted.” Maybe she was a summer intern at some point, but that does not represent actual experience.

    • And who do you think Lisa belongs to..?? Definitely NOT Alaska. She’s been standing in left field for Alaskans for quit awhile..oh,yes Just maybe??some issues, but not the important ones.

    • After Kelly Tshibaka does NOT win this race, she and her family will pack up and pay their own way* back to the Washington, DC area to resume their permanent residence and continue with new and different government jobs there.


      * I continue to be concerned about the $80,000.00 Alaska paid to move her and her family to Alaska for the jobs Dunleavy created for her and her husband. The moving costs were outrageously high and possibly inflated; I’d like to see the paperwork. These two should have paid their own way and settled up appropriately with the IRS.

  3. JMARK, Yes, interesting to be sure, especially since Kelly earned a Harvard Law Degree despite her Daddy being a mere Electrician and political nobody, that part of a story has an appeal to me , especially so in juxtaposition to “Frank the Bank’s” little princess and her complete lack of distinction other then being a member of the “lucky Sperm Club”. I suppose Kelly had me at “I’m not Lisa”… (a great 1975 Country /hit by Jessi Colter too BTW)
    Actually, I’ve met Kelly, where I expressed the sole reason for my support and that I wasn’t expecting much if she did prevail against Lisa aka “Kill Baby Kill”. Her answers to my questions were reasonable and she seemed to be the perfectly normal and very poised unlike Sarah Palin.
    What am I saying? I believe that Kelly may indeed be a swamp creature, Uncle Ted was one too and yet he yielded some good things for Alaska. I’m merely ready for a change that begins with dumping Lisa. I respect Kelly for running and thus far cannot take exception to her message.

    Your thoughts are always appreciated.

  4. First we are supplied a laundry list of unqualified candidates that populate a ballot primarily to dilute the card.

    Then when they back out they have somehow earned the right to tell you how to vote?

    Yeah, no.

    • Trouser. You appear to be clever, quick witted and informed judging from your comments over the years. You bemoan the lack of good candidates, but then don’t offer us your services as Senator Trouser Bark. ( has a nice ring to it) Hell, I’d take you over Lisa in a Kuskokwim Muskrat second!

  5. Kelley didn’t have to drop out of the campaign. He could have had the same effect by staying in and urging his supporters to vote second-choice for Tshibaka. His withdrawal will have no impact on the outcome. The election is going to be decided by the second-choice votes.

  6. Kelley didn’t have to drop out of the campaign. He could have had the same effect by staying in and urging his supporters to vote second-choice for Tshibaka. His withdrawal will have no impact on the outcome. The election is going to be decided by the second-choice votes.

  7. Hold on a minute here….didn’t Al Gross drop out AFTER the deadline (and keep Tara Sweeney off the ballot) and his name DID NOT appear on the ballot? I think the DOE needs to explain why this is treated differently than the special election house race! This smacks of “thumb on the scale” to me.


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