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Pants on fire: Documents show climate czar Gina McCarthy lied, said there was ‘lack of interest’ in Cook Inlet leases


When White House national climate advisor Gina McCarthy accidentally emailed a reporter that a key oil and gas lease sale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet was “cancelled,” officials at the Department of the Interior scrambled for an explanation amid surging gas prices and rampant inflation.

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They cited “lack of industry interest” to justify the cancellation, but 500 pages of e-mails and documents from Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management contain no mention of this excuse  in the lease sale until it was publicly announced as the reason.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation obtained these emails and other documents through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. They reveal that BOEM began drafting the initial memo recommending cancellation of the Cook Inlet lease sale in January 2022.

In an April 12, 2022 email, BOEM staff discussed five bullets about why the lease sale has not yet occurred. “Lack of industry interest” is not cited.

BOEM’s “Director’s Weekly Meeting” summary document dated May 16, 2022 explains that “[i]t is highly unlikely that BOEM will be able to complete the required steps to hold this sale prior to expiration of the 2017-2022 National OCS program on June 30, 2022.”

On May 11 and 12 – when CBS News published its story – BOEM shifted its tone to “lack of industry interest” despite not mentioning this in its previous documents.

These documents suggest the Biden Administration is misleading the American people on why it decided to hinder development of domestic energy production while Americans are dealing with pain at the pump.

If the Biden Administration were truly concerned with inflation, they would commit to unleashing American energy abundance, not cancelling lease sales.

Read all the BOEM documents: 546-page version + 597-page version + 249-page version



  1. A climate fanatic lied? Again?
    Say it ain’t so.

    Biden wanted to be historic. He’s accomplished that. Turned the most powerful nation on Earth into a 3rd world crap pile. “Leading” us into a new dark age.

    The elites will still have power, gas, heat, and food. Us? They don’t care about us.

    • It’s hard to tell who hates us more; the elites, or the left. If you love God, know the difference between a man and a woman, and just want to be left alone to run your business and raise your children, you are public enemy number one to BOTH groups, and they have, as of maybe 2008 or 2010, formed an unholy alliance. It’s a formidable group of foes we are up against. That said, if we can just gather our Courage, and with a little luck, it may just be enough..

  2. Except Cook Inlet gas only has one customer–Alaska. Which is why our natural gas price didn’t spike like the rest of the L48. For AFP to choose Cook Inlet to drop some “stinging” news shows either ignorance of O&G markets or they think their supporters are too dumb and rabid to care. Lazy.

    • MRAK FAN – Our natural gas prices didn’t spike? They sure have gone way up according to my electric bill. The Power Cost Adjustment ( gas surcharge) has been steadily rising for months now and is causing real pain for consumers on the Peninsula.

  3. Cook Inlet is where we get the gas to heat our homes and generate the electricity critical for South Central. It’s vital we support an active and healthy oil & gas industry here or we’re going the way of the dodo. The Biden regime and democrats as a whole have demonstrated they are at war with oil & gas development anywhere so I hope people get a clue and vote these imbeciles out of office in November.

    • You are not entirely correct.
      pResident Brandon and the democrats are not at war with gas and oil. They are at war with citizens that do not bow to their demands for absolute power. Cutting off energy is one of many tools they have, and are using to force the deplorables into compliance.

  4. More oil and gas fibbery being detrimental to climate change as Biden jets 30 minutes to Delaware to vote in the state primary. Funny how the higher ups can lecture the little people about sacrifice, as they zoom away in their jets and gas guzzling motorcades. It’s also easy for Biden to open up leases on federal lands that nobody wants and then blame O&G for gas prices. Just change the party name from Democrat to Hypocrite.

  5. Would someone please inform Dermot Cole that he is wrong again? Thanks for including the urls to the documents. They make fascinating reading.

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