Biden slaps at GOP in his reelection launch; RNC launches counter attack


President Joe Biden launched his reelection bid on Tuesday, saying that his first term was about fighting for democracy, and accusing “MAGA extremists” of “lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms.”

His prepared video roll for social media was clipped together with imagery of an America in which he and Vice President Kamala Harris are good and that features Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, former President Donald Trump, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as bad for the country.

At the same time, the Republican National Committee released a video that uses artificial intelligence and powerful video to darkly imagine what another four years would be like under the “weakest president” America has ever had.

The election is in November of 2024. Already announced Republicans are former President Donald Trump, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, talk show host and author Larry Elder, former Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

Democrat candidates include Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and New Age spiritualist Marianne Williamson.

Biden is 80 and by the time he would finish his second term, he would be about 86, as he was born in November of 1942.

His dementia is evident and he slurs his way through his speeches. He has held few press conferences, and is carefully scripted for every occasion. He has given only 54 press interviews, the fewest since Ronald Reagan was in office. Biden’s predecessor gave 202 during his first two years, and Barack Obama gave 275 interviews.

Even the New York Times has taken note of Biden’s lack of accountability: “But as Mr. Biden prepares to announce his bid for a second term as soon as Tuesday, he is accelerating the demise of traditions that have underpinned the relationship with the news media for decades. The president’s strategy of keeping the press at arm’s length is a bet that he can sidestep those traditions in a new media environment. And it is public evidence that Mr. Biden’s political strategists want to protect him from the unscripted exchanges that have often resulted in missteps and criticism.”

An example of what the Biden campaign would like to downplay was evident on Monday. At a White House event for Teacher of the Year on Monday, the clearly feeble president was led by First Lady Jill Biden out of the White House and to the Rose Garden by the hand, as she visibly tugged him along like a child. Once he took the podium, he slurred through his speech, reading from a massive screen set up behind the teachers who had gathered.

Notably, Biden’s campaign launch video shows Vice President Kamala Harris twice, indicating that he intends to keep her as his running mate.

The launch video positions Biden as the defender of democracy and avoids the uncomfortable topic of his economic policies that have led to hardship for so many Americans.

In addition to his radical social agenda that has begun to erase the biological definition of male and female and that has taken aim at the family unit by saying that children belong to the government, Biden has crippled the nation’s economy by increasing federal spending by $10 trillion.

Since he took office, he increased debt projections by $6 trillion over 10 years. National debt is now nearly $32 trillion. His executive orders alone have increased spending by more than $1 trillion over 10 years. His inflation-driving economic policies have increased the Congressional Budget Office’s projection of interest payments on the debt by $3.6 trillion over those 10 years.

In fact, Americans now make 3.6% less a week than they did before Biden took office, and inflation has jumped to 15%. Workers, through inflation eating away at their incomes, have lost the equivalent of $7,400 worth of income in two years.

Under his proposed budget for FY 2023, spending is $73 trillion, or 23.4% of gross domestic product, the highest sustained level in American history. Taxes will be $58 trillion, or nearly 19% of gross domestic product, also the highest sustained level in history. Deficits would be $14.4 trillion, or 4.7% of GDP, the highest sustained level in history.

Biden’s current budget has the debt growing by $16 trillion over 10 years, or $50,000 for every American. By 2032, that debt would be $135,000 per citizen.

Under CBO’s current projections, the gross federal debt would increase from $31.7 trillion today (123 percent of GDP) to $52 trillion (132 percent of GDP) in 2033. The CBO’s most recent projections have the debt growing to $154 trillion by 2053, which would equal more than $1 million per American household ($540,000 after adjusting for inflation) — more than four times current median household net worth.

Under Biden’s budget, however, defense spending would fall to the lowest level as a percent of GDP since before World War II.


  1. America can’t take another 4 years of a demented old pervert running the ship. I’ll be backing RFK Jr. in the primary…..then Donald Trump in the 2024 general. Biden and his gaggle of qu*ers, f*gs, tr*nnies, and lesbians who run the White House need to be rounded up and sent to Gitmo. This has been pure terrorism on our country.

    • You speak the truth, Kemosabee, and with no exaggeration.
      The cabal currently in control of the rogue DC regime is clearly and undeniably set on destroying this country as completely and as quickly as possible. No other conclusion can be logically reached.

  2. What a small, venal, bitter man. History will be very unkind to him as his many crimes eventually see full sunlight. I wish him the very worst.

    • History will treat him fine, unless the left wants to use him as an example.

      Winners write history. We gave academia to the hard left generations ago.

          • Conservatives lose better start learning Chianese. Don’t give up any guns we will be the only deterrence to the CCP when they come ashore in Alaska the military losing more in recruiting again this year.

  3. Yes us MAGA extremist are going to fight you liberal extremist so there. Somebody with common sense needs to stop the demos from their path to distraction and taking the sensible population with them.

  4. Without a doubt, the WORST POTUS in our history next to Woodrow Wilson.
    Dementia. Needs to be shown where and how to walk, can’t speak without help. Word salad comes out of his mouth.
    Reelection??? He’s kidding right? Discharge him to a nursing home and be done with it!

  5. Dont you think Hunter would be a better useful idiot? At least he is a very successful painter and they have proven without a doubt his laptop was made in Russia by Russians. Those dirty bastards anyway. Always meddling in our top notch election process. At least we have the Ukraine destroying Russia as long as we keep paying them. At the rate they are pounding the Russians the war should be over at least within the next ten years or so. So things are looking up:)

  6. Biden is not our president. Who is? I don’t know. Maybe Obama. Surely Biden has no clue. Dementia will take him down soon.

  7. I’m expecting a Nixon style situation. Grandpa sniffy will be re-elected to preserve the office. They the left will toss him out using the ample evidence of his corruption.

    Then Harris or Newsom is in charge.

  8. I genuinely wonder if the people handling Grandpa Sniffy want a civil war.

    The left loves war. Right up until it lands on their doorstep.

  9. What we really need is a leader for such a great country! That’s something Biden has not done in the 48 years he’s been around. Biden has always been about himself and fleecing the public.

  10. Just tell him he won and put him in a nursing home that looks like the inside of the White House and he’ll be fine….. give him plenty of ice cream and “culturally significant” visitors.

  11. We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. The word democracy isn’t mentioned once in our Constitution.

    • There are plenty of things going on right now that are not in the Constitution.

      That democracy crap goes all the way back to Wilson, the father of American socialism.

      On both sides of the aisle they don’t care.

  12. Get Ready For The Jesus Revolution America! God’s going to make a move! As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

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