Biden eased sanctions on Iran, giving terror-sponsors access to billions in frozen assets



President Joe Biden is taking heat from Republicans for easing sanctions on Iran – including giving the terrorist-sponsoring nation access to billions of dollars in previously frozen assets – before it launched a massive drone attack on U.S. ally Israel.

Iran fired more than 300 drone and other missiles into Israel during the early morning hours Sunday (Israel time) in response to Israel’s strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria on April 1. Israel said 99% of the missiles were intercepted and damage from the attack was limited, with no fatalities, but the escalation is drawing wider concern of a potentially heightened conflict in the Middle East.

“At my directions, to support the defense of Israel, the U.S. military moved aircraft and ballistic missile defense destroyers to the region over the course of the past week,” Biden said. “Thanks to these deployments and the extraordinary skill of our servicemembers, we helped Israel take down nearly all of the incoming drones and missiles.”

Israel promised retaliation, but Biden said the U.S. would not assist Israel in any counteroffensive. Instead, Biden said he “will convene my fellow G7 leaders to coordinate a united diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack.”

Former President Donald Trump said on social media late Saturday that Iran would never had attacked Israel if he were still president.

“The weakness that we’ve shown is unbelievable,” Trump said on Truth Social. “It would not have happened if we were in office.”

Israel has been engaged in a war with Hamas in Gaza after the Iranian-backed terrorist organization killed more than 1,100 people and took hundreds of hostages in an Oct. 7 sneak attack. After Israel invaded Gaza, antisemitic incidents increased throughout the U.S. by 360%, according to preliminary data published by the Anti-Defamation League.


  1. Those who vote for this deserve to be given what they want.
    They can all move to a liberal city and all the illegal immigrants can go there oil and electricity will be taken away to save them from the daily climate change and there will be no police or jails.
    We will supply drugs and all law breakers to the cause.

  2. Iran fired directly at a US military installation for the first time while Trump was president.
    Also shot down a pricey US drone, attacked ships in the Gulf, and bombed oil fields in US partner Saudi Arabia.
    Plus Trump let Iran out of nuclear restrictions in exchange for nothing.

    • Oh child…

      All you’ve accomplished is to remind people Iran is and has been an unstable, violent regime since 1977.
      The rest of your TDS is pointless, fatuous, and incorrect.

      -Trump took out Solamini.
      -Trump got us out a stupid deal that essentially gave Iran nukes.
      -Trump nearly bankrupted Iran.
      -Trump actually listened to people in the Pentagon who were worried taking out Iran’s oil fields who cripple economies and trigger Iran lashing out starting a wider war.

      Typical leftist disappointed we didn’t get into another war.

      I realize TDS dominates your brain, but you really should try to use it once in awhile.

    • C’mon, that’s not important! Trump stood up to Iran…by, you know, saying things – tweeting a few things too.

      If Biden does not encourage a military response by Israel, he’s weak on Israel and lets terrorism go unanswered.

      If Biden uses US forces to attack Iran, or supports retaliatory strikes by Israel, he’s a warmonger.

      In Trump World (TM), Biden can do no right and anything Trump did was right (Bigly Perfect!).

    • Greg,

      Israel and others have been waiting and watching, they could see what was happening in real time and Iran sent drones hundreds of miles over neighboring countries. This was an attack launched not by proxies but from within their homeland, it was a statement that thankfully fell short and only resulted in injury to a 10 year old Israeli Muslim Bedouin girl.

    • Iran has counted coup on Israel with this high profile insult that barely caused any damage. This “attack” was done with plenty of warning – we actually watched some of the cruise missiles flying across Iraq.

      So far, the world media do not really appear to have caught on to what Iran has actually pulled off. Meanwhile Israel and the US/UK are crowing about their successes in taking down 300 slow-flying drones – fitted with lights, no less – and a handful of ballistic missiles.

      But in the long run, how can Israel really respond? How would they justify a major retaliatory attack that kills any Iranians or even damages any infrastructure?

  3. Biden’s support of terrorists and the Iranian attack on Israel.
    Number one enemy is not China or Iran is Biden

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