Sullivan pushes Biden to tighten sanctions on Iran


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, this week led a letter with 12 of his Senate Republican colleagues to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, demanding the Biden administration press for a broader, more permanent framework of sanctions on Iran from the United Nations Security Council.

On Oct. 18, the UN’s sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile and drone programs expired, and in October 2020, the UN’s conventional arms embargo against Iran expired, both of which are delayed consequences of the Obama administration’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal.  

“[Iran’s] systemic support of terror merits broader, permanent treatment by the UN Security Council,” the senators wrote. “If the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China wish to demonstrate their opposition to the UN Charter’s call to advance peace and security, it would provide important clarity to other nations suffering from Iranian terror threats of their true allegiances.”

Iran is the new chair of a United Nations human rights forum, which has prompted protest from human rights activist who have said that Tehran’s record of oppression, torture, and executions make it a poor fit.

It has concerning alliances with Russia, and is using proxy forces to attack the United States and Israel.

“A new UNSC resolution should target the same activity the UN permanently sanctioned prior to the 2015 enactment of Resolution 2231, including…involvement in Iran’s enrichment, reprocessing, and heavy water production; assistance with its ballistic missile testing, development, and launches; transfer of nuclear and missile technology to Iran; transfer of conventional weapons, rockets, and drones to and from Iran. It should also add a multilateral prohibition on the import of Iranian oil, petroleum products, metals, or investment in its energy sector, essentially multi-lateralizing the objective of American secondary sanctions in these areas.”

The senators argued that Iran’s material support for terrorist organizations—especially after the recent Hamas massacre in Israel—poses a significant threat to the world and merits strong sanctions, just like Iran’s nuclear program.

The letter from the senators is signed by Sens. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Katie Boyd Britt (R-Ala.), John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Deb Fischer (R-Neb.), John Kennedy (R-La.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), John Thune (R-S.D.), Steve Daines (R-Mont.), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)


  1. Not going to happen not until if America will elect a new president in 2024 who’d be a lot like Fmr President Trump whom world leaders fear and respect because of his unpredictable nature. We need a president who can play 9-dimensional chess.

    • Jen:

      Trump was laughed at by every thinking leader and weakened our standing in the world. Trump was taken advantage of by Putin and Xi to the detriment of Americans

      • Iran just took the chairmanship on the U.N. Human Rights Council. The Iranian chair on the U.N. Human Rights Council comes to New York City and spends his time telling us and other UN members how we are a horrible country. This is happening under the watch of President Biden, not President Trump. Meanwhile hate crimes against Jews are up drastically and the current administration announced an anti-Islamaphobia campaign, not and antisemitic campaign. Trump might have been laughed at by every thinking leader and weakened our standing in the world, how would you describe the current administration’s standing in the world?

  2. 1-The UN is a joke and we should be out of it. Then boot it off of US soil.

    2-How does Swampy plan on pressuring Grandpa Bloodstains? Swampy gonna pay Grandpa Bloodstains more than the current bidder?

  3. > tighten sanctions on Iran

    What a joke you are Sullivan. A chickenhawk.

    We don’t do any business in Iran. The Chinese and Russians do now.

    And the CCP and Iran just signed a defense pact. What army is going to conquer Iran? Who is going to subjugate all 90 million of them and lots of mountainous terrain to boot? Who do you think will die in your wars of empire for the oligarchy?

    Blessed be the peace makers. But so many of those in power have slammed down on the accelerator for war. It is disgusting.

      • Micah makes some good points, TMA. The neocon, interventionist, warmongering branch of the GOP is just as disgustingly pro-big-government as is the ‘social justice’ (sic) branch of the Democrats, just with a different focus.

      • I would expect the tiny warmongers, the grease that allows the authoritarians to commit their crimes, to laugh.

        You are usually pretty solid, but not here- so I won’t call you a useful idiot.

        • I’m still laughing. Especially the “conquer Iran” part. Only Ronald Reagan ever acted like it.

          Iran has been at war with us since ‘79. Death to America isn’t a slogan for them, it’s a mission statement.

          You can call me whatever you want. I really don’t care.

          • And if the CIA had not interfered in Iranian politics and overthrown their prime minister in 1953, installing the much-hated Shah in his place, the Iranians would almost certainly have no particular animosity towards the USA today.

            Blowback as a result of US meddling is a real thing.

          • Jeff,
            “the Iranians would almost certainly have no particular animosity towards the USA today.” Are you serious man?

            Like, for real, you actually believe that?

          • Jeff,

            Yes, absolutely I believe that. Anyone with any common sense would recognize and acknowledge the consequences of past serious and malicious US interference in Iranian internal affairs. Anyone but you, apparently.

            In your kneejerk belligerence towards Iran, and towards every other non-Israeli Middle Eastern country, you demonstrate your Zionist zealotry once again.

          • Very telling response Jeff, very telling indeed. My favorite part of your responses is how you never miss the opportunity to accuse those you disagree with of doing the exact thing you are doing in your posts. Kneejerk belligerence is your sop.

          • Steve-O,

            I see that, once again, you managed to evade the point of the discussion, that being the current blowback from past US meddling in Iranian internal politics and affairs.

            It is telling, -O so very telling, how you manage to dance and weaved around topics that are inconvenient or uncomfortable for you, to which you cannot logically respond, such as this US interventionism here, or your past rabid defenses of the establishment narrative and lies surrounding the Wuhan Virus (non-)vaccine. Yes, very telling indeed …

  4. I got a different plan let’s pay them off…….mmmmmmmm bout 6 billion should keep ‘em quiet for a month or two.

    What a joke.

  5. Nice try Dan – sounds like the right thing to do. But too little, too late. This proposal along with brandon’s stupid weakness and the stage is set for WWIII. I hope we survive it.

    • You are a Christian at least that’s how you sound through your comments, an older and more mature Christian. You will survive anything that comes you and your wife’s way. Christians just as Jewish peoples following God he is our protector, our strength, our joy. He keeps His people pressing forward even after suffering.
      Continue praying for Isreal and her leaders they will find the wisdom, strength, and the right intelligence advice needed before each decision to successfully carry them through their mission defending Isreal and Jerusalem.

  6. Why aren’t we also celebrating Dan’s big win this week on going after the brave Senator Tuberville? Dan is a Perkins Coie shill in the pocket of the industrial war complex.

  7. Earth to Sullivan – “sanctions don’t work anymore.” There was a time when sanctions had some effect, but that time has long passed. American influence is waning worldwide thanks to corrupt politicians like Sloppy Joe Biden & perhaps as much as 85% of Congress. Free and fair elections have become a thing of the past. Our “Woke” and obese military can’t even meet recruitment goals anymore. The American petrodollar is being slowly replaced by BRICS, which is a gold backed world currency, not a fiat currency backed by nothing. The World is rapidly becoming multi-polar and our leaders are too busy lining their pockets to care.

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