1. I don’t have many compliments about this governor or his administration but

    Thank God he put out the trash Libbycan

  2. Progressives continue to demonstrate their class! Does the Alaska Bar endorse her behavior? After all, it reflects upon them, and as I recall they pick all the choices among their high class lawyers to become our judges. Obviously no bias shown there.

  3. Praying for her, and that she’s watching CNN tonight! She’s clearly mentally unstable, which makes me wonder why Bethel haven’t requested a psych evaluation. Is this the best Bethel can do?

  4. Bakalar is a guttersnipe. Her moral turpitude brings shame to the legal profession. She and Scott Kendall are examples of how low some Democrats will take themselves in pursuit of revenge. Two VERY mixed-up lawyers.

  5. Sigh….what a sad, sad individual…..that she hates herself as much as she does is sadly apparent, even more so than she hates others….

    I hope she receives the help she truly needs…..

    • A classic case of multiple identity failure. She truly doesn’t know where she fits, because her anger and rage precedes her ability to think clearly. A dangerous person to have in a power structure, even in a place like Bethel.

    • Start by making her live in the community she represents. That should make her quit! I wonder if she gets a Bethel cost of living, while working from Juneau!

  6. What does one expect from someone whom identifies as a “hot mess”?

    Will anyone admit to themselves that we live in a simulatio? The humor level is set to 10!

    • Alaska’s pedophile ex- Lt. Governor. What a shameful history. And the corrupt, criminal Bill Walker is trying to revive it. God save us!

  7. As one of your liberal antagonist commenters here, perhaps I’m expected to come to the defense of Bakalar, but I won’t.

    She’s trash. She offers nothing of substance to our shared community. I haven’t researched her political views and maybe she and I align, but this graphic expression that 7th grade boys eventually shed is embarrassing and divisive.

    • Evan, as one who has engaged in debate with on these pages in the past, I want you to know that while we often disagree I have never questioned your personal integrity. Thank you for your contributions as I look forward to hearing from you again as I read these postings. “as iron sharpens iron, so one man does another”.

  8. She obviously needed to be dismissed. Throw her in jail & throw away the key. Alaska doesn’t need those kinds of attorneys!!!

  9. A perfect example of a an entitled bureaucrat who believes any type of boorish behavior on her part must be acceptable. It’s time for Bethel to cut her loose for not meeting their ‘community standards’. Any legal skills she may have seems to be far outweighed by her profound lack of judgement.

  10. Simply Put, … Libby Bakalar is downright “rude” … “crude” and, lacks basic fundamental civility and decorum. She has a lot growing up and maturing into a productive adult ahead of her. Until then, she’ll be nothing short of a caustic and a personal liability. The best course of action is to distance yourself from individuals such as this as well as denounce her behavior. People of this character do not succeed in life.
    As our community continually tries to build bridges of trust and respect, creating a climate of inclusivity of different opinions, working to provide reasonable and meaningful solutions, there’s simply no place for this reckless and disrespectful conduct.
    Shame on you Libby! You represent, and clearly demonstrate, the Lowest-Of-Lows.

    • Or encourage them the re-evaluate their representation. I don’t think this action reflects the native traditions that I know my friends have.

  11. Is she a grown adult woman or a 14 year old immature child? No wonder Dunleavy canned her! Libby is not Alaskan nor is she from here, she is from New York and has a SERIOUS emotional issues, perhaps “daddy issues.”

  12. Of course someone with a warped mind like this is represented by the ACLU (American Communist Loon Union).

  13. I appears that Ms Bakalar is stuck in the third phase of psychosexual development. This indeed is a pattern of fixation.

    • To our learned student of the psyche, you may be onto something. The first rule of humor: the joke must be funny. Secondly, using vulgarity reveals a lack of creativity. This so-called “elite lawyer’s” attempt at humor fails on both counts. Perhaps, as you suggest, her clumsy struggle for attention, expressed in vain attempts at humor, are nothing more than compensation brought about by her insecurity germinating in her childhood.
      She should crawl away from the limelight.

        • Send Ms. Bakalar to my office for assessment and follow-up therapy. I have a 20-step program for these kind of psychological breakdowns. We can fix her, but it’s getting a bit late in the game.

  14. So very classy!
    But not in any way surprising, and just about what one would expect from a bitter, hateful, arrogant and vulgar radical leftist extremist. (Sorry for all those redundancies.)

    • Jefferson, a careful reading of your comment reveals there are no redundancies. Each adjective carries separate, unique meaning…. each of which is fully applicable. Good comment.

  15. Serious question: is she actually still employed by Bethel? It’s an indictment of Bethel if so. I couldn’t find anything on their website to indicate who holds that title.

  16. You are not hot, but you are a mess. a disgraceful trough feeder and terrible childish embarrassment. Fire her!

  17. Is this the same city attorney, who closed all Bethel city council meetings to the public??? So free speech for me but not for thee! What a hypocrite!

  18. What’s the deal. Please go to charm school lady. Ask your employer to pay for it. Continuing Education. Thanks, all mankind.

    • Aleution (sic), to extend your logic, I suppose you would have employers pay for employees to be taught to cover their noses while sneezing too? Perhaps also to eat with their mouths shut/ Or take regular showers? Should we alter Webster’s dictionary to make “employer” a synonym of “parent.”

      • There ARE charm schools. Her employer has placed her in their business environment. Other employers of good will in Alaska have done such things in support of valuable employees.

        • To simplify my point, most of us attended charm school. It was our parents.

  19. Boy, do the folks in Bethel have such low esteem that they continue let this creature represent their City?

  20. There ARE charm schools. Her employer has placed her in their business environment. Other employers of good will in Alaska have done such things in support of valuable employees.

  21. Professionals are required to meet continuing education requirements to maintain credentials. Evidently, business etiquette has been paused somewhat in Bethel. The public commentary is notice to agent and principal that business etiquette may have fallen beneath minimums.

  22. What’s even more disturbing is that she has over 12k followers, are there that many loons out there amongst us?

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