Upset: Virginia pulls a ‘Bronson’ with new governor-elect Glenn Youngkin


The new governor of Virginia will be Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin is a political neophyte who describes himself on his Twitter account as, “Former dishwasher, basketball player, player & businessman. Not a politician. Republican running for governor to make Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

Actually, he is the former co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, a major investment company, and he has a graduate degree from Harvard Business School in 1994. 

With 2,505 of 2,855 precincts in, Youngkin is winning 51.6 to 47.7.

He’s new to politics, but Chugiak/Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard says it’s a repeat of what Anchorage saw in the spring election. Virginia, she said, seems has had enough of radical leftist politics, and a clear majority of them went with Youngkin.

“Virginia just pulled a Bronson,” Allard said, as she watched returns from her home. She was referring to Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson, who upset the Democrat political establishment by winning the Anchorage mayoral race, when many thought he was too conservative to do so.

Youngkin defeated Democrat incumbent Gov. Terry McAuliffe, handing an embarrassing defeat to President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, both of whom campaigned for McAuliffe in recent weeks. During the last 60 hours of the campaign, the left-wing Lincoln Project pulled a stunt in which it paid men who were dressed as supposed white nationalists to pose in front of the Youngkin campaign bus with tiki torches. The stunt was an imitation of a supposed white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. The men declared “We’re all in for Glenn.”

The same kind of race-baiting tactics were used by mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar’s camp in Anchorage, which tried to paint Mayor Bronson as a white nationalist.

Last week, the Lincoln Project claimed responsibility for the tiki torch white nationalist posers, and for paying the demonstrators to cast Youngkin in an ugly light. The Lincoln Project spent over $304,000 opposing Youngkin, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

The shift in Virginia could signal a tidal change in America. Traditionally a blue state, seven of the last 10 governors of the state have been from the Democratic Party.

Tiana Lowe, a writer for the Washington Examiner, wrote that “Louden County voters voted like their daughters’ lives depended on it,” referring to the incident in Louden County where a high school girl was sodomized by a teenage boy who wore a dress and accessed the girls’ restroom under the school district’s “gender fluid” policy.

“Youngkin turned the traditionally blue state into a national bellwether by embracing what Barack Obama branded the ‘phony culture wars’ riling public school systems,” Lowe wrote.

“Youngkin managed to crush former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, in unprecedented time for a state that as recently as last November went for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race by 10 points. Despite McAuliffe’s best attempts to refocus the race on ex-President Donald Trump, Youngkin drew from parents’ fury not with partisan issues, but with academic curricula ridden with the racial essentialism of “critical race theory” and the school closures amid the pandemic,” she wrote.

“It was close, but then, in the weeks leading up to the election, something bigger happened — the horrific rape case in a Loudoun County public school and the school board’s brazen, transparently mendacious cover-up. While liberals tried to characterize the rape case, which culminated in two felony convictions against a “gender-fluid” teenage boy accused of sodomizing a teenage girl, as mere anti-trans activism, the school board’s decision to silence the victim’s father and allow the convicted rapist to attend another county school despite pending criminal proceedings likely influenced the county’s surge of support toward Youngkin,” Lowe wrote.

Virginia Republicans are set to win all three statewide races one year after Biden carried the state by 10 points.

Another odd tie between the campaign of Mayor Dave Bronson and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin — they both used the same campaign consultant: Axiom Strategies.


  1. What does Allard call the beating of the failed recalls after her supporters spent weeks making fools of themselves at the Assembly meetings?

    • Only an arrogant and self-righteous radical leftist idiot, with utterly no ability to self-reflect on his own glaring hypocrisy and elitist condescension, could consider the unprecedented, earnest and overwhelming wave of public testimony by literally HUNDREDS of members of the public, who took significant time and effort out of their busy lives to appear in front of a hateful, tyrannical and hostile municipal ass-embly, as somehow all those people having “made fools of themselves”.
      Thanks for parading your egregious contempt for democracy and free expression.

    • The leftist assembly members were the ones making fools of themselves. They will let people die in the streets just to get their way. Much like Biden supporters….anything but Trump …now look what we’ve got? A POTUS that gets propped up like Weekend at Bernies and talks like alphabet soup.

    • Apathy and mail-in-ballots. You are comparing Apples and Orange here. ER residents were not allowed to vote in any of the recalls, so you will need to look amongst your neighbors for those, who are disgusted enough to get off their duff and actually get a recall on the ballot. If all Anchorage is so sanguine with their 9 assembly people, then how come there were recalls at all??

  2. Best wishes to him. There is tremendous progressive damage to be undone. And especially best wishes to Winsome Sears!

  3. And the only thing the loser Democrats can say is, “Racism.”
    The country will be taken back and made great again, one city and one state at a time.

  4. WooHoo!! Now just like Bronson, he needs the room to do what he needs to do. Hope Virginia has the spine to back him unlike Anchorage.

    • Not a chance.
      The VA legislature is going to pull an Anchorage Assembly and do everything they can to stop him from being successful in any way. Regardless of the damage it does to the state.

    • Virginia swings both ways, always has. They’re not traditionally red or blue. They’re like a meandering River where a log floats down and gets hung up and changes the course of the river for a while until the next flood cleans it all out.

  5. Youngkin is the retired CEO of the Carlyle Group; so he’s no Bronson. In fact he’s the epitome of DC Uniparty insider.

  6. This is wonderful news if it holds. Fairfax county is trying to pull a 2020 election fraud stunt by stopping the counting and rescanning the ballots which was done over and over again in States like Michigan and Georgia to steal those States from Trump. The corrupt leftists will stop at nothing to steal elections to impose their tyranny on Americans. We have had enough of the lies and criminal activities being perpetrated by Biden, Obama, Soros, Zuckerberg and the rest of their evil empire. This is our country and we will not give it up without a fight! You messed up by going after our children and your days are numbered. There is a special place for all of you and I hear it gets really hot there.

  7. Nothing to get excited about here. Youngkin is no doubt a RINO. He shied away from Trump when a real conservative would have genuflected in the appropriate manner. He is obviously an elitist having a graduate degree from a leftist institution like Harvard. He probably wouldn’t admit to supporting Q and if I recall correctly he even denounced the January 6th freedumb rally. No real conservative would do that.

  8. Gender is NOT ‘fluid’, and Yes, Virginia, you WERE teaching the racist and divisive ‘Critical Race Theory’ in your schools, despite all the desperate and ridiculous denials by the radical leftist extremists on many of your school boards to the contrary. This vote is simply a rejection of your ‘woke’ insanity.

  9. Just read that a truck driver in NJ spent $153 on his campaign and is poised to unseat NJ senate president Steve Sweeney. Don’t say it can’t be done!

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